Gun Review: SCCY CPX-2 9mm Concealed Carry Pistol
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SCCY CPX-2 Gun Review

The largest growth segment in the already hot firearms market is in concealed carry handguns and sub-compacts. A carry pistol is frequently the number one purchase for new gun owners: a handgun that can be used for home defense as well as concealed carry. And while buying a good gun is foremost in their minds, plenty of buyers with price constraints are happy to go with a relatively lesser-known brand if the price is right. That’s exactly the market segment the SCCY CPX-2 9mm handgun has staked out.

SCCY (originally Skyy, not to be confused with the vodka) has only been producing firearms in the state of Florida since 2003. But they can be found at stores nationwide and just about every gun show these days. Their raison d’etre is producing handguns that are big on quality at a low price, and they seem to have hit that mark with their flagship pistol, the CPX-2 9mm.


Yep, this handgun can be had for as little as $229 via Brownells. MSRP runs around $319.


For that $250 you get a polymer frame semi-auto handgun with a 3.1 inch barrel in 9mm that sports a “double action only” trigger with a full-length bar stock chassis embedded under the skin. It accepts double stack 10-round magazines with either flush-fit bases or finger extensions that give you a little more pinky room. And the CPX-2 comes with two mags as well as replacement bases for both.

The original CPX model (CPX-1 for those keeping score at home) included a manual safety on the frame, but it drew so much criticism that SCCY dropped it altogether in the newer model.

Gun Review: SCCY CPX-2 9mm Concealed Carry Pistol

When you pick up a $250 gun, you expect it to feel cheap. But with the SCCY pistol, it feels the same as any GLOCK — only slimmer. None of the usual rattling or toy-like textures are present, only a polished and shiny gun. It even looks nice on the outside. Nice, compared to other polymer framed handguns, at least.

Gun Review: SCCY CPX-2 9mm Concealed Carry Pistol

It’s quite appealing on the inside as well. The gun takes down easily, kinda like some unholy combination of a 1911 and an FNS-9. Tools are unfortunately required to lift the takedown pin out of its hole, but it goes back together with fingers only.

Gun Review: SCCY CPX-2 9mm Concealed Carry Pistol

The white dots on both the front and rear sight are especially nice and big, highly visible white dots that can be seen even in low light. That’s not to say that you’ll actually be accurate, however.


The trigger is where the ship starts to fall apart. It’s a double action internal hammer job, so we already know the long trigger pull is going to be heavier than Joe Grine coming out of an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet. And while it’s a smooth pull, there’s something about the combination of the flat-yet-curved trigger and the small form factor of the gun that kept me from actually putting rounds on target. At 10 yards I was “minute of paper” at best. Follow-up shots were a challenge, so con’t expect one-inch groups.

Gun Review: SCCY CPX-2 9mm Concealed Carry Pistol

Ammo Feeding

While the gun will eat anything you throw at it, the magazines seem to object to steel-cased rounds. They caused this malfunction back at the loading table, and caused the stainless steel slide to lock back once on the firing line before the gun was empty. Then again, you get what you pay for when it comes to ammo.

Gun Review: SCCY CPX-2 9mm Concealed Carry Pistol


Personally, I wasn’t a big fan of the gun. I wasn’t able to be accurate with it, and the DAO trigger left something to be desired. Then again, I’m not this pistol’s target audience.

Thankfully I had brought a couple brand-new shooters with me the day I was testing it, and out of all the handguns we fired, this was the one they seemed most interested in buying. They had been thinking about getting a handgun for home defense, and even with the FNS-9 and Glock 17 sitting on the table, they kept asking about the SCCY CPX-2 and wanting to fire it.

There is something to be said about a good looking, cheap gun.

Specifications: SCCY CPX-2 

Calibers: 9mm
Action: Semi auto
Barrel length: 3.1 inches
Overall Length: 5.7 inches
Overall Width: 1 inches
Overall height: 4 inches
Weight: 15 oz.
Sights: steel 3-dot sights
Finish: Black or stainless
Capacity: 10 Rounds
MSRP: $ 319 — as low as about $229 via Brownells

Ratings (Out of Five Stars):

Accuracy: * *
At contact distance, where this gun is most likely to be needed, it doesn’t really matter. But “minute of bad guy” at 10 yards is the best I could muster.

Ergonomics: * * *
For me and my big hands, the handgun is too small. Even with the finger grooves and extended baseplates on the magazines, I couldn’t get a solid grip. Add the long and stiff double-action trigger pull and you have something that I would buy, fire once, and then chuck in the drawer, never to be seen again…until it’s needed.

Reliability: * * * *
I had no issues, except when I ran steel-cased ammo. The owner of this handgun tells me he has run everything from FMJ to hollowpoint ammo to +P loads with no issues, and I’m happy taking him at his word on that. Or, rather, my hand appreciates him testing the gun for me.

Customization: *
There are pretty much no aftermarket options for these handguns.

Overall: * * * *
While this isn’t my first choice for a home defense or concealed carry pistol, I can definitely see why SCCY sells so many. It’s cheap and reliable enough to meet the needs of a new shooter looking for a budget self defense firearm.

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  1. Back in the day, yes I can say that, if you wanted a new cheap gun you had something like a Raven, Titan or RG. This at least seems to be a step up from those. I don’t think I’d want one but if somebody needed a gun on the cheap, why not?

    • I bought one of the SCCY CPX2TT 9mm. Took it to my range and loaded 10 rounds in the mag. Put the clip in the pistol and fired at the target. Out of the first 10 rounds I had 3 misfires and 4 jams, I had 3 rounds that did fire. Sent pistol back to the factory for repairs. Repairs were done and gun was returned to me. I loaded it once again and gave it a try. I got the same problem, 4 misfires and 4 jams, 2 rounds fired but blew flash back in my face. Factory is going to send a replacement pistol. I will give it a try. I don’t think the new pistol will perform any better. We will see.

      • You shouldn’t be having any problems. There were known issues with the first runs of the CPX-1. SCCY will fix it and make it work for you. I know this from experience. My first run CPX-1 can go for hours at the range with no issues.

        • I’ve owned this gun (CPX-1) now for 3 years. It’s the first and only handgun I’ve ever owned and shot so I can’t compare it in that sense. What I can tell you is that I’ve probably put 2000 found through it and have had few FTFs with it. In the beginning there were a few, but they seemed to come fewer and fewer the more rounds I put through it. I haven’t had a FTF, jam, or any issues in the past 2 years. I mostly feed cheap 115 grain FMJ Winchester rounds. I have even run really cheap steel TUL Ammo when I can work no issues other than it being just a bit dirtier when I open it up to clean. I will even mix the TUL and Winchester rounds in the same magazine and it never jams.

          I’ve read some posts about people having the frame pin back out. I had that a little bit until I realized I was not reassembling it quite right. When everything is lined up right the pin will slide in and seem to stop, but you have to give it just a little more of a nudge and then I feel it snap into place. Once I started making sure I felt that little snap, the pin has never backed out again.

          I have NO idea why the author can’t hit the paper. I can easily put rounds in about a 6″ diameter at 20 yds, and the groupings just get better from there. Also, you don’t need any tools to disassemble. I can pull the frame pin with my fingernail if I’ve let them get a little long, and a brass casing always works. I don’t have any issue with the safety switch.

          I was a little nervous when I purchased it because it wasn’t a big name brand, but three years later I love it, and feel I got great value for my money. What’s great now is that there are finally starting to be some accessories produced for it.

        • Hello my name is troy and I purchased a cpx1 a couple of months ago and the only problem I’ve had is it won’t fire whenchester 147 gr hollow point bullet jams half way up ramp every time half to pull back a couple of times to load next round. Other than that it’s got a really long and hard pull. As long as don’t use whenchester 147gr hollow points it’s perty reliable so far any ideas? What kind of cleaner and oil do ya recomend? Thanks troy

      • You’re not supposed to put the clip into the magazine… You load the loose rounds, or clipped rounds without the clip, into the magazine before inserting the magazine into the pistol. If you shoved a clip in the mag I’m surprised it even fed at all…

        • @Josh-Its so nice to have people like you , that are so much more knowledgable and without fault, to correct us mere mortals. I hope you are just young and ignorant,and just havn’t had the experience to learn humility, otherwise your just a jackass who gives gunowners a bad name,

        • What a tool you are! At least you have a really hip avatar. Try not to hate the people who beat on you, they can’t help it based on your personality.

        • roflmao!!!

          Look folks, here’s the problem. We, as gun owners, need to know the proper nomenclature of the parts to our guns. A clip was used in the Garand. There are “half moon clips” used to hold rounds like the .45 & 9mm for loading into the cylinders of wheel guns. A magazine is used in semi-auto pistols. It should be proper to remind people of this. We don’t need to be like the idiots in the anti-gun movement that don’t know an AR from a shotgun.

        • Okay experts…did you know that when the US government ordered the very first series of 1911 (yes 1911s) the contract specified they have a CLIP holding at least 7 rounds of .45.
          So they have been called CLIPS for over a hundred years…..Josh you aren’t nearly as smart as you Think you are buddy.

          • “… contract specified they have a CLIP holding at least 7 rounds of .45.”

            Interesting. Please consider also that those who write purchase orders are likely ‘admins’ not the armorers themselves. I had a career in the military and defense engineering and it was amazing some of the things written by otherwise intelligent people, which were not actually correct.

            Just for fun, here are some other government quotes which are – of course – not correct:

            “Read my lips: NO new taxes! – George H.W. Bush

            “I did NOT have sex with that woman… She had sex with me, but I did not have sex with her.” – Bill Clinton

            “Mission Accomplished!” [re: Iraq War II] – George Bush, Jr.

            “Your healthcare bill will cost about what your cell phone or cable bill is now…. and you can KEEP yourdoctor…. you can KEEP your present healthcare plan.” – Barry Soetero /AKA: Barack Hussein Obama

            So, some errors have been made along the way.


        • The US Military calls them clips, as well as most police departments. So did Elmer Keith. Unless you think you know more about guns than Mr. Keith?

          The NRA Dictionary also lists them as both Clips and Magazines.

          The M1 Garand used CLIPS.

          A Magazine is a container holding bullets that is non-removable. A clip is a removable magazine. Hence, Clipper Strips are removable, En-Bloc Clips are removable. Tube magazines are NOT removable. SKS Magazines are NOT removable. Shotgun Magazines are not removable. Get the idea?

          You can also substitute “removable magazine” for clip. Such as the “removable, 10 round, box magazine” of the Ruger 10/22. This would also be considered a Clip.

          • Magazine, Mag, Clip! Which ever you use, we all know what you mean. Sounds like a bunch of children arguing over who is making the biggest bubbles!
            When my dad bought his Remington 762BDL 30.06 in 1960, the gunshop owner asked him if wanted a couple of extra clips!
            I recently ordered some extended magazines for this this rifle.

        • It may seem a minor thing to use the proper terminology but it’s not. Improper use of these terms in laws allows you to slide around some anti 2nd amendment laws. The best example is getting around the 1986 ban on automatic weapons by attaching a bump stock to an “assault rifle”.
          To set the record straight, the US military uses all of the terms; round, clip, stripper clip, magazine and magazine well and they are not interchangeable with 2 exceptions.

          Round – commonly called a bullet by the layman. A round is the full package of projectile, propellant and primer all housed within the casing.

          Clip – a metal strip with bendable tabs which keep the rounds (typically 5 or 10) in line and in place for fast loading. Once the rounds are loaded, the clip is discarded.

          Stripper Clip – same as a clip; the “stripper” refers to the method of sliding or “stripping” the rounds into a magazine via a speed loader (device which funnels the rounds into the magazine).

          Magazine – Retains the rounds internally within the firearm. Squeeze off a shot and the next round will be loaded into the weapon’s chamber from the magazine. Magazines come in 2 types (detachable and internal) and detachable magazines come in many forms (single stack, double stack, drum, box, banana). A magazine is what people think of when they load fresh ammunition into a pistol. The M1 Garand or K98 Mauser use internal magazines which are loaded directly from rounds off of a clip.

          Magazine Well – Present only in weapons which use a detachable magazine. The magazine well is where the magazine is inserted.

          So in quick summary,
          a round from a clip or stripper clip is loaded into magazine via a speed loader and that magazine is inserted into a magazine well which ultimately loads the weapon, unless said weapon has an internal magazine in which case the ammunition is loaded directly into the magazine from the clip.

