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I know I posted one with the exact same theme a couple weeks ago, but Nick Cage’s crazy face used for this meme just cracked me up.


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    • It’s because AOC is fugly as sin and when she gets excited she makes that face.

      The important difference is that Nicholas Cage is good at acting crazy. AOC is just f’in’ crazy.

      • I’ve seen her in person and she is actually quite attractive. If I had to give her a rating I would say she’s a weak 7. You do realize that politicians are actors playing a role to their constituents don’t you? With very rare exceptions their public Persona and their private Persona are completely different. Trump was an absolute Master at this.

        • This shall fade rapidly. What she doesn’t understand (as most females don’t) is that they are fading flowers. They sadly believe they’ll be beautiful forever. Spoiler: they won’t.
          Very soon the childless dog-mommies, will become invisible to the world. A life without the “dreaded male gaze) will quickly become unlivable.

          Let these people ‘extinct’ themselves. They’re doing us a favor.

        • Bill
          Slightly attractive is skin deep. Ugly prog soul goes to the bone. And she talks, talks, talks. AND is a moron.

        • You could not be more wrong. Trump always let you know actually what he was thinking. Ever read his tweets?

      • “A life without the “dreaded male gaze) will quickly become unlivable“

        Amazing, it’s clear you believe the only value a woman has is her attractiveness to men.

        “AND is a moron“

        Moron? Another weak male expresses his fear of intelligent women, sadly revealing his own inadequacy.

        “She came in second in the microbiology category of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in 2007 with a research project on the effect of antioxidants on the lifespan of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans.[17][18] In a show of appreciation for her efforts, the MIT Lincoln Laboratory named a small asteroid after her: 23238 Ocasio-Cortez.[19][20] In high school, she took part in the National Hispanic Institute’s Lorenzo de Zavala (LDZ) Youth Legislative Session. She later became the LDZ Secretary of State while she attended Boston University. Ocasio-Cortez had a John F. Lopez Fellowship.[21]

        After graduating from high school, Ocasio-Cortez enrolled at Boston University. Ocasio-Cortez graduated cum laude[26] from Boston University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in both international relations and economics.“

        Contrast that was Republican Lauren Boebert, high school drop out.

        “I love the poorly educated!”
        Donald J Trump

        • If modern women don’t want to receive the indicated response for being vacuous, superficial, vanity-obsessed narcissists – they should stop living down to those stereotypes. There are women who don’t, but more often than not those women are shunned in favor of women who think those qualities are their greatest strength and men who respond naturally to it are the ones who are wrong, aided in no small part by betas like you. Hence feminine AND bada** women like Gina Carano are targeted to have their reputations destroyed, while women like AOC (gold-painted plastic statues from high school science fair and all) are elevated for all the wrong behaviors… until slapped down in hilarious fashion by a chad like Elon Musk on Twitter.

        • “intelligent women”???

          Applied to the Bronx Bartender???

          MajorStupidity, you’re slipping. This is weak, even by YOUR weak standards (if you didn’t have double standards, you’d have none at all).

          Yeah, “America’s Dumbest Bartender” is “an intelligent woman”. Sure. Go with that, Major – it’s fun to laugh at you when you’re particularly idiotic. A woman who SUPPOSEDLY has a minor in Economics, who thinks inflation is caused by “greedy corporations”? Yeah, she’s a friggin’ genius, that addled biotch is.

          And the crazy eyes. LOVE the crazy eyes. Even if she WERE attractive (she’s not), she is a walking violation of the old rule, “Never stick your d*** in crazy”. Although, I suppose in comparison to you, she’s only slightly stupid.

        • So smart the job she got was bartending, I guess Starbucks wasn’t hiring. Now tell us kamala is a gifted public speaker.

        • “our friend the beaver.”
          my ol’ lady says the gals pour it on to show each other who’s still got what.

    • Lamp, I responded to your comments back in the gun meme article: “that’s how it would work”. Not sure if you read them but I’d like you to, particularly the first one, just so we are clear about things. Thanks.

