Gun Owners of America: It’s The Constitution, Stupid

My brother Paul was an early and important member of the [now moribund] Term Limits movement. He helped kill Hillary Care. He was Taxed Enough Already before the TEA Party was cool. Paul reckons that the TEA Party will be assimilated by the GOP Borg. He also believes that there’s a third party a comin’: the Constitution Party, dedicated to re-realizing our Founding Father’s vision of limited government. Before today, Glenn Beck’s popularity was the main indication that mi fratello had not taken leave of his senses. This video from the Gun Owners of America may not be the clarion call that will wake a nation, but it does provide additional evidence of a potential sea change: hope for gun owners fed up with abridged Second Amendment rights and anyone else longing for repairs to the bedrock of America’s freedoms.


  1. avatar Ralph says:

    At the end of this whole Constitution thing, they're playing the national anthem of France. Hey, La Marseillaise is a stirring little ditty and all, but have you ever heard the lyrics in English? "To arms citizens, form your battalions. March, march. Let impure blood water our furrows." Maybe it's not the right message. Or maybe nobody at GOA speaks French. Or maybe somebody watched Casablance too many times. Hmmmm.


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