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JM Browning was the greatest firearms designer who ever lived. The Utah-born gunmaker held 128 unique firearms patents. His work is one of the main reasons that I’m typing this review in English, and not German. Gaston Glock was a thermoplastic expert and a pretty amazing engineer in his own right. If Mr. Browning and Herr Glock were working together today, I wonder what kind of handgun they’d devise. Something like . . . a bi-tone Springfield Armory XD-M .45ACP perhaps?

I’d like to think so. The XD-M .45 combines Browning-like ergonomics with Glock-like reliability and simplicity. Maybe that’s why I like the entire XD/XD-M line of pistols. They provide even the most demanding shooters with everything they need in a combat gun: light weight, accuracy, reliability, and capacity. The XD-M .45 adds one of John Browning’s greatest accomplishments: .45ACP punch.

Americans love the .45ACP — and with good reason. Weapons of that caliber have served U.S. troops through two world wars and beyond. America’s elite Special Forces units still turn to their .45s. Even the FBI, whose commission led to the development of the super-snappy .40 S&W round, deploy handguns chambered in .45ACP (along with a Springfield Operator TRP 1911).

Springfield may build their guns in Croatia, but they’re American enough to realize that their popular XD-M Series needed a .45ACP chambering to seal its reputation. Low muzzle blast, light recoil, low chamber pressure (extending service life), reliable penetration, deep wound channel . . . what’s not to like? Yes, the round’s expensive. But life’s too short to risk on smaller caliber weapons.

First Impressions…

Like the original XD-M pistols, the polymer-frame XD-M .45 comes in a factory Pelican waterproof case, along with all the other “XD Gear” goodies. These include a holster, two magazines, magazine holder, magazine reloader, and lock.

The XD-M .45 is almost identical in size to an XD-M .40. The same sleek lines have been carried over from smaller calibers, increased proportionally to fit the larger cartridge. The texture of the grips, interchangeable backstraps, and grip safety are all there. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

I must admit, I was a little thrown off by the XD-M .45ACP press release. I was expecting an increase in capacity over the XD .45. Instead, the XD-M .45 carries over the same 13+1 capacity of the XD .45. The M version even uses the same magazines (great news if you shoot an XD .45 and want to upgrade). And for good reason . . .

When Croatia’s HS Produkt (formerly I.M. Metal) created the HS2000, the magazines’ proportions weren’t optimized. When Springfield developed the XD-M series of pistols, one of the main goals: develop and use new magazines. Once proportioned properly, the XD-M 9/40 gained capacity without a significant change in size.

The XD .45 was developed with the “optimized magazine capacity” mindset from the get-go. Thus the only way to increase the XD-M .45 capacity: increase magazine size. Ultimately, this would have increased gun size. Springfield left well-enough alone. Again, right answer.

The gun’s ergonomics may not be flawless, but I challenge you to think of a way to improve them. Although I haven’t shot a Gen 4 yet, the XD-M’s grip angle and texture put a Glock to shame. Pick up this gun. If it doesn’t feel more comfortable in your hand than a Glock, you’ve probably been shooting Glocks for a long, long time.


The trigger on the Springfield XDm series of pistols is far superior to the XD line, but they’re far from 1911-ish. For concealed carry, home defense, and even competition, the trigger is 100-percent manageable. It has a fairly long stroke, but the trigger pull is predictable and linear from beginning to end. There is no noticeable stacking (like the terrible M9A1 I’m about to review) and the trigger reset is more than acceptable for a combat gun.

All XDM pistols come with grip and trigger-safety mechanisms, an ambidextrous magazine release, and a loaded-chamber indicator at the top of the gun just behind the barrel.

Sights on the XD-M are acceptable, with the full-size gun offering an increased sight radius. In outdoor or well-lit situations, the three-dot sights work perfectly. In the past, I have changed out the sights for a set of Trijicon tritiums. Since this pistol will be more of a competition gun, I plan on skipping the tritiums in favor of a set of fiber-optic sights (Dawson). In any event, better sights are often the key to better shooting.

Some (mostly Glock-heads) despise the XD’s grip safety. I wonder why I never hear any people complaining about the grip safety on a 1911? I think the mentality is changing, and that the grip safety is becoming more accepted. The truth of the matter: the XD and XD-M are essentially single-action pistols. Unlike Glock’s “safe-action” system, the XD pistol’s strikers are 100-percent cocked when the slide is manipulated. [For further clarification, please read my August editorial.]

At the Range…

The XD-M .45 shoots like the other XD-M’s in my collection — and that’s about as high praise as I can muster. As you’d expect from the lower velocity round, the XD-M .45ACP has less felt recoil than the .40S&W. The relatively demure explosion is extremely helpful for follow-up shots and target transitions.

