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It ain’t about hunting, y’all.


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    • Double yep.

      This also should not be forgotten – a .35 caliber select.-fire rifle with detachable box if mags was brought to US market in 1905. No background check, or even id required.

      Nothing new about war guns in the US.

      The modern era of mass shootings began in 1966…

      Shortly after TVs became ubiquitous.

      • Mass shootings became more frequent when “GUN-FREE ZONES” started appearing all over this country. Nothing is more inviting to a mass shooter than a gun-free zone.

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  1. Former Marine here. In my day, the infantry regiments had some Remington 870 shotguns, the aviators were issued J-Frame revolvers, the snipers had highly modified Remington Model 700 bolt action rifles, and I carried an Ithaca Gun 1911. None of these would be classed as “assault weapons” but all were “weapons of war” in the 1st Marine Brigade.

    • During 09-10 OIF deployment had a soldier who carried Mossberg 590A1 he was part of the PSD team for the brigade commander so I guess Mossberg 590A1 is a “assault weapon of war” These asshat politicians are a freaking joke.

      • Guard units keep that tradition alive, 870, 590, and 700 all on hand and in the TOC if needed. Not so much with the revolvers but we were gifted a Lee Enfield a local hammered out on his anvil. No idea what pattern but it apparently chambered and fired 303 without too much issue even if the “rollmark” he stamped on was a bit wonky.

    • In the hands of a Marine a soup Ladle is a “Weapon of War”. I myself took out a very drunk and hostile customer once with a liter of Jack Daniels’ One swing to the side of the head and it was ‘Goodnight Irene’ for the dumbass. Are Jack Daniel’s bottles Weapons of War then? How about a ‘Panini Machine ‘??? How about a bottle of champagne? Those corks could ‘Blow yer lungz out amirite’?
      The REAL problem isn’t the GUN. It never was. It’s our FREEDOM! We bug people because we are FREE. The enemy wants to enslave us! It’s the corrupt Politicians (and lobbyists) and gun-grabbers spewing lies, Spinning tales of POTG being EVIL murderous out of control maniac’s. Selling FEAR and distrust to the misinformed mostly woke public. We Gunner’s know that trying to re-educate/reform the ‘Darcy-ians’ and Miner-byrd’s on this earth that ‘Gunz good- evil doer’s bad ‘!is just a waste of all of our time. They don’t matter. Sorry guy’s but you don’t. And one day you guy’s too will have to make a decision on which side do your loyalties land? You guy’s in my honest opinion are not being very smart with all your negative posts and comments against the good people on this forum. Conviction is guaranteed for you ‘people’. I would have no regrets throwing all you TRATORIST a88holes into a cell and forgetting all about you. Traitor’s are like child rapists in prison, even the Con’s have a line in the sand THEY would never cross. NOBODY likes a “RATT”!!!!! Or maybe it’s the rope for you? Speedy, assembly-line convictions and immediate executions, unmarked graves and the world would never know you even existed. Shame.
      The real problem as I see it is ‘What’s their (Demon-crap’s, Cabal, global elite’s, Hillary, politician’s etc.) whatever they call themselves, END GAME?????? Would the enemy stop @ total confiscation of all gunz? (which is NEVER going to happen) or is it more sinister than even we can imagine @ this time?. I have never seen a total assault against any group as I see all the nonsense we’ve been subjected too and witnessing these last couple of years. (a certain group of evil-doer’s tried to eliminate an entire race of people years ago and it was up to the world to band together to fight those diseased madd men and their followers. they almost won! But GOOD triumphed over evil (Thank God). There’s almost a desperation to the enemies actions now with the mid-terms coming up in a few months, a ratcheting up of the violence, vitriol and lies, and yet more and more citizen’s are buying Gunz in record numb3rs. Why is that? Because people know the Cops can’t help anymore, and the only way to combat this Evil is to DEFEND Themselves, their families, their Homes and businesses, their way of life!. People see the out of control madness that is infecting mostly blue states run by democrats across our once great country. The open border situation is very disconcerting! Not only illegal’s crossing the border , but what else are they bringing with them??? Deadly laced Fentanyl and Cocaine, Terrorists hidden amongst them, Armies of Columbian, Nicaraguan or other south of the border shock-troops? It wouldn’t be the first time in history where the idiots who are trying to overthrow a government (democrats in this case) are then steam rolled over by the same bad guy’s they helped get a foothold in our great country. Why would the enemy stop @ just us? When they could have it all! The bad guy’s know they could never succeed on their own strength alone (they had to have help to get this far). We gunner’s would all have to be eliminated. All of US….and where would THAT stop? Would the enemy be satisfied with ‘scorched earth’ tactics? Would the ‘woke’ be turned into slaves? Wouldn’t the enemy eliminate ALL the democratic politicians and their families after all the dust settles ? How could they trust these Traitors ever again after launching this WAR against their own people. Easier to just get rid of them after they out lived their usefulness. There will be no ‘Hearts and Minds’ program for us to be brainwashed with. Their END GAME is to break us (whoever they didn’t manage to kill first). Obliterating the UNITED STATES of AMERICA and turning it’s citizenry into slaves may be their ultimate goal.
      I am grateful that in looking back on my life lived, that I haven’t many regrets. I do know that whatever happens next is going to be huge! Will that entail Civil War ? This enemy isn’t subtle. But it’s a fight worth fighting. FREEDOM isn’t FREE! But it is worth dying for. I’m no hero. I am a PATRIOT ! and fighting and dying on my feet is a hell of a better ending than stayin’ alive on my knees in a ‘Failed state’ RULED by Communist/Marxism Criminals.

