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My wife can’t stand bluegrass. She associates banjos and fiddles with inbreeding and sodomy. Sam’s from Africa; what does she know? Bluegrass is blues for white people. God knows we white folks need our blues music, what with tornados making a beeline for our trailer parks and the after-effects of too many highballs. The 1911 is our gun. Sorry, but there it is. Gangbangers have their Hi-Points. Mexican drug lords have their FiveseveNs. The 1911 is Caucasian badass: Elvis meets John Wayne with a hillbilly holler. While the design’s 100th anniversary has inspired an entire arsenal of new 1911s, Ruger’s first foray into the field is the only one that can justifiably claim to be all-American. How whitebread — I mean great — is that?



Great, great American that I am, the fact that the SR1911 is hecho en los Estados Unidos is no biggie. I buy the best “whatever” I can for the money and pretend I’m doing my part for the old red, white and blue by letting the free market do its thing. But if you‘re a income-challenged 1911 buyer who doesn’t fancy sending your precious gun dollars to Brazil, Croatia or anywhere outside these here United States, the Ruger SR1911 is it.

It is built to a price. Unlike the 1911s that hover at, or around, a grand, the SR1911 is about as hand-crafted as a Chevy Malibu. Maybe less. That’s good news for people who want to imbibe the John Moses Brown Kool-Aid with paying Chateau Margeaux prices; you can buy one of the Prescott, Arizona gunmaker’s SR1911s for slightly over six bills. Which is expensive for a polymer handgun, but cheap for a 1911. Well, one that works. And guess what? The Ruger SR1911 works.



At the TTAG Get Together we got Ruger’s first 1911 together with hundreds of rounds from a half-dozen ammo brands: Winchester White Box, Fiocchi, Federal, Remington, and Wilson Combat (the SR1911’s throated barrel helps ensure that hollowpoints head downrange). The end result: After more than 500 rounds (not to mention some 160-grain hand-loads at a later engagement) we experienced nothing more untoward than a single failure to eject malfunction (cough – limp wristing – cough).

So yes, you can draw a Ruger SR1911 from a holster in a self-defense situation, switch off the left-side non-ambidextrous thumb safety — Hang on. What? Why would Ruger wait 62 years to create a 1911 and then equip it with an oversized beavertail grip safety you can’t switch off with your weak hand? What is it with Ruger and safeties? They put safeties on guns that shouldn’t have them (i.e. all their polymer pistols) and half a safety on a gun that should have one.



Where was I? Oh yes, you can whip out your SR1911, disable the not-noticeably-over-sized-but-not-undersized-either safety, pull the trigger and expect a rather large bullet to emerge from the gun’s business end, heading for the person or persons determined to do you damage. Depending on your abilities, you’d probably hit said attacker. But not necessarily.

For me to say a gun lacks accuracy is like a Burger King fry cook claiming that lobster fricassée with polyphenol sauce lacks authenticity. Still, our group’s groups at eight yards were about as tight as a 45-year-old hooker. Adam, a man who can dot the “i” of the words “Official Competition” hiding in the corner of an NRA target at 10 yards, managed the best group: two inches. Andre embarrassed himself with a 10.5″ group. Well, I embarrassed him. Here. Ruger says you can use the SR1911 to shoot 1.5-inch groups at 25 yards. You and whose Army sniper?



The SR1911 boasts a titanium firing pin that “negates the need for a firing pin block, offering an updated safety feature to the original Series 70 design without compromising trigger pull.” Ruger reckons the SR1911 has a non-compromised 4-pound trigger pull. And I don’t weigh one pound more than 200. Only I do and I don’t think it does. I’d be surprised if the SR1911 sitting on my desk requires anything less than five-and-a-half pounds to motivate the hammer forwards. And crisp it ain’t.

Simply put, this is not the target pistol you’re looking for. That said, all the gunslingers’ groups were combat accurate, minute-of-bad-guy, close enough for [cocked and locked] rock and roll. Or, if you prefer, the Ruger SR1911 was no more or less accurate — for me — than my Springfield XD(m) 45, which holds 13 rounds in a magazine that doesn’t feel like it wants nothing to do with your cartridges. And has checkering on the front strap.



Yes, well, there is that. But if we set ultimate accuracy to one side, use someone else’s less crotchety 1911 magazine and graciously accept the fact that polymer pistols offer better reliability, lighter carry weight and better capacity than an all-steel 1911, we’re left with one important JMB advantage: style.



The low-glare stainless-steel-and-wood Ruger SR1911 is as faithful to the John Browning’s design as Old Yeller was to the Coates family. Well, OK, the SR1911’s modeled after the aforementioned Colt Series 70, a gun from the time when bottoms had bells on them (don’t ask). With a bit of bling: a skeletonized trigger and hammer, fixed dovetailed three-dot Novak sights — wait, what?

As a commentator at pointed out, how can you rack the SR1911’s slide on your belt or shoe using the sights (your basic one-handed combat reload maneuver) when the front portion of the rear sights (which are windage-adjustable) is as smooth as a bunny slope? Answer: You can’t. I know that seems like one of those “what are the odds” objections, but this is a concealed-carry gun, not a range toy.



A great self-defense gun only has what it needs to have and has it with style. God as my witness, the Ruger SR1911 doesn’t need tiny witness holes that only serve to bear witness to our litigious times. What JMB would make of the truncated legal disclaimer — “Read instruction manual before using firearm” — engraved underneath the 5-inch barrel? I would have preferred “If you’re reading this, the firearm is pointed in an unsafe direction.” And after you’ve read the manual, can the warning please go away?

Otherwise, the SR1911 could have come straight off of JMB’s workbench. In theory. Labor costs being what they are, the SR1911 comes off a brand new highly computerized production line. There’s more than a few hands on deck, and Ruger’s in-house investment casting division (Pine Tree Casting) has been CAD CAMing 1911 parts for years. But it’s still true that building a large run of high-quality, reliable, identical 1911s is a monumental challenge for any programmer. I mean, gunsmith.



Speaking of differentiation, the SR1911’s slide stop and thumb-safety plunger tube are frame-integrated. So you can’t shoot ’em loose. Just thought I’d mention it.

Truth be told, there’s nothing aesthetically or mechanically that really sets the stainless-steel-frame SR1911 apart from its competitors. Or any other 1911 for that matter. In fact, one wonders why Ruger got their corporate knickers in a twist about the journalists who dared pre-announce its arrival. We’re not talking about a stealth bomber here.

The Ruger 1911, with its oversized ejection port and extended magazine release, ships with two stainless-steel seven-round magazines, an instruction manual, the usual padlock and a barrel-bushing wrench. 



We’re talking about one of the if not the best 1911 for the money. Is the SR1911 a deeply desirable gun in its own right, as Glock is in the field of polymer pistols? Not yet. But the question is no longer whether or not Ruger can fashion a 1911 for a fair price with sufficient quality to satisfy the white guys (and their brothers-in-arms) who worship at the altar of JMB. It’s whether or not Ruger can build a 1911 with as much soul as a Tim O’Brien’s All I Want. As variants emerge, we shall see.


Caliber: .45 ACP

Slide Material: Stainless Steel

Sights: Fixed Novak® 3-Dot

Length: 8.67″

Height: 5.45″

Width: 1.34″

Grip Frame: Low-Glare Stainless Steel

Grip Panels: Hardwood

Model Type: Full-size

Slide Finish: Low-Glare Stainless

Grooves: 6

Barrel Length: 5″

Twist: 1:16″ RH

Weight: 39 ounces

Capacity: 8+1

Price: $799 MSRP, $640-ish Real World ($939 in 2019)

RATINGS (out of five)

Style * * * *

A deeply traditional design which adheres to the 1911 playbook like an intellectually-challenged quarterback. A curse on the gunwriters who convinced Ruger to ditch Hogue rubber grips for trad tree. Still, not a hair out of place.

