Ann Althouse understands that you can't trust government to keep you safe.
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“Ordinary people are observing that monsters like Kelley, who crack the skulls of infants, are still able to get guns. That quite justifiably makes people resist delegating the function of self-defense to the government.” – Ann Althouse in Existing gun control law barred Devin P. Kelley from buying a gun [via]


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        • They used to do a decent job of national defense. But now, they only spend a ridiculous amount of money on defense. They used to spend a ludicrous amount. That’s what it takes for them to get something right.

  1. This country is radically different along with the mindset of gun owners, since 1994. Between the assault weapons ban, and the confiscations during Katrina, American gun owners have hardened their hearts and won’t allow those situations to occur, ever again, without substantial and sustained bloodshed. I say, Amen. These filthy, subhuman, Liberal Terrorist™, gun grabbing vermin can go pound sand. I’m salivating at the idea that as a country, we settle this once and for all.

  2. scotus has ruled that firearm ownership is an individual right. Duh.

    Now Trump has appointed a conservative justice to the scotus and he has 7 more years to appoint more.

    Even CA and NYC are going to be constitutional carry soon enough.

    • Well, at least three. And possibly really one, in real terms, if things go badly for the Republicans in the 2018 elections.

      It’s a very good thing Gorsuch got in. There’s no guarantee of more.

  3. I was just thinking that since the killer was able to pass a NICS check due to the Air Force failing to submit his information that maybe the survivors would have a pretty strong civil case against the Air Force. I’m guessing this would be something the AF would want to brush under the rug as fast as possible to avoid publicity, so a quick settlement is possible. On the other hand, if the AF doesn’t mind the bad publicity it could shed a light on the failings of the background check system.

    • “the Air Force failing to submit his information”

      After the Jared Loughner debacle, I do not believe that the Air Farce failed to submit info to NICS — it declined to do so, just as the Army declined to provide info on Loughner.

      The military has turned into a careerist cesspool where West Point grads can carry signs saying “Communism will win” and suffer no consequences.

    • I doubt it. Just as courts have ruled that police have no obligation to protect you personally, courts have ruled that institutions, like Virginia Tech, have no obligation to warn you. The AF failing to update NICS sounds like a failure to warn.

      We’ve seen other cases, including V.T. and Charleston, where prohibited possessors passed background checks due to bureaucratic blunders. Nobody goes to jail or writes a check for that.

      • Bureaucrats don’t go to jail and if they write a check we’re the ones paying the bill.

        You’re probably right. But it just goes to show the stupidity of demanding ‘universal’ background checks when they can’t make the ones we have work. On the flip side I’ve heard that something like 97% of denials are false positives, so in large part they deny the law abiding while letting the criminals slip through the cracks. Fix the system we’ve got before demanding it be universal.

  4. This woman does not speak for me or any of the people who now share the burden of the recent tragedy caused by one of your own.

    Keeping deluding yourself that these type of incidents happen everyday in the rest of the world. They don’t, These types of attacks don’t happen in Europe, Canada, Japan or Australia on a daily basis. I’m sure you nuts will be singing a different tune if you lost a friend or loved one to a NRA-sponsored nut-bar.

    This happened in right-wing gun-nut texas which has a higher crime and murder rate than new york or the “dread chi-town.”

    So you morons continue to claim gun laws won’t prevent the carnage why don’t we give away a loaded gun to every man, woman & child with their happy meal! After all, banning giving loaded guns to untrained individuals will not stop the next mass murderer so let them have guns to shoot with their meals!

    Spare more your arguments which are moronic. If you are going to argue that America is safer with guns than without guns, then you are just an idiot! The same with cars, but the utility associated with cars benefit society. Guns don’t provide benefit to society the way that cars do. If you want to argue that you have a right to be able to protect yourself, then you may have an argument, but stop with the nonsensical arguments.

    • I expect that guns in the hands of citizens will be an important tool when we finally institute concentration camps for Liberal Terrorists™ like yourself. The difference between myself and the gun controllers who want to ban/confiscate guns and repeal the Second Amendment is that I’m not afraid to state my real agenda.