As far as accuracy goes, I find no need to beat a dead horse. Or shoot one for that matter. The XD-M has a well-deserved reputation for accuracy, and the XD-M .45 does not disappoint. At 33 feet, 13-shot groupings are all inside a 6-inch Shoot-N-See target.

Hold the XD-M .45ACP with a proper grip, and the gun will shoot where you point it each and every time. During a recent steel match, I was able to win my Class with the gun. Bear in mind that I have yet to shoot this pistol at paper, nor have I had time to verify POA/POI. What you see in the video is the XD-M as it came out of the box with factory WWB ammo.

I had some minor FTFs [Failure to Feeds] during my match. No worries; I hadn’t cleaned the XD-M .45ACP before use. After cleaning out the gun and six filthy magazines (they drop in gritty sand during steel matches), the XD-M .45 ran flawlessly. In its next outing I fed the XD-M .45ACP 700 rounds of various grain FMJ, and 150 rounds of varying JHP ammo (including one +P loading). I did not shoot any reloads. I have yet to experience any FTEs [Failure to Extract] with this or any other XD-M.

Overall impressions…

Some (myself included) will use the XD-M .45 for big-bore pistol competitions. Most owners will keep the handgun loaded with high-quality JHP loads and relegate it to “home defense” duties. Shame. The XD-M is a great full-size carry gun.

I use a DeSantis OWB thumb-break holster for the XD-M .45ACP when I’m riding my motorcycle. The DeSantis was a little tight at first, likely because it was designed for the XD-M 9/40. After putting the pistol inside a thin sock, holstering it, and then letting it sit overnight, the fit and tension are now perfect.


The XDM .45ACP is an evolutionary gun, not a revolutionary weapon. It’s not a design to rival the innovations unleashed by Mr. Browning and Herr Glock. Nonetheless, both gunmakers would have recognized the XDM 45’s inherent strengths, and its debt of gratitude to their work. I bet that both men would have had no hesitation wearing a Springfield XDM 45 into battle. Nor would I. Nor should you.


Specifications: Springfield Armory XD-M .45ACP

Action: Striker-fired, semi-automatic, double-action only 

Caliber: .45ACP

Recoil System: One-piece full-length guide rod

Sights: Fiber-optic front sight, low-profile combat rear sight (steel), Tritium night sights are available from the factory

Weight: 31 oz.

Height: 5.75 inches

Frame: Polymer, with accessory rail

Slide: Forged steel, Melonite finish, with cocking serrations front and rear

Barrel Length: 4.5 inch hammer forged, match-grade barrel, steel, Melonite/1:16 twist

Length: 7.7 inches

Grip Width: 1.26 inches

Frame: Black polymer

Other Features: Springfield’s Ultra Safety Assurance (USA) trigger system

Magazines: 2 – 13-round magazines, stainless steel (2 – 10 round for state-restricted areas)

MSRP: $652


Ratings (out of five)

Style * * *

Modern Combat Pistol — better than a Glock, but not as sleek looking as the Smith & Wesson M&P. Of course, plastic guns can’t compare to 1911s or S&W revolvers, but that’s just my two cents.

Ergonomics * * * * *

Fantastic ergonomics, probably the main reason why the XD/XD-M is taking away so much of the market share from Glock and S&W.

Reliability * * * * *

After the initial cleaning, she feeds everything and anything. From cheap Tula Ammo at WalMart, to Speer Gold Dots, nothing gets hung up and everything gets extracted.

Customizable * *

Other than a comfortable holster, there is little to do to the XDM 45ACP. Owners can change sights out based on personal preference. As with all XD-Ms, there is a light rail for whatever you feel is necessary.

Overall Rating * * * * *

Dollar for dollar, the Springfield XD-M .45 is the best self defense/home defense guns on the market.


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  1. While I think the XD45m is a great match or home defense gun, I prefer my Smith M&P 45c for carry. The M&P is very accurate, and the grip is easy to conceal. The M&Pc has 8 round magazine and one in the pipe, just like an 1911.
    The XD full size series have long grips for increased bullet capacity and that is great in a gun you don't have to conceal.

    I carry my M&P in a Blade Tech IWB rig and it disappears easily under light clothing.

    I owned an XD45c but couldn't adjust the rear sight due to extreme slide/sight tightness. The XD shot well but not to point of aim.

    • I like the M&P 45 but, If you only get 8 rounds like a 1911 I will all ways go with a 1911 not a M&P.

      • In .45 ACP pistols, I own or have owned a full sized M&P45, an XD(M)-45 Compact 3.8, a XDS-45, a Springfield Loaded 1911A1, a 3″ KImber 1911, a 1943 Vintage Ithaca 1911A1, a Sig GSR 4.25″ 1911, and a Kahr CW45. I have EDC’d all of these pistols at one time or another (except the Ithaca, which is an heirloom). My two current EDCs are the XD(M)-45 Compact 3.8, and the XDS-45, and I alternate between them regularly depending on how hot it is in my corner of Texas. (That XDS is a nifty little gun.)

