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I mean…that’s a cool muzzle brake tho.



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    • That’s a lot of recoil from a .223. Without the muzzle brake he’ll have bruise to show the other dudes in the coffee shop for days.


  1. There are some places where a simple flash hider is forbidden, and your brake has to be pinned and welded, because commies. So, go big or go home!

  2. Weekday mornings at the Rod an Gun Club. Ten ranges, maybe 5-6 people shooting…total. That’s when I go….when I can go. Which is not as often as I should.

        • But seriously — how much? A day per month? Per quarter?

          “Every day?” Did your parents leave your inheritance in brass? 🙂

          I’m just curious what everyone thinks is a good “regular schedule” to train at the range — at a minimum.

        • Man I will have to say as much as you can afford in terms of both time and money so that budget and personal life are not negatively impacted. Not everyone can afford to go competitive/combat expert level for range time and may struggle to keep proficiency but as long as they can keep the function down (dryfire while working from home as an example) they should be fine for most home defense issues.

        • Man, response pending moderation inbound and interested to find out what keyword got it.

        • I dont even think it goes by keyword. Maybe some words trigger it but theres an element of lottery system to it it seems

        • Man with No Name,
          I really do shoot just about every day, usually a silenced .22LR. Got nothing from either parent other than funeral bills.
          “Enough” depends on what you want, but 20 minutes of solid dry fire once a week and 300 rounds or so downrange once a month will get you very solid.

        • SAFE: the forbidden phrase…

          “working from” checks out
          “from home” checks out
          working from hoe_mmm is a no.
          That one actually makes sense given the type of spam we see.

  3. Gun shows, please. I used to go them all, now, maybe once or twice a year. Used to be where you could go to get a deal. When prices more than doubled just as I retired, I figured, what’s the point. I just go now to see where prices are, don’t know if they’ll ever be where I see deals again.

    • When you started going to gun shows, were there not old guys bitching about prices? Just saying.

    • I used to enjoy going to look for rare and unique specimens, but now it’s mostly brick & mortar retailers setting up booths, meaning loads of factory-new Glocks and ARs and not a lot of stuff that would interest a collector or aficionado. It’s like going to a car show and seeing that everything on display is just current-year models the local dealerships are trying to get rid of.

  4. Gun shows are banned here in New Germany, as well as next door in the People’s Republic of New York. And I’ve heard New York sends their undercover Gestapo agents — er, NY police — to Pennsylvania to spy on Pennsylvania gun shows, because citizens’ heard-earned tax dollars belong to the politicians to waste spying on other states.

    • We still have fun shows they just tend to be less than productive unless you get lucky with an older firearm you are looking for (that doesn’t sell well on GunBroker) with that said yes NY state police do set up in Pennsylvania for nearby gun shows to watch plates.

      • @SAFE

        No more outrageous than the U.S. Capitol Police (their AOR is a few square blocks in area in D.C.) opening up satellite stations throughout the U.S. I guess they are competing for surveillance space with the Chinese police / spy stations opening all over the U.S.A.

        Joey’s Administration’s actions and his E.O.’s fit the Miriam-Webster definition of Fascist to a “T”: a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.


        • Sounds like Obama’s push for federal police everywhere to supplant local law enforcement.

        • OG, I definitely agree with that last part. Oh, and SAFE, that makes sense because we’re in Obama’s third term. It looks like some well-respected journalists are agreeing. How many former presidents buy a DC mansion on their way out so they can stick around?

          A new report from the Tablet online magazine alleges that former President Barack Obama is the power behind much of what happens in President Joe Biden’s White House, controlling key decisions through an army of Obama administration alumni.

          The lengthy article, “The Obama Factor,” consists of a lengthy introduction by author David Samuels, followed by an interview with civil rights historian and Obama biographer David Garrow. The article covers a wide range of topics, including many areas that few journalists bothered to explore during his 2008 campaign and subsequent presidency, such as the fact that much of Obama’s first memoir, Dreams from my Father, was fiction; or that he had privately expressed having hoe_moe_$exual fantasies.

  5. Haven’t been to the local gun shows for several years. Prices were too high and seldom see anything I can’t live without or don’t already have. Last gun show purchase was a Walther P-38 for $110.00 With holster and spare magazine. Now the same pistol is 5 to 6 hundred and no mag or holster.

  6. The gun show I miss most: TTAG-sponsored Texas International Firearms Festival (as well as the venue where it was held, The Best of the West shooting facility). $50 admission fee (more if you wanted VIP privileges), which gave you access to 33-50 tables in the tactical bays, 3-5 on the skeet range, 5-10 on the rifle range (including some set up on the 1000 yard range), and a couple at the pistol range. Tables were typically by / for the manufacturers, kinda like Range Day at SHOT.

    Difference from your usual gun show: you queued up at a table, and when it was your turn you selected a weapon from the table, stepped over to the firing station, RSO would hand you the weapon with a loaded mag, and you could then try it out. (On the rifle range, rifles were at individual shooting stations, dialed in for distance.) So you could try out dozens of weapons (including suppressed and SBR weapons) with the vendor paying for the ammo.

    They also had a large tent with typical gun show tables, including for FFL’s who could process transactions to buy just about everything you shot that day. So except for NFA stuff, you could take your chosen gats home that day. (Out of state visitors had to have handguns sent to their local FFL, of course.) And because you were buying directly from the manufacturer, prices were actually very good.

    And the last year they also had a VIP “full auto Friday” event, where you could shoot select fire AR-platform stuff, MP-5s, etc. . . . even a Ma Deuce and a minigun! (Free ammo NOT included for the latter ones.)

    Good times, good times.

  7. Aside from the racial discrimination of Best Buy by excluding white people from managerial training…. now more. Best Buy Whistleblower Has Audio Recording of Religious Discrimination. (Time to boycot Best Buy into the Bud Light and Target pit…seriously, this left wing ‘woke’ has got to be stopped).

    • Agree 40cal. Unfortunately i wont make much of a dent. Not a drinker and cant remember the last time i even drove by and looked towards Best Buy. The wife was a Target shopper but not any longer.

    • According to dems, Jan 6, 2021 was 1000x worse. To hear them tell it, it was the worst day in American history.

      • “What Dude says is true.

        “What the Donks say is unimportant, and we do not hear their words.”

        (name the TV show)

  8. “What the Klingon says is unimportant, and we do not hear his words.” Dr. McCoy, Star Trek, ‘Friday’s Child’

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