Ergonomics (carry) * * * * *

Feels as good as a 1911 should: slim and substantial (i.e. heavy). It fits into any 1911 holster, gladly.

Ergonomics (firing) * * *

Here’s where the weight pays off: very little muzzle flip or felt recoil. Points naturally. It would be nice if the sights were slightly bigger. But they aren’t. It would be even better if the trigger was a lot lighter and extra-crisp. But it isn’t.

Reliability * * * * *

One failure in more than a thousand rounds. Probably not the gun’s fault.

Customizability * * *

You CAN do a lot to the SR1911: Ambi safety, trigger job, more effective sights (the front sight dot’s too dim), etc. But then you’d be better off starting with a more expensive gun. Rumors abound of a “tactical” version with a rail for lights ‘n lasers.

Overall Rating * * * *

Excellent value for money but a bit plain Jane. The SR1911 needs a little somethin’ somethin’ to differentiate it from its competitors.

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    • No it don’t Suck. I got to handle one at the range today. I was going to buy another Kimber full size stainless or maybe an SA in stainless, but I’ll be buying a Ruger 1911 instead.

    • This gun is nice. I bought one from ohio valley and it is pretty exciting. I have the commander model so it is a little smaller than the original ruger sr1911. I have yet to fire my own, still doing some reading up and prefire cleaning. Its a beauty though. Everythin you will expect from a 1911.

      • Devin, This is a reply about the ruger 1911, not the beauty of the gun but the performance and accuracy is what we are talking about. Take the gun out and see if you can hit a can at 20 feet.
        BiG ED from S.C.

        • I took my SR1911 to the range and I definitely hit a can at 20 feet. Mater of fact, I was all up in the bullseye at 20 feet….and I haven’t shot a pistol in almost 30 years. When I did, it was just for the day with a friend’s 44 mag. This is the first pistol I have ever owned and it’s spot on at the range. So far I love the way it looks, feels, and shoots.

    • Shot mine at the range today, with the exception of one called flyer, 1″ group at 25 yards using 5.5 grains of Unique under a 230 LRN, dead center. Shoots as good as my Gold Cup.

    • I wouldn’t call it “Plain Jane” but after all it is advertised as a 1911. Not a 1911GTO Mach 10 super express Jane Mansfield special. What the heck guy, it’s a lot better looking and better fitted out than GI issue, plus I only paid a little over five C’s for mine.
      The only question I have is why does a magnet stick to a supposed SS gun?

      • “The only question I have is why does a magnet stick to a supposed SS gun?”

        The only common type of stainless steel that magnets aren’t noticeably attracted to is 300 series, such as the ever popular 304, which is used for things such as cookware, kitchen sinks, eating and cooking utensils, appliances, wrist watches, and so on. 300 series stainless steel isn’t used in quality tools such as knives and guns (though it would probably be okay to use for low-stress items such as magazines), but rather, 400 series stainless steel is used (such as 416 for gun barrels; Buck Knives used 440C for decades; since 1981 they have used 420HC). Magnets are noticeably attracted to 400 series stainless steel, the same as they are to carbon steel or iron.

      • Stainless steel come basically in martensitic or austenitic stainless steel.. Martensitic is magnetic and austenitic is non magnetic, 200-300 series, plus duplex and super duplex.. a lot of gun makers use 17-1 which is a martensitic stainless steel

  1. Thank you for your frankness-I for one don’t see a need to burn up the lines to Brownell’s just to fix an accuracy problem. By the by, I pre-tested my Government Hi Standard (after I did a feed ramp and throat job) and it seems to have great potential. Dinky sights, yes, but it makes me nostalgic for the Marine days.

  2. The SR1911 is OK. I get it. But where is the working man’s 1911??

    In the 1911 world, which one is the Ford F-150? A solid, well built, good value-for-the-money gun?

    Somebody please crack a few eggs and make me a truth omelet. I simply can’t stomach (nor can I afford it) dropping the $2k entry fee to play the Wilson Combat (or NightHawk or Ed Brown) game.

    • For my money (and I laid some down for one) it’s the RIA. Four bills is a price the working man can pay for a nicely built reliable JMB gun that will shoot and shoot.

      American made? Nyet. Skeletonized trigger and hammer? Nuh uh. It’s your basic 1911A1 design and it’s a lot of gun for the shekels.

      • I have the tactical RIA. Better sights, beaver tail, ambidextrous safety, skeletonized trigger and hammer.

        The gun, with decent ammo, shoots extremely well.

        I paid around $500.

    • The last few runs of NA-prefix Loaded 1911’s from Springfield Armory have been very well fit for the money. The NA prefix on the serial means the gun was assembled and fit in the US from Brazilian forgings, and I’ve never seen anything else in the $800 price range put together quite as nicely.

      • Actually the springfield na prefixed 1911’s mean they were at least 51% assembled in the us, they will tell you that themselves.

        • You mean 51% US parts? There’s no such thing as being “51% assembled.” It either is or isn’t US-assembled.

    • Thats called a glock. LOL I have heard good things about the American Cassic II 1911 theres one on impact guns for 580. Has a combat trigger and novak style sights hard chrome. I think those are the best bang for the buck 1911 some people say the rival Kimbers.

      • I love guns and have too many, most never fired. However, there are two guns I just don’t get: the ARs and the 1911s. The 1911 is a heavy pistol with a small magazine capacity. I have owned two, a GI which I couldn’t hit an automobile were I sitting in the back seat and a Gold Cup which was way more accurate than I ever was or will be. It is relatively complicated and more expensive than most pistols. The fact that there are several custom like builders of 1911s like Wilson and Baer tells me there is something lacking in the basic design. I believe the 1911 pistols have more magazine problems than, say Glocks or XDms. Just my two cents.

        • Phillip I agree with you that they are complicated and maybe outdated but so is a 1965 Mustang but there is something about them that draws you to them. I think the 1911 is a sexy piece and love mine. I own M&P’s and love my M&P .45 but still am drawn to my SA 1911. Throw logic out and just enjoy the gun.

  3. The one and only 1911 I owned was a Springfield Armory GI model I bought new in 2005 for $440.00 cash at a gun show in Cheyenne, WY. At that time, $450-$500 was about what the Springfield’s were going for. Not exactly sure where the Sprinfields are made (I know the XDs are made in Croatia) and I don’t recall seeing anything stamped on the frame indicating the country of origin.

    In any case, isn’t SA still around? Don’t they still make work-grade (for lack of a better term) 1911s?

    That’s why the Ruger 1911 got a big “meh” from me.

    As for the idea of a polymer 1911, who would buy such a gun? Seems to me that 1911 is 1911 and polymer is polymer and never the twain shall meet.

    • “Not exactly sure where the Springfields are made”… Most are “made” in Brazil, meaning cast and assembled. A few of their models, namely the Trophy Match, TRP, and perhaps the new Range Officer (cough cough, SA send me one to test already!) are cast in Brazil, then are shipped to the USA and are hand-fitted and assembled by a single gunsmith. Having both a Loaded-model (assembled in Brazil), and a Trophy Match (assembled here in the States), I can say that the Trophy Match is fitted much better, although probably not $500 better (the price difference at the time). Out of the factory, the TM does have better sights and a better trigger (which needed a detail strip and clean to flush out the gunk that got inside at the factory). It also has a magwell and fairly aggressive checkering. The Loaded model is fantastic for CCW and is probably the best 1911 for “reasonable priced personal protection” via a 1911.

      • Agreed. I have a US-assembled Loaded and the fit is very good for the money. All of the US-assembled SA guns I’ve seen in the past few years have been really well put together.

