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A mostly peaceful rioter tosses a Molotov cocktail in Portland, Oregon. (AP Photo/Noah Berger)
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“In the old days — I’ve been here almost 48 years — we used to sell one lady a month, maybe, a gun,” owner Edward Piestrak said. “Now, it’s almost one-third of our sales are women.”

The increase is not simply a change in the percentages, but rather a reflection of an enormous surge in gun sales across the state and nation.

According to FBI data, federal background checks for firearms soared from 2.3 million in June 2019 to 3.9 million this June — an increase of 70%. In Pennsylvania, the number of background checks for gun sales from June through September was up nearly 100% over the same period last year.

And at Piestrak’s shop, at least, most of the women and even the men buying guns these days are first-time buyers, he said.

“A lot of it’s to do with the rioting and all. People are watching TV,” Piestrak said. “They say they’re scared in their own house.” …

Piestrak said he thinks the soaring sales will continue if Joe Biden captures the presidency because many gun owners and advocates fear he would impose additional taxes or even enact gun confiscations.

“I think if the president continues in office, things will simmer right down,” Piestrak said. “But if he goes out, then people are going to really get frightened.”

Fuller agreed that a Biden win would likely result in the sales surge continuing. But he also predicted a Donald Trump win would cause civil unrest to get “exponentially worse,” which in turn would produce more sales.

“I don’t see it dying out anytime soon,” [retailer Dan] Fuller said. “They’ll be buying, for one reason or another.”

– James Halpin in Gun sales soar amid social unrest, pandemic


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  1. I hope it levels off so I can find a few guns in stick somewhere I’d like to have. Nothing to do with civil unrest just marching towards becoming a super owner they complain about

    • Levels off?

      Sales surging? No problem, there will be just a few more guns Marxist will “Collect” after candidate Harris “back-door wins” the presidency and starts the gun confiscation.

      The violence (six months of practice under the belt) will not stop until Marxist purge.

  2. This mess doesn’t change what I’d buy. But.. shortage means manufacturers trying to catch up means working overtime means anything made right now might not be of the quality one would normally expect.

  3. I have over 15 rifles, now the kids don’t want to give them to the grandchildren, which is why I bought them (actually just to shoot but gotta have a good excuse).
    I am now selling them on Gunbroker for more than I paid 10 to 5 years ago, they are in mint condition.

    Don’t worry, I will have enough. Also, sending 700 rounds to a friend in NY State who cannot find any ammo. Since I’m not charging him anything, it’s legal under the SAFE Act (Cuomo’s gift to NY State taxpayers).

  4. Wound up getting 2 Walther PP .32 ACP’s at my LGS this past weekend. 4 magazines each. The Wife is most satisfied, and that’s the best part for me.

    .32 ACP JSP is plenty effective, and the Gun Shops here where I am in Ohio have plenty of it in stock.

      • Dear Mr. Davies,

        I hereby cordially invite you to support your contention that .32ACP is ‘pretty much useless’ by permitting me, or a randomly-selected and unbiased third party, to shoot you once in the chest with a .32ACP pistol at a distance of 7 yards. Or meters, whichever you prefer. You may wear a t-shirt, a regular-weight over-shirt, and even a medium-weight jacket, if you so desire. I will specify that you can have, after being duly shot, full access to emergency medical care (after a decent interval, perhaps five to seven minutes, to account for response time) followed by your choice of trauma center if there IS one in the immediate vicinity. Of course, as you contend that the .32ACP is ‘pretty much useless,’ I’m SURE that you will abjure the offered medical amenities in the certain knowledge that you’ll be able to just pop the fired bullet out of your skin like a pimple, if indeed it doesn’t just bounce off your mighty chest.

        You may also choose to be shot in the head, if you wish.

        To make the arrangements, please contact me at:


        • Why do people always say dumb shit like this? “oh volunteer to get shot in the chest”.
          Its like the argument of a brain dead 5 year old. There is a difference between the bullet being able to immediately stop someone, or eventually kill them. Yes the .32 will kill them eventually, but not before they put a world of hurt on your ass or even kill you. Normally I don’t comment on these posts, but i’m so tired of these dumb brain dead comments. Not only is it stupid, its incredibly violent and rude. You are a dumbass.

        • Saying the .32 acp is useless is a stupid statement. It may not be my first choice but it is quite deadly.