          However, most pistol ammunition comes packaged in styrofoam within a box and never touches a clip before being loaded into a magazine.

        • mag·a·zine
          noun: magazine; plural noun: magazines

          a chamber for holding a supply of cartridges to be fed automatically to the breech of a gun

          It’s as simple as that people… Sheesh

        • I have been around guns since i was a child, i am now 70 years YOUNG and I have called it a mag. a clip among other things when they wouldn’t work right. i think josh needs to lighten up a bit…I think he is the one that needs to do a little reading.

        • Gary Morgan is exactly right. Sadly, as the Greatest Generation goes on to the heavenly reunion with those who gave their lives in WWII, at the same time that the numbers of Korean War and Viet Nam veterans also diminishes, those tens of thousands of men, who were well-versed in military vernacular and who regularly used such things as “banana clips,” are replaced by neophytes like Josh and JayneCobb88 who invariably know less than they think they know.

        • Yep, I agree. Some people need to just leave the shooting to the ones that have the know how. Clip?? Please!!

        • When I took my CCW safety class, the instructor was a retired old gunny sergeant. He made the comment “put the clip in you gun” and some little snot immediately said “Don’t you mean magazine?” with a bit of a smirk on his face. The gunny fixed him with a look that would have curdled milk and said “A magazine is something you read on the sh*tter and a clip is something you attach to your weapon. Got any other comments or do you intend to teach this class?” Dude was dead silent for the rest of the class.

      • try a firmer hand. small, light autos need something to work against. I had a bad habit of holding my 10mm glock loose and it would do the same as you describe. I began holding it firm and no problem. the same with my sccy cpx2.

        • Now this is a comment worth reading. I just tried one out at the range, purchase incentive plan. My first three rounds at 15 feet were some 6″ apart. After I realaxed and got into the groove, shoot it like a revolver, then I had holes touching each other. So with practice, Im sure someone can really get good with one.

          I did have one jam. The round did not seat right in the chamber and held the slide open. It was just outa line just enough to stop everything. It was range ammo though. But after that it fed fine.

          Am I gonna buy one? I too am not the target audience. I like my 1911 and glock 21 too much. With the right clothes, they are both concealed…at the same time….

          But it did feel good and strong when I shot it. I recommend it to someone on a budget or as a truck gun.

        • I think a lot of people think the sccy 9mm should be a range or target pistol with a 4 pound trigger, respond just like a sig or glock for one third the cost. What it is intended to be is a concealed carry stick in the bad guy’s gut and pull the trigger weapon. The only ftf i have are with federal aluminum fmj. All other types of ammo are flawless. I think the sccy is a fantastic buy. Although i do carry my smith & wesson model 13 357 mag as my edc. A lot heavier but will stop a moose.

        • I respect your comment due to the fact that it was happening also to my girlfriend with my Smith and Wesson shield 9mm. I figured out she was not holding it right. When confronted with the issue she did as I instructed and all was good. So yes a firm grip is the issue to the problem. The only reason I’m on this site is because my daughter asked me last night what I thnk about this particular handgun. I’ve never heard of the company and came here to look into it. She’s on an extremely tight budget and I think she could do well with this product. Take care.

          • this is a fairly new company. if your on a small budget i would take a good look at this gun. i have one and like it real well, i think i gave $249.00 for mine.

      • Tom, What kind of ammo are you using? Good brand of brass cased FMJ ? Wonder if your problem might hav e something to do with the magazine or the ammo you are using ? I have owned my SCCY for a few months. Been to the range a few times and so far it has fed the ammo and fired every time. No issues with mine so far. Took it apart when I first got it to make sure I knew how to field strip it. Looked it over, cleaned and oiled it and put it back together.

        • I have owned a CPX-1 gen 1 since early April, I have taken it out a few times. The gun came from a trade in to a shop owned by a friend of mine. He said it had a couple of mags through it. The guy who had traded it in bought it for his wife and she didn’t like the heavy trigger pull, so it got shoved in a closet until he went and traded it in. I took it out today and couldn’t have been happier with how it fed 124 grains. I did notice it seemed like the lighter 115 grain rounds were a little sticky and I death gripped it and it started feeding fine. The accuracy is great. Rested on my range bag I made a 100 yd shot on the bottom left 9 ring on a silhouette target when aimed at the head. The thumb safety issue that the first runs are known for caught up with me today, it kept hitting my thumb during firing and it broke at halfway through the second mag, but still functioned fine. I also noticed the pin forward of the trigger on the frame keeps walking every so often, and sloppy slide tolerance on the front of the pistol. I got a hold of customer service and they are supposed to send a form so that I can ship it to them for them to upgrade and fix. I’ve seen tons of great reviews on the customer service and the second gens, so I’m not all that concerned with it. We will see what comes, but other than this hiccup, its been a great compact, and at least I know that if it had pulled this on me during a life or death event it would have still done its job.

      • I’m skipping through most of these responses because they seem a little petty. All I wanted to say was that i have heard that this gun has some sensitivity to certain brands of ammo. If you did not already try this, switch up your ammo brand when you get the new gun and see if it performs better. I have not yet shot the gun but i have been doing a fair amount of research because I do want to buy one. Everything i have read and the different torture test videos i have seen indicate that the gun should fire under almost any condition: underwater, after being run over, after being dropped from a house roof… also after being shoved in a can of Crisco and covered in lard. I’m really excited to get mine, it will be my first handgun. For me its like buying your first car. You look for something reliable, sturdy and cheap. I think for me that’s the SCCY.

      • Gee’s . People who replied to your comment about calling a magazine a clip so what? In your reference they know what you are talking about. Anyway, when I lived in California we called soda, soda. Where I live now they call soda, pop. In case I got that wrong I am sure someone will correct me…

      • OK, this goes to Tom and everyone else who is complaining much in the same manner as he. First look at the common denominators in the situation. Gun, ammunition, and YOU. If you have a poor grip, this gun isn’t for you. If you’re using crappy ammunition, this gun isn’t for you. If you’re calling the magazine a “clip”, NO gun is for you!
        I bought a CPX2 on a whim for well under $300 after tax and have been well pleased by it. Is it far more accurate than Foghorn indicates, and I haven’t had a single issue with it whether drawing from concealment or shooting from a bench. I ONLY shoot quality brass cased ammunition, and have used inexpensive 115gr Aguila FMJ up and 124gr Gold Dot +P and had NO, ZERO, NADA, ZILCH issues with this weapon. It works, it works well, and it works every time.
        The reason Foghorn doesn like the trigger is that much like so many people, he has likely wholy ignored the revolver as a viable weapon and never learned to shoot one well. I can shoot a 4″ N frame better than 75% of shooters on most lines. Put a K or L in there and I’m even higher up, and these are factory stock. Bit of advice for those of you looking to become a better shot with your semiauto, buy a revolver and master it. It will make everything about a semiauto exponentially easier.

        • No, I’m also a seasoned revolver shooter, who also owned DAO autopistols—the trigger on the SCCY is abysmal.

        • No. I am also a veteran revolver owner and shooter, and very good at it. I do not see what that has to do with anything. The CPX-2 was my first semi auto and it is very reliable with no problems, but the trigger pull is ridiculous, which is why I am trading it in.

      • I have a cpx-1. And as far as the jamming goes I have learned to do two things when firing my pistol. Number one take the clip and hit the back of it on your hand to slide the ammunition into its proper place. Number two the pinky rest on the clip, make sure your pinky has a firm grip on the piece. You’ll be pulling the clip into a position to where the bullets won’t jam. Mine jammed all the time and when I started doing these two things I have yet to have another problem since.

      • I got this gun like three years ago, the non-safety version. Looked to be good quality and was quite comfy in my hand, and yes the trigger pull is long but no big deal. Took it out to shoot the first time and maybe after 15-20 rounds and a couple of jams the trigger would not reset fully BUT the gun would still fire which took me by surprise! And I don’t like to be surprised that way… It kept on doing that so sent it back to the factory and told them what the problem was. They got it back to me in good time, but now the trigger had an initial catch on the beginning of the pull to the point it was barely shoot-able. Dead hard stop on the trigger at first than just surprise release into the long pull, the stupidest trigger action EVER! No way to shoot smooth and accurate at all! I should have either taken the gun back to where I bought it and got a refund or sent it back to the factory and told them I want a new gun THAT ACTUALLY WORKED! But I took it to a gunsmith and he massaged it until their is just a barely noticeable and not bothersome little catch that does not hurt the shooting or accuracy at all. Have shot it seldom since (I keep in in my vehicle and carry a Ruger LCP .380 with Crimson Trace lazer sight in my back pocket) but seems to work just fine, but I should have NOT had to put up with the BS that I did. Overall I don’t consider it a good purchase at any price. My experience was that it was a cheap ass junk gun and the work the factory did on it was less than useless. As I have heard the newer version are much better. I hope so. Not impressed with the gun or company and will not consider buying another SCCY product.

      • Disassemble and clean/oil the magazines. There’s a weird gritty film on the springs and interior surfaces, even new in box. Mine had lots of problems until I did that. No problems with over 200 rounds of a variety of ammo after the magazine cleaning

      • sounds like you may not be keeping your wrist locked causing
        the limp wrist effect which causes most pistols to malfunction.

    • The SCCY cpx 2 looks interesting. Glad to see the safety went away.
      Hey, anybody have an idea of the trigger comparison between the sccy cpx 2 vs a sig P250? The sig 250 might be a bit long, but it is smooth and light at about 5 – 6.5 lbs.
      The sig sub compact p 250 (9mm) is no doubt a bit bigger, but hey it carries 15 rounds.

      • Another nice point about the CPX 2 Restrike capable. It looks like some
        trigger-guard lasers are available. It would be great if SCCY would put together a pistol w laser package , like ruger has with LCP and the Lawyer Crap 9 oh I mean LC9.

        It does look kinda like a Taurus. Might be cool with a shorter grip, with the ability to have longer mags with grip extension on them.

      • Never fired the p250, but the cpx has an 11-12lb trigger pull. Trigger reset is long. I have issues with anticipating recoil due to the long trigger. But that is a me issue not the gun. Round capacity is a personal thing, cpx still carries 10 rds. Also cpx comes with 2-10 rd mags as two one for the sig. Mags for sig are $50-$60

        P.S. If you are looking for a holster. I highly recommend alien gear holster! Very comfortable! Half the price to others $30-40.

        • Eeeeeew, that 11-12 lbs is like a J Frame. I wish there were more DA and DAO’s that had the (Light) weight trigger like the P250. The trigger is nearly perfect if you are use to a revolver, but if you are use to a 1911 or other SA pistol, the long (trigger) pull probably sucks.

          • Seems like most folks are getting used to the harder trigger pull after a while. Got a laser on mine. Be interesting to see if I can get a good group with the laser and the long, hard trigger pull at 25 ft. then 50 ft and on out a bit more just for kicks. Realistically though these pistols are for short distances in most cases, right? If we wanted accuracy at long distances we would use a rifle.

      • I had a full size sig p250 and traded it for my 357 mag. The p250 has a lot better trigger than the sccy.. but then again the p250 is a $500 dollar pistol not $250.

        • My cpx-2 has 8.5 to 9 lb trigger pull, and it is long. That is all the safety that it needs. I am a fan of this pistol. When I first got it, There was a little difficulty loading the mags. They were pretty stiff and made for some sore fingers. A few days with a full load on the spring took care of that problem. I have put several hundred rounds of varying ammo through mine, and it has eaten and spit out everything I have fed it. Only minor jam ever was due to wife limp wristing the first time she shot it. She loves it now, but she is also used to dao because her carry piece is a ruger lcr with the shrouded hammer.

        • Concerning the safety issue, I was also reluctant at first. I bought my CPX-2 at a very busy gun show and was showered with instant advice. A carry pistol needs to be ready without any fumbling with loading, or any unnecessary steps to be ready to fire (or deter). With a 9 pound trigger, the pull weight is safer for you than a safety would be. I have carried this in my jacket pocket. My wife uses hers the same way. You should shoot it enough to maintain proficiency and you will improve and come to love this little piece. A 9 pound trigger will not accidentally discharge.

