America’s gun problem is also a masculinity problem. But in the anti-violence movement, boys might be lagging behind.
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“There’s definitely many, many, many more girls getting involved in many of these movements than boys. (It) has to do with this caricature that we paint and construct from a very young age in terms of what a boy should be. A boy should spend his summers playing sports rather than engaging in service or academic or activist work. A boy should be doing things that are physical, or manly, or masculine, rather than deconstructing systems of privilege that they may benefit from.” – Yale student Ziad Ahmed in The gun control movement needs boys [via]

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  1. You mean like how a girl is expected to live a caricature of femininity and do things that are girly, feminine and domestic and subservient to the things the boys do? From The rights movement needs girls

    This guy probably fancies himself a feminist when the truth is he’s just a slave out recruiting for more slaves.

    • He’s actually a “Charlie-Male”, which is one step down from being a beta-male, who virtue signals because he believes it’s his only way to pick up chicks. I’m serious when I say that. It’s the foundation for all these half men.

      • I would call that “thing” a male. Sure it as some male-like biology but none of the characteristics. Actually, I know some gay guys that are more ballsy than that prick.

        Someone send him a straight razor, shave soap and a beard brush. Also someone please give that thing a steak and some weights to help with that lack of development

  2. Oh man, deconstructing systems of privilege sounds way more fun than playing baseball or riding bikes! Why didn’t I spend all my childhood summers on that?

    • Because that “Privilege” is mostly fighting for female supremacy. Also bashing your brother over the head with a stick is fun.

    • I couldn’t take it seriously when a man named Ziad Ahmed said:

      “There’s definitely many, many, many more girls getting involved in many of these movements than boys. (It) has to do with this caricature that we paint and construct from a very young age in terms of what a boy should be. A boy should spend his summers playing sports rather than engaging in service or academic or activist work. A boy should be doing things that are physical, or manly, or masculine, rather than deconstructing systems of privilege that they may benefit from.

      I assume Ahmed is trying to deconstruct Islam before he deconstructs America. In America women are able to demand enslavement as they have that right. Women in Islamic areas can’t exercise their right to be free because they’re enslaved.

  3. More women, minorities, and LGBTGDJSIEJCND are getting into firearms and self defense than ever before. Kids follow faddish trends and the media and celebrities are making gun control a faddish trend. As for my daughter, she loves pistol shooting so there’s one less girl for the PC GC movement!

  4. I see they’re still filling young heads full of poo at Yale these days. There have been studies that have shown that boys will be boys regardless of how much their parents try to effeminate them. Give them dolls and they play war with them. We’re genetically hardwired to be boys, not taught.

    • “… boys will be boys regardless of how much their parents try to effeminate them. Give them dolls and they play war with them.”

      That there is funny!

      When I was in elementary school, a good friend had really fun “action figures” with jeeps, canoes, motor cycles, camping RVs, etc. Of course “action figure” is just another word for doll. We inevitably took them on adventures that involved giant mob fights and “police actions”. Yep, we played war (on one scale or another) with those dolls.

      • hah! Big Jim and his “Baja Beast” camper. So many mud pits and dirt pile war zones! I can’t remember the rest of Big Jim’s crew names, but they were all back yard operators of the time 🙂

    • Yeah, I wonder how they can base the entire LGBT rights campaign on the idea that people are just born that way but then dispense with that idea the moment it comes to masculinity. Then they practically become conversion therapy advocates.

      • In fairness I think it’s only the ‘toxic masculinity’ that requires reeducation therapy, but I have no idea what makes masculinity ‘toxic’.

      • The leftist have one goal, tyranny, and they will say and do whatever it takes to reach that goal. They don’t care about truth, because truth to them is an obstacle to their goals. The left is doing what leftist do – they lie. They are not that different from their predecessors of the past, I.e., Bolsheviks, Fascists, etc., and everyone should expect them to act similarly.

        • Bob….. Truth is how they define it, constantly changing to fit whatever lie they are currently pushing. Reminds me of a song that states ” The trouble with the truth is that it always stays the same “.