        Shooting experience: The XD(M)-45 Compact 3.8 is far and away the softest shooting of all of my .45s. The M&P used to hold that title. Not any more. It is still softer and more controllable than any of the 1911s, but the XD(M) beats it hands down.

        Capacity: With the full-sized M&P45, I get 10+1 rounds in a standard capacity magazine…….for a full-sized pistol. In the XD(M), I get 9+1 in the compact magazine, and 13 more with the extended magazine that comes with it, in a compact pistol. That’s 23 rounds of .45 ACP in a compact pistol that conceals better than the M&P by virtue of its abbreviated grip frame and slightly shorter slide and barrel than the full-sized M&P45, which gives me only 21 rounds if I only carry 1 spare mag. If I carry TWO spare mags for either pistol, the difference goes from 36 rounds for the XD(M) to 31 rounds for the M&P. ……and remember that the M&P is a full sized double stack gun versus a compact double stack gun. If you want to scale down to an M&P Compact, you lose a couple of rounds of capacity, which puts you in the same league as a 5″ 1911……which is flatter, if a little longer. Side by side, the XD(M) and the M&P are objectively the same width.

        Safety: Both have some kind of safety mechanism built into the trigger system and striker release. My M&P came with a thumb safety. I am used to thumb safeties, having owned and carried several 1911s, but they require a lot of training to ensure that you can carry the gun safely, deploy it without pulling a Plaxico Burress, and still make the gun go bang when you need it to. The 1911 is proof that JMB was close to the mind of God, but from a purely practical perspective, it requires an advanced shooter to fully exploit it. I got my M&P with the thumb safety because I was used to the 1911 and didn’t want to upset my drill too much; AND I didn’t have a lot of confidence at first in the trigger safety. If I were buying one today, I get it without the thumb safety. That said, the safety features built into the XD(M) are superior. People will scoff at the grip safety, but guns have been successfully using grip safeties for over 100 years, and there’s nothing wrong with them. You don’t have to drill in their use, and you don’t have to think about whether or not you accidentally failed to disengage your thumb safety on deploying the gun. The XD(M) gives you a cocked striker indicator. No such beast on the M&P. The XD(M) gives you a tactile verification of a loaded chamber indicator, which doesn’t depend on either a press check or enough light to see through the little hole to verify a loaded chamber. No such beast on the M&P.

        Trigger: My M&P had a S&W Custom Shop trigger job, and I still prefer the out of the box trigger on the XD(M). I’ll grant this this may be subjective and others may prefer the M&P’s trigger, but the M&P triggers are generally notoriously bad out of the box, and they require a parts swap or an armorer to make them acceptable. I MUCH prefer the stock (and therefore totally reliable) XD(M)’s trigger over the stock out of the box trigger on the M&P, and I still prefer it after the M&P had the Custom Shop trigger job.

        Ergonomics: The one thing that the M&P really gets right. The bore axis is nice and low in the hand, and the accentuated beavertail keeps you from getting the the famous “Glock Railroad” tracks on the web of your hand. But that said, the XD(M)’s bore axis is very nearly as low as the M&P’s, and it seems to control recoil better (“the soft shooting” I referenced above), and so muzzle flip is no worse than the M&P’s.

        Price: The M&P wins. Springfield is proud of their XD(M) pistols. They’ve got a right to be, but that still reflects in pain at the wallet.

        The M&P is a VERY good pistol. Don’t get me wrong, I have no intention of selling mine. But, it is not as good of a pistol for practical daily concealed carry as the XD(M) series. My XD(M) rides, by the way, in a custom OWB belt holster from Hopp Custom Leather.

        The holster is all-day comfortable, and it hides the gun pretty well under an untucked shirt.

        Your mileage may vary.

        • HEY Numbnuts – da guy writes a great article about da XDm and you get diarrhea of da keyboard about S&W M&Ps?

          What the F*CK is yer major malfunction? Did yer parents have any children that lived? I’ll bet they regret that !!!

          Did you not get enough attention as a child?

        • Whamprod, thank you very very much for your input. I found it extremely informative and helpful and exactly the type of real world experience I’m looking for since I’ve never owned a .45 caliber handgun. I’m looking real hard b/w the M&P 45c and XDM 3.8 compact 45. Thanks!

  2. I’ve been carrying my XDm-45 in a Crossbreed Super Tuck Deluxe for the past 3 weeks and have not had any issues with printing or bulk. Nothing conceals better than a 191l for me, but the weight savings over my 1911s and my P220 is worth any increase in bulk.

