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Continuing on yesterday’s theme, but with an actual meme this time.


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  1. The prosecutor knows his case is in the toilet. The truth is the truth and a prosecutors job is to poke holes until the truth comes out. Unfortunately for the prosecutor, all the evidence and facts favor the defense. I predict an acquittal on all charges with the exception of the misdemeanor possession of the gun charge. They may get him on that.

      • It’s one of those cases that should have NEVER been taken to trial. It was political.

        We’ll have to watch and see, the judge may declare a mistrial with prejudice after what the prosecutor did today. If that happens, it’s over.

    • @coffeemonster — don’t overthink it. Yes, that’s Rittenhouse on trial and we’re all highly interested in that trial, but for the purpose of the meme it’s just somebody yawning a whole bunch as though he’s disinterested. “Gun free zone signs elicit yawns from me.” That’s the full meaning of the meme. The fact that it’s Rittenhouse is incidental (the same photo collage of him yawning has been turned into tons of memes about all sorts of things spanning like every possible topic).

  2. So when does a single anti-phuck rioter get charged with anything? Does that ever happen?

    Suspect the FBI has lots of nice footage of these arse-holes rioting & attacking, yet never any charges.

    Funny, that.

  3. What gunm free sign? —
    Funny story,
    I walked into county jailhouse to visit my son, forgot and took my pistol. It was no search, no metal detectors, the jailers never come out from behind their glass, you just sit in a room full of people waiting your turn to enter a room and yack through hole in the a glass.
    Came back out to car and said ” Wow Babe, I forgot and took my gunm in there.” Girlfiend say “Your crazy, didnt you see that sign?”
    Uh yah, but that’s a picture of a beretta, this is a tt33, that just means you cant bring beretta’s in there.

    • I went into a courthouse recently. There were two deputies manning the metal detector. I was getting ready to empty my pockets. They said that’s alright. Where are you going? I told them. They gave me directions and let me walk through without emptying my pockets.

        • “Never had them do that for me.”

          Well, that’s when having the beady eyes, rat-like tail and nasty, jagged-yellow teeth of a Marsupial works to your disadvantage… 🙂

  4. I worry if the Jury will cave to fear and convict Kyle anyway. I hope not. Why the Judge did not grant judgement with prejudice I don’t know because the prosecution has not proven any of the elements of the crime.

    Watch some today and AD Binger is a smug jackazz who tries to be clever. He learned quickly not to try and go around the judges rulings.

    • No way the jury will convict. Ain’t gonna happen. A person never wants to second guess a jury but I have watched enough and been in enough trials to know. The one that probably shocked me the most was the OJ Simpson verdict. Now THAT was unexpected. Also, the Robert Blake sentence totally surprised me.

      • Unexpected to me is the defense put Kyle on the stand!! To me? not worth the risk but Kyle appeared to do well. Much better than I would have at that age. This entire situation and self-defense trial covers some of the same things we discuss here on TTAG. Heck, ADA Binger (A/K/A weasel) brought up FMJ vs HPs!
        I believe the defenses use of force expert is next up so hopefully I can watch the entire testimony.

      • “No way the jury will convict. ”

        I really wanna believe that, but wouldn’t put it past the Leftist Scum to get to the jury…

    • Binder is a great example to pull out when conventional wisdow suggests that the average lawyers today are extra super special smart (see also any demtard in Congress/Whitehouse/Dept of “Justice”

  5. No doubt Kyle will be targeted by antifa and blm for their special treatment.

    Lil d probably has him is the special category of his little black book.

      • Joke all you want, Capitalvanian Losers !! After having a number of you far right Morons threaten to store my BlackBook in an anatomically uncomfortable place, I got my mom to help Miner and me DIGITIZE it for safe keeping in the desktop in her basement. So, if I am shot down while on one of my Unicorn rides the resulting data-dump will make the Russian collusion look like childs play. Have fun trying to sleep tonight Morons

        • Oooh! I’m really scared. The three letter agencies are all going to scratch their heads, and their asses, and wonder “who are these people”?

  6. Kyle admitted to a straw purchase so he essentially snitched on his friend now they both can brought up on charges. He even admitted that he knew his first victim was unarmed, the breaking down might persuade the jury, but in my eyes as a 17 year old, he shouldn’t have been there in the first place. He lived in Antioch, not Kenosha. It’s not my duty to protect businesses, now people that’s a different story

    • It’s really too bad that Kyle’s fat assed blimp of a ‘mother’ is such a shitty parent, if for no other reason it would have spared us seeing today’s laughably fake crying jag.