          The huge upside to a .32 acp is low recoil thereby allowing better shot placement and lethality. I was never a fan till I got one and actually shot it.

          I can assure anyone the 2 or 3 rounds center mass of .32 acp is deadly.

          What kind of idiot would say any round is all but useless?

        • John in AK,
          Your “volunteer to get shot by a
          32 acp” argument is stupid, and everyone has already heard it countless times.

          On the other hand, the argument that .32acp is pretty much worthless is also stupid.

          The .32acp is on the light side, but it is certainly better than nothing and is better than a .25 acp or a .22lr.

          It will generally work, but a 9mm would be better. Personally, .380 is as light as I want to go to.

        • Remember the biggest rule of a gunfight – bring a gun!

          If all you got is a .32, beats the shit outta’ just slinging words at an attacker.

        • Thank you John in AK for lowering the comment section with your asinine response.

          How about after you shoot him in the chest with a .32acp fmj, (if he is able, which he could very well likely be) he can then shoot you in the chest with a 7.62 mm/.308 win PSP round?

          Or we can reverse it and you take the .308 round first, just to put this worthless line of arguments to rest.

        • I wouldn’t want to stand in front of a super soaker full of piss, but that doesnt make it effective for self defence.

        • I wouldn’t wanna stand there and let you pinch my nipple, so I suppose by your logic nipple pinching is a valid primary method of protecting oneself? We’re talking about self defense, and when he said it’s “pretty much useless”, it’s reasonable to assume he was talking about it being “pretty much useless” in that role. If somebody attacks you, you shoot them, then they kill you before they succumb to their wounds and also die, I’d say that’s a situation in which “pretty much useless” is a remarkably accurate description. Any gun is better than no gun, sure, but if there’s an option why in Gods name would you choose such a weak cartridge?

          I see it all the time but it never fails to amaze me just how stupid of an argument it is to say “if you think it’s not good enough for self defense why don’t you let me shoot you with it? And if you won’t that just proves my point, somehow”

      • OK, back on topic, because of the shape of the Underwood Extreme Defender projectile, recommend that you run some through your .32 ACP pistol to ensure that they feed reliably before you depend on them when you NEED them to work.

    • The .32 ACP is a great round for military and civilian. And .45 ACP is even better. But 10 or 15 rounds in .32 or 9mm, is far superior than 7 or 8 rounds of .45 ACP in a 1911 pistol. In fact .32ACP was the primary police and military caliber for most of Europe, for over 70 years.

      Or .32 H & R in a 7 round revolver is a great criminal stopper. And its easy to control. You get two more rounds compared to a .38 revolver.

      • And like most every thing that has been popularized out of Eurp in well over a century, it’s mostly BS.

        The .32ACP is proof the JMB liked the funds of Eurowussies just as much as he liked greenbacks.

        • In Nashville TN at a major gun range and store, they are selling 9mm sub sonic for $46.95. 50 rounds a box.
          Most stores have no 9mm at all. However I am still getting .32 ACP, 32 s&w, and 32 H & R. No price changes!!!

          My Judge revolver and 32 ACP kel Tek are still well fed.

    • You should have went with a 9mm or at least a 380, 32 means good shot placement and if you’ve never had to shoot someone coming at you to hurt you or trying to shoot you sou might choke. I prefer the old and true 45, it usualy stops what it hits. Of course right now I’ve got a 357 but thats a little bit much for a female, although some can ahndle it quit well.

  5. There are things I’d like to have. Some of it I might not ever get. I’m very happy that more people are deciding to be gun owners. Particularly women. My biggest issue is the impact this has on my range time. It might push me into reloading. But even that has low stock levels of primers and powder everywhere. It’s simply the fact that so many people are buying so much in a short period of time. In a more reasonable time, people would be buy things at a slower and more consistent pace.

    Guns are not purely American but we do have a way of doing things here. Many people are playing catch-up. My advise is simply to do things smartly, not let fear get the best of you, and of course…know the law where you are and practice as much as you can.

    • Range time…if only.

      I knew we’d be in for a wild ride with the election season starting about July-ish, and had just barely started a program of replenishing the dwindled stock a couple/three extra boxes at a time when the covid-related shortages started. Would’ve done it much earlier, but finances didn’t allow even the smallest expenditure beyond basic bills at the time. Timing is everything.

      Still, even though I don’t have enough ammo to have fun with, I do have enough to defend the castle if need be. And I’m glad so many new people are discovering their Second Amendment rights. Let’s hope they all learn quickly, stay safe, and start thinking seriously about how to *keep* their newly exercised rights.

