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“Gov. Mark Dayton said while he worries about someone bringing a weapon to the Capitol with malicious intent, he is not worried about those with legal permits to carry and believes weapons-screening would be costly and could have a ‘chilling effect’ on public participation,” reports. Permits schmermits. I believe the U.S. Constitution is our permit to carry. Still . . . gun rights, fiscal conservatism. It’s all good, right? “‘It would be very expensive,” Dayton said regarding installing metal detectors at the Capitol. “At this point, is the threat greater than the financial or other burden? At this point, I would say not. Obviously any one incident would tip the scales enormously.” So, Gopher State gun rights are only a trigger pull away from being thrown under the bus. How great is that? Just ask gun owners in the Constitution State.

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  1. MN-GOCRA had been a monster for standing up for us here in MN. Good guys. Rep. Paymar can pound sand…or hire someone to do it for him.

    • Paymar is the definition of a chicken poop democrat. He is such a loon(No offense mean to the MN state bird)that he claims to be intimidated by legal gun carrying citizens. I wonder how many meds he needs to handle an encounter with a COP?

      • Well he is the rep for us here in St Paul so he’s just scared by all guns and freedom’s unless its the freedom to leach off the state.

        • Good to see some other Minnesotans on TTAG. Paymar is… odious to say the least. I do not understand scapegoating hundreds of thousands of law-abiding Minnesotans for the crimes of madmen, but then again I revere freedom, liberty, and constitutional rights. The “gun safety” folks like Paymar, Kahn, and Hornstein do not.

  2. In otherwords:

    Knee-jerk reaction already planned.

    Only possitive thing would be to see a CC holder defend and defuse a would be attack on a government building.

    Permits to purchase & carry is still unconstitutionally sound MN.

  3. The best part of it is they are so short sighted that they just can’t see what makes a criminal a criminal. The only people that can carry at the capital have to notify the department of safety and have a permit. Which a criminal would never do or have.

    • The issue is the one guys who is BS Crazy! The issue is they will not blame the BS Crazy person, they will blame the piece of plastic and metal. How do you convince people not to blame the gun when someone who is not of right mind goes guns blazing. These people are waiting for the next one with a screw loose

  4. I wonder how any states opposed the Patriot Act? And what would’ve been the response of many on this board, back during the “crazy years” at the beginning of the century, toward any who had?

    I can just imagine some nitwit shrieking about how we must all say “freedom whiskey” instead of Kentucky, f’rinstance.

    These are differently crazy years, and Minnesota is one Hell of a lot better than most of the competition.

    Oh, the ground is infirm and we must never sleep on watch, but places so different to New Jersey are our friends, and we must cultivate that friendship.

    • Living in CT was like living at Ground Zero given how many from this state died. You could have shouted at the top of your lungs about the Patriot Act but nobody would have listened. It was too emotional in this part of the country.

      One thing for sure, it needs to be seriously changed. If someone who wanted changed was smart they would use Stop & Frisk as launch pad of having gone too far.

      • I can understand the emotions, but not the hot heads.

        I lost two relatives and a couple friends from work — IBM Groupware Services lost a few who were helping clients’ employees out.

        That was my view from way out west in Colorado. Still, Benjamine Franklin was never more right.

  5. It’s hard to believe that this self-important, entitled heir would take any position whatsoever that wasn’t entirely antithetical to the Constitution. He must be huffing paint or something.

    • As a local, that’s what I was thinking. Something is fishy and the entitled one must have missed his talking points.

      In any event, MN GOCRA is a force to be reckoned with. Sent Paymar’s bills this past winter down the chute (his bill would have turned MN into NY overnight). Perhaps the most amusing moment was when, during open public debate, two members of the GOCRA got to speak with a pair of 10/22s. 0 One of them was factory condition, the other one had been “assault weapon-ized”. It destroyed the credibility of the AWB in MN, and you could almost hear the sound of liquid running down Paymar’s legs as he sat in utter terror.

      And yes, the two rifles HAD been secured by capitol security and found to be unloaded. Mr Paymar knew all this, but the mere sight of a gun so close to him sent his bladder into “void” mode.

  6. Governor Dayton certainly isn’t pro gun rights but it was because of him that the liberal extremists failed to pass some fairly strict gun control policies. With Democrats in control of everything he could easily have signed them into law but he stated that he would only sign bills that had the support of rural lawmakers (I do think that the overwhelming opposition from MN GOCRA & others helped him come to that decision). As a Minnesotan I breathed a sigh of relief after he said that and I’m glad that the gun control movement has largely faded here for the time being. Dayton isn’t a gun owners dream candidate (he is very opposed to stand your ground laws), but we have him to thank for not having to comply with draconian gun laws that could easily have become law.

  7. The biggest challenge posed to a would-be mass shooter at the MN capitol complex is finding a place to park.

    Seriously, parking is so bad it’s almost as if the government doesn’t want to come there and see what they’re doing.

    I’m not saying it’s a problem; but in this day of mass security everywhere, the MN capitol fees weird. There are 20 different points of entry and no security at any of them. It’s like going to a foreign country and seeing people smoking at a restaurant. “I know I remember this . . . I think we called it . . . f . . . f . . . freedom?”

  8. This is an opportunity to turn the antis arguments around. They like to say “What are you so afraid of that you need to carry a gun?” Spin it back and ask “Why are you so afraid of someone carrying a gun. More specifically, what did you do that you’re afraid you’re going to be shot?”

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