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From the CCRKBA . . .

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today accused anti-gunners in Florida of “once again promoting hysteria” at the announcement of “Constitutional Carry” legislation, which would allow law-abiding Sunshine State residents to carry firearms for personal protection without having to obtain a license from the state.

“The gun control crowd is already dishing out the ‘end-of-civilization’ rhetoric,” observed CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “One group is predicting fistfights will turn into gunfights. Another is falsely claiming it will let virtually anyone to carry without a background check, which is what criminals are already doing, and they know it.

“Nowhere in the text of House Bill 543 does it allow anyone to carry a firearm anywhere, nor does it give criminals a pass,” he continued. “It will still be illegal for convicted felons and other disqualified persons to own or carry a concealed firearm, and it remains illegal for anyone to carry guns in specific locations, including school property or at school-sponsored events. Legally-armed citizens must still carry identification and produce it on demand by a law enforcement officer.”

If HB 543 passes, Florida will become the 26th state to adopt “Constitutional carry,” making more than half of the country permitless. Concealed carry licenses will still be issued, allowing Floridians to carry in other states with reciprocity agreements.

Published reports say there are more than 2.5 million active Florida concealed carry licenses in circulation. The proposed legislation does not authorize open carry.

“The gun prohibition lobby will say anything to convince people permitless carry is an awful idea,” Gottlieb stated. “Remember, they also predicted blood flowing in the streets when they opposed shall-issue concealed carry permit laws from being passed a generation ago. All they could talk about was minor fender-benders and neighborhood disputes turning into gunfights.

“It’s the same rhetoric and the same nonsense all over again,” he said. “We know Gov. Ron DeSantis is willing to sign the legislation if it passes, and we encourage our members to ignore the scare tactics and make their feelings known in Tallahassee.”

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  1. Floridians have always carried, Regardless if the Dept of Agriculture gave their blessings or not, Cut somebody off south of Daytona doing 85 MPH on Interstate 95 and you will see, Still, no open carry option is like wiping half your A$$.

    • There are two sides to the coin…On one side is an agenda rooted in racism and genocide and clearly it gets to set the pace. On the other side are well meaning history illiterate tit for tat Gun Owners who allow such a sick agenda to set the pace.

      Top level Gun Control zealots know the history of their agenda and that’s why you’ll never hear any top level Gun Control zealot mention one word about the history of their agenda. And from the looks of things their Gun Control secrets are safe among those who claim to be on point defending the Second Amendment.

  2. OMG! Blood in the streets! Again! Just like the several hundred thousand people murdered in the streets every time one of these states allows people to carry guns everywhere! I think at least 1500 people killed each other over just one parking place on Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta when they adopted permit less carry last year!

    My sarcasm cup runneth over!

  3. We heard the same from anti gun, supposed pro gun and even some law enforcement in Oklahoma when we got concealed then open and then constitution carry.
    The truth is not much changed. Those who are gonna carry will and those who have excuses won’t.

    • We did get it out of Nikki’s paws. And put it into hands of the Republican Senator Wilton Simpson, who says he actually wrote the Parkland SB-7026 ban that brought red flag laws, bump stuff ban, no guns for under 21, extra waiting periods, etc… He and Nikki should get married, they are perfect for each other. So yes, let’s get this out of Wilton’s dirty paws.

  4. So ……. maybe a few thousand more Floridians will carry? Aside from the AG department taking in less cash from locals what societal level change is this likely to produce?

  5. I don’t understand the uproar. I’ve carried a concealed handgun in Florida since the mid-80s. Pre-CCW. In 91 I became LEO, so it didn’t matter. Retired now. Left the house a few minutes ago. I was carrying a concealed firearm. Among other things. I don’t have a CCW. For 30 minutes I was a felon. I will be again before the sun goes down.

    • I’m curious by this statement shown in the article by Gottlieb:

      “…Legally-armed citizens must still carry identification and produce it on demand by a law enforcement officer…”

      Is it constitutional to require a Natural citizen within a permitless carry state to carry I.D. and provide it on demand? Is Florida a stop-and-demand State? As crazy as California is, we aren’t required to produce any I.D. upon a stop. We’re only required to provide our full legal name if the LEO declares a suspicion of a specific crime.

    • Before Ks. got the constitutional carry a concealed weapon was a misdemeanor.
      Of course theres the three times and your a felon. Thank goodness because one more time of getting caught and I wouldn’t have been able to pack heat. Because you cant have a gunm if your a felon. It’s like holy water and vampires, cant touch that, no no no, I’m a felon.
      Gunm laws STOP a lot of crime.

    • Gadsden Flag,

      I imagine that you already know about Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA), a federal law which states that retired law enforcement officers can legally carry handguns in any state in the United States, even (gasp!) New York and Hawaii! (And you probably know a lot more about it than I do.)

      If I remember correctly, you don’t need any carry licenses to legally carry, although I do believe that LEOSA requires you to carry some official card from you previous agency indicating that you are indeed a retired officer in good standing (or something to that effect).

      Thus your 30 minute trip may not have elevated you to felony criminal status.

  6. “End of civilization”………two more years of this lawless regime and their foot soldiers!

  7. “The gun prohibition lobby will say anything…”

    The Left will say anything. They don’t care about the truth. They know their faithful followers won’t even believe the truth. These people are still pretending there was a “don’t say gay” bill in Florida.