        I’ve never been impressed by Brazilian- or Philippine-assembled 1911 by any manufacturer.

    • The 1911 is a classic like the Thompson, M-1, Mauser ’98 or an Enfield. A gussied up version like the Ruger with its skeletonized trigger and hammer defeats the purpose of owning one. Keep it original, keep it simple. The Springfield GI model is what the 1911 is all about. It is your father’s (or at least my father’s) 45.

      • If I want the web of my thumb to bleed I’ll shoot my detonics for fun. I’ll take the beavertail etc. I wonder what $100 worth of gunsmith love would do for this gun, hone the mating surfaces etc. probably turn into a great piece.

  4. I got used springfield gi stanless steele 1911 a1 for about $450.00 bucks shoot any thing put in it tight as came from springfield. Look shoots better ruger does.

    • Hey RIchatd, n the market 2 get me a new pistol & from reading alot of your info I was thinking u could lead me n the right direction. Anyway my 1st right now is the Ruger 1911 70 series classic. .45 ACP then I started reading up on the Kimberly 1911 custom .45 ACP both have a 5 inch barrel. The cheapest Ruger that I have found is right around 700 bucks & the Kimber is around the same price. Well recently I was told a Sig 45 ACP is the way 2 go without a doubt. I know of alot of people that have the Sig & I haven’t heard anything negative about them so I am assuming that they r really nice gums. In the meantime I found a Colt that I fell in love with. Now I between 4 pistols so would u please just tell me which 1 u would get. I would certainly appreciate it. 843 356 9203 is my phone ##

      Thanks alot RIchard

  5. I’ve the Colt 1991a1 and a Rock Island. Between the two the R.I. seems a bit more reliable so I keep it in the Left hand holster.
    Both, however, have had issues with that plunger tube (someone makes an aftermarket tube with 4 attachment points, wonder why?)
    This makes me think the Ruger would be a nice choice (especially after it was custom coated flat black so it didn’t become an attractive nuisance so to speak.)
    As to the lack of the ambi safety; as my gunsmith told me “Learn to flip it with your left hand, you don’t know when that little trick will help you out with a strange firearm.”

  6. I got to shoot the new Ruger 1911 on Wed night. It was pretty decent for the money. The store was asking $650 for them. A shooting buddy bought one. If I was in the market for another medium priced 1911, I would consider it. Shot well, seemed to be solid. Thumbs up. Of course, another shooting buddy brought his new Les Baer to shoot that evening as well. That kind of had an effect on my opinion of the Ruger.

  7. Very cool! TTAG just got better with the bluegrass music revelation. I happen to be a regular reader and deeply involved in the bluegrass music scene.

  8. I’m not sure what compels a person to post such racist, bigoted, hate mongering filth as your sodomy comment, but it really seems to fit the theme you have created for yourself. I don’t know what sort of pro-gun image you *want* to project, but the one you *actually* project is disgusting. Why is that even necessary in a gun review?

    • Oh, come off it. I play bluegrass on the banjo damn near every day and when I do it outside I expect Deliverance comments. And why not? It and the Beverly Hillbillies are the two biggest mainstream entities to feature banjo pickin’. Thus why I learned to play the themes to both and take in stride, just like my bagpipe playing friends learned how to laugh at their life’s passion being compared to a bag of drowning cats. It’s no biggie, and it’s no more racist than how most folks ’round here likely react to a lively Tupac number. Of course, there are also likely to be a few Tupac fans here, but I always thought Biggie was where it was at.

    • Oh, come off it. I play bluegrass on the banjo darn near every day and when I do it outside I expect Deliverance comments. And why not? It and the Beverly Hillbillies are the two biggest mainstream entities to feature banjo pickin’. Thus why I learned to play the themes to both and take in stride, just like my bagpipe playing friends learned how to laugh at their life’s passion being compared to a bag of drowning cats. It’s no biggie, and it’s no more racist than how most folks ’round here likely react to a lively Tupac number. Of course, there are also likely to be a few Tupac fans here, but I always thought Biggie was where it was at.

    • Sodomites are a race, now? Funny, I don’t remember seeing that ethnicity box on my census form.

      Maybe, just maybe, you should rent Deliverance to get the proper frame of reference for understanding the joke and –while you’re at it– stop being such a crybaby, crybaby.

    • Writing from Appalachia, here, and we make the same jokes ourselves all the time. I guess we’re the last group that doesn’t get our panties in a bunch about jokes being made about us. I’d write more, but I have to get ready for a date with my sister-cousin.

  9. If I understand correctly the only cast part is the frame, which is common with much more expensive 2k custom guns. I recieved a SR1911 as a gift recently, accuracy wasn’t an issue with my handloads, I would rate it to equal to (better value) a kimber custom II or SW1911. I was very impressed that the SR1911 had a metal mainspring housing ! S&W, Kimber should take note!

  10. Down at the local gun shop I have been pawing all over a Series 80 (Iknow!) officers 1911 in stainless. It’s new in box nice and I have talked the owner down to $1100 (from $1350) but I haven’t bit. Last week they got a shipment of the Ruger SR1911 and having pawed over that too (with a host of other hounds pawing as well) I have to say the price ($649.00), the feel, and the fact that it is made in the USA is a big deal. For the price of that Series 80 I could almost buy two SR1911’s. I have to say I like Colt’s any of em but I really like Ruger’s and I own a bunch of them. I have two LCP’s, P345, SR9c, SR40, Single, Six, Vaquero, not to mention the rifles too so maybe I am biased. But I think the price, the fact that it’s a 1911, and that it’s made in the USA I think they may have a winner. I haven’t purchased one (I was in the market for an LC9 & still am) but it has made the decision much more compilcated.
    Rob Drummond
    Hillsboro, NH

  11. Personally you might not be able to shoot because i went to the range and shot this gun(they had it for demo only so i couldnt buy) and i got 3 bullets in the same hole and 4 more in the 3inch bullseye at 25ft. i think it shoots just as good as my kimber rapter or any of my other colts…

  12. Wow a 45 year old hooker, I hve been shooting the SR1911 for a couple weeks now can easily hold 2.5 inch groups at 25yrds all day long off hand. Dot the eye’s at 10yards dang that’s some long range shooting there huh sounds like someon accually needs to learn how to shoot.

    • Either that or there was something about the pistol we shot. And by “we” I mean some 10 different shooters, including recent U.S. Army combat vets.

      • Just got my SR1911. I can get 2 to 3 inch groups at 25 yards (resting). At 15 yards I can get one large hole. And I have only tried one type of ammo so far, 230 gr Federals. I can’t wait to try some other loads. I have my good and bad days when shooting off-hand (getting old). So I have to do my sighting-in and accuracy checks from the bag. At the shop where I picked mine up, I spoke to another fellow that also had an SR1911 and said that his was very accurate. I like this better than the Kimber that I had because it seems to be as accurate but for less money. It is well made. I hope that Ruger comes out with variations and options.

  13. I’ve come to the decision that I may pick up one of these and then do something like get a drop in Storm Lake custom barrel. That, or get a Springfield Mil Tec and do the same thing.




  15. Nice write up. I’m waiting for delivery now and hoping I have the cash by the time it arrives. I was looking at the SA Mil Spec but choking on the country of origin. the SR1911 sealed the deal for me. Not that I’m a huge fan of stainless but I am a huge fan of MADE IN USA and frankly stunned at that price point. For me, it captured so many of my criteria, MADE IN USA and affordability at the top followed by the beveled magazine well, throated barrel, barrel and bushing cut fron the same piece of barstock on the same machine, all excellent selling points to me.

