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“Janusz Ryszard Korwin-Mikke was born in Nazi-occupied Warsaw on October 27, 1942,” tells us. “After the death of his mother during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944, he was under the care of his grandmother and later stepmother. He studied at the Faculty of Mathematics and Faculty of Philosophy of the Warsaw University. In 1965 he was detained by the communist authorities while studying psychology, law, and sociology. In 1968 like other members he was again arrested, jailed and expelled from the university for his participation in student protests. He passed his master’s examination without attending any philosophy courses.” Korwin-Mikk became a politician whose views are both controversial and, let’s say, eccentric . . .

According to the Wiki hive mind, Korwin-Mikke is something of a Holocaust denier. And a monarchist. And a “radical liberal.” Or is that a libertarian? Definitely a blogger. A man to whom freedom-loving Poles (like our own DrVino) owe a debt of gratitude, for this:

Korwin-Mikke was a Member of Parliament during the first term of the Sejm of the Third Republic of Poland. He was the originator of the vetting resolution on 28 May 1992, which obliged the Minister of Internal Affairs to disclose the names of all politicians who had been communist secret police agents. The disclosed list contained numerous prominent politicians of most political factions. This led to the government being overthrown by the opposition and the President Lech Walesa.

No matter what you think of Korwin-Mikke, his stance on firearms freedom is both unequivocal and a breath of fresh air, especially considering the fact that gun rights are not even a topic of conversation in Western European nations (excepting the Jewish community’s desire for armed self defense after the Charlie Hebdo attack). Korwin-Mikke is our gun hero of the day for telling it like it is.

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    • “If every other Jew had a weapon in 1939, the Holocaust might have been prevented.”
      TVN24, debate on access to firearms
      source: Blog of the autor, 17 April 2007

    • Korwin-Mikke says that Hitler probably did not know about the Holocaust. And that the killing millions of people was not Hitler’s purpose. In other words the extermination was organized by Himmler and Hitler knew nothing. Because no written order from Hitler exists. (Oh my, poor Adolf, kept in the dark by those bad, bad Nazis…) I suppose that is what the author meant. To sum up, he [JKM] does not deny the Holocaust (AFAIK), but he doubts Hitler’s involvement in the genocide.

      Well, to be honest, I just don’t like this guy. Despite his views on gun policy the rest of his ideas usually place him in a cabaret or something. He loves controversy. Much more than common sense. And if taxes are ever mentioned in an interview, almost every time he praises low taxes during Hitler’s occupation of Poland. Of course all horrors of WWII are conveniently passed over in silence. And I can tell you one thing – Poles, to put it mildly, don’t like Hitler. Low taxes or not.

      Of course those supposedly low taxes in the Third Reich are simply BS. Like the most of what he says.

      I’m not sure you want any “heroes” like Korwin-Mikke.

      • That’s true, but you should also understand that the rule under the communists (Russians) was in many ways worse than under the Nazi Occupation.

        I don’t know this guy and he seems sketchy, but at least he’s right on the gun issue.

        • Soviet Socialist Imperialism was hellish. But the Soviets’ long-term goal wasn’t actually to slaughter the Poles and use the survivors as slave labor for ethnic Russians who would colonize the place after the war.

    • During one of the political talk shows he noted that there’s no proof that Hitler knew about Holocaust (it was just a correction of a statement made by other guest). He never denied Holocaust as it is.

      Overall, he’s one of the few honest politicians, though he might sometimes come as an eccentric.

  1. “Democracy means that if this man, you Miss, and I will be trapped on an island, we having a majority of votes will decide that you have to sleep with us. That’s the Democracy. And with 2/3 votes we can even put that in the constitution.”
    source: speech during a meeting in the R. Barbosa High School

    “A jump from the sixth floor is definitely more harmful than taking heroin, yet we don’t forbid building sixth floors.”
    Source: drug legalization debate, 13 November 2007.

    And more:

    • Several years ago I saw a television show where a camera crew followed an ambulance crew. They responded to a call of a man threatening to jump off of the fifth deck of a parking structure. When the paramedics stepped out of the elevator on the fifth level, a woman came running at them screaming and the jumper was not visible. The paramedics and camera crew ran to the edge of the parking deck and looked over the side. There lay the man motionless on the pavement 50 feet below. So the paramedics ran back to the elevator and rushed out to the pavement only to find the man was gone. Witnesses say he got up, brushed himself off, and took off running! Paramedics found him a block away bleeding from a minor cut and took him to the hospital. All he had was a broken wrist!

      So, apparently heroin can be more dangerous than jumping from a high location!

      • Well, doing heroin once (or even couple of times) not only normally won’t kill you, but also usually won’t make you an addict.

  2. Even after (or perhaps because of) being invaded numerous times in their history, the most recent being the simultaneous German/Russian invasion at the start of WW2, the Poles are a strongly nationalistic people. With that historical background, combined with the way events are playing out in Ukraine and along the various borders with Russia, I don’t find this guy’s convictions about unarmed citizens at all unusual. People in eastern Europe and the Baltics have a sharp memory of just what life in a totalitarian state is actually like. They know exactly what Putin’s stated aims for reestablishing the old Soviet borders means for them. The former east-bloc countries are the EU and NATO outliers because of this. While the rest of Europe sucks up to Putin, they ain’t havin’ any of it. As a result, they—Poland may be first—may be the first EU nations to allow their citizens to freely own guns.

