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Miss Kansas is an Army National Guard soldier (who just re-upped) who’s “an expert shot with an M-16 and an avid hunter.” Interesting that the clip shows the Sunflower State siren shooting an arrow rather than a bullet, but I’m sure she’s no shrinking violet when it comes to talking about her marksmanship. Score one for the home team. So to speak. And if any of this is sexist it’s all sexist. M’kay?

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  1. OK, it’s 2013, and it’s a story about a beautiful (clearly), talented (apparently), patriotic (evidently) and tattooed beauty pageant contestant, being publicized on a national news network by a gay guy.

    I’m pretty sure everybody gets a pass on any aspersions of being sexist in any way with regards to this story.

    Good on her; I hope she wins.

    • Nope. Nada. Nil. Zip. Zilch. Nothing sexist at all here. Now watch the haters show up and start mouthing off about her tats or the size of her butt. I swear, for all the flack these good looking ladies get for being here and showing a little skill, we must have a really huge number of closeted gay commentors.

      • I think she’s got a nice little butt, but human women shouldn’t have udders. But I guess she couldn’t help that – we can only play the hand that life deals us.

      • Rich, I’m a wasteful kinda guy. I’ve only been married twice, but both have been blondes that were wastefully endowed.

        • in response to jwm:
          “Rich, I’m a wasteful kinda guy. I’ve only been married twice, but both have been blondes that were wastefully endowed.”

          Well, to each his own. 🙂

          Ain’t Freedom grand?

        • De gustibus non est disputandum. (In matters of taste, there can be no disputes.)

          One of my best friends and I get along really well when it comes to women. He likes really thin girls, often petite, most often blonde. While I can appreciate those girls, my tastes tend to run to girls that are a little healthier, and I usually prefer dark hair. The joy of this is that in 20+ years, we’ve never had to compete for the same girl. We’re also great wingmen for each other.

          Funny story, though. If you’re familiar with the show 2 Broke Girls, the two girls are played by Beth Behrs (tall, thin, blonde) and Kat Dennings (shorter, dark hair, and very voluptuous). I’m sure you know which one I like better by now. I mentioned the show to him the other day, and he said, “Oh yeah, that’s the one with the hot blonde and that other chick.” This is why we’re best friends.

    • I find it impossible to take anyone seriously who complains about sexism on this blog. If you’re a guy, you need to grow a pair or trade up for a working set. Guns and shooting are already as politically incorrect as it gets, and if you’re a gun guy who whines about sexism, you should probably pick a new hobby; you’re scaring the rest of the commune.

      Ladies, there’s no polite way to say this, so here it goes: one of your club has successfully dragged me in to see a goddamn Twilight movie, demonstrating that women will put up with two hours watching the mental equivalent of Drain-O just to see a couple of glittery guys take their shirts off. Because of that, I’m afraid it’s going to be a looooong time before I take any of your complaints about sexism seriously again.

  2. I was plugging her [not in that way, more’s the pity] a couple days ago on the latest Mom’s Demand Action thread.

    Glad to see you gave her a blurb of her own.

    On the tat, the one shown is the Serenity Prayer. She said “Fu¢k taboo” and let it show. Very cool kid.

  3. My edit got filtered! Lemme guess: tab00 is a black-list word. Crike!

    Would you please restore my damned comment?!?

    BTW, they wouldn’t let her do even archery as her skill, so she had to pick up singing in a hurry. She also speaks Chinese.

  4. As a Kansas resident, I am not only proud of Miss Kansas for obvious reasons, but also what the state has done lately for 2A supporters as well. They have been making great strides in CCH and knife rights as well.

  5. I think she is just downright awesome. The ink doesn’t bother me at all. It’s her body. Who am I to say what she can do to it? I actually find it pretty damn neat that she has the serenity prayer on one side and the Army dentists’ logo on the other. She didn’t go with some stupid Japanese symbol or bear or anything. Then they fact that she hunts, is badass, and isn’t too bad looking? Shit…she’s a winner in my book.

    • There’s nothing wrong with many Japanese symbols, but I get your drift.

      If she were any more cool, she could stave off climate change all by herself.

  6. Shout Out.. I know a Hot lookin 1 SGT from (born in) OR serving in (IA) USAR. God bless’ Dawn (aka – Putt Putt) Rock on Girl.

  7. Is there some internal power struggle going on between RF and Leghorn? It seems as if Farago complains about not being allowed to put any reference that might be deemed sexist since some ‘makeover’ or something. The links to models have also disappeared.

    • The redesign and the lack of model links are unrelated, except temporally. There’s no power struggle, RF can do what he wants. He stopped using the links in response to comments, but it was his decision.

    • Compare the two canvas’s. Show of hands. Who would like to read tats off of Ralphs body? Now, who would like to read off Ms. Kansas’s body?

      • Now, I know this is gonna sound weird, but bear with me. I’d like to read Ralph’s Cornbread Sage Stuffing recipe off Miss Kansas’ body. Or read it off a piece of paper and eat it off her body. I’m flexible.

        • You better be Gumby flexible to get that recipe off Ralph and eat it off her body. And I’m being as honest as I can here, I do NOT want to see pictures of the first.

        • Oh, you guys. I’m leaving all my recipes to RF in my will.

          “The Truth About Food.” It’s got a ring to it.

        • Why do she & other good looking gals get tattooed in the first place? Somebody said that tat on her side looks like washing instructions.

          And tattoo parlors are now going into the tattoo-removal business. Charging ten times as much to remove the subcutaneous ink (repeat visits) as to infuse it in the first place. Go figure.

  8. I have always been proud to be a Kansan, and this, along with all the other pro 2A action coming out of Kansas makes me even more proud!

  9. I used to work with this pretty good looking Army O-6 from Texas. She has pulled multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Probably could outshoot anybody in the office. There was one obnoxious gun grabbing guy who pissed her off one day and we thought she was going to rip his head off. Nobody would have seen a thing.

  10. This gal is as real as a kick in the nuts. No pretense, not a vapid bone in her body and she walks her talk.

    May the new generation of split-tails aspire to equal her, rather than Lady Gaga.

  11. Shoots guns / arrows, fit body, nice smile, tattoos, no-nonsense attitude, speaks Mandarin, and likes Chinese people?

    OK, I’ll let her be my (2nd) wife… just don’t tell the first. 😉

  12. “And if any of this is sexist it’s all sexist. M’kay?”

    Aww, but you were doing so well right up to that line. 😛

    • I was in the National Guard for 6 years after 3 year active duty and I never encountered a guardsman so lovely. Alas, as a CW2 it would have never worked out for us. Fraternization and whatnot…Shame. The only thing not to love is that I am no longer in the Guard, and I’m 10 years older than her. Oh to be 22 again…

  13. Hmm, I don’t remember any women on active duty looking like this when I was in the Army. Shoulda joined up with the nasty girls.

  14. A “marksman”? BFD. 23 out of 40. EVERYONE in Infantry BN quals at marksman, every time, or stay on the range unit they hit 23. Can you even qualify wtih less than 23?

    Consistently qual as Expert. Then you got something to note.

    And the tramp stamps still are no class.

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