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You can’t miss fast enough to win. John Wick-level shooting skills aren’t required to deliver that tasty morsel of advice.


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  1. Enjoyed John Wick till he was taking unaimed shots with some bad guy in a crowd and nobody noticed the gunshots….Hollywood crap.

    • You watched two John Wick movies and that was the first thing you found too ridiculous to continue. John Wick makes The Avengers or LotR look grounded in reality.

    • to be fair, keanu trained with taran butler, who really can hip shoot with shots on target. if taran had influence on the movies, it makes sense.
      as for the silencer sounds… yeah. hollywood stuff. but heavy subsonic ammo is pretty darn quiet. I’ve fired some around people who didn’t notice, but they were all talking and making noise.

  2. I haven’t bothered to comment on it, but one of my major beefs is that most people unfamiliar with guns obtain 99.8% if their “knowledge” of guns and shooting from Hollywood. They “know” that a bullet hitting you will literally propel your body backwards. They “know” that you can shoot 837 times without reloading. They “know” that you can safely hide behind a dumpster, or a compact car. They “know” that a ‘silencer’ (DAMN you, Hiram Maxim!!!!) makes a gun go ‘pew, pew’ so quietly only your dog can hear it.

    Unfortunately, overcoming all that “knowledge” is a Sisyphean task. At my age, it’s one I choose to leave to you young whippersnappers.

    • Han is a Nancy compared to Wick. It’s an over the top gun action movie that’s more realistic than most others. It’s entertaining and Reeves shows that he actually can handle a weapon with a skillful hand.

      • “It’s an over the top gun action movie that’s more realistic than most others“

        Obviously you’ve never been shot at in anger.

        “Skillful hand”…

    • Saw the first Wick movie because my then 20 something stepson was into such flicks. Near zero plot 0r story line, and Hollywood fantasy style gunplay. Just my opinion here, but, if you never see the movie, you can rest assured you have missed nothing.

  3. I’ve gotten great advice from people who couldn’t actually do what they were talking about very well. Just about as good as getting Political Advice from Joe Biden. Listen and use everything they tell you as an example of what not to do.
    Used to know a gentleman who could break down, repair and reassemble any firearm ever made but, couldn’t’ hit a bull in the butt with a shovel full of mud at 5 feet.

    • I’ve seen many people at range with great guns and great optics who can’t shoot under pressure. Service shooting taught me to shoot under pressure so when it counted I knew I could put the shots where needed. My son is learning to shoot in service competition and he likes the variety in the matches. He says he knows why I’ve done this for over 30 years.

  4. 6 Underground was one of the worst gun movies, or really any type of movie, I’ve ever seen.

    Truly fuckin’ awful.


  6. That could be me. I could give shooting advice like that, but nobody ever asks, especially after they see my targets at the range. Just as well for them.

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