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The ammunition magazine limit bill that earned New Jersey Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll’s ire – A2006 – sailed through the Garden State legislature. It’s currently sitting on the desk of Governor Chris Christie – whose presidential aspirations demand that he veto the measure. Let’s hope so. Meanwhile, kudos to Carroll for telling it like it is: calling A2006 a “public relations stunt.” Carroll gets his gift of gab from his Irish ancestors and his love of truth from his parents, who were both reporters. Carroll has been a consistent conservative voice in the NJ legislature for 11 years, supporting lower taxes, individual liberty and firearms freedom. If New Jersey elected more politicians like Carroll the state would not be the place where gun rights go to die. [h/t Pascal]

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    • Isaiah 40:3 – “The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the L-RD, make straight in the desert a highway for our G-d.”

      This is quoted by the Gospels as well.

  1. Great video! Watched it yesterday and it’s masterful.

    The main problem like many on “our side” is he focuses too much on being the example of reason, rational thought, honor, and integrity.

    If you ever watched any videos from NJ (like this one: you know there is none of that in the Legislature in NJ among the majority Left.

    I don’t have any specific whats and where-to-fors but he needed to punch first more. His approach, while it would work on someone like ourselves, does not work on Liberals. He needed to come out more on the offense and deliver his excellent factual points wrapped in more emotional delivery designed to illustrate the hollow, deceitful, cowardly thoughts and behavior of the leftists in the room.

    More like that guy in Oregon with the “most safe Seattle” speech a couple of weeks ago.

    • “.The main problem like many on “our side” is he focuses too much on being the example of reason, rational thought, honor, and integrity.”

      Yep; that pretty much describes what a liberal/progressive is not. They base their belief on delusion, without rational thought, and since the “end justifies the means” many will lie, cheat, steal and commit mass murder to achieve their ends. This has been shown in the hundreds of millions murdered in the last hundred years by all those who are committed statists.

      • That is exactly right. They don’t respond to logic, reason, truth or honor. They respond to emotions, exp negative emotions about themselves.

        So the best way to “win” against a roomful of Liberals is to get them squirming in their seats about being lying, two-faced, deceitful, egotistical bastards who only care about lining their own pockets and keeping their pathetic jobs than serving the people they are supposed to be there to enable through good public policy.

        As Ben Shapiro said about debating/engaging with Liberals: You are either on the offensive or you are losing.

        • When I’ve debated a gun-grabber; usually a liberal/progressive, once I’ve destroyed any of their reasoning; it always came down to they didn’t want to have guns available because they were scared of what they might do with a gun in hand.

          Basically; deep inside; they are scared they are really a homicidal maniac just waiting to come out. I grew up in a very Liberal/progressive environment on the west coast; even then I was a Libertarian. But I still had some of that brain washing I had to overcome when I started carrying a gun.

        • “Basically; deep inside; they are scared they are really a homicidal maniac just waiting to come out” Exactly right again. Everything they say, everything is Projection.

          Once you tune into that it is easy to see their motivation. Then you can destroy their arguments and point it all right back at them for being cowards, liars, hateful, violent, racist, sexist, etc. etc.

  2. Gee, they missed a few good ones, like the Ruger RS-series ARs and the Tavor. Obviously, the NJ antis haven’t been doing their homework.

  3. My wife and I wrote Christie to ask him to sign the bill so that he would never ever receive serious consideration to become the GOP presidential nominee.

  4. Did NJ Senate pass the bill over the weekend? I thought it was only the Assembly that had passed it, at least as of last Friday.

    • The Senate has delayed their hearing/vote on their companion bill (S993).

      It was supposed to be rammed through this week, but now ANJRPC believes it will be heard in April.

      Nothing is on the governor’s desk yet.

      • It may be pushed as far as June… IF it is even heard at all.

        The biggest blow to this bill was that Steve Sweeney’s assembly colleagues in district 3 voted against it.

  5. There was going to be a vote today, but there was a bunch of emails from NRA-ILA and others stating they were not hearing this bill today in the NJ Senate.

    So when did this happen???

  6. Response to Mina et al.

    You would have us behave like a gaggle of shrill harpies thus adding nothing but heat and no light on these issues.

    Banzai charges were always quite dramatic but never produced good results.

    The NJ congressman provides an excellent example of how to persuade.