      • Masculinity is toxic, doncha know. Why, if we didn’t have toxic masculinity, we wouldn’t have wars or crime or or or…AND WOMEN WOULD RUN EVERYTHING AND MEN WOULD BE THEIR SEX SLAVES!

        • No Mark, they wouldn’t even use us for that. All sex is rape remember? we’d just be milked and women would be fertilized by robotic turkey basters when the population starts to dip a bit.

        • Too late! Women have always been in control. all they need to do is cut a man off and he will do her bidding.

  5. I hate it when my peeps get behind gun control, or rather “deconstructing systems of Privlege”. Any phrase less sophisticated would be conduct unbecoming of a South-Asian Yale student.

  6. You want to talk about “systems of privilege”? How about the “system of privilege” which results in a “south Asian” student at Yale over an American?

    • On average, “South Asians” are one of the highest achieving groups academically. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were actually penalized by affirmative action, the same way East Asians are.

      • Perhaps so, but I think that’s his point. Social Justice theory holds, as an article of faith, that any such differential in achievement must be due to an invisible system of privilege oppressing the apparent low-achiever for the benefit of the apparent high-achiever.

      • Does he embrace being an American or is he focused on whatever shit hole country his family came out of? I was born in the Soviet Union, I know damn well that I have little in common with the current residents of my former country. My ancestors are from all over eastern and northern Europe. Ukraine, the Caucuses, Romania, and Finland. Unlike this clown, I realize that America is better than every place on that list. Nor do I make excuses for personal failures by hiding them behind some “privilege” boogeyman.

        The way I see it, to be an American, you need to BE an American first, not Indian-American, Russian-American, etc… The great part about this country is that if you leave all that bullshit behind you, you’re just as American as those descended from people who stepped off the Mayflower.

      • Thank you for beating me to it. An Indian conveniently “forgetting” how he ‘benefited’ from the caste system and now sees fit to lecture Americans on some fantasy ‘privilege’ is beyond nauseating.

        Not to mention the racial privilege he will benefit from once he gets his degree, as the white and Asian males he should be competing with for jobs, will be affirmatively discriminated against in his favor.

  7. Well aside from his obvious lack of any child rearing experience this douche nozzle forgets one very important fact. Boys (especially teenage boys) will do very very dumb, dangerous, and or manly things to impress pretty teenage girls. Shocking I know but this comes from experience. I wrecked a car twice trying to show off for a pretty girl and experienced all kinds of injuries to my ego trying to impress one girl or another. Then there’s the simple fact that as teens boys are trying to find their physical limitations and starting to compete for mates. Sorry guy it’s biology boys are gonna be boys and do boy things like play football, drive too fast, shoot guns, fight, and totally eschew activism because well activist work SUCKS from a teenage perspective.

    • I pretty much agree.

      Funny article. Keep tilting at those pesky ingrained biological differences, Leftists. I’ll bet on 50,000 years of evolution vs. a century of Marxist claptrap any day.

      • It’s almost like he never even tried to get in the cheerleading captain’s pants in highschool. I took out a guardrail with my Cutlass trying to drift and show off for a really hot classmate that said she loved Tokyo Drift… Then the 2nd one was because I let another girl drive the car probably shouldn’t have let her know about the trans brake… I wasn’t exactly the smartest feller when a pretty girl was involved.

        • Don’t hate on the g body. Mine was an 88 cutlass supreme classic with a chevy 327 transplanted in and a turbo 350. It’d flat git it in a straight line but obviously drifting was not my strong suit…. I tapped the brakes at the wrong time and around she went. I still miss that car…. Paid $300 for it with its stock 307.

      • Then how did Western European men turn into a bunch a effete, effeminate nancies in thr span of about a cup of coffee? Nature is strong–very strong–but do not underestimate the influence of social forces.