    • Thank you for your attitude. Carbon copy of mine. I like the S&W M&P 1911 and am satisfied with the Remington 1911 R1. Neither over-priced, but mostly Made In USA. With a deficit in our balance of payments bleeding us of more than 50 Billion (that’s right, a B) EACH month and with a history of putting US companies out of business by buying jap or chinaman or other cheaper junk it is no wonder the Nation we fought to protect is on the skids.

  16. I read your review of this gun and I find much of what you have to say to be completely wrong. My cousin bought his SR1911 a month or two back and I have had the opportunity to put a couple hundred rounds thru it. I have been favorably impressed with the trigger and accuracy. His example had a tiny (as in maybe 0.005in) bit of creep to the trigger which broke at about 4-5lbs. This improved with time and use. After a bit of light polishing of the trigger parts there is no noticeable creep and the trigger is crisp indeed. As to the accuracy, I was able to hold about 2.5in at 20+yds with WWB 230gr FMJ from Wal-Mart (not exactly match grade ammo).
    Below are some exceprts from your review. Both are wrong based on my personal experiences.
    “Ruger reckons the SR1911 has a non-compromised four-pound trigger pull. And I don’t weigh one pound more than 200. Only I do and I don’t think it does. I’d be surprised if the SR1911 sitting on my desk requires anything less than five-and-a-half pounds to motivate the hammer forwards. And crisp it ain’t.”
    “For me to say a gun lacks accuracy is like a Burger King fry cook claiming that lobster fricassée with polyphenol sauce lacks authenticity. Still, our group’s groups at eight yards were about as tight as a 45-year-old hooker. Adam, a man who can dot the “i” of the words “Official Competition” hiding in the corner of an NRA target at 10 yards, managed the best group: two inches. Andre embarrassed himself with a 10.5″ group. Well, I embarrassed him. Here. Ruger says you can use the SR1911 to shoot 1.5″ groups at 25 yards. You and whose Army sniper?”

    Based on what I have witnessed, the trigger is very good for a 650$ All Made-in-USA 1911, and it is good when compared to many more expensive guns too.
    Its accuate too. As in, 1.5-2.5in groups at 25yds with a competent shooter.
    But don’t take my word for it…
    American Rifleman:
    Either you guys have serious problems with your marksmanship or you somehow got a dud from Ruger. Or…you have some kind of a beef with Ruger (not an uncommon occurrence for some in the firearms community due to Bill Ruger’s unfortunate performances while testifying before Congress).

    • Nothing personal. We reviewed the gun they sent. I called it like I saw it. And that’s the truth.

      • I love this review! I am looking for a 1911 and have had a few of them in the past. You know, the guns you wish you never parted with! I had a Randal that was awesome if difficult to break down! Anyway, I want to spend less than a grand and the Ruger seems nice and looks ‘business like’, which is the idea, right?! Are there better guns for around that price up to say, $1000? I want the government model look with some of the best upgrades. I am not running to one of the three gun shops left in Massachusetts, so any help is appreciated! I love your writing style, sans the racist shit!! Best jeff

  17. Over the years i have owned several 1911s and all were fun to shoot.
    I have had Colt gold cups and Kimbers Remington Rands and Springfield armory.
    I have sold them all.
    I have always been and always will be a single action guy.
    I shoot sass and love single action revolvers .
    I got one of the first run of 500 Sr1911s.
    After a day at the range and 4 boxes of ball ammo i started shooting my reloads.
    I was pleasentley surprised to shoot 1.5 inch groups at 15 yards and 3 inch groups at 25 yards .
    This gun is very much a shooter and a dam good one !!
    I will be keeping this 1911 for shore.
    For the money i will put this gun up against any kimber or any 1911 for that matter.
    Well thanks for letting me put in my two cents worth !

  18. You seem to be missing out my friend. As a 1911 fan and a ruger fan I am not disputing your assesment of the reliability, function, or accucericy of this weapon. That said This is NOT a triditional looking weapon nore is it the best value. You can Pick up a RockIsland 1911 and have a VERY accurate weapon that is VERY relibal and will last a VERY long time how ever that is the only complants that i have with your review and I shall be looking toward picking one up next time I have the spare cash so that I can pick up the mearging of my Two favorate firearm names (1911 and Ruger)

  19. I have one of these new SR 1911 and my rating is 5 stars. An excellent rendition of John Browning’s genius. I am primarily a wheel gun guy. I can outshoot all my Glock/ XD Tupperwear friends at 25 yards or more with my revolvers quite easily . I now have the first semi-auto that I have owned that comes close to my wheelguns for long range accuracy. The 45 ACP is a pussycat as I regularly shoot 44 and 357 Magnums. The Ruger SR 1911 is a great deal for the 750.00 I payed for it. It is made out of stainless steel 100% Ruger cast parts. Unlke the souless tactical
    Tupperware out there this is a “real gun”. Bravo Ruger. Bravo

  20. I like to look at reviews before I purchase a weapon. I read alot of positive reviews of the SR1911 and spoke to a guy who owned one. Given all that I could gather I decided the Ruger was the 1911 for me and purchased one and for $649 as some have stated above. I have to say, that I am VERY pleased with it. Great feel, Great weight, low recoil. The sights are too big for me and I am changing them as I do not own for self defense. What is most disappointing is the write up I just read above. Their are complaints about every aspect of the gun. A perfect example of this is the complaint about the sights being too small???? Are you kidding? If your sole intention is to shoot at 8 yards, maybe you want something bigger? My quess, The auther was either paid to write what he did, has no freakin clue about handguns or is just plain lying, possibly due to a negative past experience with Ruger and has a person vedetta. And to say that 10 other persons experienced the same thing. Hmmm Rob, I know of 6 people that I regularly shoot with and all recommend the SR1911. Who is Robert Farago anyway. Maybe he doesnt even know……is it not odd that your the only one with such a profoundly poor experience? Hmmm you just lost alot of crediblity….

    • I read scores of reviews before purchasing my SR1911 and virtually ALL were positive. There were a few that were considered as “not bad” but none had anything really negative about the SR1911. This review is, by far, the worst review I have read. (The use of humor to disguise it wasn’t effective either) And to be honest, I don’t shoot pistols. I’m an M1, and ’98 Mouser guy. But I was tearing out the bulls eye at 25 feet, so I have no idea what this guy is talking about regarding accuracy. If I can shoot that well with it it, there must be something to it. Maybe I’m missing something but so far this gun impresses me. But what do I know, I’m a rifle guy right?

  21. I have had 5 1911’s and by far the Ruger is the most accurate of the bunch. The trigger on my Taurus is better than the one on the SR1911 but the Ruger is still more accurate. I highly recommend the SR1911.

  22. Love the review. I find it telling how so many read into an honest assessment so much “negative “. IMHO this was a very positive review. Notice 4 or 5 stars in nearly all categories. This is a negative review? When the author pulls short of a straight praise -athon, at least then you know they are being honest. Thanks for the honest opinionated review!

    • Good review, knock off the red neck crap ,all eslse is fine ,not every gun 100 percent agrees with every one, and thank god and the USA with our four fathers that we can speak out our opinions.Our opinions are like
      a’*^ holes and we all have them.

  23. I have read a lot of reviews and I have decided on the sr1911. I think it is pertty as a Kinber sturdy as a rock reliable as a smith and I just shot 2″ at 20 yds. So that said I will keep my sr1911 and my sr9c and my gp100. I guess iI will keep the Smiths too. ( I even have an Astra 380 but don’t tell anybody)
    I think each shooter has too make up his own mind and buy what he or she likes and feels comfortable with. That’s all I have to say about that.
    Safe shooting to all.

  24. This is the one and only review with any negativity at all on this weapon I have found. I will remain a Ruger sr1911 fan.

  25. You said:

    “[…] and graciously accept the fact that polymer pistols offer better reliability, lighter carry weight and better capacity than an all-steel 1911, we’re left with one important JMB advantage: style.”

