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Anyone else have friends and family last spring who either asked to borrow guns or said something similar to what’s in the meme here? Yeah, me too. Glad they finally saw the light…at their own house.


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  1. Keep a list of those folks, when they get dragged off you can go grab their food!😉👍

    • A longtime friend of the Haz family literally told me not long ago that if the Boog ever happens and supply lines get cut, he and his wife “will know where to go”. My eyes bugged out as he said those dreaded words every prepper never wants to hear. I asked him why he thinks *we* would be the place to go, and he shrugged his shoulders and said I’m the most responsible person he knows, so he just *knows* I’m probably armed and stocked for the Apocalypse.

      I gave him a look that gave the twin vibes of “Huh, I don’t know what you mean” and “Um, no way, Jose.”

      I guess the optimum Gray Man profile is to be irresponsible, too? Ugh.

      • Haz,
        Grow your hair long, stop shaving, stop using deodorant. Mumble, scratch your self. Every once in a while, yell “Stop It”. Then, mumble some more. Spit on the ground, then wipe your mouth with your hair.

        Everyone will think twice about visiting. You do not have to be a grey-man, just be scary.

        It works for me.

      • Just tell him there’ll be an admittance fee. No one rides for free and since you’ll have the firearms they can get out there and do the grunt work while you cover the fence line.

        I’d tell them I’d be happy to let them in as long as they have 1 year’s food, water, ammo and other hygiene products for each person that wants to be admitted. Hell I’ll got help you bring it in. Just don’t think that entitles you to any special consideration.

        It’ll be a one man one vote republic. I’ll be the man and I’ll have the vote and anyone disagrees, there’s the gate and there’s the hiway.

      • “A longtime friend of the Haz family literally told me not long ago that…he and his wife “will know where to go”.”

        Not usually one to reference TV when commenting on something like this, but Rod Serling put together a “Twilight Zone” back in 1961 or so that was a chilling reminder of this. It involved a doctor who had put together a well-stocked fallout shelter (probably no one remembers those) and his neighbors when it appeared a nuclear attack was underway. If you’ve never seen it, watch if you can find it. Very realistic as to human nature and far ahead of its time.

        • I grew up watching all the TZ reruns back in the ’80s. Remember this episode well.

  2. That picture is more on point than many people think. A 13yo just got shot by police in CA. He started shooting at them first. Story on Foxnews.

    People in war zones will tell you that age doesn’t matter, except it can give the kids an advantage due to the reluctance of most adults to kill a kid. We’re going to see a lot more of this in the USA, I expect, and everyone needs to understand that and get over their ‘feelings’.

    • Did anyone else notice that the photo of one of the alleged guns confiscated by the police had a P80 grip frame? Waiting for the “ghost gun” crowd to start screaming in 3…2…1…

  3. I’ve given guns and ammo away during the scamdemic. There are people I care enough about to overlook their unwillingness to prepare.

    I’ve asked this question before. Are you willing to turn a hungry child away because times are hard?

    • I am. Big difference between food and firearms/ammunition.
      People had their chance years ago when things were plentiful.

    • JWM,

      Good question. Behind the hungry child may be the armed thugs, watching to see who answers their doors and what they give away. That sounds bleak and cynical, but the answer to your question depends upon how ugly the world gets.

      • Life. The armed thugs are going to kick your doors in and look around with or without you giving charity to a child. It’s what they do.

        The question stands. Even now, with all that has happened we still live in a land of plenty. Do we become heartless savages because the lights go out?

        • JWM,

          “…because the lights went out”. As I said, it depends upon how ugly the world gets. Children get used as bait. We have families to protect. Thugs will be selective to minimize risk. I respect your sentiment. People tell me I am too generous, but, at one point, not sure where that point is, I prioritize my family and minimize risk to them.

    • We did that too. We have 23 guns collected over the years, a mixture of AR-15 platform rifles, hand guns, shot guns. We loaned out four of them.

      Our neighbor immediately next door is an 85 year old widow, we kept her stocked with food and other supplies so she would not need to go out. One day my wife said that we should invite her over to stay with us during the lock down because the general crime rate had risen in the area due to more assault robberies in the parking lots of essential businesses still open and home invasions had increased in the area because a lot of houses in the neighborhood were vacant because the occupants had gone to stay with relatives during the lock down.

      So, we invited her over to stay with us for a while and she took us up on the offer. Shes a nice lady, kind and funny and smart as a tack, shes also a great cook :), she was always involved in some sort of community outreach or charity type of activity especially for the elderly. We had previously taken her to the range and taught her how to shoot, she had never fired a gun before and loved it.