    • No kidding; they’ll even join PETA or gun-control groups with high rates of female membership guided by their meat-seeking missiles. These groups are well aware of this fact, which is why they put attractive females front & center wherever possible (for every passable Shannon Watts, there’s a thousand ham-beasts that get no air-time but do all the actual work proselytizing)

      • Exactly but there is another male subspecies that populates these groups. The breeder or “beta” male. These males are extremely subservient to the female and are used for everything from virtue signalling among other females.
        Example: ” My husband is so evolved he is so feminist he wears a diva cup with me on my monthly.”
        To breeding for further virtue signalling.
        Example: ” As a mother I feel that (blank) should be illegal. I can’t imagine what I’d do if I couldn’t ban (blank) to protect my children.”
        No one quite knows why these males choose to become subservient to the females that use them for mating and virtue signalling but it is believed it has something to do with their upbringing or that the female they serve is their first and only mate.

  8. Hey, kids- I agree that the “gun control movement” needs some real men involved. If there really were- men who were raised in 2 parent, non-gay households, the movement, sucn as it is, would be over.

    It wouldn’t take much for gun owners to hijack the antigun culture completely. That’s exactly how the gays, “animal rights” advocates and the rest of the bedwetters gained such prominence with the MSM who promote their every move. Try to get that nose into the tent.

  9. Alex Jones was right. They’re putting chemicals in the water that make the fricken frogs gay.

    It finally caught up to us.

  10. This is exactly why I’ve stopped hiring snowflakes from Fk’ed up ivy colleges.

    I find we get much better grads coming out of State schools..

  11. The boys that aren’t hooked up with anti-gun activism in pursuit of its female activists, are also generally both more familiar, and more psychologically compatible with ‘martial items’ from firearms to nun-chucks (cool, but useless). Ladies have been stereotypically afraid of ‘martial stuff’ for a long, long time dating back to antiquity, and this stereotype overwhelmingly founded in reality is one of the principle justifications for the system of Chivalry (or Bushido, or any other male-o-centric male-o-cracy system ever put together in history for any culture, when women were unable or refused to do the fighting needed to protect society)

  12. If it acts like a boy and talks like a boy…. fill it full of Ritalin and send it off to a class on toxic masculinity! That’ll fix the problem! If it doesn’t we can send em to the school counselor!


  13. ” A boy should spend his summers playing sports rather …. A boy should be doing things that are physical, or manly, or masculine”


  14. The Enemy of your enemy is not your friend.
    I would not be trusting or happy Leftist own firearms. Anarcho-fascist Pooftie pajama boys that play antifa should not be encouraged to own firearms.
    The same goes for most LGBTQ, Feminazis, Anarchist, Fascist, Progressives, or anyone more than slightly left of center.

  15. “A boy should be fellating men and taking it in the behind in public spaces until he has reached puberty, when he must get married and start stoning disobedient women, beheading infidels, and throwing adult homosexuals off rooftops.” -Ziad Ahmed’s father

  16. “deconstructing systems of privilege that they may benefit from.”

    What in the ever loving eff does this even mean?

    • From what I gather, it means that if you are born white, you are automatically racist and privileged, and if you are male, you should commit suicide at the earliest opportunity. All Western systems of education, mathematics, and science, are methods of enforcing white privilege, and must be abolished. White students should be subjected to mandatory racial sensitivity classes so that they become aware of their “white privilege.” Because of white privilege, white people are more likely to succeed, not because they are smarter or work harder. Guns are only owned by privileged white (mostly male) racists, and therefore guns must be abolished. (I have actually read all this stuff from publications by college and university students and professors.)

    • Interesting you mentioned the Chinese.

      The current insult to use on the Chinese interwebs is “White Left”. That’s right, they know about our idiots, know the insanity of letting in millions of low-skill immigrants (esp illegals), understand the self-destructive behavior, etc.

      Sadly hilarious that even Chinese Communists see the abomination of ‘liberalism’ from the other side of the planet.

  17. Perhaps it’s because boys inherently know that they have to take care of themselves. When shit goes down, boys know that nobody is coming to their rescue like what happens to girls. If females want to be flippant with the right to self protection, then that’s on them. Leave other people out of it.

  18. “There’s definitely many, many, many more girls getting involved in many of these movements than boys.”

    Which, I suppose, is not just bad, or even very bad, but very, very, very bad. Because you never, never, never know. Like, ever.

    That moron actually goes to Yale? How very, very, very pathetic.


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