      I AM a Guardian Angel, and I approved this message.
      Also, no Jack Daniels was harmed delivering this message.

  2. Point, set, and match. Nothing more needs to be said. There’s a point to be made for the 2nd Amendment. That is to defend ourselves against tyranny.

    End of argument.

    • Just like “but”, the word “hunt/hunting” is not in the 2A either.
      However, there are non too few BUTTS wanting to destroy the 2A!

  3. It was in a 1788 speech that Tench Coxe, a Pennsylvania delegate to the Continental Congress, asked and then said the following: “Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom? Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an American . . . .”

    • God I love that quote!
      P.S. United States v. Miller 307 U.S. 174 (1939) The Supreme Court’s primary holding was that only weaapons with mlitary or militai use were protected from regulation.

      • I think I can make an argument that a sharp stick is a weapon with military usage – and therefore protected from Regulation.

  4. Liberals have no problem swallowing the pill pictured. 54 over 543 is markings for Roxicet, which is oxycodone and Tylenol mixed together. We all know they love their opioids. But on the metaphorical topic of the meme, it is 100% correct.

    • “54 over 543 is markings for Roxicet, which is oxycodone and Tylenol mixed together.”

      More to the point, the artist knew that, so she most likely has had personal experience with severe pain, or someone she was close to.

      Hope beyond hope you or anyone you love never has to suffer from debilitating pain, the kind that won’t let you sleep. It’s *agony*.

      The DEA has been aggressively prosecuting doctors who, in the DEA’s opinion, were over-prescribing such medicine. It had gotten so bad, doctors were becoming scared of prescribing them, and their patients were suffering. As a result, some of them turned to the black market.

      (To clear something up – I’m not talking about the notorious ‘pill mills’ that were prescribing thousands of pills (or more!) per month. Regular, everyday doctors were becoming frightened at the possibility of the DEA shutting down their practice, and the doctors losing their medical licenses.)

      We had some very good news on that as the last SCotUS term wrapped up. 2 doctors who got caught up in that insanity got the relief they needed by winning the argument that they were prescribing in good faith. By a unanimous vote of 9-0.

      ‘Pill Mills’ are bad, and need to be shut down (and were, and still are). Doctors in good faith can now prescribe medicine to treat pain without the fear of arrest and imprisonment…

      • Here we go down another rabbit hole. Stay on topic ladies and gentlemen. The fact that there are so many elected officials that want to ban guns is too important a subject to be taken so lightly by you rabbit hunters.