    • Both are great guns; it would be wise to rent/borrow each first before making a decision. I’m a long-time XD/XDm fan, so the .45ACP was just a caliber that I wanted. Either gun will serve you well with a nice IWB holster. For me, I prefer the XDm. It seems better balanced, has a moderately nicer trigger and magazine release, and comes with more “freebies”. XDm holsters were hard to find at one point, but the market has responded to the popularity of these pistols and many holster options are now available.

  3. I have the XDm 9mm and fell in love with the platform. Its the first plastic gun I have kept longer than 8 months. My preference has always been 1911. I love the 9mm XDM for its accuracy and lower cost of shooting but prefer the .45ACP round for personal protection.
    Up until I got the .45 XDM my carry weapon was a compact Rock Island 1911. I still love my 1911s and if I could only have one gun it would be a 1911. Having said that I find myself carrying the XDM more and more. Even though it has a longer barrel it still isn’t as long, and not nearly as heavy, as my full size 1911s.
    Its as close to a 1911 trigger as a plastic gun is going to get in my opinion and it feels better ergonomically than any of its contemporaries.
    Very good job Springfield Armory. Their TRP may be next on my 1911 list.

  4. I own the XDm 40 S&W and love everything about the gun. I have my sights set on the 45acp next. If it is as good as the 40 S&W I will be very well satisfied.

  5. I have the new XDm .45 and love it. I use it as a home defense/range pistol, but I carry concealed from time to time. It isn’t too bulky and certainly isn’t too heavy. I also have a Beretta 92 and Glock 19 and prefer the XDm to both. It is very accurate and as I have gotten older my shooting accuracy has dropped. Now with the XDm I am hitting my marks again and wonder if the other two handguns are just inferior to it. It is balanced, smooth, and never has had a hangup in 700 rounds since new. For the price, with the free three extra mags, you can’t beat the value. All around I would give it 5 stars and recommend it to anyone looking for an outstanding and reliable defense weapon. And you’ll get the fun-factor too!

  6. I have the XD,and the XDM in. 40 S&W, .45 I was a 1911 fand all my life till I picked up my first XD and XDM they just work all the time! and shoot great for a old Soldier like me! So if you want a gun that will hit what you point at u need to shoot the XD,and the XDM they just work all the time!

    • After over 20 in the Army I have shot a lot of 45’s some good and some bad,but after shooting this xdm 45 I know if I was in a Gun fight this is one of the guns I would pick up to save my life! With out having to think! This is a gun that I know will just works all the time if you are like me you need to know it works every time you pull the trigger! This gun delivers

  7. Hi im looking to buy my first hand gun and ive been looking all over and finaly found one the I like the fit of and it was the xdm .45 so after reading this artical I have made up my mind

  8. Daryn I just bought an XDM 45.ACP today and I love it! I took it to the range and ran about 50 rounds trough it and was a pleasure to shoot it.

    Trust me buy the XDM 45.ACP you will not be disappointed at all.

  9. I have this gun now and after 3500 rounds I know every time I pull the trigger this gun will shoot, and it hits where it is pointed, it a great gun for the money. And no malfunctions. What more could you ask for? If I went to war today this would be in my bag. So pick 1 up and go shoot have fun.

  10. I have always been a .45 guy, when it comes to personal protection, so I was looking for another .45 and I looked at several different models…FN….Glock…S&W..etc., but the first time I picked up the SA XDm in .45, I was impressed with the ergonomics, and also the features. Some people don’t like a grip safety, but I do, as I am used to them on 1911’s, and I liked the “cocked” indicator at the rear of the slide. Well, I read many reviews on this weapon on various websites, watched videos on you tube with commentary..etc. So, I decided that the vast majority of articles, and even the videos were praise-worthy on this gun, so I bought one. I waited to do any reviews on this weapon until I had put around two hundred(200) rounds through it, which I have now done. I have used range ammo, Federal Hydro-Shock hollow point, Winchester SXT hollowpoints, Winchester “Ranger” hollowpoints, and Remington UMC hard ball, and the gun performed and is performing flawlessly. No failures to feed, extract, no stovepipes….nothing but great performance,…and this gun is ACCURATE with that match-grade barrel. Very happy with my purchase, and a good compliment to my H&K. Springfield has a winner with this one.

  11. If you went to an armory to choose a pistol for a fight and you started hefting all makes of pistols you would pick up a 1911 and a .45 XD-M. They have “fightability”.
    With 14 rounds over 9 rounds you would finally decide on the XD-M.
    When I worked in mean places I carried a 1911 and an HP at the same time…one for punch and one for spray and pray.
    I am x military; x-merc; x kidnap rescue and prevention in hard places.
    Wished I had an XD-M .45 back when. Great for double and triple snap shots up to about 20 feet. Accurate enough for ten out of ten in the black circle at 30 feet.
    I have the four inch and the five inch tactical and the XD-M in .45.
    I have a couple of XD-M’s in 40.
    I have seen action in about ten countries and the XD-M’s are the best pistols I have ever seen.
    But remember pistols are best used to get to an assault rifle, so to give an assault rifle a good home!

