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courtsy above the

By Tony Oliva

Remember those old Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner cartoons?  The Road Runner would be flying around, enjoying his freedom with the liberty that his speed gave him while Wile E. Coyote would try and stop him with convoluted and illogical contraptions and plans. I cannot help but draw a comparison to gun controllers who, especially after losing, come up with some of the most asinine explanations for the loss as well as further propagating the idea that the next giant slingshot or rocket powered roller skates are going to work . . .

Recently, with the loss of two gun control Colorado state senators, Angela Giron and John Morse, anti-liberty governor Hickenlooper came out with this gem:

Politics revolves around certain issues how people talk about them and how people’s emotions respond to them and often perceived reality more important than the facts.

I’m sorry, but didn’t this whole thing came about because, like a ghoul, you exploited a tragedy and pushed for measures that do nothing to actually prevent further ones?  You basically preyed on the emotions of people in the wake of a tragedy in order to jam this down the throats of Coloradans and since THEY had the GALL to fight back, all of a sudden they are the ignorant masses who you need to educate better with “the facts”.

Hickenlooper added the defeat was from a very loud “minority”.  Once again showing the cartoonish nature of gun controllers.  Just like Wile E. Coyote thinking his hairbrained contraption failed due to bad luck he plods on with another hairbrained contraption, so too do gun controllers think that it is always a small minority, or the NRA, or some other boogeyman who foil their plans when in truth it is the silent majority who wake and dole out retribution when they have been pushed too far.

But exploiting tragedy, shoving worthless legislation that promotes their agenda down the peoples’ throats, and then panning any dissent as uneducated, lobby-backed, emotionally charged nonsense from a “loud minority” is the gun controller’s modus operandi.

It’s what happened in New York with the SAFE act when Gov. Cuomo changed the rules forcing an immediate vote on it so that the people didn’t have their customary 3 days in order to voice an opinion.  Because, frankly, Mr. Cuomo didn’t want to hear the peoples’ opinion.   That right there is some cartoon villainy.

Now that the Sheriffs in New York have all but  revolted against both Cuomo and the SAFE Act by refusing to enforce any of it, Cuomo is trying to marginalize them as out of touch cowboys.  Cuomo also possesses the trait of most gun controllers have of hypocrisy saying:

The law is the law. It’s not their job to pick and choose, and that obviously would be a dangerous and frightening precedent. Enforce all the laws, that’s their job.

Where to begin on that one…hmmm…all the laws?  What about Federal immigration laws in New York City?  Are you pushing for those laws to be enforced?  What about the 3 day waiting period on new legislation you waived for a bill that wouldn’t take effect for months?  I guess you didn’t want to hear from the “loud minority”.

But from Colorado, to Illinois to New York and pretty much everywhere in between, gun rights are moving forward and those who oppose the liberty and freedom that they represent are feeling the pinch.  Be it in Colorado where politicians are losing their jobs, Illinois where the Chicago machine is left impotent to stop concealed carry,  or in upstate New York where there is open revolt against the constitutional infringements levied there.

All the while gun controllers are saying it’s just a small group against them and the gun control movement will have its revenge.

Yeah…they keep talking about how they have ALL this support; yet talk of revenge comes across like this:

When you are fighting to ensure liberty and freedom like those who defend the 2nd Amendment, you don’t need the convoluted plans or the hair-brained oversized acme fly swatter.

And like Wile E. Coyote who has run off a cliff but does not acknowledge it, the gun controllers will eventually look down and realize that they are not standing on anything, and will plummet from the scene.

 This article appeared originally at and is reprinted here with permission.

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  1. Their entire position is cartoonish.

    The concept that laws prevent violence is itself Disney theatre.
    Therein lies their greatest strength and biggest weakness,all in the same thing.Their greatest strength is the emotional nature of their message.Us humans make decisions based on emotions rationalized by intellect,which makes imparting their argument easy.

    Until someone points out the fact of matters .Then their argument falls apart like a bad movie script.Rather then admit defeat,they take the only option palatable to extremists:they double down on the insanity and extremism of their position.

    Such is the nature of our enemy.Fortunately, we have the truth ,law,and moral justice on our side.They have only pixie dust,weak case law,and Acme attorneys .

  2. It’s always hilarious how they blame the evil NRA and their “big money”, even though during the Morse/Giron recall election, Bloomberg outspent the NRA many times over.

    • This. In way, though, they are right. It was “the NRA.” Because I am the NRA, and so are you. It’s not about the money, it’s about the people. They have a very few people with opinions and a whole lot of money to force their opinions on others by outspending and drowning them in coverage. We have a whole lot of people with opinions, and just a little bit of money to spread them. But our opinions are better.

      • We believe in what we’re doing and have honest motives. So we stick at it, day in and day out. We muster numbers when they matter.

        They know they’re wrong and their motives are dishonest. It does make a difference.

  3. The scary thing is that this is all true, but history is repeating himself. The Democrats have already lost badly on this in the recent past.

    It is like the ACME corporation came up with Wile E. Obama as a marketing ploy for their anti-gun fly swatters.

  4. My favorite so far is MDA’s comments on “low voter turnout” in Colorado’s recalls, implying they have overwhelming support but the supporters just chose not to actually support the cause. Ignoring it was not low voter turnout by the actual numbers, MDA blames itself without realizing it; the group’s main function is to garner support, such as getting people to vote for their agenda. So they couldn’t get support and they blame their failure on a lack of support from the majority of people that apparently support them (if they exist). It’s a big loop that shows how dumb they really are.

  5. The law is the law! You will obey!

    Except when it comes to legalizing marijuana
    or protecting illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities
    or gay marriage
    or infringing Constitutional rights
    or anything else where the law isn’t the law.

    But otherwise, the law is the law.

    Any questions?

  6. Liberal arguments are ridiculous because they know they’re lying, so they don’t work very hard at trying to make what they’re saying sound like it makes sense; it’s an emotional appeal to the ignorant and easily confused. There is no “aha” moment for those who are intentionally deceitful.

  7. Ardent’s Axiom: One cannot be honest, sane, and well informed simultaneously while also advocating civilian disarmament.

    I know I repeat that a lot but sometimes truisms bear repeating.

    Collectivists, statists and leftists in general are fundamentally flawed. Some are psychotic power mongers, others so pathetically cowardly that they require groupthink to express themselves at all for fear of retribution even of the intellectual type. All are flawed in that reason and logic exist for them, if at all, merely to be subverted as means to their illogical and ultimately destructive ends.

    Given that collectivism, statism and the central control they imply inevitably leads to tyranny, economic collapse and too often genocide, those who embrace it are truly either caricatures of stupidity or wholly evil in a manner befitting a cartoon villain.

    • “Ardent’s Axiom: One cannot be honest, sane, and well informed simultaneously while also advocating civilian disarmament. ”

      Grise’s corollary: One cannot be honest, sane, OR well-informed and advocate civilian disarment.

  8. ” What about Federal immigration laws in New York City? Are you pushing for those laws to be enforced? What about the 3 day waiting period on new legislation you waived for a bill that wouldn’t take effect for months? I guess you didn’t want to hear from the “loud minority”.”

    It’s called doublethink

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