  5. I dont post on here much, but got my 1st “comment is awaiting moderation.” Support 1A rights as much as 2A TTAG!

    • Join the club. It happened for me some 5 comments in a row. All innocuous no profanity. Believe it or not it’s been far worse in the nearly 10 years I’ve been here. I echo the sentiment of joining in a real party…

      • This is why I make sure that my comments are anything but innocuous and always include some fuckin’ profanity.

        Gotta keep ’em on their toes.

    • Nemesis-Black,

      IF you plan to comment on TTAG, get used to it. TTAG SUPPOSEDLY has an “algorithm” which controls moderation of comments based on “trigger words” – which is errant horses***, of the purest ray serene. Algorithms, by definition, are consistent. TTAG’s “moderation” is anything BUT consistent. I long ago quit trying to figure out what their actual standards for moderation are; I no longer give a flying fornication. I say what I wish to say, and if the moderate me, they are cordially invited to osculate my anal sphincter.

  6. Look around at all your politically active neighbors during a “Town Hall” meeting.
    Like almost all the guys that I served with in SE Asia, NOT ONE OF THEM CAN BE TRUSTED TO COME TO YOUR AID.
    Yeah, I know, Your mileage may vary, and this applies mostly to the base camp commandos that I had to put up with.
    My experience was NOT ONE.
    And that explains what “gun control for thee” is really saying to you…
    “Hell No, I Won’t Go!” (We’ll send YOU and YOUR KIDS!)

  7. Weapons of mass destruction i.e. the assault rifle need to be put on the NFA list.

    Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1941 “Four Freedoms” speech placed freedom from fear as one of four essential human freedoms. Translated to our modern gun crisis, this freedom can be realized only when individuals no longer have easy legal access to armaments that put them “in a position to commit an act of [mass] physical aggression against any neighbor.” Children today do not have this freedom from fear. Just to live in society and go to school, they must endure regular active-shooter drills, because the gun lobby has opposed any regulation that would keep weapons out of the hands of those whose activities remain legal up until the exact moment when they start shooting children and teachers. Proposals to make schools more like fortresses only add to the costs children bear rather than addressing the root constitutional problem—that insufficient regulation of guns impairs the liberties of all.

    • FDR- the same monster that had American citizens rounded up at gun point and placed in concentration camps because of their race. How did those actions rate on the ‘fear’ scale?

      Of course a dutiful member of the SS like yourself would have FDR as one of his heros.

      • “FDR- the same monster that had American citizens rounded up at gun point and placed in concentration camps“

        Your statement is factually inaccurate.

        FDR‘s executive order did not “round up American citizens at gunpoint and send them to concentration camps”.

        FDR‘s executive order merely ordered the evacuation of certain groups of people from military areas.

        It was the United States Congress that passed actual legislation authorizing the establishment of the relocation camps, passed in congress by both Democrats and Republicans.

        “The West Coast was divided into military zones, and on February 19, 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066 that authorized military commanders to exclude civilians from military areas. Although the language of the order did not specify any ethnic group, Lieutenant General John L. DeWitt of the Western Defense Command proceeded to announce curfews that included only Japanese Americans.

        General DeWitt first encouraged voluntary evacuation by Japanese Americans from a limited number of areas. About seven percent of the total Japanese American population in these areas complied. Then on March 29, 1942, under the authority of Roosevelt’s executive order, DeWitt issued Public Proclamation No. 4, which began the forced evacuation and detention of Japanese-American West Coast residents on a 48-hour notice. Only a few days prior to the proclamation, on March 21, Congress had passed Public Law 503, which made violation of Executive Order 9066 a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in prison and a $5,000 fine.

        In the next six months, approximately 122,000 men, women, and children were forcibly moved to “assembly centers.” They were then evacuated to and confined in isolated, fenced, and guarded “relocation centers,” also known as “internment camps.”

        • FDR was a monster. I rate him as the second worst President in US history right behind Wilson and ahead of Biden who is mostly just guilty of hiring completely incompetent people to run the government. The people FDR “evacuated to relocation centers” were US citizens who were denied due process and imprisoned, they had their property stolen and their lives and livelihoods uprooted. That alone qualifies him as a monster and it is just one of the many horrible things he did to this country.

