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I’m just gonna assume this is about guns. I know it made me laugh.


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    • Rinos are worse because they put on a show like they’re on our side but then turn around and stab us in the back every time..

    • If you ever have to ask, then you need to change the local culture, and then primary the RINO.

      How that change should happen may vary with the situation, e.g. peeling away D constituencies, educating FUDDs among R demographics, etc.

  1. Demo’s tell you what they believe and are going to Do to You…Rino’s tell you what you want to hear and do whatever They Want. Both subspecies need to be made extinct.

  2. They are not Democrats, they are Neanderthals, and they did ban fire.
    Right after Grrrg hit Uggh with a stick and Uggh burned Grrrg’s house down. They banned fire, They banned everything you could make a fire with, they banned grunting about fire, they quit teaching Neanderlings how to make fire.
    Then the Ice Age hit.


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