        • Regarding the presence of a manual safety, some people are comfortable with internal safety mechanisms, some aren’t. Some contend that having to manually switch off the safety slows them in an emergency. Others have trained so that switching the selector to “Fire” as they draw is very fluid and easy. It is all a matter of personal experience, training and opinion. Find the weapon you like and if your choice may be dry fired, put the ammo away, clear the weapon and practice about 200 times a day drawing and dry firing. You will create muscle memory and your draw will become second nature in an emergency, Good luck and safe shooting!

        • Totally Agree Derrick.The CPX-1 has an ambidextrous safety and they save lives. If the
          CPX-1 was Recently Made, like 1 year ago Or Sooner, Get it.

    • I have put over 600 rounds through my SCCY CPX2 black with exactly two fail to feed issues. I inspected the mag and found a small but on the lip. Polished the lip of the mag with a dremel cotton polishing wheel and no more problem. Of course I polish all feeding ramps, outside surfaces of the barrels where they come in contact with the slide, and magazine outer surfaces. The SCCY mags do seem to almost have a kind of coating that needs to be cleaned off. I have 10 mags for the SCCY and have polished them all. This like any other firearm requires good maintenance. Correct oiling, a little slide grease and polishing goes a long way to making an enjoyable shooting experience. My SCCY loves Blazer Brass 124 Grain. Just my two cents worth. Happy shooting everyone.

  2. All the holsters that fit the Kel-tec P11 will fit the SCCY. Even the fobus molded holsters will fit.

    • People say that this is the same gun as the P11. I found the P11 to be too inaccurate and had to pass it on. My copy had ~2.5 mm of slop between the barrel lug and the slide. You could wiggle the barrel a lot inside the slide. None of my other semi autos do that.

      I will say the gun was very reliable though… Too bad outside of 10 yards, I would literally have to throw the gun at the target in hopes of hitting it. I don’t believe all Kel-Tecs are this bad. Probably just my copy.

    • Thanks for the tip on the holsters. Trying to find a shoulder holster that will fit mine with the under barrel laser.

      • Hey John I Just bought my cpx-2 yesterday took it to the range today.I put 75 trouble free rounds thru it.I used 50 rounds of mag tech and 25 others.This gun is awesome and a great price to be this good.I hate to break it to all the glock heads out there but this gun is much more accurate than my gen2 g19.I will be selling that g19 after using this.I shot 35 rounds at 10-12 hit the target 35 times.went to 25 ft 30 rounds again new target hit all 30 in target.went to 50 ft hit target 7 times.It doesn’t get much better than that.


  3. My wife has a second gen SCCY. After 50 rounds, the return spring broke. I contacted the manufacture, and they sent a redesigned spring quickly and at no charge. Only use brass in it, and she doesn’t use +p ammo in it. Nice self defense weapon, wife is proficient with it, and that’s all that matters.

    • Yes, it is basically a clone of the Kel-Tec P-11, but better looking and comes with two magazines and extended baseplates for both.

  4. definitely an “entry level handgun”. I liked them, but the user reviews drove me to a more reliable used 9mm….

  5. The trigger on the SCCY is much better than the Kel-Tec. At 10 yards I am minute of melon with every shot.

  6. How does the trigger compare to the tiny DAO Kel-tecs, Rugers, and Kahrs? I know that’s a wide range of price points, I’m just curious how much of a difference it makes. I’m also wondering if giant hands make DAO triggers on tiny guns difficult. Just speculating, though.

  7. My wife got a CPX-1 about 12 months ago, and she sorta likes it.

    The price was the biggest selling point, but it does have minor issues though…

    The extended base-plates on the magazine don’t sit completely flush so it can cause you to pinch your hand while shooting (ouch).

    I’ve also noticed a few times when shooting that occasionally the gun will jam back when loading the next round (failure to return to battery), only seen this twice… Not sure the cause, but it warrants noting.

    The “padding” on the rear of the gun does nothing for shock absorption. It’s just hard plastic. This gun really needs that replaced with softer rubber. This is especially difficult for my wife because it hurts her delicate hands.

    And… I broke this gun for 4 weeks by incorrectly assembling it. Needless to say you need to be completely focused when cleaning this gun, because the reassembly process needs to be done by the book. I had an engineer friend of mine examine what I had done (fail to fully extend the barrel before re-installing the disassembly pin, causing the slide to be stuck on the frame) , and he exclaimed that it was poorly designed. I contacted sccy for instruction on how to fix it, and they just told me I had incorrectly assembled the firearm (duh), and to contact a local gunsmith. Luckily I finally got the bastard apart by unusual means (removed the hammer spring, and worked backwards) till it was completely apart. This is a mistake made once… but shouldn’t have been possible to begin with.

    If I had to do it over again, I’d suggest she get something else…this isn’t the most pleasant gun.

  8. I bought one of these a few years ago. It was cheap and I thought it would make a good locked in my trunk gun. Took it home and cleaned it and did my usual prep to fire routine. Loaded an A-Zoom snap cap and proceeded to dry fire a few times. After a couple dozen the hammer snapped in two. It was a very cheap and pourous looking casting. I made the call for a new one and they said would get it right a way. After several calls and many weeks I told them I was going to hit the forums and tell my story. The owner assured me I would have the parts within the week. I got them, put them in and immediately traded it away. I gave full disclosure to the lgs. I never actually fired it. Maybe the current ones are improved but I won’t try one again.

    • I had a problem with the recoiled spring. I broke after my second range visit. Called company, they had a new spring in my hand 3 days later. I’ve shot over a 1000 rounds thru this gun without any problems. Very accurate, very reliable. To bad you sold it. This company rocks. Not built to compete with Glock, Kahr or sig but I paid $238 and its become one of my favs

      • Amen Rob, I have over 2000 rounds through mine with zero issues. I never had any problems with disassembly, assembly or accuracy. For anyone to compare this to a Keltec is just stupid. The founders used to work for them but that is as far as it goes. This gun has a lifetime warranty (unless you assemble it wrong….duhhhh).
        Some of the other complaints here are just whinning. Maybe a 9mm is too large for your wife king_of_hearts? Accuracy with this gun is equal to my Kahr & Sig and for a lot less money!

  9. I had a Kel-Tec Pf9 . We had to send ours back to the company because it fired by it self , then we got it back……we found out it was a lot worse when we got it back, needless to say we traded it in on something a lot better ! A Taurus pt 709 slim, love it !

  10. First, thank you Nick for a fair and honest review.
    You don’t see them much on Al Gore’s wonderful invention, The Internet.

    Now, my thoughts.
    My wife and have two CPX-2 Generation 2’s for concealed carry (one in Black Nitride and one in Stainless) and we love them. $530 for both including shipping. Coming from full size guns, our favorite features are the light weight, solid feel and the ability to have 10+1 (you can get 11+1 in them and they still fire reliably, but I wouldn’t do it every day) in a size at which most guns are generous with 7+1.

    I’ve found it very easy to conceal in my front pocket with a sticky holster. I’m a big guy (read “fat”) so appendix carry is uncomfortable and my love handles get in the way at 4 o’clock.

    The thing that took the most getting used to for me was the DAO.
    Having never used a gun with DAO before, the first shot at the range felt kind of strange. After 30 or 40 shots, we both began to get used to it. As far as staying in the vital zone of a man shaped target, we’re able to do so out to 15 yards from concealed draw. I think you’re right that your larger hands make it more difficult to shoot. Then again, at average DGU distances, this is a moot point.

    True, the recoil is a might snappier than I’d get from a full-size gun, but nonetheless manageable as long as you’re not putting 300-400 rounds downrange that day. My wife, with mild arthritis hasn’t yet complained so that’s what I use to measure that by.

    I wouldn’t use a much +P ammo. SCCY recommends a limited diet of +P in the Generation 2 and none in the Generation 1.
    Field disassembly can be easily accomplished without tools, simply use the edge of an empty case rim.

    The only thing that really bums me out is the dearth of aftermarket stuff.
    With the exception of the Armalaser TR10 there really isn’t much out there for SCCY lovers yet.
    A baby picatinny rail would have been greatly appreciated.

    Our SCCY’s are solid, reliable, accurate and they go bang every time.

    • Bob, thank you for your candid comment on the little SCCY. I have been looking for one of these in our local stores with no success.
      I am not unfamiliar with handguns. I have been shooting since my time in the military (a very long time ago; yes, we had smokeless powder) and throughout my law enforcement career. During my military service, my tool (the correct term) of choice was the 1911. That transitioned to a .357 revolver during my civilian career (I didn’t care much for the .38 Special). Semiautos were not considered acceptable to the ‘powers-that-be’ until S&W introduced their mdl. 39.
      I mention my history only to illustrate why I now feel like I have gone full circle in considering a small carry pistol in 9mm (hoping the ‘new’ bullet designs and high capacity will make up for obvious shortcomings).
      Again, I wanted to convey to you how much I appreciated your constructive review. After reading your information, I believe I will use my very large hands to resurrect my 1911. Thank you, Steve.

  11. I bought this gun at the beginning of the year and have shot it four times and every 50 rounds or so it would jam.i put brass and steel casings through it and it didn’t matter it Jammed.second to last time I shot it the trigger spring popped out making the pistol useless.when I got home I popped back in with a flathead screwdriver.shot it one last time and it jammed again.dont buy this pistol!

  12. I’ve fired it 20 times. Hit everything I aimed at out to 50. Yds. Its the first 21 century handgun. I am not a novice this firearm is a game changer.

  13. Purchased this firearm new. First 10 rounds had 2 jams but still shot 3″ group at
    30 feet. I was amazed how well it shot. The jams turned out to be a faulty magazine latch. I walked into the Daytona SCCY shop and after 5 minutes, latch replaced and on my way. Weapon shoots very smooth for DAO and down to 2″ groups at 10 yards. At 25 yards, still have all rounds in seven ring shooting 10 rounds in 10 seconds.. Remarkable! Shot 10 rounds of “Civil Defense” 50 grain hollow points 2000 fps. at 10 yards in 10 seconds. All in a 3″ bulls-eye group. Again … remarkable. The Civil Defense are so light the less weight
    enhances the light weight of the gun for an even better pocket pistol.

  14. Just went shooting again and thought I would give the sccy one more go,trigger spring popped out again after 25 rounds.this is the cpx-1 model w/safety.called sccy and they told me they know about the problem and want me to send it back to them.shippong is 75 it will be a four hundred dollar gun.anyone want a 400$ paperweight.

    • Sir you are way off? It cost me about $5.00 to ship my CPX-1 back to SCCY. It only took them a couple days to get it back to me. Something is wrong with your story.

  15. Gun works fine, but the magazines are really difficult to get fully loaded. After the 4th round is in, it seems almost impossible to get the next two inserted. Not worth the time. This one spends most of its time in the safe while I look for a buyer.

  16. I purchased a SCCY at the suggestion of a local police officer who uses one. I was impressed with quality of the gun for the price I paid. I purchased the two tone model. I like how it feels in my hand (I am over 6 foot tall) and I find it easy to conceal. I am also impressed in how well it shot. I found no difficulty in putting together consistent groups at 30 yards. The trigger pull is a lighter than many double action pistols (I have always been a single action guy myself) and is smooth. I have had no problems other than the first time I loaded the magazines they were extremely tight for the last few bullets, but that seems to be working itself out. I find it easy to carry in many positions inside the waistband in my sticky holster. I think for the price it is a great gun. No, it is not my Browning Hi Power or my Beretta 92, but it is not supposed to be either. If you are looking for an inexpensive, high quality, reliable carry gun this is one to look at.

  17. At the price, the SCCY is a bargain. The only problem I ran into was an occasional FTF with Remington ammo, which has a harder primer. Initially, I had problems getting the last couple of rounds into the magazine. That was solved with an UpLULA magazine loader. It does have a snappy recoil, but I imagine this wouldn’t be a problem in an emergency situation. Accuracy is quite adequate at conversational ranges. I keep it with an extra mag as a back-up gun in the car (primary is a Webley MK IV).

  18. I was going to buy one of these earlier this year, but I wound up getting a used Taurus 24/7 Pro .40 for the same price. I looked at both the Keltec and the Sccy, and the trigger on the Sccy is much lighter than the Keltec’s.

  19. After making an inquiry to SCCY, I received an email saying not to use steel cased ammo in CPX-2. Can use +P ammo for self defense, but not for target shooting.