    • Keep your eyes open, 223 ammo comes in bunches and goes quick. Just bougt 900 rounds for $300.00 . Should have gotten 1500 for $500.00 but thought my wife might get upset with me spending that much on ammo. Found 150 rounds for $56.00 on line earlier today. I probably have 3 or 4 thousand rounds right now but will go through several hundred next time I go to my farm, I love shooting.

  6. Since I have not been able to find some of the newer models that peaked my interest I am taking the opportunity to make some changes to existing firearms I have. For instance I have a favorite 1911 always wanted to upgrade the sights. Went from basic low profile sights to Trijicon HD’s . Kind of glad I made the switch.

    • I bought a SigSauer scope for my Ruger Precision Rimfire. Along with a 0MOA rail to replace the factory fitted 30 MOA rail . I’m not going to use a .22 beyond 100m so a flat rail is better for me.

  7. There’s been a few estate/consignment sales at my LGS.
    Since my “need” list is gone, I’m working on my “want” list.
    It’s been rather gratifying to find some of those wants.

    • Working on small changes to guns I already own and took this time to buy two older shotguns that have been on my ‘want’ bucket list for years. Older guns can be had for about same price as they’ve traditionally been, I’m talking 1930s -1980s. They are not tactical enough or home defense enough so they sit there on GB waiting.

      reloading supplies are a nogo locally and damn hard to find on-line especially primers.

      Maybe one more shotgun? Double barrel with huge rabbit ear hammers and cut the barrel down to 18.5 or maybe even a form 1? Too many westerns as a kid maybe..lol.

  8. Aside from the well known fact that the correct number of guns to own is …one more than you currently own, I will reluctantly admit that I have one (or, two or three) guns for every purpose I expect a gun to fulfill. I simply refuse to pay 2 or 3 times what I consider to be a reasonable price and/or settle for what little is left in stock and, is not exactly what I want.
    More importantly, this led to the realization that I don’t have time to shoot every gun I own as much as it deserves. When I was a kid and had only a 1932 .22 Winchester, an old shotgun and a nice revolver, I was intimately familiar with what each gun would do, with what ammo, under what conditions and at what range. The truth is, I don’t shoot the guns I have enough.
    So, the first solution is a range membership. Breakeven is 15 hours/year. A bargain! Second, put the money in the reloading bench & supplies. I’ve long used 4 manual presses dedicated to sizing/decapping/priming, trimming, etc. and a progressive with pre-set turrets for each caliber. This vastly decreases reloading time …don’t have to set anything up to switch calibers.
    With ammo in the “unobtainium” catagory, added “auto-powder” to each turret ($40/turret) instead of buying another gun. Stocked up on large & small primers for rifle & pistol, powder, projectiles (you can still get LSWC’s for pistol), a “chop saw” for cutting down the buckets of .223 for 300BLK…. (talk about “unobtainium”!)
    When things settle down, I’ll no doubt buy another gun(s…??). In the meantime, I’m not feeling quite as guilty about not shooting enough!
    We’ll get through this!

    • Also, BTW, the MILLIONS of new gun owners are not buying expensive triggers, anti-walk pins for their new (factory) AR’s, they’re not buying light recoil springs for 1911’s, …just put a Boyd’s stock on the .308. You can’t buy a new gun, but you can tidy up your existing guns!

      • If you own a gun learn how to use it and enjoy it. Figure out what you want to do, long range shooting, close range moving targets or just plain old target shooting , they are all fun. Wear hearing protection, learn to be safe with yourself and those around you and have one heck of a time.

        God Bless

  9. I am not particularly interested in buying more firearms just now. I hope the Sales of firearms continues to be record-breaking for as many first time buyers and those who already are gun owners as possible. It is likely inevitable some gun hating Democrat will eventually win POTUS. The more firearms in the hands of the People, the more difficult it may be for anyone to try to disarm us.
    For now, as far as I am concerned, it would be nice if the ammunition shortage got resolved so more people could practice and train. I think practice and training gets “newbies” more aware of of reasons NOT to shoot other people as they become cognizant of the awesome responsibility owning and shooting firearms brings along with it. Drives home the meaning of the second rule of firearms safety “Never point a gun at anything you are not willing to destroy.”

