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Linoge (courtesy Twitter)

Linoge hates me – in the same way that Hamas hates Israel. Only more so. The Walls of the City blogger considers me an arriviste, a plagiarist and an amoral avaricious entrepreneur who’s soft on gun rights. And those are just my good points. I recently started following my antagonist on Twitter and I’ve got to say it…bravo! The man’s fighting the good fight against gun control advocates, countering their lies, misstatements and propaganda with relentless tweets. Some 22.2 thousand of them. They’re all civilized, measured, calm, coherent and (I think) effective. What can I say? The man’s got game. (I almost bought his Mustang.) I salute the pre-TTAG gun blogger for his persistence and tireless efforts to defend and extend Americans’ natural, civil and constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Beer summit bro’?

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  1. How can a guy who believes anyone who’s not currently in prison or a mental ward should be able to buy, sell, trade, or carry any firearm without background checks, licensing, registration, taxes, or any other restriction be soft on gun rights?

    • Well, linoge thinks that all the gun rights groups should be without criticism, also he feels that since we allow various anti gun comments (pt McCain, mikeybnumbers, etc), that qualifies as anti gun. I used to go to his site, but I stopped. He is a crusty old goat

  2. Yep, I raged against the gun control machine on twitter for a while (until my account got banned for alleged spam) and this guy is a hell of a brother in arms. You can’t stop the signal!

    • “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice!
      And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!”

      -Barry Goldwater, 1964 RNC acceptance speech

  3. What’s this “twitter” thing, and why should I care? Is it to the blog world what meth is to tweekers? I spend too much time avoiding work as it is….

    • I bet you still pay for your groceries at the supermarket with checks too.

      Drive on with your bad self.

    • Don’t feel bad. Even though I work in the IT field, I don’t get almost all social media except certain blogs such as TTAG and a few discussion forums.

      • I assert that TTAG is a forum for the interchange of ideas (an intelligent device).

        “Social” is a disease for gadflies and the bone idle. And Twitter is for fadish twits.

        A Land Rover? There’s countercultural and then there is just plain masochistic.

  4. It’s good someone’s doing it I suppose, but I couldn’t personally commit to sacrificing so much unpaid time and energy sitting behind a keyboard engaging with the craziest and most resolute people against me.

    Life’s too short and I’d rather be experimenting with my gear, shooting, teaching others to shoot, and recruiting new people into shooting by running open-to-the-public beginner events at my range. I’d rather give away my free time to these folks rather than mix with the crazies. Mixing with crazies just feels awful and they rub off on you after a while.

    • Indeed. I fight the antis every now and then in the virtual world, but just can’t get into it. They’re virtually all cowardly dumbasses who couldn’t compose a fact-based argument if their lives depended on it.

      Playing with my gear is almost always rewarding, unless I break stuff.

  5. Even if y’all “don’t do twitter” I highly recommend checking him out. I’ve never watched anyone hand another persons $h@t back to them so eloquently before.

  6. Don’t do twitter myself. Walls of the City is a decent gun blog.

    TTAG kicks ass and takes names in comparison.

    A lot of Linoge’s hate comes from early mistakes at TTAG. Lessons have been learned and nobody’s perfect.


    • In a perfect world, everyone would be perfect. Of course we do not live in a perfect world.

      The thought that rings in my mind here is “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.” Alienating potential strong allies because they are not “perfect” is a losing strategy in my opinion. In more tangible terms, if we all waited for the “perfect” spouse, no one would ever marry and have children. Neither should we reject anything but “perfect” allies in our efforts to strengthen and regain our rights.

  7. Hey RF, quick heads up- the picture you used for @wallsofthecity in this posting is actually a picture of the character “Mr. Universe” from the Firefly/Serenity movie and television series. I guess he’s a Firefly fan, if he uses it as his Twitter profile pic. Maybe you could use a cropped version of his banner pic (the one with him and the M1A)?

    • I’m sure the usage of the Mr. Universe photo was a 100% purposeful move by RF. And apropos for the subject since Linoge is a Firefly superfan.