  20. Mr Nick Leghorn must not be all that experienced or good with a pistol? I carry the CPX-1 exclusively. I’ve qualified with it, shot rapid rife at every stop from 25yds to 5yrds putting rounds right in the center of the chest. It is proof that many times its the shooter and not weapon. SCCY makes an unbeatable weapon in every way. They even make their own mags which plays a critical role in functionality many times. The CPX-1 had some troubles when it first came out as many new weapons. But with the “Lifetime Warranty” you just send it back and they will fix everything “QUICKLY”. Turnaround is fast. They put a whole new top end barrel and all on mine. I’ve shot hundreds of rounds with not one FTE, Stovepipe, nothing. Flawless operation. You call them on the phone, they answer. Spend $800 to $1000 on a Kimber and it starts malfunction and see who pays for it and how much it costs after that cheesy one year warranty. Not saying it ever will, but if it does….

  21. Oh, and Warranty follows the gun for life, no matter who owns it. They can be had for $250.00 and sometimes less. You can’t get a better weapon for that price. These should be going for much more. I’ve shot a little of everything out there for over 30 years, and the SCCY will stand up to any in my book. I am a Iraq/Afghan war veteran, ex-law enforcement with many years of knowledge.

  22. On the whole +P thing, you really don’t want to shoot +P in anything that has an alloy frame. Steel frame goes best with +P. You aren’t going to kill anyone any deader with +P anyway. The statistics just aren’t worth the time. Just stick with regular 9mm ammo and you will rock the ranges world. I know everyone wants a higher octane fuel, but in reality, its not even necessary. I carried SCCY CPX-1 as a backup weapon and exclusively as CC. I carried .22 caliber for years and years and have no issue carrying .22 as a conceal carry anywhere. Get one with a 10rd capacity and get on with it. .22 is a lethal round. I lost a good friend on a traffic stop, “Wearing a bullet proof vest” via a .22 caliber revolver. Shot under the arm while radioing for backup. Straight to the heart and died in minutes. So don’t let anyone tell you .22 won’t kill you dead either.

  23. I am a life-long resident of Florida and an avid hunter/gunowner for 50 years. I live within 30 minutes of the KelTec, Diamondback, SCCY, & Knight offices, and have owned or own firearms manufactured by all 4 companies. Like all small and innovative firearm companies(well Knights isn’t so small anymore), when they first started manufacturing products, they had a few bugs. All I can attest to is that any issues I had with one of their products, they corrected in a timelt and proffesional manner, with minimal or no cost to me. I can’t say that for some of the older and more well known firearm companies. Kahr, for example, try to get a live person on the phone. I once had an issue with an Auto Ordinance(which Kahr owns) 1911,and had to ship it back for a new barrel, they had not properly finished the machining the chamber, so much so that it would not chamber a round. Anyway, after shipping it and not hearing anything for a month, I decided to call.After leaving messages on voicemail for a week and treated very rudely, it turns out they lost my pistol.Finally, 4 months later, I did receive a new pistol. At least these smaller companies own up to their problems, are reachable, and try very hard to make their customers happy. And I can truly say that they all continue to make changes to their products until they perform like intended. Kahr,Thompson, & Auto Ordinance make some very nice firearms, but because of the attitude of their customer service, I will never buy another one of their products.

  24. Bought yesterday (gen 2) and went to Range immediately. No cleanup or prep. Wanted a cheaper ammo range gun and/or carry gun. Shot over 100 rounds-115 and 124 grain bullets. HAD NO PROBLEMS!!! Repeat, NO PROBLEMS!!! Good quality-I can compare to my Glocks, Colt, Rugers and Smith and Wessons. Has a VERY even and smooth trigger pull and an expected break. DA feels exactly like my S & W Bodyguard .308 trigger pull. Both great. I like the pull amount for safety reasons. LESS recoil snap than my Glock 27 (.40)!!! Same snap as my .380. Shot all 3 guns at same session so could compare. Shot all at 7 yrds and then went to 10 yrds–every shot put in chest-head areas!! From ALL guns. No difference in accuracy. No hand discomfort after 1 1/2 hr at range. Got home and field stripped and was very clean and was lubed good from factory and looks nearly like my glock in quality. Mags were stiff to load but went home and used UpLULA and put all 10 in without any drama. Will leave in few days to see how spring loosens up.

    Was worried about buying because of other reviews. Glad I bought it!!!! Thus, this gun exceeded by expectations. In my opinion, I will use as a range gun and as a carry gun. How can you go wrong for $250. Also don’t forget lifetime guarantee.

    This is my first ever comment to any you tube video, wanted to give my experience in detail, so sorry for the length.

  25. I bought a CPX-1 from the on post AAFES PX on Fort Bliss, for my very first firearm. It was $285 – a 10% discount. The salesperson said he could not sell me ammo at the same time and he walked me completely outside before handing me the purchase. I spent two days trying to find 9mm ammo because everyone was out. Finally found some at Academy Sports for $20 (50 rounds). Took my wife, the CPX-1, and the ammo, to the Rod & Gun Club and bought a membership. Unfortunately, the weapon would not chamber a round. I had several weapons experts look at it, including the manager of the Rod & Gun Club. They all agreed something is wrong with the weapon. One person thought maybe SCCY put the wrong barrel in it. He put a .38 round in it and it did chamber properly, but we did not fire it to see. The PX will not allow me to return it or trade it up to a more expensive one. I called SCCY at 866-729-7599 and got a voice mail. I left a detailed message. Needless to say, this whole situation is unbelievable. The gun department manager Tony said in 8000 weapons sold he has never seen something like this happen before. He said he hoped this wasn’t the start of a big issue with this model.

    • Update: Talked to SCCY today. Their technician explained to me the lighter weight of the top parts requires you to pull back the top part and let it go. That added momentum did successfully chamber a round from the magazine. I fired 40 shots at the range today and only one jammed. The accuracy of the weapon seems good. I have to practice more to minimize both up and down as well as side to side movements (breathing and trigger squeeze). The magazines do require 10 quadrillion pounds of force to fully load 10 bullets but I was able to do it with great effort.

    • So, it wouldn’t chamber a 9mm round but would chamber a 38? Another fishy story? I swear the larger companies hire kids to get on the net and write bad reviews on their competition . If it didn’t chamber a 9mm round, fine, stick with that story. But chambering a 38 round….your story is BS at best. By all means, post a video of said pistol…a semi auto ,chambered for a tapered round, chambering a 38. Please…I beg you.

      • I talked to SCCY and they explained to me why the rounds wouldn’t chamber. The top slide assembly isn’t heavy enough because of the guns sub compact size. The tech said to simply pull the slide all the way back and let it go. That worked! I was able to fire 80 rounds so far, and only (2) jammed. My wife cannot operate the weapon though because the slide requires too much force to pull back for her. She also cannot load rounds into the magazines because the springs are strong. Overall for the money it turned out to be a good purchase just not for my wife to use. Another firer at the range loaned us his Taurus P92 and my wife loved it! Of course, the weapon is like twice as big and much heavier, but it was more wife friendly. As for Jay, I am not sure why you have such strong feelings about my post, but I assure you I am a real person, really did buy the CPX-1, and really was not able to chamber a round. I am new to weapons even though I am in the Army and did not have the experience to figure out the issue. My Section Sergeant was able to manually put a 38 round into the chamber, but we did not try to fire it that way. Both my Section Sergeant and the manager of the Rod and Gun Club were not able to get a 9mm round to manually feed into the chamber and fully close the mechanism. As it turns out though, it appears to simply be a matter of mass. The tech from SCCY even told me a person should never attempt to manually feed a single round into the chamber. He said it wasn’t designed for that. I hope that clears things up for you. If not, please click on the link of the youtube video I posted that shows exactly what I was describing. Oh and lastly, I did occasionally have to hit the slide with my hand while firing through a magazine of bullets to get the round to chamber the rest of the way but it wasn’t difficult.

        • To help your wife, try a different technique for racking the slide, instead of pulling the slide back, push the rest of the gun forward.

      • Obviously he meant he tried to chamber a 380 round not a 38 special. Maybe you should not be such an Ass the next time a typo appears.

  26. Just bought my CPX 2, put 150 rounds through it the next day after buying it, no misfeeds The only thing is the rear sight fell off, I contacted SCCY and was told that they do not tighten the holding screw down at the factory, I sighted it properly and put the screw on nice and tight. Cleaned the weapon and took it the next day back to the range, put 200 rounds through it, no issues. GREAT WEAPON. Will buy another one. Great product

  27. I bought the new CPX2 at a gun show last year. I took it out to my back yard range and fired a couple hundred rounds through it, a mix of FMJ, including some Winn 147grain sub- sonic JHP. The gun performed flawlessly. The fit and finish is as good as $500 firearms. My Glock 27 was my carry, I now carry the CPX and the Glock 27 is my bedside firearm as it has night sights. Did take awhile to adjust to the long DAO trigger. Very pleased with it. I have shot a lot of firearms, 32 years LEO.

  28. Got a gen 2 tonight for $260.00 at Fort Carson PX. Taking it to the range tomorrow, will post updates.

    • Good luck.i just had to send my pistol back for a second time.ive never had to send in any other gun ive owned,and I’ve owned many.when I get it back I’m selling it.

  29. I just purchased the CPX-2 to use as a CCW. I went to the range for the first time today and put 200 rounds through it. It felt good in my hand, the recoil was not bad. I was disappointed that out of two hundred rounds, I had almost 20 fail to feeds. It was very discouraging after spending almost $300. I shot both Federal and Lawman FMJ ammo. I will be contacting the manufacturer. I am very dissapointed after reading so many great reviews.

  30. I was given an original SKYY CPX1 by my dad. It was too small for his hands, but it fits perfectly in mine. I have fired close to 2000 rounds thru my CPX1, with only a few FTF. It’s not the greatest for accuracy in longer ranges, but close quarters, it’s great. Unfortunately, I’m having to send it back to the manufacturer. It will eject the spent casings all day long when firing, but when I go to manually unload it, it will not eject the live round. I have to drop the mag, lock the slide back, and take a key or knife to either pry the round up and out, or push it down the mag well. I contacted SCCY, and they said I can return it and get an upgrade at NO COST. I am pleased with the customer service with SCCY. They have a full lifetime warranty that stays with the pistol,, not the original owner. So even though my dad bought it,,, they will warranty the firearm, for me, no questions asked.

    • Sounds like you may have had the same issue as I did – the ejector on mine broke off, so it would not eject a round when unloading. It still ejected part of the time when firing.

  31. This gun is a lot more then I expected. Shot several hundred rounds no jams or misfires ; not a huge fan of the dbl action willy but once u find that break dead on the money out the box ; bcuz of the hammerless dbl action u have to release the trigger to let it reset , after a clip or two can’t miss. The one thing when chambering a round pull that slide all the way back other wise it cocks 9/10ths and u gotta smack it on the back of slide to finish the load – only a problem if u have weak hands/grip (nerve damage etc) or don’t get a full pull-back ; Sccy couldn’t be more helpful of a company – even sent a care package just for calling —- Buy

    • Why do you think it is so dumb to dry fire one of these? I dry fire my Beretta PX-4 all the time and it is fine. Do you think this gun is less durable and therefore should not be dry fired? You should be able to dry fire any modern semi-auto pistol repeatedly without harming it if it is made right IMO.

    • I bought mine about 3 months ago. Went straight front gun shop to range. Shot 100 rounds. No problems at all. Went home and cleaned well. Looks like it was lubed “just ok” out of the box. Of course, did total clean and lube. Been back to the range 3 times and using up some 25 yr old ammo. Maybe 3 or 4 jams total on old ammo. I was also shooting 2 other much more expensive 9mm guns and had similar failures on this very old ammo. So similar failures. My old ammo of many calibers fails at times in many other caliber guns. So I see no difference in my SCCY. I like this gun. I think it is built well and will carry it

  32. Had to comment with my experience on this gun. I’ve had it about 7 months, put 800 or so rounds though it, and have found it far too troublesome to call reliable, or to recommend. When I first got it brand new, it had issues with the frame pins walking out after firing less than one box of ammo.they walked out about 3/32″ I would say. The magazines had trouble seating properly due to a molding issue on the baseplates, which caused feeding issues as well. On my first call to SCCY, they sent me the new redesigned frame pins and base plates, which resolved those initial issues. Next, maybe 3-400 rounds in, the extractor broke, this was after it jammed shut with steel ammo, which was very difficult to clear, and may have caused the chip in the extractor. I again contacted SCCY, and they sent me the parts to replace the extractor. I notice they redesigned the spring/plunger that goes behind the extractor. This repair has worked fine for several hundred rounds. Most recently, during the firing portion of a CWP class, the gun started jamming incessantly. I initially thought it was an extraction issue, because I kept finding the spent cases still in the chamber, but there were still rounds in the mag. In the end I figured out that the ejector had broken off, so rounds were still extracting properly, but they were not ejecting and the spent case was being re-chambered rather than feeding another round. I’m going to contact SCCY again, but frankly, I’ve had it with the parts related failures. Either I got a huge lemon, or SCCY has some serious parts QC issues. Based on my experience, I recommend saving your money and buying something more reliable for another hundred bucks or so, that’s what I’ll likely be doing next.