    • Sorry DarryM, don’t want to dominate the thread but, I’ve taken new gun owners I know to the range. They can not only shoot guns that were not available but, with reloads, they can shoot as much as they like. My daughter had a crowd (mostly women) watching her shoot a 1911 and her new AR…. the range guys told me they immediately stopped shopping for “girly guns”. To my daughter, they’re ALL “girly guns”! Had my neighbor shoot AR’s in .223 & 300BLK, a CZ-75 and a 1911. I said “I think I know what your next gun will be…” He said, “No you don’t. I want ’em all!”

      • Excellent! That’s very good to hear! Hopefully your story is being repeated in many Shooting Ranges all across the country! Thanks!

        • DerryM, Thanks! It’s our job. None of my guns have run out at night and shot anybody (must be defective). It’s really nice to work with new/non-gun owners and, show them we aren’t knuckle dragging neanderthals, white supremacists, psychos…. and, everything they’ve learned from movies and the freaked out, wild eyed left is total B.S. I have a couple of degrees, have been developing medical software for ….20 or 30 years and work with …the military (as a civilian).
          I just give them the tools to think for themselves… We need to do what we can!

  10. A few weeks back I brought 4 unworked 80% AR15 lowers into one of the local shops to see if they had any interest in them or knew someone who might. I had purchased them years ago along with 4 that were finished and 2 that were given to a friend as a retirement gift with the jig. The 4 were placed on the counter and one of the folks that always seems to be there said I’ll give you $125 each for them. I looked at the counter person and he raised his hands and said sounds like a better deal than I can offer. So I took it for receivers I paid $48 each shipped. Wonder what I could have gotten for them now?


    • I’m just waiting for the schadenfreude of the shock that’s going to happen on Nov 3 when Trump proves the polls and media wrong again and wins by a bigger margin than 2016. I’m counting the days.

      I think things will simmer down though. I’m not panic buying right now even though there are things I want.

    • That’s remarkably optimistic. You might be underestimating the truly boundless capability among leftists for cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy. 95+ percent of these leftist women tooling up for the first time will still happily vote D, and I’d bet everything I own on that assertion

  11. The Club Member points on my Cabela’s/Bass Pro Black MasterCard keep climbing back up after my last buy. Now tickling the edge of $800. So it’s tempting.

    But I’ve a daughter in college and have promised her those points will go to her first handgun. She’s expressed some preference for revolvers, in particular older single action models. Which is cool by me though I’d prefer something over six rounds and double action for her. Good choices with Ruger on that one for example.

    So we’ll see. Maybe over the Christmas break she’ll make her choice and we’ll get it on order if there is no stock.

    Again and again people, leverage those retailers that honor sale prices on back orders. It’s saved me hundreds of dollars ever since the initial bad craziness gun and ammo panic set in, back in the late unpleasantness.

    • enuf, I started my daughters, at 10 & 12, with a STEEL Heritage SA .22 (IL, the cheap Heritage are illegal). They learned the fundamentals of handling a gun with a SA. They quickly progressed to bigger guns and semi-autos. Buy the cheap Heritage (if your state allows) but, give them a “shot” at a bit more gun. They’ll learn a lot with the SA but, girls can shoot anything! Be prepared to get humiliated! My daughters are great shots. They’ll always treasure the SA but, down the road, they’ll use it to teach their own children!

      • Good points I agree with. She’s used all my guns from old H&R .22 top-break to 1911 and AR’s and bolt actions in .22 to .30–06. She has a Ruger 10-22 as a Christmas present a few years back. So this discussion is what she wants next.

        No hurry on it, she’s deep into her studies and practicals now.

        • Did I mention I’m voting for Camel Toe and Dementia Joe so they can take my daughter’s guns away?

          Yes, I am that stupid!

        • enuf,
          Thanks! I’m with you. Before I handed them the SA .22, they shot dad’s .22 1932 Winchester bolt. Before they shot the bolt, I gave them a pink break action .177 pellet gun. They had fun with it in the parking lot (across from Farm King) on the way to the old family farm. Once we got to the farm, it was all “Hey, dad, you got anything bigger?”
          We vacation at a boat house in Wisc. a few miles from a gorgeous outdoor range (McMillers). We’re suburban Chicago but, the girls had never shot indoors until I took my older daughter (now 23) to the local range to try out the AR I built for her. She had fun with the computerized target system.
          I hate shooting indoors! But, that’s all that’s convenient. There’s a shortage of quail, dove, pheasant, duck, goose, deer… at indoor ranges. As for self defense, I’m unlikely to be attacked by a squared-off paper target.
          Anybody want to buy a pink pellet gun?