      • So you and every nutbar on this website admit your insane fantasy of wanting to sponsor mass genocide against millions of patriotic Americans that laws that are 100% proven to reduce incidents with guns.

        Comparing guns to cars is stupid, Automobile deaths were reduced dramatically after studies were done and laws were created to enforce safer cars and drivers. The GOP, lobbied by the NRA, has prevented in depth studies of gun deaths that would help us make them less frequent. Nobody is trying to take all your guns away, Cletus. We just want slightly fewer massacres, if that’s ok with you.

        • Are you French or have a mouse in your pocket?

          There is no ‘We’ or a collective Right to own the means to defense against whatever.

          Individuals as in ‘I’.

          As in ‘I’ have a God given Right to defend myself, not ‘We’.

        • I only speak for myself. And what you call “patriotic Americans”, I call domestic enemies, as these Liberal Terrorists™ pose a literal, existential threat to our Constitutional Republic. I stand by my comments. And I never mentioned cars. It is an idiotic comparison. Driving is a privilege. The right to keep and bear arms, is not. And finally, the CDC was shut down because it was politicizing firearm ownership and using tax payer money to attempt to usurp the 2A. Same reason why the PLCAA passed, to shut down lawsuits designed to put firearms manufacturers out of business. Anyway- folks like you shouldn’t be wasting time on gun forums. Go out and enjoy what little life is left for vermin like yourself.

        • No…it is only stupid to you because it destroys your anti gun talking points….gun accident death in 2015….489… accident death…35,000…apples to apples..with over 320 million guns in private hands….

        • Cars were made safer for the driver and the passenger. Likewise, guns have been made safer over the years for the operator of the firearm. Modern firearms are drop safe. They have dual mechanism triggers designed to reduce accidental discharge. There are less than 1000 “accidental” homicides with firearms per year. What you are wanting to make safer is intentional acts, and in that way, cars are a perfect example. A car today is just as deadly to a pedestrian as it was 100 years ago. In fact, you might argue more dangerous with their speed capabilities. I know the difference between intentional and accidental, and I understand there is very little you can do to prevent an intentional act.

          You say you don’t want to ban guns, as all gun grabbers do, yet all you do is ask for more restrictions! Actions speak louder than words. I live in California where we have 100% of the “dream” gun control laws, yet every legislative session brings more restrictions. I ask this all the time of those who say “we don’t want to take your guns,” and have yet to get an answer. Given that you are irrationally afraid of guns, at what point will you no longer be afraid that I have one? See, you DO want to ban all guns.

        • Auto caused deaths are up, not down moron.
          gun homicide rates are down, 1/3 the rate of

          As far as japan it has MORE lethal violence than the US. You counted both US gun murder and US gun suicide in your prior post. In overall murder+suicide, Japan has 48% more, not less than the US. And the countries you mention have more mass murder than the US, not less.

          “The GOP, lobbied by the NRA, has prevented in depth studies of gun deaths that would help us make them less frequent”

          Actually what happened was $38 million was spent on studies by gun control lobby members and funded by the CDC that predicted gun murder would rise — it fell. The CDC was only prevented from giving money to lobby groups

    • Texas homicides per 100,000: 4.8

      Chicago homicides per 100,000: 15.65

      Yep, Texas is worse. Murder rates are like golf scores, right?

      • The Texas homicide rate would probably be half that if not for it’s proximity to the Rio Grande and it’s abundance of undocumented foreign nationals.

        • I agree, but OP’s bullshit claim is bullshit. Of course we knew this, but even T-ball can still be fun in small amounts.

    • I wonder when this troll will fly off the handle and shoot people. Think he’s already slipped through the NICS system?

      • Nah…mommy won’t let (him?) get that wicked firearm. And shooting one would trigger the vapors😆😆😆😆

    • They do happen in Europe….Paris, charlie hebdo, and the bataclan, and norway , and recently Germany….and in Britain they had 3 near misses for mass public shooters…and australia has had a least a dozen shootings that would have been classed as mass public shootings if the shooter had simply killed more of the people he shot…….you are wrong.

