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You may recall that Senators Feinstein, Schumer and Whitehouse released a pro-gun control report ahead of the Congressional hearings on the ATF Gunwalker scandal. It was easily the most reprehensible spin-mongery of recent times. One thing that caught our attention: the words “high caliber.” I don’t know any firearms-savvy person who uses that term. There are small caliber and large caliber guns (the dividing line is usually about .30 cal.). Re-reading the VPC report on the “militarization” of the American firearms industry, I came across this: “In the scramble for market, the gun industry has introduced a plethora of high-capacity, high-caliber semiautomatic pistol designs since the mid-1980s.” Now here’s an excerpt from the Senators’ agit-prop . . .

Military-style weapons, such as high-caliber and high-powered semiautomatic assault rifles, are readily available for civilian purchase in the United States . . . Many of these firearms are high-caliber and high-powered, such as AK-type semi-automatic rifles and AKtype pistols that are becoming increasingly popular with traffickers.

High-powered happenstance? Perhaps. It’s also another clue that the gun control industry’s launched a carefully-coordinated PR campaign to blunt the force of the ATF Gunwalker scandal, circle the wagons and get “ahead” of the issue. IMHO, it’s not working.


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    • That’s what I was thinking. Never heard of a pistol that takes 7.62×39 ammo, not sure I would want to fire it if it did exist.

      Just goes to show, the gun control movement is nothing but lies and damned lies.

  1. The cartridges that real assault rifles and modern sporting rifles use are low-powered, not “high-powered”. “High caliber” in this context doesn’t mean anything.


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