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LOL. For sure there are exceptions of high quality guns in Florida and sh*t guns outside of Florida, but Gila Monster‘s meme ain’t wrong.


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      • Bugs the size of helicopters? Hurricanes every Friday? Shark attacks? Gator problems? Humidity? Mullets? Florida Man?

        And I thought California was a mess…

        • “Florida Man?”

          You rang? 😉

          Haz, hurricanes are far preferable to earthquakes for one very good reason –

          You get a *minimum* of 24 hours warning BEFORE one will hit you.

          Earthquakes refuse to extend the same courtesy before they collapse your ‘Casa Haz’ on your head some random day at zero-dark-thirty in the morning.

          ‘Florida Man’… 😉

        • I lived through the 1994 Northridge Quake, and was only a few miles from the epicenter. I hope I never have to live through another quake again. But we typically only get them every 25-30 years.

          Oh, wait…

        • “You forgot the invasive boa constrictors.”

          And the green Iguanas dropping from the trees during a rare freeze spell…

        • Please do not leave out the Never Neglected FIRE ANTS and 150 species of COCKROACHES…it’s great if you stay inside :)-

        • Florida’s awesome, the Gulf is the best seafood in the world, and I’ll be there in about two weeks.
          Also, it’s in the South, has a solid Governor, pretty good gun laws, reciprocity, Gulf beaches are white and clean (far prettier than any beach in Cali or up the East Coast), you don’t see “undocumented” kids swimming in their underwear, and the Redneck Riviera is where it’s AT! Oysters, grouper, shrimp, snapper, cold beer, see ya’ll later!

    • I was very confused by the OP’s post until I hit the urban dictionary. I only knew the word “grundle” as the name of a dragon from a very old video game.

      • Where I’m originally from (Midwest), we call the “grundle” the “taint” or “gooch”.

        Of course, all of these are easier to say and remember than perineum.

        Was stationed in Florida for a bit (Panhandle). Not really for me.

    • The important thing is we scare all the carpetbagger northerners from moving here, and the ones that moved here to flee in panic.

      Remember northern liberals, due to climate change hurricanes are now hyper fueled and will soon cause the state to vanish, due to covid everyone will surely die, infact there will next be a covid fueled hypercane brought on by racism! Be afraid and stay away!

    • Actually we are very sensitive here…just kidding…although that’s the new system…we used to call it THE GUNSHINE STATE…before the Shadow government took away everyone’s freedoms.

    • there was an old b. kliban cartoon drawing called “map filth” where the north american continent says, “hey europe, eat my florida.”

  1. You can’t draw a picture of Florida in school. They will suspend you. Don’t shape your poptart like Florida either. Poptarts are lethal if shaped like Florida.

  2. Pretty sure Lorcin, Raven, and AMT were in Cali.

    Leinad was in TN.

    HiPoint is in OH.

    And Taurus moved to GA.

    Just sayin….

    • AMT wasn’t in the same (lack of) class as Lorcin, Raven, Phoenix, etc.

      I had their pocket ‘.380 Backup’ at one time, and had zero complaints with it…

      • I defer to your experience with yours.

        They AMTs were made of good materials. But I have shot one that worked. Either by OMC, AMT, or IAI.

        They were had sharp edges that could be used like a knife ….. just not really a useful gun.

    • Cali also has Accutek and Phoenix Arms. Phoenix’s HP-22 is a fun little plinker, but not a gun I would trust my life to. I’ve yet to find anyone who has had a good experience with any Accutek .380.

  3. There was an excellent value for the money way back in the 70’s called the Titan and later the Targa (it could have been vise/versa) but never the less the guns were an excellent value for the money. The parts came in from Europe and they were assembled in Florida, the most common was the .25 acp but there were .32 acp and .380 acp as well. The .25 acp sold back then for about $20 bucks and last year I picked one up and paid $100 for one. I did not need it but bought it for nostalgia. As expected it worked flawlessly. No they were not built out of strong metal like a Colt .25 acp or .32 acp but they were a good carry gun and very reasonable priced. I have two cousins that still carry them every day and have owned them since the 70’s.

  4. The FM Argentine 9mm High Power was imported in through Florida and they made a neat smaller “detective model”, I wish now I would have bought one when they were available. They were good guns for the money but not the equal of the FN pistols.

  5. From 1982 to 2018 Taurus was based in Miami and also manufactured guns there. After 2018 they moved to Georgia. Their guns were of excellent quality. One of my favorites was their copy of the Beretta 92 in chrome finish. It has a 1911 manual style safety. They have a neat small plastic 9mm pistol with a manual safety that has been well liked as well.

  6. The TP-70 was a double-action pocket pistol in .22 and .25 calibre, designed by West German firearm designer Edgar Budischowsky, based on an amalgamation of Colt and Walther designs.[1] It was initially produced by Korriphilia in Heidelberg, and later produced by Norton Armaments of Mount Clemens, Michigan, as the TP-22, or “Budischowsky” from 1973-1977; the Michigan models were of better quality than later models made in Florida and Utah

  7. There is a trick to living in Florida. Five hundred yards or less from the coastline is paradise. The rest is Arkansas.

  8. KAC is right down the road from me. Kel Tec, EAA Corp and Diamond Back are in the next city over.
    Spike’s and Ballistics Adavatage is close by workplace.

  9. When I lived in N.Y., I went to a gun shop with a buddy who had gone thru all the hoops to get his license. He saw a gun in the display case, and asked to see it. The surly old lady clerk barked back, Can I see your license? Fast forward about five yrs., and I find myself living in Florida. Go into a gun shop and ask to see a 9MM pistol. Clerk puts 5 guns on the counter, and walks away, while I peruse the offerings. Draw your own conclusions as to what is the freer state.


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