    • @ Right or wrong
      All your points are inconsequential and have no bearing on the facts of the case. Having no reason to be there doesn’t matter. None of that matters when it comes down to self-defense. He tried to retreat. The two dirt bags paid the price although how big of dirt bags they were was also inconsequential.

    • @right or wrong: Dude Rittenhouse lives 25 minutes away and he worked in Kenosha where his dad and other family live. He’s a member of that community. The suggestion that he randomly went to Kenosha to interject himself in other peoples’ BS is BS. Two of the three people he shot were from farther away than he was and have zero apparent connection to Kenosha.

      Also, I don’t know the details of the gun purchasing situation but it’s completely legal to buy a firearm as a gift for another person. That’s an explicitly stated (it’s in the Form 4473 instructions) exemption to straw purchasing laws. And minors can own firearms in most states, they just cannot purchase them themselves. If the gun was a gift from his friend it’s highly likely that zero laws were broken.

      Also #2, police are not supposed to have rights or powers that other citizens do not. Police are simply civilian citizens who we have decided to task with law enforcement duties as a profession; outsourcing something we are all supposed to have a right to do. He was within his rights to protect property, and in the case where the police whom we pay to enforce the law do not, we should all be encouraged to step in.

      “Shouldn’t have been there” “wasn’t smart” etc etc has jack shit to do with this trial as he was fully within his right to be there doing what he was doing. Plus, again, he was legit a member of that community.

      • “Also, I don’t know the details of the gun purchasing situation but it’s completely legal to buy a firearm as a gift for another person. ”

        But its not “completely legal to buy a firearm as a gift for another person” if that “another person” is underage when you give them that “gift”.

        here is the basics of what will be used, because the person that bought the rifle has already been arrested and confessed:

        According to the person who purchased the gun for Kyle, Kyle gave his friend the money to buy it because he knew he was underage and could not do it himself. Then to avoid buying the gun in an area where he was known the friend drives the almost 300 miles to someplace else to buy the rifle at a hardware store that he and Kyle planned together to get for Kyle knowing Kyle was underage. Then, to avoid the rifle being discovered they stashed it at the home of the step-father of his friend.

        If it was a “gift” then why are the collusion between Kyle and his friend? If it was a “gift” then why did Kyle pay for it by giving the money to his friend with specific instruction essentially of “I’m underage and can’t buy it myself so here’s the money for you to buy it for me.” Why hide the rifle away if it was a “gift”, it could have simply been placed in storage to await him becoming of age but he was given immediate access to it the moment his friend returned with it. Why was it necessary to drive almost 300 miles away to buy a “gift” when the same “gift” could be had locally for less that Kyle had already tried to purchase but was underage and could not purchase? Why did Kyle pay for his own “gift” if it was a “gift” knowing that he was underage and could not posses such a “gift”? All of this points to a “straw purchase” agenda and not a “gift” agenda.

        Sure, someone could look at it and say “well, this is because of this so its all good and its a gift”. But in court its different, it has to be proven this is what happened and with the friend who purchased the rifle confessing and the sales documentation its self and the fact that Kyle was given immediate access to the rifle and paid for it – the defense can’t just say “it was a gift”

        Look, I think Kyle acted in self defense. But there are some other issues here that the people are ignoring as if they are nothing at all, there is still a long way to go with this and its not all open-n-shut.

        • It was a straw purchase, then.

          Now, will that make Kyle a prohibited person? Or the purchaser?

          Or neither?

        • If that’s the case then, yes, it was a straw purchase. Like I said, I haven’t yet read anything about the circumstances of how he acquired the rifle other than “his friend bought it for him.” BTW you’re wrong about the age thing as it pertains to gifts or even private party sales under federal law. It’s legal to give a long gun as a gift or even sell one to an underage person and it’s legal for that person to own it. The federal law restricts minors from purchasing, not from owning long guns. Some states have stricter rules, but even in many of those states it’s legal with written parental permission and Illinois does recognize this and even gives FOID cards to minors in those cases.

          I think this is in 18 USC 922(x)…

          “Unlicensed persons may sell, deliver, or otherwise transfer a long gun or long gun ammunition to a person of any age.

          Minimum Age for Gun Possession: federal law prohibits the possession of a handgun or handgun ammunition by any person under the age of 18. Federal law provides no minimum age for the possession of long guns or long gun ammunition.”

          This is why Walmart cards you for handgun ammunition but not for rifle and shotgun ammunition, as they’re allowed to sell rifle ammo to minors because minors are allowed to own long guns.

