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Life goals.


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  1. I’m a Liberated Kalifornican…
    My Body, My Choice! Hands OFF my body!
    And No, that bulge in my pants is just MY CHOICE!

  2. Would love to have a large, reinforced gun room with a bank vault-type door…was counting on winning the billion dollar PowerBall to fund the expansion. Someone in California beat me to it…Haz…jwm?

  3. ‘Safe Storage Laws’. What a joke.

    Saw several videos of people slicing through good quality gun safes with a cutoff tool. Cheap safes only take minutes and even a really good only only means that it takes longer. Unless your spending money a HIDDEN gun safe then there’s little reason to bother with one.

    • My safes both have large “CAUTION, EXPLOSION HAZARD” warning labels. I have several large containers of powder for ammo loading.
      Someone breaking in is sure to experience a major pucker factor while watching their cutoff tool spark away. 😄

      • You’re an absolute fool if you keep gunpowder in a safe. Make a strong box out of hardwood that is 2 in thick and go overboard making it strong a d heavy. That is the recommended way to store gunpowder. never ever ever ever store it in a gun safe. If you have problems with rodents chewing on the plastic containers then you can consider storing it in a metal garbage can. smokeless powder burns like crazy but left in the open atmosphere it only burns. If you contain it in something such as a safe then when it burns that burn becomes an explosion instead of just a burn.

        • Ahhh, but can you understand the deterrence these stickers provide when stuck on gun safes.🤔
          The stickers are readly available online and easy to apply. It’s up the criminal to decide if there’s actually powder stored in the safe. As I said, pucker factor.
          Yeti coolers work good for powder storage, ammo storage too. 😉

        • The Yeti coolers were purchased (at cost) over a decade ago, thru a neighbor who knows a regional sales rep.
          I purchased almost a dozen Tundra 65s and gave them as Christmas gifts that year. Kept four for myself.

      • You might consider a slightly different route…

        I have several ‘Danger high-voltage’ signs on the large metal ‘breaker enclosure’ in my laundry room along with several fake conduit runs into the top of the ‘breaker enclosure’…

        • you seldom see any three phase in residential. 480v would be tops. now, that shite ain’t friendly, but playtex living gloves are all you need to grab it safely.
          most of us just think you made that up, sparky.

        • “480v would be tops“

          So voltage is under 480V aren’t lethal?

          I think you’re just making up your knowledge of electricity, or else you would know that even a pinhole in a cheap latex glove can kill you.

          And you would’ve used a capital ‘V’ for volts.

    • Even safes that insurance companies will allow you to keep 5 million bucks worth of diamonds in are TL30xls. The 30 in that name means it will take 30 minutes to penetrate for someone that has the skills to do so and all the tools. A garbage gun safe with a few garbage guns in plain view somewhere in your home and then a tl30xl safe hidden in a hidden room is your best bet. I wouldn’t even lock the cheap safe and I’d put a couple hundred dollars worth of twenties in there also.

    • A few years back when a local guy was away from his somewhat isolated home for the weekend, a couple enterprising chaps who overheard him talking about his gun collection in a LGS, broke in, log chained his quite large safe to a truck, and yanked it through the side of the house. Hauled it off to where they could take their time getting it open.

      • drednicolson:
        Reminds me of an incident, which took place maybe 50 years ago. There was a neighborhood bar where I grew up on Detroit’s eastside, which had a safe out on the floor in plain sight. Not a real good idea. Anyway, burglars broke in one snowy night, hooked it up to a pickup truck, and dragged it away leaving tracks in the snow. Cops followed the tracks and apprehended the (stupid) burglars. End of story.

        • If they were smart they wouldn’t be criminals…

          But the entertainment value is priceless.

          I recall the story of the enterprising individuals who hooked their chain to the outside ATM and jerked their own bumper, including license plate, off in the parking lot.

          Frightened by the loud noise, they foolishly fled…

        • TTAG Shadow,
          Puts the lie to the rumor that Detroit cops couldn’t track elephants in ten feet of snow.

  4. Now that the kids are grown, I took the safe and put it in the closet. I paneled over the closet wall leaving the one panel able to slide. I built a new closet in front of the sliding panel. Hang some clothes and placed a small table like in the closet.. Used screws for most of the build except for the trim. easy to disassemble later. even if the closet would be pillaged never even know that there is a safe behind the wall.


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