        • After getting undercut by Obama on the missile defense agreement and beginning to question just how much NATO’s defense guarantees can be depended on, Poland is seeing to it’s own defense. The small Baltic nations along with other former east-bloc nations are rightfully looking at Poland as their first line of defense. There is now a real strain growing between the eastern NATO countries and the western NATO countries, including the US. Recent history tends to be a very effective learning tool, especially when your allies give every indication of become more and more flaky. Britain now has a grand total of 29 major warships and is planning on reducing its standing army to 66,000. The US is reportedly planning to stop production of Sidewinder and Hellfire missiles. If you live in eastern Europe it’s time to start thinking about forting-up.

        • Now *that* is some cool temperature-matching stealth technology…

          My sister’s husband’s family is Polish. Their memory of the atrocities is still fresh, and they pass it down to their kid’s kids…

          At my sis’s wedding the Poles did the most damage to the open bar, considering my side of the family is heavy with Irish, quite an accomplishment… 🙂

    • That’s highly unlikely. Did you know that their (our beloved government) newest, probably most stupid idea ever, is that they would want permits to purchase scopes (and only 1-18x magnification would be allowed) for hunting purposes? They want to treat the scope as a part of a hunting rifle. Yes, the optical device. How stupid is that? They don’t want armed citizens. Period. That said, our gun laws are definitely not the worst in EU. At least for now.

      But as Mark N. mentioned above, they want new equipment for our soldiers. At last. And that’s not bad.

  3. The problem is that most folks have never experienced the type of freedom the United States of America offers……though in decline.

    Immigrants from depressed Europe want ‘some freedom’ but most vote for ‘a little freedom.’

    This guy is a kook. Smart and educated by the political and educational elite. Our children are in their control and no matter who we vote in, Liberals have control of our children’s education!

    I’m more afraid of that than anything!

  4. So you can be a white holocaust denier and have been mistreated by white communists but if you are a black panther who supports gun rights for black people because of a racist history in America and may have anti jewish views you are against the blacks with guns? In 1977 white liberal reform jewish lawyers said it was ok for the kkk to march in Anyone can follow the internet and ant persons views.

  5. To finish my statement in 1977 white jewish lawyers said in court it was ok to march in black neighborhoods and later said it was ok to go on to private property and burn a cross. Black gun owners are always checking to see if white gun owners are sincere about their statements for freedom for all.

  6. I don’t know this person, but there are two points he is wrong about. First of all, choosing Breivik as an example is a poor choice. Breivik first tried to get illegal firearms in the Czech Republic (after reading on BBC web that guns are easy to get there) and after he failed to get them, he obtained them all completely legally home in Norway. Pointing out to a situation where a terrorists uses legally owned guns to kill over 70 people really doesn’t help the cause of making guns legal in Poland (they are in fact legal for sport/hunting purposes, but the amount of red tape around them is debilitating to anyone trying to get them).

    Secondly, Europe is not US. Majority of people will simply not connect to the idea of Arizona – it’s too far geographically and culturally. Meanwhile Poland shares large part of its border with Czech Republic. Estonia is just a stone’s throw away. Both with shall issue concealed carry licenses that are more easily obtainable than in many parts of US. Czech Republic had more per capita CC licenses than Texas up to about 2009.

    It is easy and hardly rebuttable to point out to the fact that Czechs got shall issue CC 25 years ago after the fall of communism and no mayhem happened. And with dozens of thousands of Poles working in the Czech Republic, there are plenty of people who have personal experience with life in a country where guns are relatively easily available (even though not that proliferated, since the country is safe to the point that most people don’t bother to get get the license and guns).

    • You are ignorant. You have no idea about this guy… who he is or what he does… You are just brainwashed like everybody else by the BS they sell you on TV…

  7. It is impossible for Americans who have never experienced a Stalinist communist government to understand the psychology of a consummate resister like Korwin-Mikke. I was in PRL in the 1980’s when it was still run by PZRP – when they were on their best behavior – and it still wasn’t a fun place.

    There is no such thing as a Polish Holocaust denier. The issue in PRL era Poles’ minds is whether the USSR or the Nazis were worse. Believing that the USSR and PZRP were worse than the Nazis by no means absolves the Nazis for their atrocities in Poland.

    Few Americans know that Poland experienced a savage Civil War from 1944 through 1947 pitting the ‘London’ Poles against the ‘Lublin’ Poles back by Stalin. No quarter was given or taken on either side and millions of Poles were killed or exiled to Siberia, never to return to Poland. This after the Poles loast millions to Nazi depredations. The last ‘London’ Poles were only killed off by SB goons in 1962.

    In my experience, Civil War era Poles were all rabidly pro gun. Indeed many had guns stashed away for the next civil war. Fortunately, the events of the 1980’s came to a peaceful conclusion. But Civil War era Poles will never forget or forgive the depredations of the USSR or the PZRP.

  8. (excepting the Jewish community’s desire for armed self defense after the Charlie Hebdo attack)
    No offence to RF or others at TTAG, but 99% of Jewish folks that I know, stand with Loretta Weinberg and Mike Bloomberg. I’ve read here that even Israel has turned into NJ. I have always advocated that every synagogue
    congregation train and arm its young people in order for “It” to “Never happen again”, but all I have ever received is a shoulder shrug and a head shake….unfortunately, the Islamics don’t share that attitude. Permanent victim mentality perhaps?


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