      • So the Japanese in concentration camps was all Trumps fault? Got it.

        And you wonder why the mid terms will be a disaster for you guys.

        • Still waiting for the midterm disaster bud…..

          that said Miner is is not assingming blame just pointing out a horrifying stat that a lot of repubs in Iowa are 100% okay with internment which is a serious concern don’t you think?

    • Giving a speech does not grant constitutional authority to a policy contained within that speech. Anyone with a remotely competent education in basic human history should be far more fearful of the notion that any government would grant itself the “right” to “free” its people from such a nebulous concept as “fear”. It is to prevent government from giving itself the absolute power to even attempt such an absurd thing (along with all the others less easily sugar-coated) that the second amendment was affirmed. Freedom from fear of unchecked government is the root of all freedom, and when the soap, jury and ballot boxes all fail only the cartridge box remains – and then only effective to feed weapons of war to be used against all enemies of the Constitution, foreign AND domestic.

    • dacian the demented dunce,

      FDR supersedes the actual Constitution (well, God knows he TRIED TO often enough!!!)???

      i’m sure, among your Leftist/fascist/Stalinist crowd, that is conventional wisdom. History would beg to differ. FDR was an incompetent thug. He extended the Great Depression by at least four or five years with his ham-handed idiocy and fascism. He committed on of the most egregious, racist violations of human rights in our nation’s history. He was a bully and a tyrant, and . . . was saved from the consequences of his own incompetence by better men than himself.

      But I fully understand why a Leftist/fascist/Stalinist such as yourself would worship him – do you have his poster up on your mom’s basement wall, alongside Fidel, Stalin, Marx, Che, Mao, and Pol Pot??? Do you wank to it, daily??

      Now, tell me where, in the ACTUAL Constitution, “freedom from fear” is a protected right. Go ahead, I’ll wait, go look it up. Oh, ya got nothin’, amirite??? OTOH, “the right of THE PEOPLE to keep and bear arms” is right in there, in plain English, along with “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”.

      Go f*** yourself, dacian the demented dunce, right up the @$$, with a barb wire wrapped Louisville Slugger. You try to “regulate” my guns? I’l “regulate” your heartbeat – just call me the “Defibrillator”.

      P*** off, you pathetic wanking, basement-dwelling loser.

      • To The Lamp that went out in his head

        quote———– FDR was an incompetent thug. He extended the Great Depression by at least four or five years with his ham-handed idiocy and fascism.———quote

        So says the man who claims to have 4 law degrees and has written numerous books, none of which he can seem to remember the titles too. Lamp you never attended a day in college much less ever wrote anything except a bad check to pay for your gambling debts.

        In reality Roosevelt kept close watch on the various social programs he was introducing to end the depression. He said that if one program did not work he would try another till he found one that did. The works projects put millions of unemployed people back to work and with the money they made they paid bills and bought consumer items which in turn kick started a sick economy that had virtually collapsed because of the former Hoover Administrations blind greed that ended up bankrupting even many of themselves. History repeated itself with the great Bush depression decades later. . Without the various work projects the depression would have lasted twice as long and the greedy, stingy Republicans, if they had still been in power, would never have spent a penny to help the workers.

        None of this is my opinion as anyone who has attended and graduated from college is well aware of this period in American History. Your statements prove you never attended a day in college. Even a College flunk out would not have made your statements. And I might go so far to say most High School graduates would not have made such a statement either. Perhaps you flunked High School as well.

        Your posts most often are filled with profanity and fail to give any factual information on any of the subjects you so pathetically try to comment on. Hopefully the ATF is keeping a close watch on you as you certainly do not appear to be a stable person or one that should be allowed to have access to deadly weapons.

        • Says the man who’s never said what degrees he has or what schools he attended.

          What a maroon.