    If you include high-capacity variations of the 1911, then the only one of those three things you listed that is actually true is “lighter carry weight”. When properly built (i.e., unerringly built according to the original M1911 or M1911A1 blueprints), the 1911 is as reliable as any other pistol; at least with respect to the military “hardball” ammunition for which it was designed. With modifications to the feedramp/chamber area, such as Colt has been doing for decades with its commercial Government Model, and other clone companies routinely do as well, the 1911 can function as reliably as any other pistol with any type of ammunition.

    My box-stock Colt Government Model which I bought new 20 years ago and have put a few thousand rounds through, has never jammed or otherwise malfunctioned in any way, shape, or form. Intentionally “limp-wristing” it doesn’t make it jam; allowing it to feed an empty case doesn’t make it jam; 200 grain CCI JHPs (AKA: “Flying Ashtray”) rounds don’t make it jam. Handloaded 250 grain SWCs (a bullet type that is usually used for .45 Colt revolver handloads) don’t make it jam.

    The U.S. Army trials in 1910 proved that the design is sound; i.e., JMB’s prototype firing 6,000 rounds and being subjected to various forms of intentional abuse along the way, without a single malfunction (its competitor from Savage malfunctioned 37 times in the same test).

        • The 1911’s not only been issued to many minorities in our armed forces but it’s been copied internationally. Sorry, but if you’re stupidly assigning guns to race then the Luger’s about as caucasian as you can get. 1911 is All-American, available in many finishes. Even two tone if that’s your thing…

          • My reply is if you would get back on your computer and see what page
            you are on, the comments are about the Rueger SR 1911, the accuracy, the quality and the price. It has nothing to do with race or tricolor or bicolor of the gun
            at all. Thank You Dumb Ass

  26. Both and had very favorable reviews for the Ruger SR1911. I lend a lot of creditability to the Gun Test people because they give a fair and honest report without influence from advertisers or their own personal vendettas against a manufacturer.

  27. Did you lay the gun down on a piece of granite before or after you figured out you couldn’t shoot it well?

  28. I find it funny how this article is written proclaiming the 1911 as a “White man’s” gun, and then all of the ensuing comments are riddled with grammatical errors and horrible diction. As “white men” can we please use the damn spell check button? I would hate for this article to be used as a “look at these dumb red-necks talk about guns; lets ban them because the general public is too stupid to handle firearms” type of argument. Food for thought gentlemen.

  29. U can’t judge a gun as unaccurate, judge the shooter, some people shoot certain guns better than others, im sure there is people out there who can hit a fly’s ass off a deer ear with this gun, some dont….

  30. The review was SOOOO opinionated it should be completely disreguarded by any potential 1911 purchaser. Opinions have NO PLACE in reveiws. Comments on the sights being to small, the safety being non-ambi, come on,,, this stuff is personal preferance only. The first thing I do is remove ambi’s and replace with single sided. WHY because I like it better (Personal preferance). I would NEVER make a statement like that for a product. Facts are facts, Never seen a pistol that did not shoot straight, but I have seen a lot of people that couldn’t.
    Very well built.
    Comparing ANY 1911 to a Glock is insane. They are in two completely different catagories. Maybe you dropped yours befor you grouped it, I dont know but your review of a test pistol should be complete, accurate for the pistol you tested and NO slanted personal comments. That whole review was sickening. I hope you didn’t get paid for it because if you did it must have been money from the competition..

  31. I just bought the SR1911 for $589 brand new. I’ve shot my brothers Colt Series 80 1911 quite a bit and I shoot the Ruger as good or better than I do the Colt. I think they are both comparable in terms of build and quality. It being MADE IN AMERICA and $300 cheaper than the Colt, you can’t go wrong getting one.

  32. I feel like I just read a Dennis Miller script filled with cliches and metaphors that lent nothing but ink to the review. I don’t care about old hookers, bluegrass and Old Yeller or comments about our society. I wanna hear about the gun, straight forward. Maybe one or two cute comments. Save the routine for open mic nite and tell us about the gun…please and thank you.

  33. I third that!
    Seriously, I know you’re trying to be funny, or at least I hope you are, but what’s with all the racial references… ESPECIALLY with the 1911! Even though it is through and through American, it is a internationally loved design and far from just being representative of “red neck white boys”! Gimme a break! And regardless if any gives an ish, i judt gotta tell everyone reading this that I’m losing more and more respect for TTAG with reviews like this, and the original Hi Point one. Where’d the integrity go, or are you deliberately taking a more fictional, comic relief approach to this website?
    (this is another Jon by the way)

  34. After reading that whole thing, I realized all I needed was the table at the end to know what you thought about it… Still not sure if this was a good review or not..

  35. Ok. You have a style all your own. The review was jumping like a mexican bean. Over all I think you like the pistol but you sure didn’t tell anyone to buy or not to buy. So as a owner of 3 ea. 1911s, the other 2 being COLT, and a shooter of dozens of them. I say buy one. It is as good as any Kimber I’v ever shot. That coming from me is a good thing. I like my SR1911 and would tell anyone looking to buy a 1911 to consider one.

  36. Get real people. Overly sensitive guys should not own guns. The review/blog was a funny read. Ok so it was not the detailed highly technical gun review you wanted. But really, the 1911 has been around for such a long time in so many variants of the same thing. There must be a million reviews on this model. Most of you can’t shoot 2″ at 7 yards. Yeah I see your targets next to mine, I know. My first 1911 was made in Brazil sometime around 1990’s. I outshot my friend with his National Match Colt, and I hadn’t even read one review. Two things you need to know about the 1911. Reliability and accuracy. Both covered by the author. Nice quality pistol for the price. I would certainly get one and have the trigger polished for $45 at your local smitthy.

  37. I thought this was a great review of the gun, and funny as hell at the same time. For all of you complainers, you should have left at the first funny joke (first paragraph) and moved on to a more mundane, fill in the blanks, kiss the gun company’s ass style review, if thats what youre looking for.
    This was the first Farago review ive read, but you can bet i will seek him out for straight talk and a few laughs from here forwards. Keep up the good work Robert, you have a gift.

  38. I personally loved the attempt at humor. Most white guys do love 1911’s and I am one of them. Gangbangers and cops like the other guns out there. 1911’s by design are all going to be pretty much identical. Cost is usually the key. Kimbers are wayyyyy over priced for what you get. Sending a round down range should not cost you the house you live in. I have many different pistols both semi and revolver but am partial to the 1911 as that is what I used in the tunnels in Vietnam. But they all have one thing in common-they are heavy. I have been using my Kel-tec 22 magnum PMR 30 for carry as it is extremely light and packs a 30 round punch.

    • I love shooting lessons! But you will notice that I had at least ten people shoot the gun, including a KGB guy and a couple of combat vets (who are also crack shots and firearms instructors). YMMV, especially as this was an early gun.

      • The front sight was loose on my sr1911 , it moved left to right with every shot causing a center mass to nine o’clock pattern!

        • Apparently, you are not capable of shooting a gun , for the fact that you have no mechanical abilities to tighten the sight, take it to a gunsmith , stop whining. There is no difference if you would have accidentally droppped it, you would have
          to do the same. Nothing is perfect.

        • WOW Ed ! Pretty harsh reply ! I was just stating the fact that the site worked loose while shooting my NEW gun.
          I fixed it, its tight now. Ill stop whining now….

  39. Just bought a SR1911. I was disappointed in the sloppyness of the grip safety. It works fine but actually rattles and feels light and loose in the housing. I called Ruger and the guy I spoke too said if it was not within the spec it it would not have neen shipped. I don’t know if this will be a problem down the road or I should just forget it.

