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This scene from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has spurred hundreds of memes ending with good ol’ Danny DeVito saying, “so anyway, I started blasting.” This one cracked me up.


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  1. And there kids, is the ultimate answer to the age old revolver vs. semi-auto debate. Both.

  2. Dogs are family.
    Someone trying to steal a dog is not family.
    Protect your family.

    That being said, if someone was trying to steal my brother-in-law, I’d hold the door open….an offer a tip for his effort.

    • Life, you obviously have the wrong BIL. I’m driving to Crystal River tommorw. I’m going to pick up a Browning Citori 20 ga stack barrels, 26″. Invector chokes and a Prince of Wales pistol grip. Should be a great quail gun. He’s also holding a Randall knife for me and ten Mag-Pull 30 rd mags. We were married to sisters. We each kicked them to the curb, but kept each other. 😆 Mike is the best off shore Captain I know.

      • Gadsden,

        THAT is a good story about how family is formed!!

        Clearly, you did FAR BETTER than I in the brother-in-law contest.

        I kept the wife but actually ended up with TWO, not one but TWO, useless, untrustworthy Bros–in-Law. Both my wife’s sisters chose poorly.

        My wife, however, had exceedingly good judgement….. (cough, cough).

  3. I would happily aerate a MF’r for seeking to take, or harm one of my babies, no matter how furry! I would sleep like a baby that night as well with a clean conscience.

  4. LOL. my dogs are more valuable than any of the 50ish percent that elected the current moron in charge. but, there are plenty of other non-voters that qualify for elimination also….

  5. A good dog represents a lot of time, effort and money…much more valuable than some rando hype trying to rip you off.


    • My dog is nearly 11, even though she has the fitness and alertness of a 5 year old dog. People in my area cannot believe how old she is because of her condition.

      There’s a lot of training in her. She not only responds to verbal commands but even hand gestures. Over the years I’ve been learning her body language. We are a symbiotic team each relying on the other.

  6. I would love to have a security tape vid of someone trying to steal my dog. It would be bloody, violent, and hysterical.

  7. Given our dog, this would likely not end up well for the thief no matter what I would do. But anyway…

    One could also look at it like the thief valuing the dog more than his own life. What that says about the thief, I’m not sure, but from the thief’s perspective that’s the value proposition.

    • Bingo. “If you would shoot a home invader it means you value your possessions more than the invader’s life.” Actually, it means he valued my possessions more than his life.

  8. I just figured it was a given to value your dog greater than the scumbag trying to harm your dog. Any other reaction wouldn’t be human.

  9. I currently do not own any pets. But being from WV when I did own a dog it was more than one. I think pack is the term. Try to hurt one. I wouldn’t need to get involved. Except to bury what they left behind.

    ‘If your front porch collapses and kills more than 5 dogs you might be a red neck.’

  10. No one ever tried to steal my dog.
    For some unknown reason, most people were afraid of him….

    He was an Old English Mastiff, weighing in at 230 lbs, and his neck size was 32″.
    He had the loudest and most ominous growl I have ever heard.

    Aptly enough, I named him Hercules. I miss him very much….

  11. I’ve been known to go primeevil on people who hunt my elk babies, even the eight by eight bulls, who hang out on my property. Never mess with someone who owns a trackhoe and plenty of dirt.

  12. I would absolutely burry anyone dumb enough to mess with my dogs.
    I would also have a beer with all these commenters.

    • This ^.

      “If you are willing to shoot someone who is trying to steal your dog, it means…”

      True. Esp. that of a thief trying to kidnap a family member.

  13. If somebody breaks into my home that means they value my stuff more than my life or their own life. And honestly i’ll respect that choice and lead them up.

  14. If someone tried to steal my dog, the thief would end up begging me to shoot them to end the pain…but I wouldn’t. Life teaches some cold hard lessons about choices. Who am I to interfere?

  15. Thars riiight! Them sixgunz was a blastin’ and befar we knows it, me and Roscoe wuz enjoyin’ ar drinks. Whiskey far me, and beer far muh dawg! YA-KNOW-WHATUH-MEEEEN???

  16. Mess with my dogs and I won’t do anything, won’t need to, if the wife’s near the bad guy will wish he had stayed in bed that day.

  17. Dogs and cats are members of the family.
    Anyone who says differently has never had a pet dog or cat of their own.
    Damn right I value the lives of my family more than I value the life of a common thief!

  18. My dogs are dead, then I got a cat, a female cat, not spayed, if anyone wants any cats my cat factory is giving away free cats as a promotion.
    But like my girlfiend says, nobody wants them for free, put them in a box with a sign “Cats One Dollar” then leave the box, they’ll be gone the next day.

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