        • dacian the pathetic liar,

          GAWD, you are a stupid twat!!!!! First, you asswipe, I NEVER claimed to have four law degrees. I have ONE law degree (I considered getting a second – an LLM in tax – but thought it was too much boring work for the value I would get from it). I in fact HAVE four college/graduate degrees – two BAs (one in Liberal Arts, one in Finance and Accounting), an MBA, and a JD. Keep the fuck up, you pathetic dunce.

          On the second point, YES, you drooling moron of a communist fucktard, I DO claim that FDR was an incompetent thug. Prove me wrong; I dare you.

      • to Jethro W.M.

        quote—————Says the man who’s never said what degrees he has or what schools he attended.———quote

        We now have Jethro’s standard 1 line response and my response is “Wouldn’t you like to know” LMAO. I enjoy your begging on bended knee every time you do it. By the way any educated person would have already figured out the answer to your question a long time ago.

        And by the way your blind hatred and ignorance would prevent you from accepting anything I would reveal to you anyway

  8. So I take a weapon of war, say a Mauser 98, and cut or replace the stock, put a scope on it, turn down the bolt handle, and rebarrel it, it is now an acceptable Fudd hunting rifle?

    At one time these guns were cheap and plentiful but now the M98 would be worth a lot more kept in original condition.

  9. My pot of hot French fry oil is a weapon of war, the stones in my backyard to, the beautiful horses at the academy, my neighbors jeep, my kids’ cell phones…all weapons of war.

    • And another for you, in the humor department :

      “Why all semi-automatic weapons must be banned on a national basis”

      “There is no mention in the Second Amendment about an individual right to own and bear arms. The purpose of the Second Amendment was to placate those former colonies (and soon to be States), who feared the potential of a federal government acting like the King they just overthrew.”

      Read the feedback at the bottom of the page, it’s entertaining… 🙂

      • Yahoo News is still a thing and still allows comments?

        Christ, I’m not sure who’s the bigger glutton for punishment, Yahoo or the people who read that shit.

      • @Geoff

        Thank you for the link. Entertaining read. The author, an attorney, got just about everything backasswards regarding the Second Amendment, Militias, “The People”, firearm knowledge, etc. The lengths of hyperbole he went to almost convinced me that he was being sarcastic…but upon consideration and looking up his law practice history, he was being absurdly serious.

      • Makes a lot of common sense which is something totally lacking in the Far Right paranoid mind set.

        quote———-There will be those who strongly disagree with this approach. Those individuals should ask themselves what price is too high to pay for human life? Does a human life not mean anything? Is it really alright to hold onto extreme ideas of personal freedom when the result of such ideas leads directly to the mass destruction of human life? What kind of society do we want to live in?———-quote

        • 140,000 Americans die from excessive alcohol use every year – that’s at least 3x the total number of deaths from firearms each year of which 2/3 are suicides, and at least 280x the number killed by any kind of rifle including all “weapons of war”/”assault weapons”. Shall we return to Prohibition except this time with the kind of brutal oppression of those who dare take a drink that you have planned for gun owners? Or does your pearl clutching over “mass destruction of human life” stop at the statistically insignificant number of people killed in so-called mass shootings? And if so, why do you value those other human lives so little?

      • If the framers of our Constitution had only worded the 2nd Amendment this way, a lot more idiots would get its true meaning. Example: “BECAUSE IT IS NECESSARY FOR A FREE STATE TO HAVE AND MAINTAIN A MILITIA AND TO ENSURE THAT THIS MILITIA IS NOT USED AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF THAT FREE STATE, THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”

  10. Funny how several of the firearms in my collection are former military arms. Actually government issued military arms. None of them are on the ban list. But, my AR15, and my AR10 are somehow weapons of war, but neither were ever owned by or issued by any military anywhere. Both purchased new as civilian firearms.
    Even better, several of the former military firearms in my collection are much more powerful than the scary AR15.
    Now, I don’t expect government office holders to be expert on much of anything, but should have some basic knowledge of what they want to regulate or ban. Honestly, the truthful, accurate information is a 1 minute google search away on almost any subject now days. Guess that is too dificult for congress critters, or their staff to do.