      • Rider,

        Not me. Apparently, our rip-off artist has given up on stealing dacian and MinorIQ’s handles, and has now decided to jack mine. May he expire painfully and slowly, and that right soon.

        But thanks for your response.

        • Lamp, yeah, it was under your name and even sounded like you, referring to previous exchanges between us. I pointed this bit of thievery out to them for whatever that’s worth at this point n time) and asked wtf? Maybe you want to see if Dan can trace it and get rid of the pissant?

        • Rider,

          He’s been doing it to both dacian and MinorIQ, and now I guess it’s my turn. As much as I despise dacian the stupid and MinorIQ, jacking their handles to try to make a “point” is intellectually and morally weak. dacian is FULLY capable of embarrassing himself; leave him to do it (to quote Napoleon Bonaparte: “Never interrupt your enemy while he is in the middle of making a mistake.”). MinorIQ is even weaker, since when he starts getting spanked, he immediately reverts to his idea of sarcastic snark . . . but his snark-fu is weak and pathetic. I figure our nameless, brainless, d***less troll will move on to another victim. Other than to emphasize my total disgust for his half-assed “efforts”, I intend to ignore him/her/xi/xer/xim.

  1. Who banned abortion? You can easily butcher your baby in the Land of Lincoln. And NY. And the left coast. And others. Those state’s will pay your way to off yer offspring…

    • Yeah you can rip your child limb from limb in Colorado too. When asked the pole smoking Polis wouldn’t answer when pressed on just how late term that murder could occur.

    • Our Gov Newsom has just announced our state budget now has a whopping $200 million earmarked to pay for “womens healthcare”. $25 million of that is to assist those coming from other states.

      Newsom has a young pre-teen son. Can you imagine being the offspring of a man who vehemently argues for people to legally kill their offspring?

        • “Newsom might be male. NOT a man“

          Fascinating, so you are claiming sometimes a male human is not a man.

          Well, now we’re making progress.

          So what is your definition of ‘woman’?

        • MajorStupidity,

          ” . . . what is your definition of ‘woman’?”

          OOH! I know this one!!

          “Q: What is your definition of ‘woman’?
          A: What MajorStupidity wishes he could find, some day.”

          Y’all need to sit this one out, MajorStupidity. You’ll only end up embarrassing yourself (more than usual). Instead, tell us all how Article I, Section 8 authorizes universal federal gun control. That one is at least funny. Your pretensions to gender are not.

  2. How does a just society deal with a pregnant glue sniffer?
    Do we lock her up until the brain damaged baby is born then find a loving home to look after the special needs child (who will become an adult).
    Some might say the least fit should be sterilized (such as a glue addict). But this sounds like eugenics so upsets people.
    I don’t have answers but I sense a lot of wrong in various scenarios.
    I think now we mostly leave the sniffers alone until they spontaneously abort or bring them in to give birth to the horribly damaged baby (the glue solvents mess up brain and nervous system), and the baby,if able to survive, is given to caring people (who would rather look after a healthy baby).
    This is an upsetting topic, sorry.

  3. Liberal acquaintance was lamenting the SCOTUS ruling on Roe and I replied that no right is absolute, the Constitution is a living breathing document, and that State gun laws make it difficult for law abiding citizens to realize their 2A rights. On the later, those wishing to have an abortion will need to play by the same rules. The Liberal replied, in so many words, that they only like playing by their own rules when/if they agree with the rules. My response, now your starting to understand the sentiment “come and take ‘em”

  4. Many women, if they can afford to travel, will quietly go to states that continue to offer abortion services. There will also be more back alley abortions performed at any stage of pregnancy. A fair number of them will result in permanent injury or death to the woman. What I expect will happen most often is that, after delivery, women will tell the hospital, “I don’t want the baby. Society insisted I give birth so I did. From here on, it’s society’s problem, not mine.”

    • I fully supported a woman’s rights to choose and I supported Planned Parenthood because of the vision laid out by its founder. Eugenics works every time it’s tried and we really need to get rid of these human weeds.

        • Let me try.

          Who wants to adopt crack babies / FAS babies that become adults with no impulse control ? As in stab you because they don’t like your sneeze?

