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“A U.S. judge on Friday rejected a last-ditch effort by gun control groups to block the Trump administration from allowing the public to download blueprints for 3-D printable guns, declining to intervene just days before the designs are expected to go online.” So reports Reuters.

Defense Distributed reached a settlement agreement with DOJ last month in DD’s suit against the US State Department over its requirement that the company cease distribution of the files due to national security concerns.

U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman in Austin, Texas, denied the request for an order by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Everytown for Gun Safety and the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence at a hearing, saying he would state the reasons for his decision in a written order to follow.

At the hearing, the judge said he was sympathetic to the gun control groups’ concerns but questioned their legal standing to intervene in the case.

Pitman, by the way, is an Obama appointee.

Defense Distributed’s suit against the State Department claimed infringement of their First and Second Amendment rights. Gun control groups and a range of media outlets have been sounding hair-on-fire alarms since the settlement agreement was announced.

The groups in court filings said not halting the blueprint distribution by a Texas-based company called Defense Distributed would “cause immediate and irreparable harm to the United States national security” and that of individual U.S. citizens.

“The stated goal of Defense Distributed is to sound the death knell for gun control,” David Cabello, a lawyer for the Brady Center, told Pitman during the hearing.

That really would be a shame, no? Defense Distributed is free to distribute the files as of August 1. That still gives the forces of civilian disarmament a little time for another futile and stupid gesture or two. Stay tuned.

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  1. It is surprising that people who are mostly internet savvy believe you can keep information and data from being pushed to the internet. These are probably the same people who encourage groups in closed societies to find ways to get around government controls on information flow. And, like gun control itself, how do these anti-gunners imagine our government can prevent citizens from accessing information in other nations? By making access and storage illegal? How would information-grabbers know who has what? Just as how would gun-grabbers know who has what at home, in safe storage states, that is not in storage? Isn’t it people on the left who always cry, “Information’s gotta be free”?

    • They arent that stupid. Their goal is to use this to grab attention and get their message out there using hyperbolic rhetoric…. I use the term “hyperbolic” kindly. They are lying through their teeth. They know their message will only appeal to the emotionally insecure and uninformed; their target audience.

      • “They aren’t that stupid.”

        Agree the zillionaire backers aren’t. But how long can the public face organizations keep pushing the narrative until they actually accept it as truth, and intensify their derangement?

        • They want to use it to be in the news and did and fund-raise, and will. what’s the downside for the gun control lobby?

          • “what’s the downside for the gun control lobby?”

            That one day, due to mental illness few will be able to ignore, they will not have sufficient numbers of idiots to carry on?

  2. Do they not know that these plans and many, many, many more have been available all over the place all along?

  3. Yawn. Tech isn’t cheap enough yet for people to “print” high quality firearms and the plans have been available for a really, really long time. “Gun control” is alive and well in the USSA and this was a waste of time by both Wilson’s group and the control freaks.

    • The time is his to waste. You object. Why?
      This is a necessary win and important step in reclaiming our freedoms. Not only for the Second Amendment.

  4. CNNs photo accompanying their headline on the “printable guns” showed a detail stripped all metal semi auto pistol. A senator warned that Hamas would be printing ARs for terror attacks.

    I notice they never show a pic of the Liberator pistol. Ungainly plastic single shot 380. Don’t you have to disassemble it just to reload it?

    • You have to disassemble it to load it.

      I wouldn’t RE-load it at all, ever. A plastic chamber? Even in .380, I wouldn’t want to fire it twice…

  5. Don’t celebrate the death of gun control prematurely. States like N.J. already have things planned to keep NJ’s restrictions in place and even strengthen their bans.
    Unless courts force this at the local and state level, this ruling will affect very little.

    • I’ve been watching that myself. I want to know exactly what law they’re going to try to enforce this with? New Jersey state law can’t not be enforced against a person or in any other state other than N.J. itself.

  6. It’s a nice thought that “gun control” is becoming extinct like the smallpox virus but unfortunately it’s not realistic. As long as some POS thinks that he or she is smarter than everyone else and therefore knows what’s best for everyone the bastards are just going to keep trying.

  7. Don’t tell the pearl clutching snowflakes about slam fire shotguns made from water pipe.

  8. Gaston Glock is just laughing his ass off at all these lying harpies, shrilly predicting the end of civil aviation and perhaps society itself because of a magical plastic gun that is UNFUCKINGDETECTABLE by any human technology.

    Screw those idiots.

  9. They use every opportunity to incite fear and stigmatize. This was all done so they can get in front of the media to say that the sky is falling. That’s it.

    • “… they use every opportunity to sew fear and stigmatize…”

      Sounds like a good propaganda plan. Why do the d-people want to ban tabletop gaming and personal sports drone cameras? Fascists.

      So, comrades, the idea is to give Trump authority to ban what can be promulgated on line? “Only” gun plans, or some such, but what’s a gun plan? And what do you do while you’re fighting this one through the courts — the courts he’s been populating — for a decade or three. Until you get to the Supreme Court he’s put … how many nominees on?

      What’s a gun plan? Let’s have a look at the scope and enforcement of the bans on “exporting” critical military technology. I’ll wait, but to save some time … pretty much any kind of communication has counted as “exporting” at one time or another, and pretty much any tech that goes in or makes stuff the same. Most food is clear, as long as it’s fresh, n doesn’t travel well. (But food tech — what led to the development of reliable, industrial-level food preservation and canning? I’ll wait while we look that one up…)

      You know that nice 3d printer you use to make Orc miniatures for gaming night, n add-ons for your sports-camera drone? Yeah, not so much: military planning tools, and gun accessories dontcha know.

      OK, I’m not so good at making people afraid. Gotta work on that.

  10. Excuse my French. These assholes are the fucking danger !! Try as they may , try as they will , they can not be allowed to take our 2nd amendment rights , nor any of our liberties. As we are POTG , law abiding citizens of this great nation and will not be lambs to slaughter like I’m sure they wish we would. To the gun grabbing left , read our constitution , then find a hole to crawl in & stay there !!

  11. chucky spew-mer is worried about those fully semi-automatic thingys again. if he had a 3d printer he could crank out a reliable supply of depends, would not have to run to the store every time he reads the latest 2a news.

  12. I don’t have a 3d printer but I’m still going to download these files. 3d printers will be the norm in 10-20 years.

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