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On the bright side, all your liberal neighbors know you’re part of the club. On the downside, you’re helping the criminals even more directly than usual.


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  1. Should be a requirement for all anti gunners. Why should they benefit from herd immunity when they’re trying to make the herd sicker?

    • Agree completely. They can either enjoy the herd anti-bodies and stop the endless whining/sniveling/violations of the Constitution and culture of freedom or put the sign out on the front door.

      But they won’t because they are all hypocrites. Here’s a question I’ve asked anti-gunners who are annoying around me. (yes, they all are)

      “You have a young child yes?” I say imagine that I have that child in a choke hold. There eyes are starting to bug, gasping and there is a gun on the table. Would you use it? The honest ones say immediately “yes”, some say they will fight and the macho stuff comes out. For that I ask them if they are willing to chance it 100% all of the time and they end up agreeing that the gun is the sure way to end the threat, me killing their child.
      Usually if it’s a mom I ask this to many will not engage the question, completely closing off the thought and walking away.

      I have changed a couple of minds, but the mental gymnastics and moral twisting of the other ones shows them deep down that they are hypocrites and cowards. They appear to be ok with that which I can not understand at all.

      • Interesting! Maybe they walk away because it’s creepy and weird when you hypothetically threaten to choke their kid?

        • Perhaps, but then again they should not have been annoying as in stating “No one needs an AR!” “All guns should be outlawed!” ect ect ect. True it’s their opinion to voice, but once they put it out there I can refute it if so inclined.

      • Some of the bravest soldiers were those that would not carry a gun and stuck to their convictions. They saved a lot of lives and went back over and over to help the wounded.
        I am not cut from that cloth, but I can respect it.
        Most of the people that are anti gun think they are icky. These are the same people that don’t want to think about sewer systems, trash landfills, or where the meat they buy at the market comes from. I have 0% respect for that.

        • “…Some of the bravest soldiers were those that would not carry a gun..”
          Being retired Army, yes I understand this, but I’m not referring to those, but rather the annoying, aggressively so, anti-gunners who seem to spout their non-sense around me. It’s those I will refute. Usually a statement such as “I won’t allow guns in my house and no one else should either because ..reasons! I merely point out that ‘magical thinking’ is not reality.
          If someone does not want to protect their child by any means necessary, including a gun, that’s on them.

      • I came to the conclusion some years ago that these people cannot be changed, reasoned with, or lived with. If I run into a staunch anti gunner I state “I am not giving up anything I have. If you pass more laws or make more regulations I will not obey them. If someone tries to enforce them I will defend myself and my rights. How much blood are you willing to shed for your beliefs? I will remember you if it comes to that.”

        Hoplophobia is the original derangement syndrome. Before Trump Derangement Syndrome, Virus Derangement Syndrome, and Vaccine Derangement Syndrome. These people have an incurable mental illness that makes them a threat to all around them.

      • “You have a young child yes?” I say imagine that I have that child in a choke hold. There eyes are starting to bug, gasping“

        Fascinating, thanks for opening a window into your internal dialogue, your mental landscape seems somewhat dark…

        You could’ve chosen a hypothetical intruder, ‘thug’, robber or burglar but instead, you chose to place yourself in the position of abusing the child.

        • More see it as they already view him as evil for owning the gun so why not play off it to get them thinking. But I generally think the self insertion bit of psychology is overused and generally worthless unless one is running a struggle session.

        • Not an internal dialogue. I voice this quite clearly in my rebuttals. I make it personal in order to uncover the truth of the person’s statements.

  2. There is only three items you will ever find at my home displayed. The US Flag. A US Flag on Memorial Day, Flag Day and Veterans day that has been carried with me throughout my Army career and has been shot, shows her scars from being in deserts and a jungle. And a 82nd Airborne Division flag that flys on Airborne day.

    No firearm signs, no political signs.

    Anyone that has that sign in their yard is ignorant and setting themselves up for failure.

    • If I were a criminal looking for a place or person to rob I think the 82nd Airborne Flag would be enough for me to keep on moving.

      Maybe that house with the rainbow flag or coexist flag would be a better choice for me to rob 😉

      • Or the really woke house that has a small sign with a green light on next to the front door, indicating no one is at home.

        • Any house with a “In this house we….” sign out in the yard that has the appropriate talking points is essentially the same sign for suburban NY. That I am starting to see memes attesting to this is a bit amusing.

  3. Well, the sign says they are against “Senseless” gun violence. That seems to mean they are not against sensible gun violence; they may even be for it. Yet, they do not have any guns. Seems like they did not think this through….maybe knock on the door and offer to help….

    • That was my immediate thought as well. If they’re only against senseless violence, then they should have no problem with law abiding gun owners. Maybe they don’t understand that there can be such a thing (see below).

      “Seems like they did not think this through”

      What if they did? What if they don’t trust themselves with a firearm, and all of this “all guns are bad” talk is just defensive projection? It’s so much easier to harp on others than to come to terms with your own shortcomings.

  4. Y’all know what that reference is from right? There was a pro gun group of young people who posed as earnest anti gunners, going around to the homes of certain semi prominent anti gunners and asking them to place these signs in their yards, another one being “this home is proudly gun free”.

    The purpose was to show the hypocrisy of anti civil rights types, that even those who claimed to genuinely believe that guns are bad still wouldn’t advertise that they were defenseless, thereby demonstrating at least a tacit understanding of one basic tenant of pro gun thought processes

  5. This is on par with NRA stickers on vehicles, and “Come and Take It” flags outside houses.

    “YOO HOO! Bad guys! Come and victimize me!”

  6. Nothing like that in my neighborhood.Like a rob n rape invitation.We’re rapidly turning Spanglish. They generally don’t buy into that idiocy. My late neighbor asked me if he could put a Dim po-litical sign on my lawn but they had it least one gat🤓😎🙄

      • He’s saying that asking to put a dem political sign in his yard can be hazardous to one’s health.

  7. Maybe I’m overthinking this, but if I were a burglar I think I’d stay the hell away from that house out fear of falling into a pit filled with punji sticks or something.

  8. Maybe this sign is bait. Like when the police sent a bunch of wanted crooks notice that they’d won free tickets to a Giants game.


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