  12. Watching the Senate confirmation for SCOTUS now…thing’s will NEVER “simmer down”.This ain’t anything like the Vietnam protests and rioting of the 60’s & 70’s. I have a few wants but not a lot of “needs”. My wife is on board with my wants so lock n load!

    • Can you expound on the “isn’t anything like the 60’s or 70’s” comment? Being born in the late 70’s i do not know if you mean it is better or worse now than then.

      my understanding was that was a very turbulent time.

      • 50 years ago was predominately about Vietnam. I know -I was almost drafted. I voted Dim in1972. Only time ever…guess what? It was mostly over after we left Vietnam. This BS going on is funded by left scum billionaires and a fundamental shift in America. Back when we actually had patriotic democrats. That’s over. Now the dim mayor’s,governor’s & senator’s applaud treson & insurrection! Pick a side fella…my side has most of the firepower😏

        • This is more or less what my parents have said (being born in the early ’70s, I didn’t see any of the fabled midcentury social unrest).

          In some ways it was the same, with a raft of hot spots and college campuses seeing most of the problems while most of America just went about its business. My parents never encountered any of the problem-causing people, and generally nobody ever saw the protesters unless they made the news.

          The hippies and communist sympathizers back then got no real support from anyone in politics, nor were they funded and organized like BLM and antifa are. The “protesters” now have multimillion-dollar budgets, corporate ties, and government agencies running interference for them. The Marxist rot was just getting started then; we’re at a much more dangerous stage now.

        • Early 70’s huh? My eldest son is turning 46 this week. We had race riots 3 out of 4 years in high school. Things DID change. My black wife would agree. This assault on America is based on BS. Nothing less than a communist revolution. McCarthy was right!

  13. If social instability is necessary for gun sales to skyrocket? Then I say that is a very good thing. It’s much better for the future of the country if more people have guns. In fact the more guns in the hands of the civilian population, the better. This will lower the chance of tyranny rising to complete overwhelming power.

    It would be a great and wonderful thing if black people, and everyone else, could go back to getting their machine guns through the mail.

    • Its one thing to own a gun to protect your children, a traditional woman’s role (I didn’t say it SHOULD BE, so calm down) and another to go to “war” ( I know this is changing but we’re talking new gun owners here). It takes a mindset shift. Hope it happens.

      • What breeds social instability is not having a traditional family structure. One man and one woman, to raise the children. And protect them. Yes I know people hate when I say this. Its also true that the same people who hate me saying this, are also huge supporters of the Welfare Industrial Complex.

        They encourage and support $$$ a woman having 5 kids from 5 different men. The three L’s sexual liberation, that they crave so much. It just that they want tax payers to pay for it.

        They call people like me a “homophobe”. That is a distraction from being forced to face their supported destruction of families in “gun free zone” public housing projects. That the three L’s have supported for decades.

        Libertarians Liberals and the Left are incapable of facing a reality of the human world. After a child is born, someone is staying home with that baby. That is a fact of human reality. It is a fact for human survival. If you want to be Michael Keaton in the movie. “Mr. Mom”. That’s ok with me. But some one is staying home to take care of that kid. Its either the mother or the father. And both with guns.
        And If your lucky. Grandparents live close by.

        Col. Jeff Copper was correct. The more guns in the hands of city people, the safer the city will be. The residents will take care of their own problems. Shooting criminals dead of stealing reduces the chance of other criminals doing the same thing. As well as reminding other potential criminals they can get shot too.

        Government can be much smaller then. But most of the three L’s like big government.

    • Seem to remember that being the only way blacks could get guns down south for a while until that got taken away from everyone. Would love to see that racial injustice set right. But we can’t actually address real systemic racism as that would be……… honestly having trouble coming up with a nonsense lefty reason here.

      • We were a much safer world. Even with all the race discrimination of the 1960’s and before. Because blacks could buy guns through the mail. Because white gun store owners refused to sell to them. I’m stating a fact. I’m not trying to beat up on people. We also locked up crazy people. That way they could get a gun so easily.

        The more guns in the hands of honest people the better.

  14. Trump’s going to win 2020 and this will settle down. There’ll be some last gasps and reactions from the communist types but it won’t last. Even PSA’s prices are ridiculous right now.