    • It’s funny how people seem to think that what defines a “weapon of war” is something that at some point were considered ‘military issue’.

      What difference does that it make to anything if a military unit somewhere used it? How does that change something from being a ‘weapon of war’? one way or the other?

  11. Every ‘firearm ever made is a WEAPON of WAR if it’s used as such. From a .22Long assassination hand gun -and they neally do exist based I’m told on a BROWNING .22SLP using a low MV and a REALLY EFFECTIVE moderator whih really was a Silencer and of course there was the British WELROD [hope I got the spelling right] that was still being used right up to the ’90’s. But of course some are specifically designed to be so. That applies to every single Semi-Automatic evermade and of course every single machine gun of any description, and most handguns over a certain load/calibre combination. These weapons have no practical use other than to KILL people as efficiently as possible and they certainly have no plce in any self defence situation if only because the very very real chances of considerable collateral damage which, is as far as I can see very seldom discussed on these pages..
    The lessening of collateral damage was one of the valid reasons why the 5.56 NATO Cartridge was selected for all NATO Forces [though admittedly there has been somewhat of a re-think about bthat and most forces have now upgraded for at least some of their Infantry to a heavier calibre for ‘Specialist’ Shooters. But apart from the Armed Forces there really is no nessessity for any civilian to have anything other than a FIVE-shot bolt action Rifle of a suitable calibre for any purpose. Just because they are available does NOT mean they are a nessessity or even that they should be legal. No competent HUNTER uses a SEmi Auto matic and in the days of REAL BIG- GAME HUNTING and I mean really big game hunting by professionals a HEAVY CALIBRE DOUBLE BARREL [up to 0.55inch EXPRESS and you think Magnum has poke!] was deemed sufficient to bring down anything on four legs. Even the move to single barrel Bolt Action Rifles was seen as unsporting.

    As to handguns. Nobody actually needs anything more than a decent 9mm or .38 calibre for any possible SELF DEFENCE situation and anthing else is unnessessary and superfluous and they do not need any more than a single handgun at that – they certainly do NOT bloody well need whole collections.

    Then there is the question of AMMUNITION . Nobody needs any more than 25 rounds of Ammunition of any single type for immediate use.

    I get the question of range workouts and anything over that 25 rounds should only be available on licensed ranges and it should be made a criminal offence to remove unspent ammunition FROM a licensed ranges. This is already the case in the Military where it’s a punishable offence to remove even SPENT BRASS or at least it was when I served as a Smallarms instructor in the UK Royal Air Force and the UK Army Infantry Reserves.

    I would hazard a guess that these are the areas that are receiving a lot of attention from the Legislature because as I see it from the other side of the pond a limitation on QUANTITY does NOT fall foul of the supposed provisions of the American Constitutio..

    California is already slowly implementing some of these provisions by increasingly making the conditions of license tougher and where California goes the rest of America follows -simply because California has the ECONOMIC CLOUT, as the powerhouse of the American Economy [that has well over twice the GDP of RUSSIA and if considered as a single economic entity would rank fourth or fifth in the world! ] to make it so!!

    To paraphrase HAROLD McMILLAN, the PRIME MINISTER of the United Kingdom back in the late 50’s when addressing the members of the COMMONWEALTH in AFRICA specifically APARTHEID SOUTH AFRICA who were pushing for independence that they should be aware that’ The [ POLITICAL] Winds Of Change were’ Blowing throughout Africa’ and that they should get used to the idea. It took one or two decades but it did happen. and in spite of ferocious and often bloody opposition from some.

    • “Every ‘firearm ever made is a WEAPON of WAR if it’s used as such.”


      “That applies to every single Semi-Automatic evermade [sic] and of course every single machine gun of any description, and most handguns over a certain load/calibre combination. These weapons have no practical use other than to KILL people as efficiently as possible …”


      “The lessening of collateral damage was one of the valid reasons why the 5.56 NATO Cartridge was selected for all NATO Forces…”

      Nope. Show us your statistics on “collateral damage” caused by citizens defending themselves with handguns. I doubt that you have any.