    • I’m retired out of the US Army and when the Army went to the 9mm we all asked are YOU NUTS!? we just wanted to know who got paid off? a 9mm? come on!? but back to the XDM 45 I have a XD45 comp, and a XDm 45 and 40 S&W and love the guns I have carried a Kimber PRO TLE/RL 1911 11, 4in and this is the only 1911 I have that is not a Springfield, it took 2 trips back to kimber and a trip to a gunsmith to get it to shoot right! I have 4 & 5 in, Springfield 1911 and they have never let me down. but If I was to back to war I would take a XDM 45 and a Springfield 1911, and never look back! I call the XD & XDM 45’s rock chuckers the gun will shoot what ever I put in it, and hit where I pointed it. they just work, all the time! what more can you ask for!? By the way Kimber told me if I had trouble with my kimber shooting to clean it every 100 rounds??????? Never again! thank you for your service!

  12. Got my hands on XDM.45 for the first time, fell in love with it right away. Although i am a RUGER guy also own a SR40 both GUNs aregreatbut i will use XDM.45 AS MY FIRST CHOICE. GOD BLESS our SOLDIERS!!!

  13. I tried to consider the S&W M&P earlier over other polymer guns. I changed my mind when I was about to shoot a used an M&P that is for rent in an indoor shooting range. It rattles so much and appears very loose when you shake it from side to side. I asked how many rounds it has been fired and they said approximately 5,000 rounds. That changed my mind, I would not want to own a gun that rattles that way just after 5,000 rounds. I tried to handle other unit, and they rattled the same. It is bothersome compared to other polymer guns which has been fired on the same approximate number of rounds. I asked the person the the shooting range if this is always like it for the S&W and they said..well, you saw and felt it yourself… I was diappointed at first since I wanted the M&P Pistol..but now I’m very happy with an XDM .45ACP.

  14. yeah, I heard the same feedback with the M&P handgun. It becomes loose after sometime and the rattle is not so good to hear. It is as if the slide would come out.

  15. I shot every handgun imaginable in my 20+ years in service and never really found one I liked until this past September. While at the range I decided to try a XDm-45 so I rented one. OMG from the first shot I fell in love with the XDm-45, it felt good, shot great, hit where I aimed and had second, third & forth shot capability. I rented that gun for the next three months that we went to the range, mind you we went every two weeks and then my friend finely look at me and said “you could own that by now”, so that month (December 2011) I bought one and received the extra 3 magazines and holder as well.
    This gun blows the M&P’s “way to long” trigger away!
    If you’re looking for a Great handgun don’t hesitate to try out and then buy a XDm!!
    Dollar for Dollar better than anything out there.

  16. I’d never owned a .45 ACP pistol until I bought a XD 45 Compact. I’ve shot 1911’s, but never bought one because of their reputation for being finicky with ammo. I looked at everything…M&P, Ruger, Glock, and I’m so happy with my XD! I’ve fired over 2,000 tounds through it of all kinds of quality…From Hornady CD to TulAmmo….this gun will shoot anything. I’ve never had a FTF or FTE or any malfunction of any kind. For me, the ergonomics are perfect and I can hit where I aim everytime. I carry it in a CrossBreed Supertuck Deluxe IWB with the 10rd mag and I don’t even fell the thing half the time.

    I could of bought the XDm and probably wikll someday (in .45 ACP of course), but I went for the cheaper option and I do not regret it!

  17. I recently got an XDm from my father. What’s the best defense ammo? specifically focused on reliability?

    • My personal choice is Corbon’s Pow’rball. It is rated at +P, 165 grain, 1220 fps/550 ft lbs from the muzzle. With the center ball in the JHP, it feeds like ball ammo and keeps the cavity clear of thick clothing for entry. Sure, it is a lighter bullet, but it gives you some better stats. I’d say it is the surest bet across the board for reliable feeding in .45’s.

  18. I purchased my Springfield XDm .45 ACP several months ago. I love this gun. Not once has it failed to feed or eject any type of ammo I fed it. Last week at a local gun range I had the chance to shoot with several members of the Pennsylvania State Police. Not surprisingly I agreed to shoot at the same distance and targets as my new friends. “Wow” was heard more than once before I was done and after a little showing it around I am sure that there will more of them sold to the State Police very soon. I would recommend this gun to anybody looking for a full sized large caliber semi-auto pistol.

  19. I’ve got 14 years of service with the US ARMY and am currently serving overseas in support of Operation New Dawn. My father just purchased the XDm .45 for me as a present for when I get home. If this gun lives up to half of the reviews posted on this site I’ll be more than happy. I’m looking forward to putting several thousand rounds through it upon my return home.