    • I just want to put it on record that Paul decided not to confront me directly, but to post elsewhere about me on this article instead.

      I will leave it to everyone here to decide for themselves what that says about Paul as a person.

      Decide on that basis whose ideas about fighting this war are more valid.

    • The speaker knows his audience…and it’s not NOT the leftist/progressive majority in the NJ legislature. His first audience is (of course) his constituents.
      His second goal, it appears, is to reach those in vast middle, many of whom own those nasty metal boxes and don’t realize they are about to become accidental felons.
      Paul, I agree that vast frontal assaults appear heroic, but are ineffective. (The entire student body of my alma mater became casualties during Pickett’s Charge. A glorious defeat is still a defeat. “Massa Robert, how ’bout a nice flanking maneuver instead? Or one of them new-fangled night assaults.”)
      P.S. The stand strong CT with the Confederate battle flag bandana is not scoring points for our team. Sir, fake ’em out and make your statement with the Stars and Bars. (I fly a Bonnie Blue on Confederate memorial day. And a Betsy Ross flag on July 4.)

        • Mina: So Pickett’s Charge was a great success? That having each and every one of the University Grays killed, wounded or missing was a good idea? That Confederate battle flag, under which many of my ancestors fought, is NOT viewed with hostility by the vast undecided…the exact people we want to convince that our cause is just?
          I want to succeed. I want to convince the undecided, those who bought a gun for self defense, those who don’t realize they’re about to become criminals. I want law-abiding citizens to have the right to self-defense, which is often best accomplished by semi-automatic firearms with full-size magazines.
          Lord, help us from our friends.

        • If you want to help the undecided find the way that is one thing. I wish you good luck and I hope much success for you.

          Where we differ on approach is how to talk to / debate with / confront the Liberal Left, the Institutional Left. My approach is based on science (Anonymous Conservative, amygdala research) and tried and true techniques for communicating with Liberals in the only way they understand.

          We thrive on honor, integrity, truth and freedom. The Liberal left not only abhors those things, they seek to destory them. Trying to lead them to a life of honor and integrity is a waste of any tiny ounce of energy you invest in it. The only thing they understand is being personally attacked and personally put down, humiliated and controlled ala Saul Alinsky’s rules, ala Ben Shapiro’s “How to Debate Liberals” and ala Andrew Breitbart (general mission of life.)

          Talking to Liberals about honor and truth is the road to hell. Trying to lead them there is like teaching a pig to sing: It wastes your time and only irritates the pig.

          If you’re going to engage the enemy, you must know the enemy and use his defenses and vulnerabilities against him. Tsun Tsu.

          So go ahead, talk nice to the middle. Leave the Left to those of us willing to get dirty.

      • Massa Robert was an inspirational leader and the master of the Napoleonic battlefield. Too bad he was fighting in the first modern war. Truth be told, he wasn’t even master of the Napoleonic battlefield. He only won early on because he was facing the B Team and he lost at Antietam and Gettysburg anyway. Once he went up against the A Team, i.e., Grant he got run over. Lee is the most overrated Confederate general. Longstreet was probably the only Confederate general who could have won the war.

        • tdiinva, I agree. After seeing Union failures at Fredericksburg (etc.), it must have been shocking to have Lee order the same foolhardy tactics at Gettysburg. I must disagree about who could have “won” the war. Bedford Forrest, John Gordon (or T.J. Jackson) had the skill to run guerrilla wars in the Virginia mountains and modern house-to-house battles in the cities. Still “amateurs talk strategy and tactics; professionals talk logistics.” The South lost the logistic war before it started. P.S. To those who argue the war was not (only) about slavery: The Mississippi Declaration of Secession mentions slavery in its second sentence.

  7. The Dems have set a nice trap for Mr. Christie. If the bridge don’t getcha, you know the guns will.

  8. WE all need more like this share and re post………. maybe the antis can be swayed. Ok, you can stop laughing at last bit now.

    • I think he wants to sign it, but is probably smart enough to veto it like he did the would-be .50 cal ban. That way he doesn’t irk the libs too much, because his action is peripheral and doesn’t actually expand firearms freedoms, anyway; just holds the line on existing infringement. At the same time, he can claim in the GOP presidential primaries that he stood fast against those mean ol’ nasty libs on gun control, again.

      He’s miscalculating, but that is the angle he’s working. With any luck, he’ll be campaigning from prison for his role in the traffic snarl coverup, and this will all be moot.