    The panic will probably continue a while past Inauguration day but by Summer 2021 I think we’ll be cruising again with Trump steering the ship and ACB installed watching over our gun rights.

  15. “No foreseeable end in sight”= Guess we’ll have to get used to this unexplainable run on guns….
    It’s obvious what is happening here…. people with too much money are buying up everything with a political purpose….
    How confident convenient….. some BS about a lie about some cold virus means companies CAN’T RAMP UP PRODUCTION….

    Americans need to wake up to the fact that the .Gov farce is just that….a farce perpetrated on the american people
    … two sides of the same coin….
    It’s time to put a stop to these elites perpetrating the lie of .Gov cast of characters… this is all to keep a certain group of people in complete control of everything….

    This is just another part of their plan….
    I guess i’m screwed since I sold all my guns, since they destroyed the economy (also just bs, and part of their plan to keep everyone under their control)and can’t buy anymore….
    I guess they got me now

    …… lol….fkn idiots

    • Companies don’t ramp up or expand because that would be pretty stupid. This is a very temporary thing. Spending 6 or 7 figures to expand only to have the market drop off 3 months after the election is a pretty dumb move.

      • Strange that 99.9% of American’s dont’ understand the same applies to PPE production for the chicom flu.

        EVERYTIME the US gov’t “ramps up” to do war manufacturers get burned by huge contact cancellations down the road. Civil War, WWi, WWII, Korea. THEN the demtards start investigations of corruption and over charging etc.

  16. “Fuller agreed that a Biden win would likely result in the sales surge continuing.”

    Tuff to sell product you don’t have and can’t get, not to mention the lack of ammunition for, imagine the possibilities if the shelves had a supply of arms and ammunition.

  17. No matter who wins in November, this sh!t is going to get worse and worse. It will only end when one side or the other is crushed. If Trump loses, the Left will come for us one way or the other. If Trump wins, the battles on the streets will continue.

    FWW is right — this isn’t like the 60s and 70s when the protests were about the war — no war, no protests. This violence about our right to exist as a decent nation.

    • Thanks Ralph…my son went to war when he joined the Army at 18. It was HIS joice! It worked out well for him but didn’t for others. Those Woodstock hippy idiot’s have taken over(I have a 73year old cousin who hasn’t changed a whit in 50years!)This leftard “gimme stuff” culture may well be the death of America. Lock n load.

  18. You want freedom, carry a gun! You want law and order, carry a gun! You want peaceful safe streets, carry a gun! Simple get rid of gun free zones!!!%

  19. With all the “new buyers” talk of recent months I keep wondering if “Edward Piestrak”/his ilk inform/educate their customers that the handgun is just to give them time to get to a REAL gun? To stock a large pile of ammunition (if/when can find it) and multiple mags?

  20. Only if Biden/Harris win….which is when all voters for them find out what hell is like real fast…

    We have not seen the hardcore COMBAT Veterans come out yet… who have walked through hell & kicked its ass….don’t open that can of WHOOP ASS! commie voters!

  21. While some guns are in extreme short supply (ARs in all calibers and concealable handguns in 9mm and 380 in particular) there are bargains still available if you look. I was looking for a 22 for my youngest one’s coming birthday, and I managed to find a new in the box 10/22 for much less than the cheapest price that I could fine online, at a local range. They also threw in a rail which the online sites wanted to sell separately. On the minus side, ammo is nowhere to be found anymore, and stores in Texas wherever I’ve looked, either limit range ammo they have for sale, or some online sites take advance orders with no confirmed date for shipment offered. Can’t blame the ammo manufacturers for not increasing production too, because some of them did just that during the Obama-Biden era shortage to find demand tapering off when the duo’s reign of persecutory subjugation ended. With greater interest from buyers, obviously, the shortages will continue irrespective of who wins, as the current, before than the previous lot administration still wants to ban bump-fire stocks and seems tokenist on the “Q” brace among other things. The fact that women are taking guns up is definitely encouraging. We need all the additional members that the shooting community can get. In Houston and in the DFW area, half or more License to Carry applicants are women, with all communities represented. Previously Black and Asian women almost never took classes for their License To Carry from what my instructor friends tell me. Next step – get them to vote in support of the Second Amendment!

  22. According to TGC, the peak of NICS checks was passed in June. The numbers are down every month since. They are higher than 2019, but are falling consistently.


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