  20. I’m a sheriff deputy with the Harris County Sheriff’s. I been employed for 11 years. I received a top gun award in my academy class in 98 with my colt 1911 gov. model. I carried this weapon till November of last year. I thought there wouldn’t be a better weapon for me. Until a friend introduced me to springfield xd. I wasn’t really impressed until I ran into xdm model. I fell in love with its’ look and feel. I qualified straight out of the box and shot better than my 1911. Which ran chills down my arm, because of the way I shot with xdm 45. I have 14 rounds just on my side instead of 9 rounds. I don’t know all the gun terms like you do, but all of what you stated on your artical is so true. I just wish it didn’t scratch as easy. Other than that I love this tool.

  21. I got my XDm 45 last year and still think it’s a dream every time I see it. I have to handle it. It calls to me. I like to practice quick draw accuracy and am surprised at how natural it all feels. It’s like an extension of my hand as it explodes towards the target. I carry open and try to cover up some but if I want to conceal for sure I use my smaller gun. I got a lean frame and I can’t even carry in IWB holster comfortably, so I got a new Don Hume holster….. Bottom line is I LOVE this gun and don’t mind showing it.

  22. I bought my .45 XDm earlier this year and have been nothing short of extremely happy with it. I have yet to find a good holster for concealed carry purposes particularly while riding my motorcycle. Someone else mentioned and so it is a bit more difficult to find such a holster. Be that as it may, I really love the gun and have little doubt that others would also like it.

  23. I bought my first SA XD45 a couple years ago. It has never failed to feed or fire, no matter what I feed into it. When I wanted to purchase another handgun, after many hours at the range renting different weapons and shooting different friends handguns, I ended up buying a second SA XD45, because I never found another handgun that I liked more than the SA XD. I now have a set of XD45’s I call the twins. Best purchase(s) I have ever made, as far as handguns go.

  24. I have owned various pistols, and various calibers, and I still do, but like many people, I am a .45 man. I like H&K, Springfield, and Sig, and have models of each. A couple of years ago I was in the market for a new .45, and I started to research, read blogs, reviews…etc. I decided to buy a SA XDm .45, which I did, and I took it home, cleaned and oiled it, and went to a local range the next day. I put 250 rounds through it, which included Federal “Hydro-Shock” hp, Winchester “Ranger” hp, and Remington ball, which were “mixed” in the magazines, and the gun was extremely accurate and fed everything without so much as a hiccup. I have owned and do own quality firearms, but this XDm .45 from Springfield is in the top two, and may even take the title. Very happy with the quality, accuracy, and reliability of this weapon.

  25. I shot the XDm 9mm at the range and I was very impressed. I like handguns with manual thumb safety as this gives more options to carry. I will wait until Springfield comes out with a manual thumb safety on the XDm .45ACP before getting one.

  26. I am considering the XMD 45 I have already a HKp30L and Walter PPQ 40 cal and others…I thought the finish on the slide was very tough . Why would it scratch so easy as the Officer stated above..? Thank you

  27. It’s been 28 years since I owned a handgun, (High Standard)
    I got the urge to own a .45 and did some reading and research.
    Springfield XDm got the nod. I just test fired it today. Keep in mind I have not shot at a target with a pistol for 28 years. My first three shots didn’t hit the paper at 10 yds. After the third shot I felt like I knew what to expect for recoil and trigger timing. My next 8 shots inside 6 inches. I’m thinking I can master this. Recoil with 230 grain bullets facory ammo was in my opinion firm and re-assuring. It was a good feeling…….I don’t have a lot of experiece with handguns but I know what I like……..The “M” in XDM stands for “Mine”.

  28. You can also get the stainless steal slide on the XDm – 45 A.C.P. So people don’t have to worry about Scratching the black finish on the gun from drawing it ! It is called duo/tone finish . This is what i have and i just love this gun ! As far as i am concerned a Glock do’es not compare to the XDm 45 !

  29. You can also get the XDm 45 A.C.P. Now in compact with a 3.8 inch match grade barrel this gun just came out about 2 week’s ago i going to pick one up for my self !

  30. I love the XDm line!! I will say I carry the Ruger LC9 with JHP for personal defense. I like the slim feel and reliability of Ruger. But for home defense, I have the .40 XDm. I’ll go against anybody at any range with that weapon. It was my first pistol purchase a few years back. I’ve qualified in Texas and in PA to carry with that weapon. I can’t tell you how many rounds I’ve sent through it; sometimes trying to make it FTE and it wouldn’t!! I love it, my wife loves it, and I plan on upgrading my LC9 to the .45 ACP Compact 3.8 soon!!!!

    Great article!!!

