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  1. Me you punk, I carry an assault rifle and body armor in my Vehicle, I’m a nobody just a concerned citizen that’s exercising his rights

    • I have soft armor and a sidearm. Traveling with an AR or shottie – even if legal – can result in all sorts of hassle in L.A. County if you cross paths with the wrong LEO.

        • What’s it like in the morning when you wake up and realize you’re still the same worthless POS you were the day before, and that it will never change? 😉 😉 😉

        • You’re correct about the “imaginary” part, as I never said nor implied any status as a veteran, and you imagined it all on your own.

        • “…and you imagined it all on your own.”

          There’s a whole lot he imagines, like what the inside of a woman feels like… 😉

        • WOW! So it’s not “Geoff” it’s… Jeffrey.. as in Dahmer

          Good to know.

        • Nice, so Geoff “Jeffery” PR is projecting how his mornings “feelz”..

          ..and what’s in his freezer.

          Haz is an “imaginary” veteran.

          Cool we are up to speed.

          We kinda knew all this, so let’s keep moving.

      • Yeah I didn’t like this prosecutor. It’s legal to open carry. It’s legal to have body armor. He’s a prosecutor, he is supposed to be showing the jury where Rittenhouse broke the law. Instead, he belittles an entire culture, doing legal things. It was pathetic.

    • Ross, you said, “I carry an assault rifle.”
      You sound like an anti-gun troll who knows nothing about guns.
      As anyone who knows anything about guns knows, the AR-15 is not an assault rifle.
      If you think an AR-15 or an AR-10 is an assault rifle, then you’ve been listening to Herr Bloomberg, listening to “Demanding Moms” or “Moms Against Everything”, listening to David Hogg, watching too much of the anti-gun mainstream media, etc., so maybe you are an anti-gun troll.

      Stop calling the AR-15 an “assault rifle” and look up the definition of the term.

      • DD,

        Not an anti-gun troll, about as pro gun as an individual can be. I just do not subscribe to the modern sporting rifle approach when it comes to identifying these types of weapon systems.

  2. Cops, SWAT, security guards….

    We would likely see more people in the general population with body armor if it were cheaper. It might be a good idea in Chicago.

    Too many vehicles get broken into by people looking for guns of any kind for me to keep one in there.

    So….it isn’t what ya think it is when you ask that question.

    • What kind of person makes judgement calls about people they know nothing about?
      I suppose it’s the same kind of people who judge me because I have a tattoo of Yosemite Sam blazing away on one arm and the Tasmanian Devil on the other.

    • I don’t leave weapons or gear in the car. But while I am in it, there’s a better than average chance two or more related items are on board.
      As others stated already, there’s an ongoing series of vehicle break-ins, especially in the border towns and cities between Massachusetts and New Hampshire. And one should never allow their own weapons or tools to be used against them-either in the obvious sense of the word or the legal sense.
      I guarantee you that there’s more than a few anti 2A activist types-both public sector and private -that have more than a casual interest in both incidents of this nature (weapons stolen from unsecure locations)and the opportunities they present

  3. Uhhhmmm…Me Too! Has that Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. look a like dork watched the news in his home town?! Riots looters, National Guard being deployed as we speak..?! Nah…let’s just all drive through the center of Kenosha, Wis. Unarmed and Unprotected…yeah…NOPE! Give me a break. Woke prosecutor makes me puke!

  4. Um, me. Even though I’m not paid to anymore. Because, it’s smart. But you do what you want to. Just don’t stand close to me.

  5. What kind of people carry body armor and an ar15 in their car?

    Private personnel protection
    Anyone that wants to and can.
    Members of congress
    Body guards for your mayor
    Body guards for your congressman
    And the list goes on and on and on

    • This comment is the equivalent of the rape cases where the defense slut shames the victim by addressing the jury with “what kind of woman dresses like she did” trying to indicate she was looking for rape.

        • Yeah because the BoR is about collective rights and not individual rights. Still have not read the Federalist Papers. Freedom and truth are two things that scare the shit out of you. You and Chris are probably related.

        • “Freedom and truth are two things that scare the shit out of you”

          the modern right clearly is scared of the notion of citizenship. when they comprehend it, that is – usually they don’t. they equate society and citizenship and teamwork with naaziism and therefore evil – just like they’ve been trained – and patriotism with isolation – just like they’ve been trained.

          “”a well-regulated militia” is how the founders understood arms-bearing.

  6. No body armor, and a lever action .357 in the vehicle, plus whatever happens to be on my hip, and another surprise in the glove box.

    • After we baked in the sun for a few days we’d look like little footballs on the side of the road with little feet pointing straight up.

      • “…we’d look like little footballs on the side of the road with little feet pointing straight up.”

        Gov, don’t go giving the Marsupial One a boner like that!

        That’s cruelty to animals! 😉

  7. Umm, does a 3a panel in my GHB count? I do like to be prepaired, but carrying the whole plate carrier etc seems a bit too hot and heavy for my area except from the middle of November till early March.

  8. Glock-19 with a couple 30 round clips.

    Ruger Mini-14 with a Butler Creek folding stock. A few loaded 30 round clips plus a couple hundred rounds.

    I leave the thermonuclear handgrenades at home unless I’m expecting a riot.

  9. I go armed everywhere but when I travel, the AR .300 pistol, which is nothing but a SBR with the SB Tactical Brace go with. I most recently traveled from eastern Washington to the west side and the AR was right beside me both ways.

  10. I do not own body armor.

    There is almost always more than one firearm in my vehicle. Pistol and a longarm.

    • A person I know once said “Body armor is for a wussy. Take the bullet like a man” as he was putting his body armor on, he was joking. We grew up together, he was a federal air marshal. At one point in the federal air marshal service they had so much stuff they would let agents take as much as they wanted, mostly holsters and soft body armor and it was all at the time considered as “expendable” meaning basically they did not have to account for it being turned back in. So he got a bunch of stuff and passed it out among friends. He gave me holsters, soft body armor, and some other things. Thanks tax payers of many years ago now.

      I still have the holsters and that body armor. I use one of the holsters from time to time, its a nice leather holster. The body armor is still brand new in the box it came in, I’ve never opened it.

      Two days after he said “Body armor is for a wussy. Take the bullet like a man” while putting his body armor on, coming back off a flight he stopped off to grab a soda at a store on the way home. The place was being robbed and he walked right into it, one guy had the clerk on the floor in a product isle with a gun pointed at him. He drew his weapon and shot the one holding the gun on the clerk first and yelled at the clerk to run and the clerk was out the door. The other two started shooting back and as he was firing at the other two to cover the clerks retreat and his own when they came from behind the counter he got hit in the thighs of both legs by their return fire. He kept firing and got another but got hit again and went down before he could reach the door to get out of there. The first guy he shot even though he went down and was bleeding badly and would die in a few minutes managed to crawl up behind him and shoot him in the head. He died later that night in the hospital.

      One of the agents we both knew from the federal air marshal service came to the hospital to retrieve his firearm and credentials and his body armor. He told me there were no impacts on his body armor.

      • “He told me there were no impacts on his body armor”

        military studies show that body armor – in their case back and chest plates – only intercept about .1 of all incoming hits.

        in the military the purpose of body armor is not to protect from hits, but to protect from hits that are fatal before the military medical system can intervene.

  11. I usually don’t have a long arm in the vehicle when I venture into town. No place to secure it in my old pick up. Never liked window racks and behind the seat is just too obvious. I could put something in the tool box, but why scrape up a nice weapon just on the slight chance I might need it? Better to be proficient with the side arm I carry.
    Never liked body armor. Hot and itchy to wear down in South Alabama in the summer.


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