    • I bought a Ferrari and the manufacturer specifically stated not to use low octane fuel, so I put 85 octane in and it ran like crap. Then I purchased a SCCY CPX-2 and DID NOT follow their instructions regarding steel cased ammo, guess what happened… The gun had a failure to feed…. It must be the gun manufacturer’s fault my gun is crap. But seriously, I just put 100 rds through my SCCY and had only 1 FTF while using the NOT RECOMMENDED steel cased, Russian made, cheap, rough to load into the mag, ammo. The brass was flawless but like you my pin wiggled out and the flat magazine floor plate caused the mag not to seat and lock into the well. The company has sent parts and all is well. But until I know for sure, the gun will just sit in the glove box of my Ferrari.

  33. Rich, I like your style.
    You made some very valid points.
    I’ll now do a little more research before I recommend this firearm to a friend, but will mention your comments.

  34. I plan on purchase of this sccy, can’t wait to shoot it. Presently I shoot browning 40, a Ruger sr22 and sr45, all good guns my sig 1911-22 has been in sig’s repair shop for 35 days now and that gun is a piece of s. hopefully Sccy will be great, need a ccw. All shoot well and safe.

  35. I have just purchased said weapon haven’t even fired it yet, was cleaning it in preparation for a range visit and had the exact same issue as king of hearts did. the whole upper assembly went completely to the rear of the weapon and breaking the trigger assembly, AND I WAS FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!! hoping that the point of sale will be able to help resolve this situation… only had the weapon 3 weeks?????????

  36. Purchased the CPX-2 for $250 at the local gun show. I put 100 rnds through it the next day with not a single hiccup. As of today and 500 rnds later I only had one issue. The slide failed to go all the way forward once and I think I didn’t pull it all the way back when Chambering a rnd because it hasn’t happened again. The LCP was my CC, now the CPX-2 is.

  37. I am a compitition Bellsey sooter with an Expert card from the NRA. I have over 40 years experience with guns. I purchased the SCCY cpx-2 about 3 weeks ago. I was skeptical about a $300 gun that I have never heard of before, but I did it anyway. It feels really good in the hand and I have fired over 100 rounds with (0) malfunctions. It is so small I am thinking about using it as my carry gun. 11 rounds of 9mm is a lot of firepower. Especially if you can count on the gun being reliable. I trust the SCCY.

  38. I own a lot of quality handguns from a Sig226 to Springfield Armory XD .45, Smith & Wesson MP .45, to a whole stable of 1911s (Colt Gold Cup Trophy, Ruger, Sig, S&W, SA Range Officer, Kimber). I enjoy shooting our club’s Steel Plate Challenge and a local indoor range’s IDPA. Striker fired, hammer fired, full-sized, Combat Commander sized, compact M&P Shield size, etc, I like them all and generally transition well from one to the other. Like long-toss for pitchers in baseball I have several 1911s capable of bowling pin hits at 100 meters about 33% of the time off hand and are quite capable of producing two and three inch groups at the 25 meter Bullseye meets our club regular puts on!

    I heard about the SCCY 9mm last week and a friend brought one by our sportsman’s club today under beautiful blue skies with temperatures just touching 60 degrees here in the People’s Republic of Illinois. Since I was wringing out an IWI Tavor I purchased a month ago at 50 to 200 meters, he walked the pistol over knowing I had expressed interest to a mutual friend in seeing one in operation. With a mixed bag of factory brass-cased 9mm ball ammo I loaded one of the 10 round magazines after I had familiarized myself with the trigger pull by drying firing it several times – smooth, moderately heavy and long. I loaded one of the two supplied mags, cycled a cartridge into the chamber and took aim at several bowling pins at the 50 meter berm. This wasn’t going to have a good outcome, I thought to myself. Well, the first went about three feet high. Ouch! The second shot missed one pin by about six inches and the third shot actually hit a pin! I emptied the magazine without hitting another pin but I was getting a more consistent pattern after sending one more round about two feet high right.

    I took a break and several other people had their time with the pistol and after putting a few more magazines through the Tavor I brought over some of my 115 grain FMJ handloads that were pushing the pill with 5.2 grains of Unique. This load is known to achieve 1150 fps in a five inch barrel — a good SAAMI load. With the previous experience under my belt, this magazine full all landed within an area slightly larger than a beach ball at 50 meters. Remember, this is 50 meters! Now here’s a compact pocket pistol that I had little mileage with, so I considered that performance quite an accomplishment particularly in view of the long DAO pull.

    In my view the SCCY has some moxy, particularly in view of the fact it costs $268 locally. And anyone who couldn’t hit center-of-mass every time from ten feet away with this pistol shouldn’t be carrying in the first place. The Kel-Tec PF9 I own doesn’t even shoot that well and I wouldn’t hesitate to carry it in a tight situation if absolute discrete carry was required. It would be interesting to see what the little SCCY pistol would do at 25 meters from a Ransom rest.

    A local gun shop has about ten in inventory and I’ll probably buy one in all black and the other in two-tone. If nothing else, they’ll make great barter items if the S ever HTF.

    • I’ve had my SCCY since August and simply love it yes took a little bit getting used to trigger pull and I usually impress others with its accuracy. . I just did a training course in Miami on Saturday and during the range session their guys (al LEO’s) said i would have accuracy issues since the range session is relatively the same as LEO qualifying and I quickly changed their attitude about SCCY one little trick i learned
      Was when I rapped my support hand index finger around the trigger guard it drastically improved accuracy

  39. Purchased cpx-1TT about 2 months ago. Really like it. Nice fit for my hand. Really liked the two Magazines deal since they run in excess of $50 for one. My biggest complaint is the polymer guard around the safety. After 25 rounds it creates a good size blister on the thumb. I will be taking a dremel to it before I shoot it again. The only real problem I have had was Winchester white box ammo was too long. The mag would jam up after putting 5-6 rounds in. To me that’s more ammo problem not gun problem. I would recommend this gun.

    • I also like mine. I’m thinking about buying another one. In my opinion, when buying a “budget” firearm, you may need to dremmel, file and smooth out few rough edges, etc, etc. I don’t expect it to be the same quality as a “expensive” brand. I also found it enjoyable to “customize” my firearm to my wishes. I would also recommend this firearm.

  40. Thank you for all the comments, I will be buying this gun for my trip across country. I do have my concealed weapons permit.

    • Lori, Just be careful about which state you are in and the laws in that state. I have 3 CC permits and am pretty well covered in about 36-39 states as I recall. But, there is always that one state that has way too many liberals in office and may not honor your permit(s). And a few states that may honor your permits still have some quirky laws pertaining to concealed carry, etc.. The NE is especially weird in that one state will be totally against law abiding citizens with guns and the next one will embrace them. Personally I would avoid states that don’t like CC if you can. Have a good trip.

  41. Update to March post. 800 rounds and the only issue was a hard primer. Would recommend this handgun wether on a budget or not because this is a quality firearm.

  42. Sccy 9mm/CPX-2 pistol accuracy:

    I just bought my Sccy 9mm/CPX-2 yesterday. Form, fit, ‘pointabiity’ in my hand is very natural. Personally, I found it to be MORE than accurate right out of the box; ESPECIALLY for a DAO pistol made specifically for SAFE concealment while ready to fire with only a trigger pull. A > LONG < pull makes accidental discharge very unlikely. If a person wants concealed carry with single action trigger sensitivity, you might be braver than I am.

    So, imagine my surprise when I read THIS Article about how an experienced shooter, who writes advice articles about guns, could not even hit 'paper' at 10 yards! I have not trained with a pistol in 15 years and due to severe eye damage, I've J U S T begun to relearn how to shoot using my weak hand and opposite eye. Using a Sharpie marker, I drew a 1/2" bull inside of a 2" ring on a paper plate (my lunch) , stapled the plate to the end of a log on my property and counted 7 paces ('the magic 21 feet') . I am 6'5", so my paces are more like a meter. Natural stance, weapon center/front, bend knees, breathe, raise weapon: count 1,2, Bang! – 1,2, Bang! … firing four rounds at 2-3 second intervals; no rush but not painstakingly slow either. ALL FOUR ROUNDS were within the 2" ring, with a maximum group size of 1 1/2". Easy-peasy.

    The Gist: If an old man like me, who walks with a cane, is 15 years out of practice, has one bad eye, JUST NOW training to fire with his WEAK hand can do this at 7 (long) yards using his brand new Sccy CPX-2 , then the pistol must be accurate.


    • I agree. I take mind to the range many times and it always goes bang. I also find it accurate out to 15-20 yards. I also own many very expensive brand hand guns. I wish people would quit putting this excellent firearm down

  43. My experience shooting Wolf steel case 9mm in the CPX-2 was problematic. Numerous failure to feed, slide lock-back when magazine not empty, no slide lock-back when magazine was empty. I don’t remember having these problems when shooting conventional brass cased ammo.

  44. All that is required for disassembly is a 9mm cartridge. Didn’t know that was considered a tool……

    • Paper clip works also. Someone with long, strong fingernails could probably use those. Does not take much to get the pin out.

  45. Purchases my CPX-2 about a month ago and just now got around to firing it. Took it out and fired 100 rounds of Remington 115gr ball ammo. No problems at all. All 100 rounds fed and fired with no issues at all.

  46. Raymond, I am with you on the accuracy issue. I can’t count the number of gun reviews that I have read about long/heavy trigger pulls that do not actually list the actual pull in pounds. Seems that most folks today compare double action pistol pull to single action or striker fired guns. It would be much more accurate to compare to a double action revolver pull that is in the 11 to 13 pound range on a good factory action and these guns cam be fired very accurately.

  47. I’ve been an FFL since 2008 and got on board with SCCY when they were still a factory-direct supplier. I was impressed with their Kel Tec P11 clones as being much more refined in their finishes, machining, cosmetics… After selling a couple dozen, they started coming back to me from the customers. There were quite a few that just didn’t function reliably– mostly feed problems and one with too light of a strike of the firing pin to ignite the cartridge primer. This in a pistol intended for concealed carry, i.e. personal defense in real world scenarios. But I became most concerned when two were returned after structural failures, one resulting in injury to the shooter. When SCCY informed me that one of these had a problem with the hardening process of a component during manufacture, I was left wondering why, if they knew that, there wasn’t a recall of all guns built from that batch of parts.
    The reputation of my business is too much at stake for me to sell anything of dubious quality and safety. Until I see an established track record of improvement at SCCY I will not stock or recommend their pistols. I hope they do it– I wanted to be a believer.

  48. My wife carries one in Pink / black and I bought one for the shop so that our customers can test fire. It has over 500 rounds and has never jammed or had any type of mechanical problems. I have never used any tools to remove the pin for takedown. Takedown is very simple. The double action trigger needs some getting use to, but after that it is as accurate as any other firearm I have shot. My budget minded customers love it. Oh and it does come with a transferable lifetime warranty.

  49. I’ve had my CPX-2 for exactly 4 months today and haven’t had any issues. 3 FTFs in the first 100 rounds of WWB and none in the last 250 rounds. No failures of any kind with various SD ammo. For the money you can’t beat it. Bought mine from Gunloot with Armalaser TR10 laser and DeSantis leather holster made for laser/pistol for $395
    which I think is very reasonable for a reliable carry combo. Holster is comfy and holds pistol well, laser is real nice and bright. Overall I’m impressed and would recommend to anyone. Trying to convince my gf to get cc permit and will get her same rig once she’s better at shooting mine.