  40. I like his review style and thought it was funny.
    Looks like an amazing deal on a 1911 especially the integrated plunger tube. I’d like a dark colored option. A rail option makes sense.

  41. I recently bought one of the new sr 1911,s It looks fine from a machinest point of view .. ( I was the general manager of Boeing wing dev. machinst for 18 years, and a journeyman tool and die machinest for over 35 years) so I have a better understanding of what goes into manufacturing than most machinest. Enough said, I learned to shoot in the Coast Guard in the summer of 1960, 1911,s were not on anyones favorite gun list even then. And for good reason ( no accuracy) the armorers haited them as almost no one could qualify with one.. Guess what ,the new ruger would not change many of thems thoughts, same oversize groups from a bulleye shooters expections even over 50 years ago.. the gunnies use to tell us , quote after you empty the mag throw the dam thing at them, your more likely to hit them that way than shooting at them with it. Does any of the testers even realize that a archer with a bow and arrow expects 1 inch groups at 25 yards??? from a compound bow??? I seriously doubt It, or they wouldnt claim the sr 1911 was accurate .. We fired over 120 rounds through my new gun on 4/25/2012 and the best it would do at the police range here in bonners ferry Id was about 2 inch at 20 feet, (not) yards!! to say we were dissapointed is an under statement, and at the same time , AS Expected.. As a reference my Remington 7mm brs, I have three of them all shoot UNDER ( 1 ) INCH AT 100 yards !!! THEY ARE OF COURSE ALL BOLT ACTION PISTOLS, so that helps but the perspective is revelent.. ! 1911s even new ones from ruger are not accurate by any standard, even though I was hoping ruger could change a sow ear in to a silk purse, DID NOT happen .. This indicates that the military got it right when they wisely discontinued it use, The use of cnc will not fix a poorly enginered design.. If aircraft designers tryed to sell designs from1911 ( NO ONE ) WOULD FLY !!!

  42. Ed’s reply: I started shooting at the age of 4. It wasn’t a bb gun or a pellet gun
    like most young men start out with. It was a winchester 30 30 rifle. My uncle
    would hold it and taught me how to use the iron sights and I would pull the
    trigger. I lived on a cattle ranch and that became a every day event before chores.
    We would shoot ground hogs coming out of their hole. It went on for years and
    the rifle was handed down to me. Then I was taught to shoot the six shooter
    cowboy pistol. As I got older , my uncle got me different hand guns I was interested
    in. To make a long story short. I have shot every weapon that I can get involved
    with. What I mean by saying involved with , me actually mastering each gun
    with me shooting it, not the gun shooting for me. I purchased 2 of the rueger SR
    1911 guns. One for my collection and one to shoot until it wears out. It sounds
    like to me on the replies that a bunch of grown men crying like a bunch of
    candy asses about the accuracy of the gun. In this case it is not the SR 1911
    but the shooters. I would recommend the SR 1911 big boy gun for the quality,
    and price that is more than reasonable , to anybody that wants to shoot 1911’s for
    target , competition,and concealment. I put the Rueger SR 1911 right with my
    1911 colts, and my reply the rueger 1911 is way better quality gun, than the
    overprice kimbers .

  43. I had this gun Ruger Sr 1911 since last Feb. I was so excited to had this gun waited for 4 months since last year Nov. I’ve searched in internet and gun shop to find this gun. First of my shoot in 100 rounds the handle was loosen, when I went home I tighten it the grip panel screw. I was so disappointed because the handle screw was broken and stocked inside the grip panel bushing. I forcefully removed the bushing and screw till I scratched the frame badly. This parts of Ruger SR 1911 are crapped disposable its so soft aluminum. They said its made in USA, but why they didnt make a solid and durable grip panel bushing and screw? I went to Lock smith gun shop and thanks for them I found a set of grip panel bushing and screw made by Colt better than the Ruger parts.

  44. I have 2 of the SR 1911’s , one that I shoot, and one that I just put up. I have had that problem with the one I shoot so I changed the clip to a wilson combat 1911. One
    of the best clips made. Or you can use the colt 1911 clips works as well. But the
    problem I found to be was the cheap ammo. When I mean cheap, not just the
    price. Certain brands make mass productions of cheap bullets. The diameter is not
    the same on all the bullets i t is mixed. Buy a name brand box of ammo and
    your shooting will increase significantly.

  45. I’m happy that they finally made an affordable gun for my God loving, Anti welfare, Concervative, NON gang banger, Straight white guy ass. I have one of these on lay away and cant wait to see how my white ass shoots it.<————–I said all that stereotype stuff proudly. I have no problem with this review. If you don't like his opinions, too bad. Write your own sissy Nancy Pelosi review on Gay rights or something else you may be into of the like.

  46. I enjoyed this review. It was funny. I am sick and tired of politically correct morons being offended and implying that everyone is racist if they utter anything even remotely associated with race, even if it is obviously meant simply to be funny as it was in this review. Enough of this political correctness crap, already! It’s ruining this country. I’m serious! It’s ruining this country because it makes it difficult to even have a conversation anymore without offending some idiot. In the end, we become afraid to even talk. let alone express our opinions. Politicians (democrats) love to pull the race card which is a conversation stopper. Oh yes! If you didn’t vote for Obama you must be a racist, right?

    Come on, folks! The comments made in the review were funny. Lighten up. You may disagree with the author’s opinions about the gun itself but this is, after all, a review. And whoever said that you should never express opinions in a product review needs to get some sleep. Reviews do, by definition, express the opinion of the person who writes it. If you are afraid of opinions (or if they offend you!), just look at spec charts.

    I’m just getting so damn sick and tired of hyper-sensitive, politically correct, spineless dim-wits being so offended by everything. Get a life!

  47. Been a 1911 fan since 1977 when I bought my first and haven’t been without one since. Currently have 4 1911’s with a Ruger 1911 on order. Working in a big gunshop you get the benefit of scrutinizing a wide variety guns with a wide variety of price tags, 1911’s included.

    I feel the Ruger 1911 is the best value on the market considering features, price and company support. The Remington and SA Inc offering are good values also FWIW. 1911’s in the $2k + range may have handfitting but all 1911’s have handfitting, just the nature of the design but most of the $2k guns cost is in cosmetics. They don’t work any better than Ruger.

    • Wild Bill, You and I have much in common. I also got my first 1911 in the late 70s. In celebration of my 61st birthday I went shopping for a new one tried the Ruger but to be honest am not a fan of beaver-tail grip safetys decided on the Remington 1911R1 a fine American made pistol with the flat mainspring housing which I prefer. The only aftermarket change was to add a set of Pachmayer grips. To date I have fired over 500 rds without one FTF orFTE.Did I mention that it cost approx. 75 dollars less then the Ruger? Which paid for the Pachmayers.

  48. It would be nice if someone could write a review with some straightforward language and just let us know what they liked and didn’t like. Let us know whether they recommend it or not!! I don’t need an article that has an author trying to show everyone how well honed his writing skills are. Just give us the information in plain old basic English!!

  49. Wow, I know this is a older review, however, I could not disagree more with the review. Having been a police Officer for twenty years (retired 1967-1987) and in security management for twenty five year, I have carried a firearm for the last 45 years. I am also a NRA handgun Instructor. I have always liked wheel guns (357) because of the dependability factor. I did not care for the fact that the revolver only held six rounds, and that under pressure, shooting double action vs single action is a disadvantage. As for the 45 ACP, now my preferred caliber of choice; I have owned many, CZ-95, Kimber Compact carry II, Sigs, Glock-21, Springfield XD and XDM compact. I liked them all and all shot very well at 15 yards, ( the CZ-95 and Kimber were the best at about 3″ groups.0 However the two 45 ACPs I own today, a H & K Compact Tactical, and a Ruger Sr-1911 are the best two shooting 45s I have ever fired. Both guns will blow the center out of a bulls-eye at 15 yards. I am OK with that.. Thanks..