  31. I am 66 years old and have been shooting all my life, revolvers and pistols. My son introduced me to the SA XDm’s. He bought his first one about 2 years ago. I now have replaced my carry gun and my night stand gun with 2 XD 45’s. I have never shot anything that felt so natural and that I shot so well until the XD / XDm’s. I sold my Sig and my HK. Only my experience, but they fit me perfectly. Never had a failure to feed or a FTE. If you haven’t shot one, you should!

  32. I have the XDM 45 A.C.P. in the two tone finish . It was around $650.00 to $700.00 . I just love this gun i use it for a carry gun . I got the stainless steel slide so it will not show mark’s on the black slide from taking it in and out of you’r holster . I like the 45 A.C.P. because it is lighter than the 9mm and the 40 cal. and it also has less kick than the 40 cal. The gun shoot’s just great never had any problem’s with it . I like it alot better than the Glock’s . For a carry gun i don’t think it can be beat ! When you compare. the feel , the weight , the trigger, the match grade barrel , changeable back strap’s, Just every thing the gun come’s with . Add it all up and it is a no brainer !

  33. Patrick, are you aware that Springfield Armory, in their evil scheme to have all my money, have released an XDm Compact in .45? Any plans to review? Please?

    If you have reviewed, then forgive me for missing it.

  34. I just purchased my first handgun. I got the black XDM45. I purchased it just before Christmas and have yet to shoot it, but compared it only to the Glock and a Ruger revolver. I shot the revolver before and loved the heft plus accuracy but i wanted more rounds so went toward the other two. My sister is a detective with two Glock .40’s and loves them. I just couldn’t stand the feel of them and the XDM45 felt so much more comfortable and natural in my hand. Can’t wait to go shooting next week!

  35. I bought the SA XDm 45 Cal. 3.8 COMPACT on Thursday. Took it to my local range tonight and put about 30 rounds through her. I love the look, feel, and reliability of the pistol, however the jury is still out on accuracy. I shot from 10 yards and some bullseyed, but others were 15″-18″ from bullseye in every direction, using the sights. I’m thinking a Crimson Trace will be on my birthday list. I have to wonder if a compact with the 3.8 inch barrel is not as accurate.

    If you want to not have scratches on the slide, get the bi-tone model for $50-100. more, or get a leather holster and not use the included one. I plan on getting the leather holster.

  36. Just got my XDM 45acp not to long ago and i have to say its an amazing gun. shot the glock 22 didnt like the way it felt in my hand, shot the sig p229 didnt like the trigger pull was way to long, still waiting on shotn the S&W m&p but its in the air cause i hear alot about the grind on the trigger pull, and shot lots of other guns and i have to say none compare to my XDM 45.. love the trigger pull the recoil (feels like im shooting a 9mm) and its a sexy ass gun! couldnt be happier!! thinking of getting the XDM 9 for the wife, cause i havent found another 9mm gun that feels as good as these Springfields.. idk any suggestions.. im up for tryn something new.. OH fired the new glock 17 gen 4 not to long ago.. thats about the only glock i fired and felt good.. might go that way with the 9mm unless the XDM convinces me

  37. Just got an XDm 45 & i absolutely love it. It was a toss up between the XDm & the Glock 21 & i liked just about everything on the XDm better. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a sexy & reliable 45acp. I personally went with the bi-tone 4.5 inch & it is great.

    • I have the exact same gun XDM 45 A.C.P. bi -tone. I put the Fiber Optic sight’s on mine ! I just love my XDM also. I also bought a blackhawk retention holster for mine ! I do also own a GLOCK 21 GEN 4 45 A.C.P. but i like my springfield better !

  38. I just purchased the 4.5″ XDm 45…my old eyes just aren’t what they used to be…so…instaled a new Viridian C5L…at 20 yards using the pulse setting on the green laser… I put all thirteen rounds of Remington 230grn. hollow points in the size of a dinner plate…I’m very pleased…yes?

    Kindest Regards…

    In God We Trust…

  39. I have had your XD45 ACP 5″ sents Oct 2006, I was in Viet Nam and
    Had the 1911. I wish that I had the XD in Viet Nam. A lot of the
    1911 that we had were not any good when you shot it you did not
    know where the round was going to go it good up close – but they
    had been aroung for a long time and needed to be reworked. the XD
    is one of the findest that I have ever used. Semper Fi keep up the
    good work Arthur

  40. I have the 45, and 2 9mm XDM’s (5.25 and 3.8). I have to say of all
    the handguns I have shot using either caliber these are the best I
    have used. They feel really good in your hand and are very
    accurate. I cleaned each of them before firing and have never had
    an issues at all. I probably have nearly 2,000 rounds of various
    types of ammo and it takes them all and keeps ticking! If you
    haven’t tried and XDm look at a local gun range as quite a few
    carry them as rentals. If you get one you will be satisfied I am

  41. This is the best shooting gun I have fired bar none! I have a Ruger and a Glock and this XDM hit everything I pointed at! I’ve shot my friends 1911 and though an awesome gun, in my opinion I can say bye bye 1911! I love all guns, but my XDM .45 picked me and I’m loving this new big boy on the block!