    • ” Society insisted I give birth so I did. From here on, it’s society’s problem, not mine.”

      Kendahl, that would be the most awesome outcome. I pray it becomes the norm.

        • “So u gonna adopt the babies then? Or just talk shit?”

          Mucket says:

          “Simple answer to your lazy question is yes“

          So how many unwanted babies have you adopted?

        • Well miner you stupid bitch my wife and I couldn’t afford to adopt because when we were young enough to we were too busy paying a lawyer so we could gain custody of our nieces. You see like many families some have relatives with drug problems. My wifes sister and her husband were drug addicts that used to take their children on drug runs with them. We spent well over 60 grand and ended up getting custody. These kids are well adjusted happy and healthy. Unfortunately my wife’s sister died of a drug overdose almost 20 years ago even though we tried our best to help her too. Their father finally cleaned himself up but is still a POS. My niece’s words not mine. So now during the day my wife takes care of my nieces son while she serves in the army here in Colorado. I’m proud of my nieces and the way they have turned out. Both are loving happy children. None of what I posted is any of your fucking business but there it is. And by the way asswipe when my wife was 18 she had to have a hysterectomy. She was heartbroken. Before we met my father in law took her to see if she could adopt a child. They never once asked if she would love that child it was always how much money do you make. Like said none of your business but now you know.

        • muckraker,

          Good on you and your lovely wife, sir. I hope your nieces appreciate what you’ve done, and what you’ve sacrificed, for them. And thanks to your wife for her service. MajorStupidity is too stupid to realize that there ARE people who are willing to, and do, help others when they can . . . and those people are almost exclusively “conservative”. Hey, MajorStupidity, you are aware, of course, that self-identified “conservatives” and “Christians” contribute to charity at more than DOUBLE the rate of “liberals” and “Progressives”, across ALL income brackets??

        • Thank you Lamp. My nieces have told the wife and I thank you and it is so gratifying to have played such an important role in their lives. Just to be clear as sometimes my punctuation and grammar leave something to be desired, it’s one of my nieces that is in the Army. My wife watches her child while she is working on base. God blessed us with children even though it came at a tremendous cost. Not money wise but with the loss of my sister in law.

        • My spouse and I adopted one unwanted baby. And our adopted child is NOT caucasian.

          We most likely would have tried to adopt one more if we had the finances to afford it. Alas, we resigned ourselves to only being able to adopt one child.

          Fun fact: in my small church of approximately 100 families of child-bearing/rearing age, five families adopted children–two of which were special-needs children. And four of the five are NOT caucasian. That means one in every 20 families in my church adopted. Funny thing: I know a LOT more than 100 families who embrace Progressive doctrine and not a single one of them has adopted any children.

        • No surprise to me at all that you and yours adopted, uncommon. God Bless you and the Mrs.

  5. I know several couples who cannot have klds, or have lost kids, and who if they could, would have adopted a child.

    • One of Mrs. Haz’s cousins was not able to conceive, so she and her hubby adopted four children over the span of several years. The first two are now young adults and have benefited from a strong, loving household.

      • “The first two are now young adults and have benefited from a strong, loving household.”

        Finding loving homes for surplus Caucasian babies is fairly easy (infants, anyways). The brutal reality is, the older kids and Black babies are much, much harder to find good homes for… 🙁

        • You are correct Geoff but if the wife and I had had the opportunity we would have adopted a black child. Color or ethnicity wouldn’t have mattered. We couldn’t afford it as we were fighting for our nieces. When you have a Court date in Los Angeles and show up and find out the paperwork has been transferred to Riverside you still pay your lawyer his 450 dollars an hour. 4 hours and 1800 dollars later and nothing gets done that day. And this crap happened often. The Court and the lawyers don’t care they get paid just the same.

        • Mrs Haz’s cousin (Causcasian) adopted two Black, one Hispanic, and one Mexican Indian. All as infants, and all abandoned by their mothers. They’re a real family, with all the ups and downs of life, but strong together.

          It’s a very somber thought that any of those four mothers could have chosen to legally kill those young men in a clinic years ago. Thank God they didn’t.