  50. I’ve been looking into getting one but still unsure I love rifles I can shoot all day long but for myself would love to have one. I’ve had a few break ins at home and was wondering if this gun would basically stop the intruder in its tracks. My fiancé doesn’t like them he says its too heavy for him but I’ve actually held one they seem nice perfect fit and always went towards them. What would be a good caliber to go towards and is there anything I need to worry about like the gun itself have any problems getting miss fired?

    • The SR1911 would make a great HD gun and yes….it would stop any bad guy in his tracks. This ain’t your momma’s 9mm…this is a real gun. But it only takes one good shot unlike a 9mm which may take many shots to thwart a bad guy. Good luck.

      And BTW….I’ve been a rifle guy for many years…the SR1911 was a great buy for me.

  51. As the proud owner of an SR 1911 all I have to say about your review is that YOU ARE FULL OF $$%… its more accurate than any shooter I know and obviously anyone YOU KNOW… . this is not a match pistol… for what it is and what it gives you for the money.. .it simply cannot be beat.

  52. Interesting, and absolutely, totally expected that the overall accuracy of the gun would vary significantly from gun to gun. I suspect that EVERYONE is correct in their assessment of both trigger pull and accuracy because when you make guns on a production line you ARE going to have variances, often significant variances.

    I currently have 10 1911’s. ALL fall into a reasonable “range” of overall quality with more expensive guns being GENERALLY more accurate. Now I do admit that I am bidding on a Nighthawk and believe that with the handwork performed this will be my most accurate and reliable 1911, but I’m not going to bet my next paycheck that it will out perform the Kimber Custom 10mm.

    As for comparing the RIA and other imported guns with US made guns, I can just about guarantee that there is more handwork on the imports when prices are equivalent. I happen to have two RIA’s right now and both are true price/performers. Why? Because the maker takes pride in his product and makes an effort to build in quality rather than inspect it in.

    All that said, if we want our economy to turn around, if we want more Americans to be working rather than looking for work, if we decide to acknowledge that our economic vote is far more important than our political vote, then we will aid and abet US Manufacturing by buying products made by US workers and, if necessary, adding (for example) Storm Lake barrels to our Ruger 1911 so that it shoots like we want it to. (I haven’t found that necessary with the Remington and don’t expect to find it necessary with the Ruger.)

    End Rant.

  53. I just found this review, I know a few years behind, but I thought I’d share my experience with the new 2013 lineup from Ruger.

    I have a few years shooting BB-guns when I was a kid, and decent experience with long arms. Where I grew up CCW Permits are non-existant, so you rarely see or know anyone who has a handgun, but everyone has rifles and shotguns to hunt and protect you and yours from wildlife in the area.

    I moved to the Washington State a few years back though and haven’t handled any guns since moving here 15 years ago.

    A local gun range was having a Grand Opening this weekend. No lane fees, free Initiation fee, no gun rental fees… just buy discount ammo and your shooting! 🙂

    The event was sponsored by Ruger, and they had their complete 2013 lineup on display / for use.

    My mitts are too large for their 22LR revolvers and pistols. The 357/380 pistols and revolvers all fit well, but the trigger pulls on the revolvers all suffer from that excessive double pull force IMO. Coming from rifles the double pull action is very uncomfortable IMO, and the larger revolvers seem to have the trigger so far forward I had issues with getting a comfortable pad on it.

    As I picked up a nice Ruger 1911 they had my hand was instantly happy. I’m sure this is what draws most 1911 shooters to that model anyway, Browning’s 1911 grip has always been comfortable.

    The trigger pull on this 1911 was EXCELLENT.

    I know the article above is really harsh on the Ruger 1911 they tested, and maybe it was the fact that this gun was being put through the paces all weekend (I’m sure it saw dozens and dozens of boxes of American Eagle ran through it that day).

    With the 357 revolver I had some horrible 6″ groupings at 30 feet. In single action it was much more accurate though, we talking 2-3″ groupings… but who would ever shoot single action in self defense? Still, I did like their 3″ barrel 357.

    The 1911? 3″ grouping in the first magazine. 2″ grouping on the second magazine… and this gun was by far the most natural to hold, and most comfortable trigger I tried all day.

    Here’s the kicker:
    Number of times I’ve shot a 1911 before today? ZERO
    Number of times I’ve shot a pistol before today? ZERO
    Number of times I’ve shot a revolver? ZERO

    Breath control, proper trigger squeeze, proper grip, and Isosceles Stance can make even a notice hand gunner like me produce decent groups with this 1911… assuming they have one that’s been broken in and put some decent amount of ammo through it.

    If this reviewer couldn’t put up 2″ groups he was either sloppy, needed to break it in more, or had a rare factory dud… and any gun owner should know that’s the case. :-/

    Kudo’s on some nice photos and details on the gun.

    Scowl on the heavy trigger comments… you know better than that. Reviews should be free of the political impact of a manufacture’s testimony in congress. I’m aware of Ruger’s safety testimonies in the past and I wasn’t even raised in America. We all get it, you don’t like what they did, but a fair review on the product is beyond the scope of if you’d buy a Ruger product in the first place.

    For those looking at a reliable, well thought out, entry level 1911, this is it. You will love the feel and proportions, try one out at your local range.

  54. its made in usa for one a springfield is made in brazil and put togather in the usa. second it shoots very accurate you can watch hickock45 on you tube review it and shoot it. its not the gun its the person that is a poor shot behind it. learn to shoot. its 500 bucks cheaper then a colt. oh did i mention its made in USA. ive shot over 1000 rounds through it no jams didnt break sure got a taurus and a rock island made in asia beat. the excitment is its a quality piece made in USA by americans at a fair price

  55. Looked at one the Ruger is the one I will buy as for comments as to polymer having more capacity if you need that many carry rounds for defense your over your head and a 1911 is not that heavy

    • If you like to keep your hands and have a firearm that you can hand down for generations. Buy the all steel version made in the USA. Not a piece of Austrian plastic. I do own a Ruger SR1911 But I bought a collectable version 1 of 300. with the laser engraving. It still did not cost as much as a Kimber. But sure is a lot prettier. The tolerances are no more than + .0002 on any of the moving parts that I have been able to use a micrometer on. Can’t say that about Kimber. The only thing I think would make it any better is a full length guide rod.Which I plan on using. Just because I use them in all my 1911’s for muzzle flip.

  56. I’m with Steve the Big Dog. Picked up my SR1911 last week. 3rd mag, my holes were all touching at 25 yards. This is one sweet gun. Love the looks, the feel, and the fact it’s made in the U.S.A.

  57. The Ruger is series 70, stainless, and American. A few hundred bucks would not prevent me from owning a C-Bob but the Ruger shoots so well, why pay more? I carry my SR-1911 as a daily carry. Yes it’s heavy, in the best of ways. Anyone can make a $1500 1911, to impress God knows who, but what I saved bought a reloading setup, so I can also afford to shoot it.

  58. Picked up the Ruger SR1911 last weekend at a local gun show, immediately stripped it to nuts and bolts, nothing dirty or out of place, other than it has been factory shot for our liberal lawyers amusement, then cleaned and lubed it as it should be. Shot it today at 10 yards, 230 gr flat point reloads (don’t even remember when or where I got them), and a full magazine stayed in 2″, right out of the box. I don’t shoot better than that, age, eyes, etc, but the gun shot that all day long. At the price I paid, I’m going back and pick up the CMD next gun show!!! 🙂

  59. After reading the authors review, I’ve concluded he either can’t shoot or something is wrong with his ruger 1911! With 5.0 grains of bull’s-eye, standing at 25 yds, I shot a 1.5″ group with 6 (only put 6 in clip) 200 gr. Lswc. I hate it when people are misinformed about a really great gun or product! Learn how to shoot or put the gun in a ransom rest when testing accuracy! For the money, this gun beats em all! Congrats RUGER for a fine 1911 at a decent price!!!