  7. The State is not doing a good job of presenting evidence contrary to self defense. The State moron is using innuendo and trying to sneak in evidence that the Judge has ruled is not admissible. Even the guy who lost part of his arm admits he aimed his firearm at KR before he was shot. He admitted to being the aggressor.

    Don’t count on the jury finding him innocent. They have been passively threatened by being videod. Jury intimidation is a crime, doubtful the prosecutor will find time to have it investigated to see if there is any evidence of intimidation.

    Based on the evidence presented, I think the kid acted in self defense. But we haven’t seen all the evidence so my opinion can change based on evidence.

    • After watching all the videos at the time, I’d submit there is NOT any “evidence to the contrary” which the state could present. Skateboard guy actually attempted to kill him TWICE before Kyle shot and killed him, and seconds later there was the doofus pointing a glock at him. The video of Rosenbaum chasing him and throwing a bag of rocks at him while Kyle RUNS AWAY just simply screams “self defense”. Damn shame he missed the shots he took at the fool who attempted to stomp his brains out while he was down.

    • “Don’t count on the jury finding him innocent.” If they don’t, it’s going to be very interesting to see what comes next.

      • Whew, I sure hope KR is not convicted. However if he is I’m finding out where he is incarcerated and do my part to keep his “bank” up.
        Might not be to much, $20 a month wouldn’t hurt me to bad.
        If that’s possible, I did find out the county wouldn’t cash my checks to my son.

  8. He may have committed some lesser crimes but whether you believe he should be there or not doesn’t diminish his right to defend himself. Also Rosenbaum, the child molester, is more accurately described as an assailant and he had arms.

    • This was a response to “right or wrong,” it dumped as a normal comment even though I replied on his/her post

  9. had an interesting thing happen here with the signs.

    Some convenience stores were using the state prescribed sign and someone noticed that these stores seem to have more successful robberies than the stores that did not have the sign and armed their employees and allowed gun carry by customers. Sure, some of the other no-sign stores had the occasional robbery attempt but none successfully completed and no employees or customers hurt. The stores with the signs were getting hit very frequently with everything from assaults on customers to grabbing stuff and running out, to outright robbery and someone was hurt, a few killed, even if they complied.

    So anyway, someone noticed this trend and joked about the sign. So one store owner thought about it and took the sign down and let his employees be armed and let armed customers come in. Prior to that the store was getting assaults on customers to grabbing stuff and running out to outright robbery – assaults on customers almost daily in the store and robbed a few times a month, it was ruining business. So this one store owner took the sign down and let his employees be armed and let armed customers come in. The next day after taking the sign down there was an attempted armed robbery and the bad guy gets shot by the employee behind the counter. As the bad guy is trying to get away he screams “fuc%er, you ain’t suppose to have a gun here!”. Cops caught him limping down the road with a bullet in his leg. The store has not been robbed successfully since, has not had a customer assaulted, no on tries to shoplift and run out with stuff. and no one except bad guys have been hurt. Word got around, and today there are no convenience stores in the area with gun prohibition signs. Our local crime rate for convenience store robberies dropped by over 70% after all the signs went away.

    • “As the bad guy is trying to get away he screams “fuc%er, you ain’t suppose to have a gun here!”.”

      Nice… 😉

  10. “Sure, some of the other no-sign stores had the occasional robbery attempt but none successfully completed and no employees or customers hurt.”

    clarification: these stores allowed armed customers and let the employees be armed.

  11. I saw the prosecutor ask the idiotic shoot to wound or kill question which Kyle was ready for. But to share a little knowledge, The Sheriff and deputies were storming a drug house. One deputy saw a teen come out of a back room carrying a rifle. In the time it took to aim and shoot twice, the teen started to turn, one round went through the teens calf, other caught the oposite side buttock. The teen lived. Happy ending? Both bullets found the same nerve in different locations! Result; loss of use of both feet, never to walk again.

      • Pension from who? I cannot imagine a teen doper having a job with the kind of benefits which would include that manner of insurance, suspect Mommy will need to care for that poor child, who dindunuffin.

  12. Theres quite a bit of lying going on in that trial from both sides.
    Putting out fires,( code words) for running rioters off.
    Grossbeaks facebook stuff.
    The reasons all parties involved were there.
    What it boils down to is self defense, and if being threatened with death, chased down the street, kicked in the head, hit with a skateboard, attacked, is not cause for self defense then I need another example of when you can protect yourself with deadly force.

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