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It’s true, gun laws leave a bitter taste in my mouth, too.


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  1. If you think current gun laws are crazy you should see what true gunphobes want as law.

    The stupid! It really does hurt.

    • “you should see what true gunphobes want”

      but we have. 40 million in russia, 80 million in china, 3 million in cambodia, who knows how many in romania, and on and on and on.

  2. I am honey too until some pompous history illiterate Gun Control zealot opens their piehole and burps up another sneaky law that targets the law abiding in the name of fighting crime.

    Nothing new…Gun Control targeted Blacks and Jews so targeting the law abiding is just the nature of the beast.

  3. Oh, we have some *BREAKING* gun-related news :

    Alec Baldwin, that insufferable POS ‘actor’ managed to shoot and kill a director of photography on a movie set in New Mexico.

    Dead is 42 year-old Halyna Hutchins.

    I hope it wasn’t similar as to how Brandon Lee (son of Bruce Lee) was killed on a movie set when a slug, stuck in the barrel of a gun, turned into a real bullet when a blank was discharged.

    Gonna be interesting to see how that news gets ‘spun’ by the Leftist Scum.

    • now its going to be a thing that a member of some anti-gun group will need to be on set of every movie where a gun appears, like they did with the ASPCA when animals are used in a movie.

      anti-gun groups might be spinning this like a DJ’s turn table.

    • I’m really wanting to know the details on this one. The shot apparently also injured the director, though how seriously is not yet known.

      I’m wondering if the weapon might have suffered a catastrophic failure due to a squib or some other blockage in the barrel and sent shrapnel flying? That might explain why two people were hit. Especially if it were to turn out they weren’t standing directly in front of Baldwin when he fired. Just thinking out loud here.

      In any case, RIP to the unfortunate woman.

      • In the Brandon Lee ‘The Crow’ incident, a ‘dummy’ round (a round with a projectile but no powder or live primer) had the slug loosen and the slug got jammed in the barrel. When the gun was later fired with a blank (lots of ‘boom’ but no projectile), the gunpowder launched the slug as if it were a bullet, hitting and killing Brandon Lee.

        Yeah, gonna be interesting watching how this plays out…

        • Now seems the gun was loaded with a live round, for some reason I cannot fathom. Baldwin, of course, has never in his life been advised that it s HIS responsibility to check a gun before waving it around and pulling the trigger, so when handed the gun just pointed as directed and pulled the trigger. I feel extremely sorry for him, and for the friend he killed. But basic training in grade school would have prevented this, and he will continue to oppose that all his life.

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