  60. Being an Aussie and pretty much banned from owning a .45 I had to settle for a nine mil springfield, not the horribly ugly xd but the 1911 Range officer . If I had my choice though after shooting the ruger sr1911 a friend of mine has and several other 45 cal 1911’s I’d grab the ruger in a heartbeat. It’s not fussy does the job and has everything you need and none of the crap you don’t . Two thumbs up

  61. I recently bought a SR1911, great gun. reliable, handles easily, ammo tolerant, it is a home gun and I’d have no problem going up against a gang of home invaders with it. I shoot life size human cardboard targets and not round things. At 25-30 feet my critical hit ratio is 83% so for every 10 rds 8+ bad guys are going down. I can ask for no more.

  62. Great 1911 for the money solidly built great shooter good accuracy also made in America. And cheap too at 629.00 O.T.D. bought two when they came out for our anniversary.

  63. I own SR1911, 5″ barrel, and find it is very accurate. Was able to shoot 2″ groups at 25 yards. No FTF or FTEs

  64. Have an SR 1911. By an ill founded advice I polished down the frames feed ramp all the way to the barrels feed ramp and the gun started to jam one of five about.

    Talked with Ruger and they wanted to examine the gun but insisted on sending in the whole gun not just the frame.

    Ruger paid the shipping.

    Ruger examined it and decided to ship me….free of charge a completely new gun.

    It arrived ….again Ruger paid the shipping.

    The mistake in modifying it was mine…I was solely responsible….not Ruger….still….I got a brand new gun from them.

    If you make a very stupid mistake with a Chevy or a Ford….ditch or roll your vehicle…try to go into the dealership and get a new one. Will not happen..

    When I sent the gun it was with the only intent to get it fixed…and I was fully prepared to have it on my dime as I was the responsible party for the damage.

    Still…no questions asked….brand new gun.

    Things of this sort racks up points in my book and I thought of mentioning it to you all.

    Ruger…yep thats the place.

    The gun itself is absolutely tight.

    Have now worked the trigger to about 2.5 pounds, have fiberoptic sights, Ed Brown barrel, 24 pound recoil springs and it shoots 45 super as well as ACP.

    Its so accurate that I will never outshoot this gun now.

    And the reliability…since I got it replaced….have never had ONE jam even though I have put several hundred rounds through it from roundball to HP ,ACP and 45 super.

    True I have put a little bit of extra into it…barrel, sights, springs but it all is alltogether under a grand.

    With what I have now…a two thousand dollar gun cant do any better.

    Even in the guns original configuration….I would say a thousand dollar gun will have a tough match with the Ruger.

    I have a RIA and they are definitely good guns….Im not arguing that…I just think that a Ruger SR1911 gravitates towards being compared with higher priced 1911s rather than a RIA.

    1911s in my experience need a break in time, and therefore I think that any opinions about any 1911 before that is of lesser value.

    Im very happy with mine and Im also very happy with Ruger as a company.

  65. I’ve had my Ruger SR1911 for almost 2 years now, and absolutely love it! My shots are tight at 25 yards, and love the fact that it has less recoil than my 9mm! I grew up in Kentucky/Tennessee and have shot almost everything, and this handgun is my favorite one to take to the range! The only weapon that I’m more accurate with is my AR-15!! Despite your review, I highly recommend this handgun….I haven’t had any bad experiences at all!

    • Hi, I have a Ruger SR1911 too. When I was disassembling it, the barrel could not be taken of the slide. I am wondering if you have met the same problem.

      If the barrel could not be taken out. Is that possible that there is some places that I can not clean and will have corrosion one?

      Thank you very much for your reply.

      Best Regards!

  66. Bought the SR 1911 government a year ago front sight broke off at the range after about 400 rounds and I found that the stock recoil spring was very stiff compared to other 1911s so I dropped in a Wilson Combat flat recoil spring and guide rod and its easier to rack and a pleasure to shoot. A great american made shooter minus the cheap front sight.

  67. I bought my first 1911 this past winter which was a Ruger SR1911 and i absolutely love this pistol. A guy at the range had it for sale and he let me try it and i knew i was taking it home before i emptied the first mag! Not only did this five incher look great but it shot fantastic and was the second most accurate pistol i have ever shot. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a nice 1911.

  68. Thanks for the review. From early on I have had a few Ruger hand guns and enjoy each, of which are .22/.22Mag, .32Mag and .357. First was a SAS .22 convertible back about 25 years ago I think.
    I hope to buy an SR1911 for all the reasons in the review. Trigger pull is an easy one to remedy if a shooter isn’t comfortable with factory parts.
    Thanks again, be well.

  69. When you say ‘ you and whose army sniper’.. aren’t you saying it was the shooters; not the gun?
    Find it hard to believe this accuracy unless you just had a sour gun. I’ve got one on order based
    off other reviews and expect that it will shoot most adequately if not much better. Sometimes the
    scotch needs to be consumed after the event, not before. (LOL)

    • Dennis,
      You will not be disappointed. I shoot steel targets at 50 feet with mine and usually make my self proud!

  70. I have several of the SR1911s and one SR1911CMD. They all shoot like gangbusters. Never a hiccup in in a carload.
    Accurate enough for taking down a thug at 10 feet. Two to the body and one to the head.

  71. I am a police officer who carries the night watchman 1911 on duty. I would not trade the weapon for all the glockenspiel in the world. If you can’t hit what your aiming at with this weapon its because you can’t shoot. I carry this weapon 24/7 and I love it. I shoot between 290 and 297 with this gun. God bless the 1911.

  72. Wow, this has got to be the most perfectly useless review I’ve read on here in awhile. Owned one of these for 2 years now, and it’s got to be the most accurate pistol I’ve shot to date, and I’ve shot a lot of 1911s…I don’t know what this article writer is experiencing, because I can draw pictures on a target at 15 yards with this gun. The article makes no mention about the refined machinery process that allows the gun to have tolerances that you find on a $1000+ 1911, but without the sticker-shock. It’ll eat any kind of ammo, and I’ve yet to see much difference in terms of accuracy. It’s comfortable, requires NO aftermarket add-ons to be an effective 1911 by ordinary, law-abiding gun owners. It is a bit heavy, but it’s not really sold as a carry piece, so I don’t get the flak this writer gives it for that…nor the criticism of Ruger’s owner manual, with it’s insistence on proper maintenance and gun safety. I actually found Ruger’s manual refreshing in it’s detail and insistence on proper handgun usage. Aren’t we SUPPOSED to courage gun safety, yawl?

    So, if you want a great 1911, but don’t have $1,000, then buy this gun!! And spend the difference on buckets of .45 ammo, cuz you’re gonna love this gun!!

  73. I got the first SR1911 in Pittsburgh, and the first Commander size. I’ve been pestering Ruger non stop wanting to know when the Officer’s Model is to be released, and finally its out.

    Let me be clear. The SR1911, at typical defense ranges you’d encounter in your home (maybe 10 feet) chews one ragged hole in the X ring. Push it out to 50 feet, and both my full size and Commander punch out nice groups; 2 to 2-1/2 inches. Not bad for a defense gun.

    Recoil is tame, and my 16 year old grand-daughter, who might weigh in at 100 pounds soaking wet, loves it. I’m a Ruger fan, I don’t like a lot of bells and whistles, and the SR1911 is absolutely worth the price. If you’re buying this as a competition gun–don’t. Its pure self defense, and damned good for its purpose.

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