  8. Heed the warning.
    VT is gone. AK nothing but corpses. NH is running on child soldiers having lost all adults to the great road rage extermination of 2018. In ME the lobstahs have taken over learning to manipulate all those lost boating accident guns with their claws.

    Carrying without a permit is no joke. Being the only way to traverse the blood-flood of these hell made sanguinated Venice canals L.L. Bean ran out of canoes and kayaks .

  9. The exact same thing happened in Arizona before they passed constitutional carry. Old west shoot outs ! Blood in the streets ! Everybody’s gonna die ! None of that happened. The only problem Arizona has right now are thug boyz from chimpago and commiefornia shooting it up amongst themselves. A lot of gun play right now. Everyday some black dudes get shot or shot at. My 1911 goes everywhere I go. My only problem is whether to take out the 10mm or the .45.

    • I met a guy the other day from Az. He had a cowboy gunm stuck in a low drag high speed holster with no retention,I commented “Well that’s not very concealed.” He said “I’m from Arizona.” I thought wow, anybody could snatch that, then I looked him over a bit and thought well who ever tries is probably going to wind up full of holes.

  10. Well of course they are saying that stuff! They’re a bunch of non-gun boobs.

    Never trying to reason with the unreasonable, you dismiss them with disdain.

  11. It’s all about 1 world government, just like the good book says. I know some will plug their ears soon as you say anything about GOD. Riddle me this batman, how did the people who penned the BIBLE know that 2,000 years later we would be promoting homosexuality and promiscuity? That the nation’s would be turned against each other, and wrong is right and right is wrong? The push for disarmament is to remove resistance.

    • The bible was written by space alien time travelers. That’s not to say there isnt a God. And I dont think the great flood was about this earth either. If your objective the few people on the boat couldn’t have populated the earth to the extent it is no in the time they had to do it. That and it would take a mighty big boat to hold two of all the animals on earth, the insects alone would have sunk a battleship. Two baboons, two chimpanzees, two Reces monkeys , two Gibbons, two Bonobos, two Howler monkeys, two Spider monkeys etc.
      Nope we are from outer space from a planet that got destroyed, had to wipe out the dinosaurs before we could live hear. All the critters we brought were in a dna jar.
      Then our spacecraft crash landed and we got out the survival handbook and over the years we de evolved.
      Now humans are back where they started and have the potential to destroy this planet too. I dont think Elon Musk is going to have spaceX ready before that happens.

  12. I just looked outside…thousands of people carry around here, open and concealed, no permit constitutional carry… can’t see any rivers of blood, no one turning fist fights into fire fights, its still illegal for prohibited persons to carry, dogs still have puppies and cats still have kittens, birds are still around, and everything looks pretty much normal. When does the apocalypse start, did I miss it?

  13. The book said 2,000 years ago, they would push for one world government. Also said people would worship the creation instead of the CREATOR. Said something about refusing the proper use of a woman to lay with another man, and the proper use of a man to lay with another woman. We can’t forget about turning the nations against each other. Anyone figured what time it is? Figured out what disarmament is really about?

    • Yup I figure ‘they’ no shits about ready to hit the fan and they dont want a bunch of people with gunms running around stealing groceries.

  14. How about the ttag get off the censorship train. How much are you going to give up if you get leaned on? How are you any better than USA Today?

  15. Ohio got CC and I’ve noticed dacian hasn’t posted lately. I’m thinking he musta been a messing where he shouldn’t have been a messing.

  16. Same B S that they spewed when Florida passed the carry permit law and of course it never happened.

  17. I live in FL and was really hoping for open carry! It appears that the politicians are just trying to throw us a bone and kick the open carry debate down the road. What the hell are they afraid of, Disney? Tourism? Re-election? Half the country is open carry but because of Janet Reno we lost the chance to open carry back in the 80’s…Florida is far from the “gun-shine” state we use to be.

    • Yes indeed, the people who profit the most from tourism and the sheriffs/police orgs have said for years open carry will frighten away all the civilized, well-heeled European tourists and travelers from less free regimes, who will run in terror when they encounter Florida man with a Glock on his hip.

      Thus only while fishing or camping, or accidental open carry, is allowed.

  18. Needs moar Open Carry! Desantis should require open carry or threaten to veto the bill and do special sessions, if required, until the RINOs get onboard the Freedom Train!

  19. We finally got permit less carry here in Alabama. Have yet to see any extra gun play or firefights beyond the usual thugs, gangsta’s and criminals going about they’re normal days.
    Strange how the anti gun folks seem to have the old song ” It’s the End of The World As We Know It.” on a permanent loop in their minds.

  20. there are currently
    41 states in america
    that have some form
    of legal permitless open
    or concealed carry
    if the world was going to end
    as a result of that
    it would have happened already

  21. They should name it “Fried’s Law” so that nobody forgets why the government can’t be trusted to issue permission slips.

  22. Since the wife and I already have our CCW licenses and probably will renew ours when the time comes because we travel and it is nice to have the reciprocity in most nearby states. That said, I definitely support not having to be required to get one. I DO support getting educated on gun safety and practicing often with your firearm of choice.

  23. We need to start pushing harder for A national right to carry law, it has been brought up many times but has not gone any where yet. A permit in one state should be good for all states just like a drivers license. We need to press our congressmen on this issue. Now maybe the Bruen decision will help it along.

  24. Is it in fact Constitutional carry? I thought FL was merely going for permitless concealed-only carry due to RINO issues?

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