      • Nobody is going to adopt this kid so let’s kill it now is some wild minority report type shit right there. I can see that this kid is going to have a tougher life than most having grown up in child protective services or foster care. Let’s preemptively off their ass.

        • Olympian Simone Biles was adopted by her grandparents. Her parents were drug addicts. She came out recently as being pro-abortion. I guess she wishes her mom would have offed her instead of giving her a chance at life.

        • You don’t understand FAS or other related issues. Read up on it. Lack of impulse control is just one issue. It can be minor or major. Major is such as suddenly stabbing their sibling at dinner over a comment (then feeling remorse), or at puberty grabbing at the body of a classmate they are attracted to (then feeling remorse). The cycle of impulse, violation, and sanction is really hard on the child and his victims. In the prisons these people stand out for their remorse. A few are also sociopathic and those do not have remorse.
          The fetal damage window is I think mostly in first trimester for alcohol and solvents, later for opiates.
          There are heroic people out there who will adopt damaged babies but a large portion will burn out and the kids end up institutionalized. Obviously depends on the degree of damage. Ideally, women using alcohol heavily, huffing, benzo-crack, and even mushrooms and LSD should use contraception such as implanted devices as they can’t track a daily dose. The new craze is benzo dope and all the creeps know the girls get helpless and get raped while unconscious. Lots of these girls will get pregnant and if they carry to term the babies will be damaged. None will go to the Olympics.

      • Umm . . . the process, and the availability of adoptable children. Montana, you are seriously dumb as a box o’ rocks. Did your parents frequently drop you on your head??

      • Montana actual,

        It is incredibly expensive to adopt a child. Cost can easily exceed $20,000 to adopt just one child.

        There is a lot of potential legal peril as well.

        Oh, and the “minimum” requirements to qualify could easily exclude a lot of people. Minimum requirements entail annual income, savings, clean criminal record, living quarters, etc.

    • “who if they could, would have adopted a child“

      Could you give details about with the obstacles were to the adoption process for them?

      • How about, “None of your f***ing business”, MajorStupidity? I know two couples (and one single woman) who adopted. The process is long, painful, arduous, invasive, and absurdly expensive – which you would know, if you actually knew any people who had gone through it.

    • To add on Dale, currently, in our “wonderful” system it’s literally less expensive to fly to China and buy a baby than to adopt one here. If the adoption “services” would get out of the way there’d be more adoptions and children could be placed in a loving home.

      • Not to mention the obsession the adoption services have with matching ethnicity. They seem to prefer a dangerous placement over ideal so long as race is matched. It’s crazy.

  6. Just moved to another state and you can then murder your own children. Or just moved to a free state and you will no longer be a Slave.

    • btw
      I just heard the shooter in chiraq used a keltek sub 2000. Not an AR-15. The government and media lied again.

      • I stated that fact yesterday HERE & a regular disagreed with what the cop announced. I again saw the announcement on YouTube. On the video of the shooting it clearly did NOT sound like an AR15(I’ve had both).

        • Was mired in work yesterday, that explains why the media was saying “AR-like” to describe it. Which a sub-2000 is not. I suppose to the media every gun is an AR-15 though.

          media-“9mm? what’s that, something new?”

      • Photos have been released of a Keltek in the car at the time it was arrested.

        I’ve not seen details of what weapon it used for the shooting. Has been stated that the gun used fell out of it’s backpack while it was escaping from the murder scene.

      • The reports I’ve read said the weapon used was left there. It looks like it fell out of a bag while he was fleeing. Reports say it was an M&P 15. They found over 80 shell casings at the scene. So he unloaded three magazines. The Keltec Sub 2000 was with him in the car when they arrested him. The top of the hour national news on the radio yesterday said he had a “submachine gun” with him that he thought about using on another crowd. They probably repeated that all day long yesterday on the radio. Now people will think he had a machine gun with him.

        Here’s an account of his weapons:
        The Kel Tec SUB2000 — one of at least five guns the alleged killer bought legally, even after cops deemed him “a clear and present danger” — was found in Crimo’s car when he was arrested hours after his bloodbath, police have said.