  42. I plan on picking up a XDm 45 in a few days. I also want to get at grip laser and a belt holsters. What are the best ones to get? Thanks for any information!

    • Jordan – I use a DeSantis Thumb Break Scabbard Belt Holster and have nothing but good things to say about it after 2 years of use. I was hesitant b/c I have used nothing but Galco and Crossbreed holster before the DeSantis. The snap was a bit tight and the leather wasn’t as shiny as the Galco leather. However, it has worked perfectly and is still in great shape after much use.

      As far as grip lasers, or lasers in general go, I don’t use em’. I’ve seen enough arguments against their use, and have personally seen how your eyes will naturally “track” the dot in low-light environments. I’ll stick to a flashlight and sights!

  43. I just found out about the Springfield Armory Arms guns. All the years I’ve been shooting, had never heard of them. I know about the stupid looking Springfield rifles. What I’m trying to find out is where can I buy one, and how much are they? Cant’ seem to get an answer when I Google anything about price. Please send an email to me with that info. Thanks, Jay Andre…[email protected]

  44. I love the xdm 45 3.8. I have a Ruger SR9C, its for sale now that I have the SA XDM. I am not much of a pistol shot, or so I thought until I shot the xdm. Equipment does make a difference, and I do shoot a pistol better than I thought I could.

  45. I bought the XDM 45 3.8 compact a few months back, and would like to say its a shooter. All sorts of ammo at all sorts of ranges, always on target. Being the 3.8 compact, it has a compact magazine and a full size magazines with the a sleeve that goes on the mag to form a lower portion to the compacts grip. I have noticed with the full size mag, the is a good size gap between the sleeve and grip that is somewhat erritating and a pincher/attention getter while shooting. I will be contacting SA to see if they have a fix for it. All I know is Im not giving up this gun. Its a shooter and a keeper. Brian

  46. I bought my SA XD .45acp mid last year. I have always loved the 1911 model pistols. I’m an army infantry vet, & a die hard .45acp fan. Springfield Armory makes some outstanding weapons, & the XD line of pistols continues to uphold there legacy. These pistols are lightweight, rugged, & very accurate. It fast became my favorite handgun.

  47. I’m in a wheelchair and I CC due to working mostly nights. I also have 3XL sized hands so most compact grips just don’t feel right to me. My first CCW was a M&P 45c but then I came across the SA XDm 45 3.8 and I couldn’t be happier.

  48. I just ordered one of these. My husband has an FNP and it is a great gun but too big for my hands – I tried this one and it fits great. Can’t wait!

  49. I own a kimber 1911 custom covert 2, 45 and a ruger,9mm cal. I live in the country and set up a nice range, I also shoot many other cal. I bought a XDm 45 last year. at that time I was going to re-new my CHL. I took all three with me, not planing to use the XDm ( the kimber is my gun of choice ) several did not have guns,I told the instructor they could use mine. I ended up using the new XDm. I was kinda worried about the sites. Wow what a gun, it was dead on. I shot a perfect score, it is now my gun of choice. It has never failed it is the best hand gun for the money I ever bought very very accurate feels and fires great. I shoot two to three days a week and have for 25 years.

  50. Owning a Springfield 1911, SR9C, CZ 97B, LCR.38 spcl, and a full size XD(m) 9, I can say that the XD(m) gets the most rounds through it. I shoot the CZ the best and love everything about it except for the long reach to the trigger in DA. Due to my size the XD(m) doesn’t get carried much. My fiance, a small lass, will only shoot the XD(m) without a second guess. The next pistol I buy will either be another CZ (75 compact) or an XD(m) compact in 9 for her or 45 for myself. This platform of pistol is an excellent introduction to firearms for the new shooter and a great addition to the safe for long time enthusiasts. Happy New year everyone!

  51. Just bought my XD(M) .45, was looking for a large-capacity .45 auto to carry on my left, as I have my trusty S&W 459 9mm on my right. XD(M) with 13+1, the 459 with 15+1 gives me THIRTY ROUNDS of firepower. Carrying FMJ hollowpoints (230 grain) in the XD(M) and using FMJ 185 grain flatnose in the 459, I know I can do more than just “slow down” any attacker.

    Haven’t been to the range with the XD(M) yet, but I’ve had other .45s and LOVE that big caliber for stopping power, esp. with the FMJ hollowpoints. This will soon be my carry gun, I’ll retire my Ruger 9mm LC9-S and feel a whole lot better going out with a guy that won’t let me down AND will stop anything short of a tank coming at me. I’ll post again after I’ve been to the range with the XD(M).


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