      “I would hazard a guess that these are the areas that are receiving a lot of attention from the Legislature because as I see it from the other side of the pond a limitation on QUANTITY does NOT fall foul of the supposed provisions of the American Constitutio..[sic]”

      Wrong again.

      “California is already slowly implementing some of these provisions by increasingly making the conditions of license tougher and where California goes the rest of America follows -simply because California has the ECONOMIC CLOUT …”

      Once again, wrong.

      Explain how you would remove the guns from the hands of criminals without infringing on the rights of legal owners. Unless and until you propose a workable solution, the remainder of your opinions hold no validity.

      • to Klingon

        quote———–Explain how you would remove the guns from the hands of criminals without infringing on the rights of legal owners. Unless and until you propose a workable solution, the remainder of your opinions hold no validity.———-quote

        Its been done in every civilized country on earth. No sane nation allows the proletariat weapons of war so they can use them on their fellow citizens for the most trivial or maniacal of reasons. The naked ape can always be counted on to live down to his most bestial level especially when it comes to his innate instinct of tribalism, racism and savagery.

        And the corrupt Supreme court by overturning “established law” of 50 years, (Roe v/s Wade) proves the courts can ban anything they wish because they are political prostitutes of the party in power and they have rendered the constitution totally meaningless and totally trashed the credibility of the court.

        Sixty percent of the American people believe the Supreme Court is totally corrupt and has zero regard to constitutional rights.

        By passing a law that would make it a felony subject to 20 years in prison, a 200,000 dollar fine, and loss of gun rights for life would result (just as in Australia) of railroad cars of guns being thrown into the streets to be scooped up front end loaders with smiling black shirted jackbooted storm troopers standing by supervising.

        History has already proven this.

        • “Explain how you would remove the guns from the hands of criminals without infringing on the rights of legal owners. Unless and until you propose a workable solution, the remainder of your opinions hold no validity.”

          Asshole: “By passing a law…”

          You just can’t make this stuff up. You did prove, however, my second point.

        • Imagine my shock to see you using communist terminology like proletariat, Comrade.

          No, can’t let them have weapons – 100 million murders later and there are still so many enemies of the Revolution still to be disposed of to achieve utopia, eh?

        • To Klingon

          quote———–“Explain how you would remove the guns from the hands of criminals without infringing on the rights of legal owners.————-quote

          The bulk of weapons used by criminals and psychopaths come from the sale of second hand guns and stolen guns. When you dry up that supply you deny them access to weapons. This is exactly why all civilized nations have Universal Background Checks and safe storage laws and their astronomically LOWER rates of mass murder and homicides prove that these laws work and work well.

          Of course this simplicity is lost on the Far Right whose Paranoia renders them incapable of rational thought or accepting verifiable studies in the U.S. and in other countries. The Far Rights denial of history is legendary including the denial of the history of their own country. Why do you think they hate Critical Race Theory with such a passion. It is because the historical truth is too embarrassing for them to admit to and it angers them to be forced to see themselves as the rest of the sane world sees them.

        • Your goal is to eliminate gun violence by eliminating gun owners.

          Will the victims of your Caravan of Death have to dig their own pit or will an excavator be a part of the motor pool?

  12. All modern firearms are either weapons of war or derivatives thereof. Of course, the idiots of the Democrat party mostly just mean an AR or AK type, or anything that might scare them or their muggle friends. Fortunately, the Bruen and WV v EPA decisions mean that much of the current gun control regime will soon be on the trash heap of history. As a student of history, I have always known that the Second Amendment was about enabling US citizens to maintain the arms necessary to defend the Constitution and the nation from enemies both foreign and domestic.

  13. In reality, the Second Amendment was written for that very reason. It gave the American citizen the right to access and possess ‘weapons of war’ in order to overthrow a tyrannical government if the ‘Great American Experiment’ ever were to turn back to autocratic rule. Modern-day pundits and politicians abhor ‘violence’ in politics, but our Founding Fathers had just fought a bloody eight-year war for independence and were prepared to violently keep America and Americans free from tyranny. Not pretty, but essential to maintain our freedoms if needed.

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