    • You got a great deal with the holster included. I paid just over $400 for the SCX-2 with the laser but without the holster. That included sales tax of around 8% though. No income tax in WA but our sales tax just keeps creeping up.

  50. I bought my SCCY CPX-2 about a year ago at a gun show. Nice little gun. Also bought a IWB holster at On Your 6 in San Antonio. This holster is GREAT and I highly recommend it. The gun is a God-send, small and easily concealed. You can pay more and buy a “brand name” gun, but for concealed carry, this gun is on target. Life time warranty to whomever owns the gun. Shoots fine for my needs. I also recommend this gun for the price, the quality, and the size. You will not be disappointed!!!!! I know I’m not!!!

      • Alien gear make a really nice holster!! Very comfortable! They are about half the price of crossbreed. $40 with shipping. What’s really nice is if you change guns, send the old kydex back and they send you new one for free. Or you can order different kydex molds to mount to the back.

  51. So don’t do as I did and wait til you need this gun and assume it will work without testing it out like all of your “other ” guns. I bought this as a concealed carry and grabbed it the other night out of the box, loaded two mags with JHPs and went on the road. Having never fired it, I “assumed” that I could rack a round and fire if needed. At 1 am, in Cocoa Beach at a gas station, something did not seem right with the folks about me, hands in the pocket, but I needed gas to carry on to orlando. Inside my Truck, I tried to rack a round before exiting to get gas, and planned to just keep it in my pocket. The gun would not feed. I dropped mag and cleared misfeed and put in mag and tried to rack the next round. Same shit. Needless to say, not worth the risk so I left and went down the road to another gas station. If the SHTF, I guess I could have thrown it at the perp or dropped a round manually. So much for a primary carry gun. This one is going back to the manufacturer.

    • We all know that “assuming” is not the best plan. I bet you already know that also. But I also know how time and priorities sometimes interfere with our plans. Your story shows the value of going to the range to test fire your pistol after buying it. Perhaps also cleaning, lubricating and checking it out some before carrying. Thanks for sharing as your post may get some of us on the ball about range testing out weapons more often.

  52. Purchased pistol a month ago. I have been to the range twice firing 50 rounds each time with no issues. Some of you may experience loading difficulty after a few rounds, I suggest the UpLUNA loader. I bought it and I love it. No issues loading full mag 10+1.

    • My issue with loading was ammo related. Winchester white box(100rds box) was about 1/16″ too long. I like the gun a lot! Have had it for 6 months now, no problems. Only complaints I have are the long trigger reset and the guard around the safety.

      • Sounds like the safety has been eliminated on the newer models now. Which leaves the long DA trigger pull. Appears that most of the shooters are adapting to that after some time at the range.

  53. Reading all of the above posts about various malfunctions, I can say, that I’ve seen all of them on the larger company pistols as well. Back to SCCY, having had a Kel-Tec P-11 that I sold in a fit of stupid, I acquired a CPX-2 for the specific purpose of being a backup gun. It works just fine in that role and I use standard velocity ammo in it, primarily the Federal 9mm BP load.(115 JHP) it penetrates well and does expand reliably although not spectacularly out of the 3.1 inch barrel. For the role I wanted, it works fine. I’ve tweaked it a bit, installed a Galloway Precision recoil spring(heavier than factory) so the “snappy” is now gone and it shoot to POA at 15 meters which is is far as I will employ that BUG. Each of us is responsible for our own safety and salvation, so get what you want and like, practice, practice, practice.

  54. Very interesting comments of actual users of this weapon , I feel I will definately avoid buying the the SCCY CPX-2 , too many problems , parts breaking or feeding problems with this pistol , Feel the Kel-Tec PF-9 is still the best pocket 9MM for the money . Or my S&W model 442 !

  55. Took mine to the range and it worked fine. Getting used to the trigger. Trigger feel is not nearly as nice as my Beretta PX4 but for half the cost it is fine for a second gun. Fired about 30 rounds of mixed ball and hollow points and never jammed or failed to feed a round. Great gun for the price. Easy field strip and cleaning also.

  56. I would like to offer my opinion about SCCY CPX-2. Like many gun owners I have several handguns and I sold several for various reasons and without reason(regretfully). All my current handguns are 9mm and 357/38SP. I also gun-smithing my guns.
    My experience with SCCY SPX-2 is very satisfying .
    Bright 3-dot sights are easy to acquire even in adverse light conditions.
    Slide release is right where it should be and have a very positive feel.
    Double action trigger pull is similar to the most revolvers.
    Double coil recoil spring is just right, ejecting casings at the 3 to 6 feet, depending on ammo load.
    Unlike many modern handguns SPX-2 have full length rail for slide to improve accuracy.
    The hand grip have an effective impact absorber on the back.
    The magazine release is better than unmodified Glock release.
    In order to accommodate double-stack 9mm magazines, the grip is slightly larger than similar handguns with .380 or 9mm single-stack magazines.
    I am using original 10-round magazines with modified butt plate(supplied by SCCY) and 15-round Browning HP magazines (the latch window slightly modified).
    I’ve spent about 800 rounds of various ammo, including steel cased Wolf (Russian) and Serbian junk. The gun never failed me. Few misfires, but fired on second pull of the trigger, thanks to DA.
    I never had a stovepipe, like some other guns I had.
    Using the rim of the shell, the field stripping the gun takes about 3 seconds. Actually the locking pin is machined precisely to fit the rim. With a slight tug the spring and the barrel falls right out. The feeding ramp of the barrel is polished and curved in order to eliminate feeding problems.
    The barrel is made from the bar stock and have a very positive lock.
    The weight and feel of the gun is better than one of my favorites, Glock-26.
    I offer some suggestions:
    In order to improve magazine functionality needs to remove magazine butt plate and lubricate spring. This will allow to load magazine without hassle or use of the loading tool.
    Trigger outer edge (under finger), the inner surface of the trigger guard and magazine well bottom edges needs to refine with a fine file.
    I advice to go to the local gun shop with shooting range and rent SPX-2 or borrow it from your friend and try the gun. Just like in saying: “Experience matters”.
    The quality and workmanship of the gun is on par or better than most of the guns in the same group.
    One of the best guns in Concealed Carry category.

  57. I own 5 Sig pistols and an M400 flat top and love them. My carry is the P290. The P250 compact was the problem. I really liked the 15 round magazine. But there was no way to conceal the monster. I’m 5′ 9″ 170 lbs. so I’m slender enough to conceal anything. Except the P250.
    I wasn’t looking for the CPX -2 in particular until the shop owner suggested I try it. I was surprised at the way it fit my hand.It feels well built, nice to look at and a ten round magazine and one in the chamber.
    I knew going in about the sloppy trigger, the 14 pound recoil spring and the plastic guide rod. I purchased a 20 pound recoil spring and stainless steel guide rod from Galloway Precision for $45.00. The next day at the range I fired 5 shots from 15 yards. Put 5 rounds in a 4 inch circle. Kicked pretty good too. It took 5 minutes to break down the pistol and replace the guide rod and recoil spring and put it back together. Not bad. I fired 5 more rounds with the same results. Just less recoil. Galloway also makes an adjustable trigger for the CPX -2 that I just ordered. I expect the trigger to work just as well as the recoil spring. For $95.00 I’ve remedied the only shortcomings I found. I have a 10 and 1 9mm pistol that’s concealable, shoots good and doesn’t weigh 4 pounds loaded. I’m happy.
    Mike Lee
    Chesapeake, Virginia

    • By the way, any holster you have for the Sig P290 fits the CPX -2 perfectly.
      Mike Lee

      • “By the way, any holster you have for the Sig P290 fits the CPX -2 perfectly.”
        Mike Lee
        Coupon came with my CPX-2 for a discount on a DeSantis holser that will accomodate the Armalaser sight. Cost to me was $37.50 with free shipping for right hand IWB. Hard to beat. Holster is well made if a bit stiff. Will need a bit of breaking in but looks like a winner to me. Not sure if any other holsters will accomodate the Armalaser sight properly.

  58. Gave the wrong price for the CPX -2 SS guide rod and 20 pound recoil spring. 35.00 not 45.00.
    Mike Lee

  59. I recently purchased a CPX-2 from my local gun shop Savannah River Armory. I wanted a gun that was easily concealable and didn’t lack for ammo holding capacity. This gun met both requirements along with the DOA trigger for additional safety if carrying with round in chamber. After test firing the gun and getting used to the trigger pull, I can say that I am satisfied. I fired WWB and Hornady Critical Defense ammo without problems of any kind. The only minor issue I have had is when I field striped the gun for inspection and hastily re-assembled, I missed the barrel slot with the pin. This caused the slide to not close fully and become stuck. It took me a min to get it unstuck and used a combination of pulling back on the slide and trying to get the pin out again to loosen it up. The combination of doing both worked and taught me that you have to take care to make sure you take care when inserting the pin to get it through the barrel slot. Other than that, the mags are difficult to load initially but after being loaded for a week and fired through a few times, they have loosened up to where only the last few rounds are difficult but not impossible to load without assistance. If you are looking for an everyday carry that is reliable and safe, I would recommend the CPX-2 for the money it’s hard to beat.

  60. Bought Two CPX-2 yesterday one for wife and one for me. Its easy for her to shoot. No problems and accurate. My 12 year old step son hit target one ft by one ft 9 out of ten times. I didn’t but that was my fault. I recommend this weapon. Check gun shows I got mine for 219 apiece. My 10 year old step son hit target 3 out of 10 times. I thought not bad he had only shot a pistol once before. Recoil was fine for him. For the money can’t be beat.

  61. Had the first version with safety and one day went to fire it and the safety broke off in my hand. Non critical situation! SCCY replaced the pistol with version 2 with no mechanical safety- none is needed. Being double action, it is like having an 11 shot revolver! Keep the finger off the trigger except to fire. Added Acculaser’s trigger guard laser sight that has an automatic on when you grip the pistol. Bought a second for the wife as a CCW. Her’s is black and mine stainless. Both ready to go and both have no problem putting a bullet where the laser is when the trigger is pulled. Good job SCCY. Best of low dollar choices and as good as pricier pistols.

  62. for those of you who forget, 9mm are based off of the tight berretta specs so with that being said, using cheap steel cased ammo, it is a necessity to use a magazine feeder! I have a berretta 9mm as well as this cpx2, if you don’t use a magazine feeder, the cheap made ammo bends out of round when you hand feed the magazine! Due to the tight specs, a little bent out of round(and you will not be able to notice upon inspection) causes the malfunction. I have had no malfunctions with my berretta 9mm with cheap ammo since use of magazine feeder!(matter of fact, it is a glock magazine feeder! LOL!)

  63. In the last couple of weeks I have purchased 3 CPX-2. 1 Stainless and Black and 2 Stainless and Purple.
    All 6 magazines are extremely difficult to load. My fingers are very sore and I was only able to get 7 rounds in one mag that came with my black one.
    My son was able to get 9 rounds in one of his mags from a purple gun.

    Both of the purple pistols will not feed rounds. I have not been to a range yet but just cycling the slide each round hangs up. Manually pushing on the slide will cause the round to be chambered. This happens with all 4 magazines. The magazines from my Black gun will cycle and feed in the Purple guns.
    I also noted when loading the magazines that when round number 3 or 4 is loaded, sometime the previous round sticks in the mag and the last round will just fall out!
    I like the feel of these handguns but I won’t have a gun that will not feed reliably and tears up your fingers while trying to load the magazines.
    I buy 3 guns and all have problems! That’s not a very good record.
    Sent from my iPad

    • Hi Clint, I only have one but I have had no problems with loading the magazines, with the rounds feeding or with the slide moving forward. Did you take your pistol apart when you first got it ? Should always do that with a new handgun. Clean it, oil it and put it back together. You probably should get one of the easy loaders to help you put the rounds in the mag. Have you tried a different brand or type of ammo to see if that helps with the feeding problem? If none of these suggestions help you may want to visit a local gun shop and ask for their help.

  64. Does anybody Writing bad reviews on the sccy even own or shot one? I’ve owned my cpx 2 for about 2 months and shot 500 rounds through it, zero problems and at 20 yds can put shots in a 3 to 4 inch group every time

    • I often wonder the same thing. Mine has been flawless, gets compliments from everyone that shoots it, and it has been accurate for me. I emailed the company and told them how much I like it. They responded by sending me a little goodie bag. Top notch at this point. I had low expectations for a $260 pistol, so I must say I’m impressed. The trigger pull is heavy, but it makes the gun safe, and in a self defense situation it’s one less thing for an attorney to attack once the dust settles.

