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You want tritiums? HERE’s your tritiums! …Second version of the same meme:

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  1. I told my girlfriend I was going to see if I could spit to the ceiling. She threw the quilt over her head. I had just farted. I thought it was funny.

  2. Being of Scotts and Norwegian ancestry, I already glow in the dark. Don’t need anything to light things up under the covers.

      • Boy, haven’t heard that description since high school–and that was fifty years ago. Amazing how something like that will stick with you.

    • (cough cough)

      Scottish as an adjective. Scot as a noun. “Scotts” is a brand of fertilizer.

      Just sayin’, since I myself am of Scottish, Irish, and Norse ancestry. And yes…I’m on the very light side of skin tone as well, lol.

  3. That reminds me of that hilarious scene of I think it was John Ritter running around with a glow in the dark condom where all you see is a glowing boner bouncing around. I can’t recall the movie.

  4. We had a town marshal who worked undercover a lot. If MaryPaula wasn’t on the street the Marshal was working undercover

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