        The confessed 21-year-old killer had already dumped the semi-automatic he allegedly used to kill seven and injure dozens more Monday — a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 — at the scene as he fled disguised in women’s clothing.

        Three other firearms — a Remington 700, a shotgun and a Glock 43 — were recovered from Crimo’s home after the shooting, officials said.

        • It certainly sounded like whatever he used had a binary trigger. At least that’s how the video sounded to me.

      • “The government and media lied again“

        No, it is you ChrisC, and the other right wing extremists posting here, who have lied.

        The Trump supporting shooter used a Smith and Wesson M&P 15, that he dropped at the scene of the crime in Highland Park.

        If it wasn’t for disinformation, the conservatives would have no information at all.

        By the way, the weapon he used was clearly identified as designed for use by ‘Military & Police’, it’s right in the nomenclature.

        It is interesting that they would freely sell that weapon to an eighteen year old who represented a “clear and present danger” to the community.

        Of course, if your father is a wealthy white pro-gun politician, no problem.

        Profits over people, it’s the ‘conservative’ way.

        • “By the way, the weapon he used was clearly identified as designed for use by ‘Military & Police’, it’s right in the nomenclature.”

          You’re the most shamelessly disingenuous person I’ve ever come across.

        • MajorStupidity,

          Wow, you really have an amazing compulsion to show your @$$ in public, doncha?? You already got taken to the woodshed for claiming (falsely) that his father was a “Republican”, when he clearly listed himself as a Democrat. He SUPPOSEDLY used an M&P 15 (you’re absurdly anxious to jump out ahead of the facts, MajorStupidity), but had a Sub2000 in his possession – the confusion is perhaps sloppy, but certainly understandable. But, what actual f***ing difference does it make?????? Your blind, insane partisanship is noted. By the way, MajorStupidity, the information available so far sure makes it look like your EARLY (like, before we had information) claims of his “Trump support” were errant bulls***. Ready to get your nose rubbed in the pile of smelly excrement you came and dropped on this forum????

          And you have the absolute GALL to talk about “conservatives” lacking information??? I would call you a tool, but most tools are useful . . . you are not. F*** off and expire, MajorStupidity.

      • Chris T,

        What I read was that he had a Sub2000 in his car, but the rifle he used was an AR platform. Sub2000 CAN BE a decent weapon, if you are willing to spend the money and do the work to fix the thing up. The MCARBO full upgrade kit costs nearly as much as the base carbine does, and a full upgrade takes about 3 – 4 hours, but the result is a decent carbine, that folds and fits in a backpack.

        • I’m going to have to go back and find the video of the police spokesperson calling the weapon a “keltek sub 200”???
          Not a “sub 2000.”

          In the video it sure didn’t sound like an AR-15 to me.

  7. Strict gun laws don’t seem to have helped prevent Shinzo Abe from being shot and apparently killed.

    Initial reports indicate a shotgun at close range during a speech.

    • Just happened. In Japan. They’ll just make guns more illegal’er. The captions on my feed are hilarious.”Apparently”,”possibly”,”may have”…

      • About 30 years ago there was a bizarre practice of importing Philippino gunsmiths to make handguns for the Yakuza. They didn’t use the guns except as show. They bought Cadillacs to demonstrate that they had garish taste so should be feared. To extort protection money from a store they would send a person to sing in front and thus caused people to feel embarrassed so would avoid the store.
        Japan is a weird place.

    • “Strict gun laws don’t seem to have helped prevent Shinzo Abe from being shot and apparently killed.”

      Just heard it was a home-built pistol.

      Proof gun control is pointless… 🙁

      • Geoff,

        Frankly, I don’t see that it matters whether it was a “home-built” or acquired on the black market, the inevitable conclusion, either way, is that a determined criminal can and will acquire/build a firearm if they want one badly enough, and “gun control” is a Leftist/fascist fantasy that can, and will, NEVER work.

        Remember, Japan had the terrorist who used homemade Sarin gas to kill people in the subway. People determined to kill will find and access the means to do so.