      As far as using the banner photo from Linoge’s site, that would be an extraordinarily unwise decision given the charges of plagiarism that he has already (repeatedly) leveled at RF. It’d just stir the pot all over again.

  8. Linoge and I are buds. I’m sure he can handle pretty much anybody by himself, but tag teaming on some morons is some of the best fun I’ve had on Twitter.

  9. Can someone explain for those of us who are not part of the esoteric circle.

    Who the hell is this guy? Why should we care? Can someone explain? Or is this just club talk that leaked out onto TTAG?

  10. He did a good job of exposing RF.

    ” In the end, Robert’s interest in TTAG, and the firearm community as a whole, stems from nothing more complicated than trying to make a buck, which explains his ready willingness to exploit and abuse those around him so long as he can profit from it.”


    • Ka-pow? Really?

      I’m not saying it’s not true, though I find it hard to believe…but does the guy substantiate that statement? Or do you just endorse it…excuse me, Ka-pow it…because you’re not a fan of Robert Farago?

      • @tfunk, when I first found this site, I was happy and delighted to find what I thought was a “pro-gun” blog….over time, I began to sense something was not quite right. Seeing one major league blatant “error” RF posted about the new Colorado gun laws made me sit up and take further notice…seeing a pic taken by a friend of mine (licensed and sold to a no shit real firearms company for their use) being used without proper credit…and just watching the over all subtle (and sometimes not so sublte) anti-gun tone….tells me that my instincts were correct. This Linoge dude just confirmed it.

        Thank you RF for linking that. Awesome.

        • El Mac,

          What “anti-gun” tone are you talking about? I have not seen any “anti-gun” tone from RF. Please provide at least one example.

        • re: the “subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) anti-gun tone”

          You’re delusional. An occasional (and corrected) mistake or a slight disagreement on tactics or strategy do not an anti-gunner make.

          I just realized I’m responding to a troll. I’m sure I’ll regret it, but I’ve already typed it out, so I might as well hit Post.

          • @Matt in FL: Matt, you can call me a troll if that makes you feel better. I’ll still sleep fine. But I assure you, I’m far from delusional. It has nothing to do with: “An occasional (and corrected) mistake or a slight disagreement on tactics or strategy do not an anti-gunner make.” Where there is smoke, there is often times a fire. With RF, there is a lot of smoke.

        • Hmm…must have missed the CO error, and the pic thing.

          I’d say that the luster has somewhat worn off of TTAG for me, and I don’t check it nearly as often as I used to (but still do most days), but I wouldn’t say that I’ve seen much anti-gun sentiment from RF. From commenters, even those who say they are “pro-gun”, yes.

          • @tfunk, when an editor is constantly and consistently slamming “pro-gun” rights orgs – yep, that’s a sign of “anti-gun”. It’s there, sometimes it’s subtle, but it’s still there nevertheless.

        • “constantly and consistently slamming “pro-gun” rights orgs”

          How about a few examples? They should be easy to find if they’re being done “constantly”.

    • El Mac,

      Yes, we know you don’t like RF or whoever.

      Life lesson:
      We don’t have to like everyone or their positions on any given topic. We are all different and some of us will naturally be more comfortable and “connect” with certain people … and dislike others or their positions on various topics. That is fine as long as we respect the rights of everyone — even the people we don’t like or whose positions we don’t like.

      • +1. Yep. Some good writing there, Linoge, and sorry to hear about the old drama. Water under the bridge.
        Synergy always better than pi$$ing contests, and lesson learned in Rise of the Anti-media, Army of Davids, on what works, for pro-2A. Much bigger fish to fry ahead.

        Linoge- if you are reading- keep up the good work, on the tweets, and the rest. You can tell a story.
        Remember the oath you swore had no time limit, and included the 1A.

        “Clean, well-lit room” is the goal here, at TTAG. Doesnt always work out that way, the innertubz being what it is, but the page views prove people are coming for more.

        PS: I want you to make money RF. Pays the bills including the talent. Keep up the good work.

  11. Linoge comes across as a contrary old goat in general, but he is a talented wordsmith, for sure. But he hates RF. We’re talking Israel-Palestine levels of hate. Or Ukrainian rebels vs. Putin levels. As such, I think the chances of the two of them getting together for a beer are akin to the proverbial snowball in hell.