      About three hours after she had come over to stay with us they broke into her home. They were in and out in a few minutes, four of them. We saw them go in, we called 911, our neighbor was ready to grab a gun and rain down hell on them but we told her that was probably not the best thing to do in this case. Just as the police were entering the area from one direction the bad guys were driving away in the opposite direction.

      About two hours later the cops caught them when they responded to a call when they broke into another home. They had with them in the trunk of their car some things from our neighbors home. When asked why they selected our neighbors home one of them told the cops they had originally planned to hit our home but that sign out front made them go next door instead.

      When the home invasions started happening I placed a sign in the yard that read “Armed response on premises. Carefully consider your choice.”

      • “…I placed a sign in the yard that read “Armed response on premises. Carefully consider your choice.””


        Might as well advertise “Guns, ammo, and other goodies RIGHT HERE”…

    • That’s the feminized bleeding heart supposed ideal that’s part of this country’s slide into chaos.

      It’s not compassionate to let someone in who’s a liability and potentially a hazard. Yet that’s what we’ve done for years and now like any animal once it’s parasitic burden reaches enough of a load that the system of the body collapse and all of the living things involved die.

      Way of the world. If it was my kid that’s one thing. If it’s someone else’s then they’re those people’s responsibility and you can go argue with them about who’s being cruel.

  4. Remember: you don’t need to hoard ammo. You just need to know someone who hoards ammo. And trusts you.

  5. The first time I ever told a friend I would shoot them if they came to my house during an apocalypse was back in the 90’s.

    Most of the people I would help don’t need my help. They don’t all prep but they hunt, fish, and camp, and a few have an interest in primitive skills. So they all have stuff by default. We might help each other fill gaps, but it would be mutual.

  6. I had relatives that told me they were coming to my house when S.H.T.F. or when the Zombie apocalypse hit. I explained to them I’m old, overweight and out of shape so come on over that way when I needed to fend off the hoards they would become the Zombie fodder after I shot then in the knee caps while I made my escape. They got a funny look on their faces and then decided to go somewhere else.😅

    • Lol. Reminds of that one scene in the early series of The Walking Dead, when the two dudes had to collect medications and first aid supplies, and got caught up in the zombie horde. One shot the other in the leg to escape. Cold shit, but we all saw it comin’.

  7. No, I just went out & bought my first handgun, 9mm & used it as back up to my shotgun.
    All my friends are gunowner.
    I got my training, never needed the handgun in 60 years, but BLM changed my mind.
    Strange they never made it to my community, we must not be important to them.

  8. “As smoke from burning buildings smudged the skyline and the TV news showed vivid images of laughing looters smashing windows and carting off boomboxes and booze, I got a few phone calls from firmly anti-gun friends in clear conflict. ‘Umm, Chuck, you have quite a few . . . ah, guns, don’t you?'”

    -Charlton Heston, 1992

  9. Yes . 3 plus ammo
    Anyone that I trust is welcome in my home or to my weapons in time of need.
    The human disease of Igots does not affect possums.

    • Yer a good marsupial possum. I wouldn’t be evil but all my friends are armed. It would be more about feeding & sheltering. Oh I got my really bad cataract fixed. Next one on Friday. A lot to get used to…

      • “Oh I got my really bad cataract fixed. Next one on Friday. A lot to get used to…”

        There are good things, and not-so-good things.

        Good – Mostly clear vision.

        Not-so-good – Glare. Nasty glare in the daytime, from things like chrome car bumpers. Nighttime glare from point-source light, like headlights.

        For daytime, get yourself a pair of dark, polarized mountaineering sunglasses, the ones with side shields on them. That works for me. Keep using those dark goggles they gave you after the surgery.

        Oh, and grit in your eye will be much more annoying…

        • Thanks Geoff…talked to an old guy I knew from Cabelas. He told me about shooting with strong yellow sunglasses. I got. “Solar Shield” glasses from the doc. Glare is ok 8 days later. My older brother spent lots of $ and one eye is still swollen. Yer not on old foggy like me are you?

        • I’m not getting any glares now, I’ve worn shades everyday since the surgery.
          My complaints is focusing the rear sight front sight and target. left eye has less magnification then the right eye. Having to learn to shoot right eye dominant after 50 years of shooting left eye dominant. Dang ammo prices and shortages really has cut down on my trigger time.

  10. One of my favorite Golden Books as a child was The Little Red Hen.

    And for former, cataract surgery gave my dad a new lease on life. A normally jovial man became jovial again, and I pray your result is equally positive.

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