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Ugh, this happens every time I’m wearing a tankini and reach for something on a high shelf.


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    • If you resemble that your days of running are long past without serious work and possibly medical intervention.

      You probably want that lump on top biopsied too.

  1. “…this happens every time Iā€™m wearing a tankini and reach for something on a high shelf.”

    Gee, thanks, I just ate, Jeremy!

    Now *that* visual is burned in my brain… šŸ™

  2. Annnnnddd? Happens to me every time I get on my Harley, happens constantly while RIDING with my wife (she is constantly rubbing on me, moving my shirt around exposing the 10mm), good thing FL has an inadvertent exposure law… I quit worrying about my shit being exposed a long time ago but yes that IS how one should feel about a 10mm hanging out in the breeze….

  3. Speaking of which, Oregon’s new conc3ealed carry law has a provision similar to the one of old in Texas where it is a criminal offense if your gun becomes exposed and someone reports it. To make matters worse, people are being encouraged to report inadvertent exposures.

    • I’m surprised Texas outlaws inadvertent carry exposure. It just seems rather un-Texas-like behavior for them.

      How’s California on that issue? It used to be a crime in Florida, but they eventually corrected that…

      • It just seems rather un-Texas-like behavior for them.

        Doesn’t Constitutional/open carry negate THAT law? Open carry has been a thing in Texas since Sept, 2021…

      • Texas laws actually have always been in the “all hat” category WRT gun rights. Florida is similar, actually. You have to go to Alaska to get laws that actually match the Texas reputation.

      • Based on the image that looks to my eye to be a PLZ04/05 with a short barrel, M109A6 or a Raad2 knockoff of the M109.

        Average mass for those units is 32.8 tons. Which is just a hair more than your average Golden Corral afficionado, who are decidedly not what the porn industry is going for.

        Where porn skews heavy, it skews to fat chicks, not fat dudes. Ron Jeremy wouldn’t even get an interview these days.

    • Hmmmmmm, I saw it as more like he felt like his fly had opened and his “manhood” had escaped… Guess you had to have “been there done that” to see it from that perspective…

      • If you weigh as much as a howitzer you won’t have “been there, done that” for decades without the assistance of ropes and mirrors.

        Which is about half the men in this country, btw, these days. Er… “men”.

  4. Happened to me shortly after I switched to appendix carry. Being new to IWB, I didn’t realize that I need to take care that my T-shirt is long enough. As I was leaving a flea market a woman approached me from a few yards away.

    She gave me that smirk one gets when your slip is showing or your fly is open. Nothing more.

    Having experience one wardrobe malfunction I’m more careful now. However, I don’t care if I print. I see “printing” no greater a fashion faux paux than a VPL.

    • What, Gov., are you saying that “plumber’s crack carry” ain’t a legit carry style??? (Like ‘Mexican carry’, only stinkier!)

      Gives a whole new meaning to ‘put it where the sun don’t shine!’, dunnit?

  5. I drag my gunm behind me on 130# braided fishing string. About three feet of it.
    I save a lot of emu that way, well that and besides dragging it around has got it all rusted and froze up. What I do is swing the gunm around in a circle and the string wraps around their neck and chokes them to death.
    I used to use a big rock but when this state went constitutional carry I just had to get a gunm, well because it’s a right that was Infringed and now it kinda aint.
    Now the tank thing.
    It’d be kinda fun to be driving down the road and get pulled over by the cops, like what’s he gonna do, beat the hatch open with his flashlight to get your license and registration. Insurance? Yeah, it’s up there on the turret, I got full coverage.

    • When you strangle someone with a cord attached to a tank make sure you get a video because you will win World Star forever.

  6. For you guys which are the more frequent ‘offenders’ for concealed carry clothing wear:

    I see way too many articles with authors trying to show the proper way for concealed carry and although the intent is there in execution its a fail because they are not dressed properly for concealed carry in their pics.

    Conceal carry is about more than just covering the gun. Its also about carrying in a manner that does not wear on you and stays concealed and becomes part of your movements instead of, for example, the grip poking in and out against your shirt in, say, three o’clock position every time you move making it look like something is trapped under your shirt trying to get out.

    If your shirt/T-shirt is the correct length (un-tucked) when you reach up your concealed carry will be a lot less likely to be exposed by the ‘shirt’ riding up too high.

    Stop pretending you are one of the cool kids in high school for fashions with the shirts/t-shirts that come to just at/below your hip line or tight form fitting shirts if you are going to carry concealed. The proper length for a mans shirt ‘un-tucked’ is in the area to the lower part of the crotch just stopping slightly short of dipping below the crotch area or to the bottom of the crotch area (but not past it). Loose fit shirts and not relaxed fit or form fitting for conceal by the shirt, for example, loose fit >

    If the fly (the part covering the zipper) on your jeans is not laying flat when you zip them and stand but instead sort of wrinkles or bulges or gaps out, ya probably need to consider that you are not 16 years old any more and might consider a move to the next size jeans.

    There are two areas to your body between the naval and crotch. These are the waist and hips, starting from the naval and going down the waist comes first. The waist and hips are not the same thing, the waist is above the hips. Too many guys for some odd reason confused these two areas when it comes to concealed carry, its really simple but they confuse them when they go buy jeans. OK, in the jeans world there are jeans designed to be worn on the hip and those designed to be worn on the waist, frequently these are not designated but instead are styles type, for example, straight leg taper is usually designed to be worn on the hips where regular fit is usually for wear on the waist, the particular styles match should be explored to determine if they are hip or waist wear intended. Over 80% of guys do not know this for some reason. For concealed carry you want waist wear intended pants. If you are going to conceal (or even open carry), you want your jeans designed for wear on the waist and of the correct size and a good stiff carry belt that fits the jeans belt loops fully and your carry is going to be more comfortable and conceal better.

    Jeans/pants with a stretch waist are your friend for concealed carry with IWB. For example >

    examples of things that don’t fit for carry:

    This guys jeans are not the correct size for proper concealed carry >×488.jpg > notice how the fly is gaping out

    This guys T-shirt is too short for concealed carry >×1024.jpg

    • clarification for : “…you want your jeans designed for wear on the waist and of the correct size… ”

      you want your jeans and other pants designed for wear on the waist, worn on the waist and not hips, and of the correct size


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