  65. This is one LONG series of posts. Lots of good information and opinions. Can’t believe some of you are still arguing about clips vs magazines though. Who really cares as long as the other guy knows what you are talking about ? I would think that magazines is the more commonly used and “proper” term now. But if someone calls it a clip I really don’t care and probably would not correct them.

  66. If you can’t group shots better than a sheet of paper at ten yards with roughly the equivalent of a DAO revolver trigger you are a poor shot. Don’t blame the gun.

    And it’s magazine, if someone doesn’t care enough to get simple details right they probably don’t care enough to learn anything else about their gun, like what limp wristing is or why the sights are on top.
    There is a reason the people that hold the gun sideways are usually the same demographic that call magazines clips.

  67. It never ceases to amaze me when gun writers and others trash the SCCYs DAO trigger pull, while at the same time recommending compact DAO revolvers with heaver trigger pulls, poor ergonomics, and much reduced cartridge capacity. I luv my SCCY and have no problem firing well-centered 2-3″ DAO groups @ 10 yards.

    • I agree John. Though I took my SCCY and my Beretta PX-4 both to the range yesterday. So much easier for me to get tight groups with my PX-4. Especially after the first DAO shot or cocking the hammer on my Beretta. But that is apples and oranges because SA is bound to be easier than DA. And my Beretta cost a LOT more than my SCCY. The DAO action on my SCCY is not perfect but not bad for an inexpensive pistol. I think I just need more practice with the DAO shots and mastering the DA trigger. I find that when I can pull back almost to the break point and then squeeze off the last little bit my shots are much better. Have a flashlight/laser attached to my PX-4 so can’t really carry that easily now. My SCCY has the Armalite laser and still fits most of my PX-4 holsters. End up carrying the SCCY most of the time as it is smaller and lighter than my PX-4. My PX-4 stays home and is on bedside duty at night.

  68. Is there any plan to put these out in .45 acp? I’d rather not have to start stocking another caliber, if I can stick with .45.

  69. Would be nice if they would fix that or someone would come out with an aftermarket trigger kit.

  70. I just want to take a moment to talk about the trigger pull, well I have been a revolver guy for many years and almost always fired double action. The Sccy CPX2 to me feels a lot like shooting a revolver. I like the trigger pull. It feels a bit like my .357 only lighter.. I have never been a fan of the easy trigger pull of most semi auto pistols just too easy to fire accidentally. But again I have always been a revolver guy. But now carry the CPX2 …

  71. I have several SCCYs I am a firearms instructor and got them to teach students. They are great for that but I find myself carrying one as my CCW. I have several other handguns that cost more SIGs Glocks Smiths but the SCCY won me over stone cold reliable perfect size. Surprisingly accurate! simple simple is good for a CCW firearm.

  72. Anyone have a solution for the trigger guard causing blisters on the CPX-1? I don’t want to dremel it because I assume it would decrease value of the gun. Any kind of rubber cover?

    • Do not use a dremel on it. The safety will hit against your hand during recoil, Engaging the safety. From my own dumbass experience! I read somewhere that sccy offers a conversation kit. But I think you have to send it to them. ($125)

    • What part of the trigger guard is giving you blisters ? I have not had that issue. But I do have the Armalite laser sight installed so maybe that makes a difference ? The Armalite wraps around most of the trigger guard. How many rounds have you been putting through it to get the blisters ?

  73. I pray to god for some of u that wrote about the sccy do not have a ccw if u do lord please allow them not to fire this weapon for hurt will hurt them first knucklheads learn norm and basic shooting techs first like front sight alifnment and sight picture before u blow your pinky I toe off wow some people that’s why its so hard to get a weapon nowadays because of the few like u .

  74. The article states no aftermarket accessories or mods available for this gun. There is a nice little Armalaser laser sight device that works great on this and is super compact. I got a deal on one when I purchased the pistol. Offered by my local gun store at the time of purchase. Others have mentioned trigger mods and a different recoil spring as I recall. So that statement does not seem to be totally correct. How many people that buy an inexpensive pistol are going to spend a lot of time or money to modify it anyway? Works pretty darn good out of the box. Well, after a thorough cleaning and oiling. But that should be done with any new firearm.

  75. Never shot one but they appear to be KelTec knock offs which I have handled. Sccys, KelWRECKS, LC9s, Tauruses, this whole class of 250.00 price range plastic skinny 9MM pistols are just a waste of time and money. Invest in a quality gun like a Glock, or SIG or Walther. You get what you pay for, which is JUNK when you pay 250.00 for a plastic 9MM colored like a bag of Skittles.

  76. @Fred Frendly: Hilarious. You admit you have not shot one yet you just have to let us all know your opinion on this and other “similar” pistols. Your comments remind me of the kind of stuff the anti-gun crowd puts out. I have a nice Beretta PX-4 compact and I also own a SCCY CPX-2. The Beretta is a much nicer pistol for twice the price of the SCCY. Yet the SCCY is more than adequate and is far from a piece of junk. Being snobbish with guns assumes that everyone that needs a self defense weapon can afford a higher priced gun. Why deny this crowd the chance to defend themselves with a weapon that serves that purpose very well ? My Beretta sits at home on my nightstand while my SCCY travels with me, shoots great and is a very adequate, low cost carry pistol.

  77. Fred, You are totally wrong in your assumption. Its been proven by many companies, big and small that there are many high quality guns out there for $250. While i dont own any of those guns, i know many that do and they are beyond happy with what they bought.

  78. old shooter says I have shot my sccy with approx. 1,500 rounds of 9mm even a very few 9mmplus p plus boy does it jump had about 2 or 3 misfires in all shooting very good shooter at combat range 25 yrds stretching it keep it clean and it will run good for you . after 24 yrs of law enforcement and 290 yrs as bail bond co owner have shot a tom of guns and ammo for price sccys are good guns I have heard one of the owners od sccy gu co was a former owner of keltec divorce won out.

  79. I bought a SCCY CPX 2CB two weeks ago and have shot a couple of boxes of ammo through it. The ammo was the cheapest at the store, one box of one brand and one of another brand. I took it home and shot two magazines through it and then cleaned it and adjusted the sights. I have had guns for about 55 years, my favorite pistol would be my Ithaca 1911 45. So far this little gun is easy to shoot with great results. You can’t hold it like the 45, I hold it one hand on the grip and the other under the magazine supporting the gun and grip hand. I did dry fire it to get used to it, with each hand. It did take a little getting use to the DA with the long pull, that was helped by the dry fire. After you know about how far the trigger pull is, you pull it that far and shoot. Don’t anticipate, that will make you miss. For the money great CC gun.

  80. purchased a sccy cpx2 this past weekend out of the box. loaded the mags up and had a issue with 1 mag hanging rounds up as i pushed them out by hand. reloaded emptied the mag a few more times seem to help it. went out to friends house to shoot sunday hour before dark. ammo used: fed.& rem… fed oal. 1.250 rem oal 1.110 both 115 gr .we fired off 50 rounds ea.. with NO FTF FTE. fired every round. did not really do any target shooting. more less plinking to all the bad hype on this pistol.after returning home disassembled cleaned inspect oiled.Didnt find any thing broke. frame has no cracks at the rear pin location as seen on some videos. have to say rem factory ammo was loaded a little hot from the factory. smashed primers. as far as the trigger goes its something new to get use to had problems with resetting the trigger personal error on my part not letting up all the way on it.. used to DA triggers own my ruger p97 in 45 acp. over all like the feel of the cpx2 little lighter then i anticipated other then that very pleased with the purchase of the firearm..looking forward to some range time sunday with it.

  81. I just got the cpx-2 this past weekend for my wife(5’4″ 130lbs) she loves it, handles very well, put about 100 rounds though it NOT ONE ISSUE AT ALL!!!! I’m thinking bout getting me one for my back pocket. I read thousands of reviews when my wife said she wanted it…Now I got no worries when I’m not around. she just has to Point, squeeze & bang

  82. I bought this gun for the price to be honest ive had no problems with it its a great gun for the price

  83. Mine had issues after 20 rounds something happened with the firing pin so would not shoot it also had issues with hollow points not getting chambered. I used this as a back up weapon at work. I have a glock 17 as main. I sent it in they fixed the pin and made it so it will take hollow points but now it will not take full metal. went to the gun range and it jammed up on the first shot its a fun gun to shoot when it works but I will not trust my life with it. Also when they sent it back to me it was very dirty and I felt as if the parts were not new but used and older then when I sent it in. I bought it new put 20 rounds in it and this is what happens

  84. This is the fist 9mm that I have owned and I love it. I bought it last week and my son and I went to the range Friday. We fired 40 bullets through it, and it worked fine with no issues. Love the gun. My wife and I purchased a second one on the same day for her which had to be ordered and we will pick it up this week.

  85. Nice article Nick, very objective, thank you. I own a SCCY CPX-2 and use it for my EDC CC pistol. Is it perfect? No but I’ve yet to see a gun that doesn’t have some quirks. I can attest to the fact that the trigger does take getting use to. But that just requires a little practice & training to over come. Once that takes place your shot groups will shrink considerably.

    So far I’ve had no failure to feed nor failure to fire issues with various brands of ammo. The SCCY Industries website does however advise the following: (1), Do not use Steel Cased, Aluminum Cased, or reloads. (2), Acceptable standard grain bullet weights: 115 and 124, and 147 in Gen 2. (3), +P ammunition is recommended only for very limited use in Gen 2 only.

    A few minor observations:

    “Tools are unfortunately required to get the take down pin out of its hole”

    The take down pin on the CPX-2 was specifically machined to except the lip of a 9mm cartridge for easy removal. (I use my fingernail it’s that easy)

    “There’s pretty much no after-market options for these handguns”

    Although nothing as prodigious like say a Springfield XD-S or M&P Shield, there are various holsters, die cut grip tapes, magazine speed loaders, Laser optics, recoil springs, rod guides, triggers & more (although I’m still waiting for a company out there to make tritium sights…. long over due that one.) Obviously the more popular this little shooter becomes the sooner the accessory issues will change for the better.

    Then there are the 9 various frame colors available (Black, Crimson, FDE, Orange, Pink, Purple, SCCY Blue, Gray, White. Slides can be had in natural stainless steel finished or stainless steel coated black nitride finish at no extra cost.

    All in all I’m completely satisfied with my purchase and the weapons performance. I train with standard 115 grain full metal jacket loads but EDC with Hornady +P 135 gr FlexLock Critical DUTY rounds.

    Truly this little handgun has definitely given me bang for the buck performance & economy.

    Thanks again Nick Leghorn for your honest review.

  86. I have seen these, not really something I would be interested in. It really reminds me of Kel-Tec P11 I had in the past. I could never master much accuracy beyond close contact distance with it. It seems like a reasonable gun for someone with limited budget that is small enough to carry comfortably.

  87. More throwaway junk. When you can buy a new Ruger LC9S for around 75 more bucks why bother with this POS? You could buy a used Ruger for the same price as this crapbucket brand new. Never understand why people are cheapo with their own lives.

  88. Nice lil pistol for what it is as I read some of the comments I got the feeling that a few got off base it’s not a target pistol it’s a tool used for self defense in a bad situation pressed firmly into an aggressors stomach it will do what it’s designed for allow you to see another day I carry a Springfield XD .45 (best firearms EVERE!!!!) but at times it’s nice to have a lil pocket pistol when your in shorts and a tank top you dont have to worrie about printing of your pistol and giving some liberal anti gun idiot a reason to cause a scene

    • David Davy, I have the XD .40. Best gun ever! But like you I want that little pocket pistol for when things warm up and clothes get lighter. Or simply for a change of things. I’d also like to get the wife interested in shooting something a bit bigger than that .22 magnum mini revolver she has. She’s good with it but darn, the 9mm can do a bit more persuading if needed. Personally, I’m not huge on the 9mm though I’ve carried one forever and a day until the .40 got brought into the picture at the job. Also carried a .44 spl. bulldog back up but that was back when I was working in heavier clothes. Before the job assigned us autos it was wheel guns, all in .38 backups and .38 and .357 primaries. Depending on the day and the ammo available at the time. Fun times for all.