      • If he’s really smart he would conditionally veto it, and say that it must be amended to say, “while used in the commission of a crime.” That would actually do a lot of good for legal gun owners, if you know how NJ law is written.

  9. Knew Mr. Carroll and was in Boy Scouts with his son. Good people. Glad to see him standing up for our rights on the floor.

  10. Wanted to stand up and cheer, even though I’m alone in my little room. It won’t amount to much, but it was nice to hear nonetheless.

  11. Well said, but liberal progressives have developed an immunity to reason. How has it been said before: soap box, ballot box, ammo box? I don’t want to see responsible citizen gun owners in jail, but apparently the NJ legislature does.

  12. Good for him. I would never vote for Christie no matter what he does. Worse than Romney, McCain or even Bob Dole. I really don’t think Christie has a chance anyway. Too fat, too abrasive, too annoying, too RINO.

    • That’s how bozos like Obama get elected. When push comes to shove, not voting for the lesser of two evils gets the other guy elected. Twice. And now we have two new completely unqualified SC Justices who will vote against us from now until they die. Thanks.

    • If it’s him vs Hillary, Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren I would vote for him.

      But the primary I would vote for someone like Nikki Haley, Ted Cruz or Rand Paul.

  13. “Carroll gets … his love of truth from his parents, who were both reporters.”
    Do you realize what a poignant statement that is, given the character of today’s

    If today’s reporters were as honest as you consider Carroll’s parents to have been,
    this whole episode would never have been necessary. Nor would New Jersey, and
    the rest of this country, be what they are today.

  14. Just like here in Commifornia, there are a few good ones behind enemy lines. Godspeed Michael Carroll, keep fighting the bastards.

    • Thank you. Here in NJ we stand with you in California as well. Those of us who are in battleground states need to stick together.

  15. Christie in 1995:

    That said, he’ll veto if he thinks his chances in the GOP primaries are good.

    It’s totally possible that the reason the bill was taken off today’s schedule was to see how the bridge thing shakes out. If Christie looks bad on it, then no reason to keep prentending he’s a conservative and they can get his signature more easily.

    EDIT: And notice the blatant lie “Automatic assault weapons”.
    No better than the typical gun grabber.

  16. Note to Mina:

    Evidently you missed the direct note to “you” and failed to remember that the mobile version site stopped allowing us to hit “reply” to any post.

    Oh and nice job trying to deflect my criticism with a load of bluster.

        • You have nothing. You may specify your nebulous assertions or you must withdraw them.

          Said another way: Either grow a set and support what you have to say or bend at the waist and bow away from me. Those are your two options.

          Since in this instance you neglected to go with option #1 I will assume you have opted for option #2. Good choice. You are no match for me.

  17. I know it passed the Assembly but it has not been voted on yet by the rubber-stamp Senate so it’s not on Christie’s desk yet. I really feel he’ll veto it like he did the 50 cal ban. His reasoning will be like Carroll’s, the bill makes no sense.

  18. Whoa whoa whoa, wait a minute! I thought Jersey only votes communists into power and they deserve everything they get?? Dafuq is this?!


  19. Asm Carroll fights for the rights of NJ residents every day. If you would like to assist in keeping him in office to continue this battle, please consider donating to his campaign. If every person who watched this video gave $10, he would be in great shape going into the next election cycle. Thank you for viewing and offering supportive feedback.

  20. You’re welcome wayne. Romney & McCain were good enough for me. I’d vote for Mike Huckabee in a second. Many others too. My presidential vote doesn’t COUNT a damn bit in Illinois anyway.

  21. ” It’s currently sitting on the desk of Governor Chris Christie – whose presidential aspirations demand that he veto the measure. ”

    Ummm as far as I know, this bill was only voted on by the assembly. It has to pass the Senate first before it hits Christie’s desk. It hasn’t even been released from committee in the Senate.

    And as far as I know the Democrats have removed this bill from the legislative calendar… There are HUGE problems with this bill that could scuttle it long before it hits CC’s desk.

    This bill is unpopular. The Senate President – who championed this bill – is getting resistance from his own district. In fact, his assembly colleagues in his district voted against it.

    I am very confident that CC will veto it, but it may come in the form of a conditional veto, which says that they should put language “only while used in the commission of a crime” which may actually make things better than they are today.

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