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Lt. Clay Higgins of St. Landry Parish, Louisiana doesn’t mess around. The no-nonsense persona he exhibits in his PSAs — a blend of Chuck Norris and R. Lee Ermey — has earned him celebrity status for his refreshing BS-free messaging. He leaves little doubt that if you’re a local miscreant, he will find you. And don’t even think about spouting any bleeding heart excuses about your difficult childhood with insufficient parental love. If you did the crime, boy, you’re are gonna do the time. If Lt. Higgins has anything to say about it, anyway. For his clear, concise and laconic public service announcements, Lt. Clay Higgins is our gun hero of the day.


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    • This. Doesn’t even have to be an especially aggressive dog, just as a long as it is (or sounds) big and has a mean bark.

      Local shelters will have something and you will have a companion for as long as the dog lives.

    • Some dogs will bark, but if you’re not there to respond their alarm, it’s usually not going to matter. Very, very few dogs are going to attack a stranger of their own volition. Those that would, aren’t likely to be kept as pets in a family home. There are plenty of videos on the web of dogs sleeping, watching or even playing while burglars rob a home.

      This guy should have had his safe bolted down. Not that that’s a guarantee, but it’s better than it just sitting on the ground. Even so, your basic gun safe is going to weigh between 300 to 500 lbs. on its own. Add in guns and ammo and that’s another hundred pounds, easily. You’re looking at a three man job right there. Plus you’ll need a truck. Maybe two guys could pull it off, with a heavy duty appliance dolly. That’s a lot of preparation and team work, for a crime committed primarily by a lone burglar seeking ad hoc opportunities.

      This guy was targeted by people who knew him and what he had; friends, family, neighbors, somebody. A dog’s not going to help in this case.

  1. >If you did the crime, boy, you’re are gonna do the time

    Does that include fake, government manufactured “crimes”?

    • Fake government manufactured crimes? You mean like breaking into someone’s home and stealing their guns?

      • Nah brah, things like drug or gun “crimes”.

        Is he a real gun hero, or just another government servant who has outsourced his morality and muscle to politicians?

        • This man has it right. There are bad laws but they only have effect if people blindly enforce them. It takes both, bad politicians and bad people who enforce their victimless crime laws.

          And don’t Godwin me here, the holocaust wouldn’t have happened if the enforcers didn’t think it was a higher moral value to obey than to do the right thing and resist the commands of authority when they are obviously wrong.

        • How are drug crimes “fake, government manufactured” crimes? If it’s illegal to possess or use a substance that is sold through criminal organizations, it’s pretty plain that you’re going to have problems with the police if you use or possess said substance. If you get caught with the stuff, you’re retarded.

        • How are drug crimes “fake, government manufactured” crimes?

          How is possessing and using drugs NOT a manufactured crime? Do you also support prohibition against alcohol? How about guns? Not too far removed, these items, beyond arbitrary banning them by the government, and the continued support of banning these items by ‘small government’ conservatives.

    • Agreed. Still, they’d need a tow truck to get a full sized gun safe out so they much have come prepared. Sounds like they knew exactly what they were looking for and where it was.

    • It’s also within the realm of possibility that the guy was lying to police to either save face and not look like an irresponsible gun owner who doesn’t lock up his guns.

      • Be pretty easy to tell. It would be the big rectangle on the floor that looks like something heavy had been sitting there for a while.

        • Agreed. Plus, it’s difficult to get something that big and heavy through the house when you have all the time in the world and you care deeply about not damaging anything. Burglars in a rush would bash every door jamb, crash into every wall, and scrape up the floor at all points in between, getting that thing out of the house.

          I’m not saying it wasn’t an inside job, perhaps for a false insurance claim, but he would have to have put in some solid effort to fool the claims investigator.

  2. Jeeze. I hate to quote the hypocrite, but…

    “I will find you, and I will kill you.”

  3. I’m glad that there are still places in america where people don’t feel sorry for criminals and admit that they are people who have an equal chance of being a hard working parent and member of the community but have chosen not to be productive.

  4. . . . and that Smokey the Bear hat looks sooooo butch, R. Lee Ermey will be forever embarrassed to be seen in one.

  5. I enjoy the hell out of listening to this guy. I’ll be downloading his video’s from youtube for a while. Thanks for pointing him out.

  6. With all the banter, I’ll sum up St. Landry Parish and Lt. Higgins.
    If God forbid you have to defend your life and family with a firearm in said Parish, this Sheriff “gets it”.

    Need more like him.

  7. “You stole firearms. we will consider you armed.” classic. mozambique drills for $400 please

      • Not gonna lie, it does look like a lot of commenters here are turning the lights down low and bringing out the box of Kleenex over this.

        • If they think a parking ticket is romantic, wait til the cavity search. No lube, raw dog style.

          Dat service.

  8. This business of being somebody else’s fault started in the 60s, “Don’t Help a good kid go bad, lock your doors” was the slogan. Crime is our fault. How does that sound?

  9. Something else I just noticed. This guy basically just said that single-parent homes aren’t to blame, either… Interesting.

  10. He has a bit of a “Taken” vibe to him toward the end. I almost expected him to make mention of his having a particular set of skills.

  11. A couple longer screws in the deadbolt plates would have made that a lot harder to kick that back door in.

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