  89. Well, I saw my Taurus PT111 G2 literally blow up in the hands of my friend on the fifteenth round fired through it so I’ll be trying the SCCY next. It was a toss up between these two guns as to which one I’d buy for a knock around PD weapon. Taurus PT111 G2- it’s been scratched off of the list. 2 yrs. waiting list for repairs at factory, no available parts domestically, no “approved” gunsmiths… nah, I’m framing it as a reminder of what not to buy. SCCY? I’m coming for you. Let’s see where this little adventure takes me.

  90. My sccy cpx 2 seems like it jams on any shell I put in gun don’t like taking them have to bump it to close slide anyone else have this problem

  91. had a friend go buy one with 100 rounds of ammo. it blew up about round 87. fortunately no injuries. factory new gun. we called the factory. they didn’t seem surprised. asked if we wanted a new gun or our money back. googling shows we were not the only people with this problem

  92. SCCY CPX-2, Purchased 03/09/17:
    -Buyer Be Warned!!!
    -Of 300 rounds fired (30 x 10 Rnds/Clip), every new clip jammed on feed.
    -Absolute stupidity in the ramp design. The ramp is almost vertical, like a flat wall.
    -How do they expect a bullet to reliably feed slamming into a vertically flat wall?
    -Multiple light-primer strikes. I had to pull trigger multiple times to fire.
    -Ammo: CCI, Federal, Fiocchi, Magtech, Blazer Brass; Full Metal Jacket, 115gr & 124gr, No hollow points attempted.
    -As published; this has a long and heavy trigger pull. I can appreciate this for the novice.
    -The gun is not balanced at all. If you fire a lot of rounds, you will get a blister from the trigger guard.
    -The slide requires a stiff hand to rack. This gun will not be well received by our female champions.
    -Accuracy: Don’t expect a half dollar group at 15ft. Instead, perhaps a 12 inch group, with steady hands.
    -The gun bounces all over the target. It has a floating barrel…and your shot group will reflect that.
    -Personally, I would say spend a few extra bucks on a S&W BodyGuard, Glock, Remington or Sig Sauer.
    -I’ve requested warranty return repair. I’m awaiting response.
    -I’m not bitterly upset. What can you expect for $200.00?
    -I’m just disappointed in a product produced 100% in the USA.
    -I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
    -Godspeed. Bless our troops and this great land…USA…

    • Good luck…

      I will never buy or recommend and SCCY weapon. Yeah, nice to have something made in the US, but not if it is shit…

  93. Recently bought the SCCY CPX-2 for $199 (impulse buy), and just put the first 50 rounds through it. First few magazines, my accuracy was horrible. At only 7 yards, all the rounds went in the full-size silhouette target, but nowhere near where I was aiming. As I got used to the gun, I got better. Again, at 7 yards, I could group all the shots in the silhouette’s head, so I guess that’s about a 6-inch grouping. By comparison, the same day I shot my S&W M&P Shield .40, and my groupings were more like 3 inches at 7 yards. The recoil was about the same in both guns, and I did get a blister on my thumb (metacarpophalangeal joint). I had no jams with the CPX-2, using an inexpensive Remington 9mm brass cartridge. Next time at the gun range, I’m gonna take one of the commenter’s advice and try a firmer grip while shooting the CPX-2 and see if that improves my accuracy. At this point, I’m OK with the purchase but with a little buyer’s remorse: like with so many impulse buys, I wish I’d just held off and paid a little more for something a little better. Still, if you want a low-cost, compact, “high”-capacity magazine, 9mm handgun, this is a good deal.

  94. The wife wanted the purple SCCY CPX-2. Bought it for her with 100 rounds of Federal ammunition. The gun jammed 13 times in 64 rounds.

    You get what you pay for. Looking for a nice gun to trade it in on.

  95. like i said in my first post you need to give SCCY a break, i own a lot of guns and been around guns all my life. before you send his gun back try some different AMMO, this will likely be the problem. i have found a lot of flaws with different kinds of ammo. i would say you have a 90 % chance of finding the problem…. no ammo is 100% perfect.

    • I don’ thing different ammo would make a lot of difference, honestly. As I said previously SCCY I got a lot of misfires the first times I shot it, then the trigger would not return to the ready position, but it would still fire…. Send it back to the factory and they said they “fixed” it, and yes the trigger returned like normal, but it had such a catch and initial hard pull on the trigger it was practically unusable. Took it to a gunsmith (should have just returned it and demanded a new one) and he worked the catch out of it so now it is a pretty good gun. After I paid more money to the gunsmith. Yes, buyer beware and you get what you pay for is very aptly applied to SCCY firearms.

      • I own a SCCY, brought it home loaded up several mags. took it to the range and not one jam or misfire in the 3 mags. work well. i am not saying your gun didn’t misfire i am just saying my gun worked well.

        • I have heard their quality control sucks, and that newer guns are better than the older versions. I have had mine I guess 4 years now. They are nice guns, when they work…

      • Well. Buyer beware. My brand new purchase came with a used, modified filed on magazine. Of course you dont notice that in the store, who would inspect the mags ? They will not respond to my emails. 340 bucks down the freekin drain. Makes me want to throw it away.

  96. For those who are so gun smart. It would be much better to help those who are not.Try to understand their problems and help solve them. I try to do this to those who are not as up on gun knowledge as I am. I think that the more shooters and gun owners we have the safer our country would be. Teach the young,the older citizens , those who are against guns and those who thrust for firearms knowledge. This is a better formula than being a critic. Be a friend not a jackass.

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  98. I bought a CPX-2 some months ago. The gun is slick looking and I like the feel of it. I had random FTEs with one box of Blazer Brass ammo on my first outing. Other ammo has been fine and other boxes of Blazer have been fine. I like the double action, don’t mind the long pull or “weight” of it. What surprises me is that no one here has mentioned the LONG reset. I have to let my trigger finger relax until it’s up against the front of the trigger guard before reset. I really have to intentionally allow my finger to relax until it brushes the trigger guard and have occasionally mistakenly pulled too early for a second shot. It could get dicey for me if I had to make a quick second shot under stress.

  99. Bought CPX-1 year ago, used auto body filler to spread across the back strap so safety guard didn’t beat my thumb.
    Shoots great at 10 yards, not so good at 600 yards on bottle caps, Conceals great, holds 10+1, great! Snaps the wrist when fires due to weight, but firm grip and no limp-wrist it is consistent, limp wrist no-workie. Not a daily shooter, just IWB or pocket. 115 gr Rainier LS hollow point + Accurate #5 6.4gr is a dream load, no failures.

  100. I have one of these guns. I’ve been feeding it a steady diet of Armscor 9mm fmj and thus far aside from the odd gold residue those rounds leave behind in the barrel it’s been flawless also fed it some Hornady Critical Defense 9mm with no failures so far unless I try to make it fail (limp wrist it, ride the slide forward, or force a double feed.). That being said, the trigger does take a little getting used to and I did polish the slide rails after I bought it but I do that with any semi auto I buy. Overall though it’s been decently accurate and reliable enough that for now it’s a nightstand gun until I can find a holster I like.

    • I recently bought a CPX-2. The trigger takes a little getting used to but you are not likely to shoot your own ass off because of this trigger. It does not shoot steel cased rounds. The snap takes a while to get used to and to get so you can shoot it accurately. Still, it is a good quality, low priced gun with really good service from SCCY that is free includes shipping in both directions. It is a good buy.

  101. As to the bickering over is it a magazine or a clip. Clips carry the ammo attached at the bullet case rim, or partially covered as on the M1 are referred to as stripper clips. As the clip is inserted into guides for the clip itself and the ammo depressed into the weapons magazine. And magazines completely internally held ammo, come both internal, semi-fixed and e.g. SKS, Mauser, Springfield or quick detachable types AK-47, AKM, AR15 etc. The C96 pistol load from a clip. Lugers and M1911’s load with a magazine. END OF DEBATE.

  102. I got a SCCY Cpx-2 a couple months ago. It had a terrible problem with feeding. The problem got worse to the point that I couldn’t get through a magazine without at least one malfunction. I decided to try different types of ammo tho see if that helped. (I was using Fedral Champion 115 Gr FMJ) So I went and got a variety of different ammo of different types, manufacturers, and weights.
    Before I went back to the range, I took my magazines apart and gave them a good cleaning and oiling.(I had not done this yet, as it was a brand new gun) the inside of the magazine, and the springs had a weird gritty/sticky film on them.
    When I went back to the range, it fired 100 rds of Remington green box 115 gr, 50 rds of Fedral HST 147 gr, 50 rds of Perfecta 115 gr, all without malfunction. Maybe it just didn’t like the Fedral Champion, but I suspect the magazine clean was the real trick.
    I was pretty discouraged with the SCCY, as I intend to carry it and reliability is concern number one, but if it keeps performing well with another couple hundred rounds, I’ll be satisfied.

  103. Also… I can’t help but chime in on the whole clip vs. magazine debate. I’ve gone through volumes of research material, studied every reference in every authoritative document, and come to this conclusion: Stop being a smug jackass.
    Someone unfamiliar with firearms comes to a page like this for guidance, and gets attacked over nomenclature? The mere fact that someone posted here means they are serious about learning something. Firearms are a second amendment right to insure EVERYONE can defend themselves. I’m especially disappointed in the people that suggest that not knowing the difference between a clip and a magazine somehow disqualifies from carrying. The country is a safer place, and our second amendment rights are safer with more armed citizens. They don’t all have to be Force Recon Marines to scare off a purse snatcher.

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  105. After my vehicle was broken into this year and my lock box was stolen along with my Ruger P93-DC that I used as my CCP. I shopped around for a new pistol and ran across the SCCY CPX-2 in my local gun shop. I purchased the pistol on a whim after holding it. Next step was to take it to my local gun range. After running about 400 rounds through it, without a flaw, I decided that the purchase was well worth it. I am one happy camper because it carries better than my Ruger ever did.
    Me, seven years in USMC followed by a 25 year police career. I own many pistols, this is one of the sweet ones.

  106. I am a fairly new owner of the CPX-2. I have fired about 600 rounds through mine and the only issues I have had with mine is it doesn’t like Remington FMJ ammo, I have had several failures to feed with that type of ammo, though it will fire Remington 115 grain JHP ammo just fine. I am having to replace the recoil spring due to the original starting to deform, but so far have had no other issues with the firearm. I like this little pistol, easy to carry and it fits my hand well.

  107. Wow! This thread went long. I read this review and many others before I purchased a CPX2 for my daughter. That was three years ago. As for the gun, the firing pin stuck on the first time out. One short phone call, and four days later, I had a new top end in my mail box. Has run like a champ on Federal White Box and Liberty Civil Defence ever since. Good gun, awesome service.

  108. WOW!
    This is the stupidest article and list of posts I have ever seen. Obviously Nick Leghorn only likes expensive pistols and is NOT a good pistol shot. He claimed the pistol was at fault when it CLEARLY was his inability to shoot a gun. I started laughing, here.
    The argument over ‘clips/magazines’ is the classic. Of ALL the posts concerning ‘clips/magazines’, I think TWO actually knew what they were talking about. The rest are noobs or repeating some garbage the Gun Store Commando told them. I was laughing my head off.

    I started out shooting a double action revolver. Just like Jerry Michulek. I have shot in competition with Jerry and Kay. I was at the International Three Gun World Championship in 1990 at Las Vegas Desert Sportsman’s Range. I placed third.
    The SCCY CPX-2 I own, I have pulled the trigger on about 2000 times. It is natural to me. I use ONLY Winchester White Box as it shoots the best in my pistol. SCCY does NOT recommend steel cased junk. I found the SIG 124g HP works best IN MY pistol. Yours may like something else, after all, hold, wrist strength and such all add to what will work.

    I like my SCCY CPX-2. I carry it always. You carry what YOU like and are good with.

    ALWAYS assume YOU are the problem. You, hopefully, will not sound so foolish as some of these turkeys above.

  109. I want a 32 rd and a 15 rd magazine for sccy cpx 1, what magazine i can use for my sccy cpx 1 other than the 10 rd standard model?

  110. I k now this is a very old thread but they must be doing better now. I bought a CPX-2 a couple of months ago and installed a M*Carbo spring kit in it to decrease the trigger pull and it has been flawless with a much easier trigger. I have shot a couple rounds through it with no issues. I have shot Blazer Brass, Remington and White Box Winchester.

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