      Wrong…Chicago has a higher gun murder rate than Houston….a city in Texas that actually has gun stores and is in a state on the border with Mexico, a narco state…wrong again….

      Americans use guns on average 1,500,000 times a year to stop violent criminals and many times, mass public shooters…this is according to bill clinton’s Department of Justice and supported by obama’s Centers for Disease Control research from 2013…..those are lives saved, rapes and robberies stopped, something you don’t have in Europe….

      Also….Europe disarmed their people in the 1920s…by 1939 they would begin to murder 12 million unarmed men, women and children…not war deaths, murder in gas chambers and by other means…that count is far higher than our criminals murdering other criminals……

      So we will keep our guns….

    • Excuse me, Mr. Troll, but this was a wife and child beating loser who could not find a way to fit into and get along with society who then in a fit of desperation and attempting to pretend his life had any meaning whatsoever took it upon himself to murder 27 innocent people in cold blood and injure 20 more.

      He is as much NOT “one of your own” as any human being, with the possible exception of you, could be.

      So the next time you are sitting in a concert or a theater or walking in a crowded mall this Christmas season where you are just another fish in the barrel for these sorts of anti-social miscreants and another helpless, unarmed victim of his psychosis, think to yourself what you will do if some jack-wagon comes in and starts shooting and there is no good guy with a gun there to shoot back.

      27 dead and 20 wounded and the police were STILL 5 minutes away.

    • Take your sack cloth and ashes somewhere else.

      There have been mass killings in Australia post Port Arthur. Fire is the favoured weapon, and it doesn’t make the victims any less dead than being shot.

    • Your claim that confiscation of guns from the law abiding would result in less murder is simply not true. Look at DC, four studies, all by gun control lobby groups, show DC has a 26% gun ownership level. Yet a 0.4% legal gun ownership level.

      One in four people you walk down the street in DC, a 95% Democrat city, are WEAPONS felons.

  5. She clearly gets the point, but it’s even more fundamental. Depraved people such as this murderer can get gasoline, knives, trucks, caustic chemicals, and all sorts of other means of creating suffering and mayhem. From what I understand, the church had one way in or out. A chain and a some gas and maybe no one makes it out alive.

    Even if it were possible to wave a wand and make all guns disappear, there’s every chance the crime could have been carried out somehow. What becomes much more difficult is any response by the regular citizens who confronted him, and stopped him from carrying out any further violence.

  6. Everyone here has guns, and we know how to use them…
    No “mass murders” here either… well, except for Wounded Knee… no “background checks” for the soldiers who murdered innocent people then under color of law. And no adverse consequences for any of the murderers either.

    And then there was Custer and his merry band of cutthroats at the Little Big Horn. That was an unexpected outcome for a bunch of government employees who were intending to visit the massacre on the indians, of course. Some of us still smile occasionally when we think of that.

  7. My take on this whole situation is that the liberal/progressives want to make government responsible for allowing any sale of a gun be it commercial or private…are they also willing to take responsibility when a government agency fails to do its job? The “expanded background check” buzz word does nothing if the important information that is supposed to sent to NCIC/FBI is not sent. Essentially, another gun law will not change criminal behavior… People like Chris Murphy and the Bloomberg cartel have been saying that “expanding background checks” is necessary for lessening “gun violence”. How? Crickets chirping…….

    • I can handle that for you. UBC will provide the registry, then we can confiscate all guns and release the pixy dust and rainbows, we expect the unicorns to be out in force. All good now, mmkay?

      • LarryinTX,
        Nowhere in my comment did I state I was for UBC and am well aware of registries, just that the liberals will say it has to be done. I fully understand the ramifications as I live in a state that requires all sales to get a government approval before the sale can take place be it private or commercial. Yes, criminals still get guns from nefarious sources and they always will…it’s what they do. Any new gun legislation will do nothing but start a Federal registry, we have a state run one… And after the 2013 laws changed people who failed to re-register their semi auto rifles and high capacity magazines were threatened in the press that there was going to be confiscation. Thankfully there was no confiscation, I honestly believe if the state started to confiscate guns that were legal prior to a given date there’d have been a lot of unfortunate incidents…


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