  12. Linoge is an anagram for Legion. El Mac is an anagram for Twelve Year Old Boy Sitting Naked in His Grandmother’s Basement Surfing P0rn.

    Any questions?

  13. Linoge and I have both taken on many of the gun grabbers on Twitter. He can nuke their arguments with ease and the MDA types always end up retreating.

    • Thanks Tom, to both you and Linoge on Twittering.

      I personally can’t do Twitter, for sake of time- and sad lack of wit –
      “The soul of wit is brevity”, but I remind my self to try: blue deer for “TL;DR”

      I do see Twitter reaching a LOT of people that “old school” blogs do not, and watch it for emergencies-
      a new grass roots tool for fast updates on info, real-time, that requires cross-checking.

      I still prefer old-school reading, and my excuse is this:
      “I’d have written you a shorter letter if I had the time…” Mark Twain

      But lets face it- FakeBook is being used, even though I think its imperfect and abused.
      And if you want to bring moderates and the still ignorant into the “2A = freedom from tyrrany”meme,
      then you gotta play where the eyeballs are.

      And anything the Blogfather uses, is a tip for me- that guy has been ahead of the curve for some time.

  14. OK. If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

    Same thing here.

  15. I don’t get the “same team” feuding crap. Is it like employees pissing their corner of the office when they see a new hire come in and feel threatened?

    Seeing as most of the complaining revolves around copyright infringement I have to laugh. Are these people not aware of the world we live in? Movies that arent even out yet stream freely. I don’t know anyone who has paid one cent for music or video in 15 years or more. Ads are blocked as a matter of course for 80% of the Internet users out there.

    It’d be nice to be credited for my work, sure but I’m not making residuals every time a page of text I wrote loads so as long as the message is out there being read that’s great.

    Running a blog costs less than $100 a year. Bells, whistles and throwing money away on a professional “designer” aside. The whole blog as a money making endeavor is an absurd construct to me and playing like you’re in a cardboard box trapping rats for dinner because some other idiot didnt credit you or because your visitors are blocking ads is laughable.

    • Shire-man,

      My family has purchased several music Compact Discs, MP3 songs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs over the last several years. Our most recent purchase was on our last shopping trip.

      Honor is honor, and integrity is integrity. Promoting an unwavering commitment to both is a good thing. As far as I can gather, Linoge alleges that Mr. Farago and/or The Truth about Guns has acted poorly in the past and takes exception.

      I understand Linoge’s position. I also commented above that we should not let “Perfect be the enemy of good.” Whatever missteps, if any, Mr. Farago or TTaG has made in the past, I do not see happening in the last one to two years. On the whole, I believe The Truth about Guns is an asset in our efforts to strengthen and regain our rights. For all of those reasons, I support The Truth about Guns’ recent activities.

      • we should not let “Perfect be the enemy of good.”


        The “problem” with those on this side of the arguement is that we are generally free thinkers…and as such we will come to disagreements. I’d like to think these disagreements result in civil discourse, but that is not always the case. Those that are anti’s march in lockstep following the leader willfully ignorant to the world around them.

        Reading the guys blog…he certainly makes his opinon known…I’ll do some reading there for a while and see how it goes.

        I think TTAG is a great site, and am very glad to have stumbled on it. I don’t always agree with everything I read, but I don’t hate anyone for it. If there was an “anti” lean to something, I missed it.

  16. This s$$hat thinks his “intellectual property rights” are more valuable than the right of the people to keep and bear arms. He also thinks that because TTAG made some journalistic errors early on that its ok to relentlessly bash RF and TTAG. His blog (that no one reads) sucks, and the comments consist entirely of his personal insults to anyone who disagrees with him there (a lot like the Anti’s).

    Linoge = All credibility lost.

    • I’m not sure why you put “intellectual property rights” in quotes and seem to hold the idea in such contempt. Do you realize the U.S. Constitution expressly authorizes Congress to protect intellectual property rights?

      Article I, Section 8, Clause 8: “To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.”

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