        • In Japan a man murdered I think 45 young women with gasoline because he felt they had stolen his graphics from a child’s book.
          He chained the doors shut and dumped 20 liters gas in the stairwell.
          More proof that gun control is not able to prevent mass murder.

    • Check out the photos of his pipe guns with electric ignition.
      The one he left at home looks like a movie prop with 9 barrels and wires everywhere.
      Based on the video he used a non smokeless powders but it didn’t look like black powder smoke. A guess is chlorate and sugar / sulphur. Hard to stop a killer willing to die. The guy had no intention of escaping his crime. Security guy had a rather small leather holster but didn’t draw.

  8. All the SCOTUS has done is put the issue of abortion back in the hands of the state legislatures/voters. The RTKBA is actually an enumerated right spelled out in the BOR as a hands off issue for the Federal Government. If abortion was or is such a major issue, why have the various proponents not done anything to establish it through legislation? They’ve had 50 years to do something.
    Firearms, on the other hand are highly regulated at the state and local levels. As well as under federal law. Getting close to a century since the NFA of 1934. And how many thousands of laws and regulations at lower levels?
    As for the right to choose etc. Well, as with any rights, they end when your actions under any right collide with the rights of another person. I have a right to control my body, up to the point where what I do causes harm to another person. I should be able to own any armaments I would like and can afford to purchase. But, outside of a very limited right to defensive use, have no right to harm another human with or without armament.
    Lastly, most of the surveys and polls I’ve seen favor legal abortion with specific time limits. Most between 12 and 15 weeks, with exceptions for medical reasons, rape, incest, or abuse.

    • Article written by obgyn was heartbreaking in that in his state of Georgia they didn’t have an exemption for fatal fetal defect so this forces women to carry to term the fetus which dies immediately after birth. A huge emotional blow to the parents. He wrote that he explained this in person to legislators who explained back that they cared about the optics ( not the patients).

      • What are you talking about? You just countered someone stating a centered non biased point of view and not their own opinions on anything with a news “poll” that caters to the far right. It’s still the MSM, dumbass. Brienart is like the CNN for right wing dummies. If the “progs” are manipulated by their version of the MSM, what does that say for you? Lol.

        • Joseph Gobbels once said something like,”If I can destroy the truth I can later impose my truth”.
          I think we have that now when large news outlets like NY Times & Breitbart just fabricate facts so people believe whatever their echo chamber says. There seems to be no punishment for disinformation.

  9. All of you talking shit about the mother’s but not a single one of you adopting their babies. How come?

    Yea, thought so.

    • Ever try adopting a US born child?
      Think getting a NYC pistol permit x100.
      I’ve three couples in my family who went through it. After thousands of dollars and years of vetting they all gave up and went foreign.

      It’s nice to think “just adopt” but the reality is a bureaucratic hellscape for only the wealthy.

      • “Ever try adopting a US born child?”

        White babies get placed quickly, older children and Black babies don’t… 🙁

        • Do the adoption services still block non matching race adoption?
          They used to.

        • Surrogacy, where a woman is paid to carry and birth a child, is booming. Very risky as the legal framework offers no assurance to the adopting parents. Many pay large sums and the surrogate does not follow through.
          Regarding the adoptability of FAS / huff babies and other neonatal street drug damaged babies, these babies deserve love but can burn out the parents.
          FAS adults are usually not independent so they never stop needing care.

        • pink childhood friend o mine gal (whole family had six fingers) adopted two older dark browns (bro/ sis). not wealthy, croat husband.
          those kids put them through some special hells.
          but they all came out the other end.

      • I know a couple that went through the exact same thing, and I’ve heard of others. Our culture encourages, and even celebrates, promiscuity but makes adoption practically impossible without being wealthy.

  10. Congrats Montana and miner. The worst fucking resident in sleep is signing an Unconstitutional executive order guaranteeing the right to murder children. Worst fucking president ever!

    • And just like you miner this bastard can’t open his mouth without spewing lies. Disgusting POS that he is.

  11. *See also:
    “These weapons of war don’t belong in civilian hands!”
    “But the 2nd was specifically to protect our right to weapons of war to fight a tyrannical government.”
    “You can’t fight the government with those.”


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