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Indeed. I often switch from IWB to OWB when cool weather clothing becomes viable. That frequently includes a bump up in gun size, too. Love it.


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  1. Obsolete meme. Women are tooling up faster than men these days.

    Can you blame them? Incels like the jack booted antifa/SS running wild would cause a women to have justified fear.

    • Legend has it that through rigiorous training, by 40 they will achieve the powers of Wizard. Such terrifying abilities like shooting confetti out of their fingers and levitating are nothing to sneeze at. Terror, Absolute Terror

  2. In Florida, “winter” still doesn’t buy you a whole lot in CCWs except maybe early morning and evening when you can maybe wear a hoodie or sweatshirt.

  3. Definitely makes it easier. I just don’t care for IWB carry.

  4. Meh, I almost always carry my full-size handgun regardless of the temperature outdoors. The trick is to carry it in a manner which puts your handgun inside your belt–thus pulling your handgun in tight to your body. If you do that, you can easily conceal a rather large handgun under a t-shirt or possibly even a tank-top.

    • My normal EDC is a Glock 22 .40 cal – all seasons. I don’t have any problems concealing it with no printing either.

      Sometimes I might carry my Sig’s or 1911 or one of my others, but about 90% of the time its the Glock 22 all seasons, and I don’t have any issue concealing those others either with no printing and I carry in comfort.

      It just takes the right holster and right clothing for the body type. Not all holsters for CCW that people like or are popular or are reviewed favorably are the best holsters for concealed carry for the person. Not all manufacturers of holsters for CCW that claim their holsters are for CCW actually make a holster with CCW as the primary focus.

      • My normal EDC is just a snub nosed.38sp (S&W 642) revolver in a pocket holster. Occasionally, I mix it up by going with the LCP (.380) in a pocket holster instead. I did recently buy an IWB holster for my G19. Still, I generally just roll with the pocket guns.

      • You just named the worst gun I’ve ever fired. Had no problem with the other Glock models but that damn G22 is the only pistol that has ever given me slide bite no matter how I held it.

    • It must be nice. I look like cat that just crawled out of a pool. In order to look like a normal person I have to wear slim fit pants and size S or XS shirts. I have trouble hiding a p365. Meanwhile my buddy could carry four Glock 19s and you’d never know, but he is a rather “large”. It’s frustrating.

  5. The title says ‘winter’ and the meme says ‘fall’…
    Anyways, not sure what this ‘fall’ thing is. Its been snowing all day here and continues to snow as I type. We only have 2 seasons here: winter and road construction.

      • I stay for numerous reasons that I could spend days typing about (though I do enjoy skiing/snowboarding/snowmobiling). That said, I’ll quickly present 3 items here:
        1) If you found a goose that lays golden eggs, would you proceed to tell the world about it?
        2) Stereotypes, misconceptions, and preconceived notions can be incredibly beneficial if one knows how to use them.
        3) The (quite real) weather helps keep out 99% of the riffraff that many other places probably have to deal with.

  6. Funny meme. First I’ve seen it.

    Sneaky Pete with an M&P 9c. All year. OWB but concealed (sort of).

    Well, actually, increasingly open carrying my G17 in a Triple-K red leather holster with a thumb release. Made a few new friends that way.

    • I carry my back-up in an ankle holster with my primary in an Urban Carry G3 which works with any clothing I want to wear.

  7. Still working on it, but it’s faster than trying to draw from the belt while wearing a long jacket.

  8. Down here in South Al, we don’t really get much of a winter. Still wear a gunbelt and revolver around the homestead, and an IWB holster with my old 1911 officers model when I go into town. That is away from home and not the little town nearby. They’ve gotten used to me showing up open carry at the feed store or fuel pumps.
    Local Deputy asked me how old the revolver I usually carry is. 1890’s vintage Colt SAA.

    • It’s not really clear why this story hasn’t made it to TTAG.

      It does seem that the suspect, Clinton Robert Hurley is white and the deputy was brown but I’m sure that has nothing to do with the situation.

        • If I was right it was on accident,

          I’m actually far far Marxist left.

          I was trying to be a race-baiter.

          I’m well know in these parts for that

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  10. I carry OWB the vast majority of the time. The only time I carry IWB is when it absolutely positively has to remain concealed. Like in places where it is legal to carry but against policy.
    Other than that a long t-shirt conceals most guns just fine.

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