Gun Control Advocates Use Phony ‘International Lawsuit’ To Boost Fundraising, Keep Themselves Employed

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On Friday, an anti-gun group caught the attention of the Firearms Policy Coalition with an interesting proposition: an “international lawsuit” that could compel the Untied States to adopt harsh gun control measures. As usual, this was met with much laughter and mockery, but in the comments, there was a healthy mix of defiance sprinkled in. I actually found some new memes featuring blue helmets (a rare treat these days).

This might sound scary to some, but it’s nothing more than a stunt designed to fool anti-gun midwits into parting with more of their money.

WTF Is An ‘International Lawsuit’?

If you’re naive enough to take the Boston Globe article by Jonathan Lowy and Manuel Oliver at face value — it parrots often-debunked Gun Violence Archive statistics — you’ll conclude that anti-gunners have finally found the ultimate weapon to use against us: an international court that can beat even the U.S. Supreme Court.

Jonathan Lowy Brady
Jonathan Lowy, professional civilian disarmament advocate (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

As the pair of gun control activists write . . .

It’s time for a new approach. That’s why we are bringing the “Lawsuit for Survival before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. It’s the first suit to demand that the United States uphold the human right to live, free from gun violence. It’s part of a broader global Campaign for Survival to reframe the gun debate by ensuring that all nations, including the United States, recognize and protect our most fundamental right.

We are counsel and plaintiff in the lawsuit, which is filed in the names of Joaquin Oliver, who was killed in the 2018 Parkland high school gun massacre, and his parents, Patricia Oliver and myself, Manuel Oliver. Our suit asks the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, which has jurisdiction over the United States as part of the Organization of the American States, to affirm that international law requires nations to protect people from gun violence, and that by enabling and tolerating ubiquitous shootings, the United States violated its obligations under human rights laws and Joaquin’s right to live.

After losing badly at SCOTUS, it’s apparently dawned on the gun control movement that they’re dead men walking (so to speak). But fully realize that the party’s finally over, you have to actually be informed. As we know, the average gun control proponent has the IQ and self-awareness of Kamala Harris, so the gun control industry is still getting donations to promote policies that will simply never happen in this country.

Manuel Oliver, the father of Joaquin Oliver, one of the victims of the 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., is removed from the hearing room for disturbing a hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, March 23, 2023. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Even a flatworm feels pain, though, and even the dumbest people will eventually figure out when they’ve come up against a dead end. The gun control industry can only lose so many post-Bruen court cases before they have some ‘splainin’ to do. So gun control “thought leaders” have been gathering somewhere in closed-door meetings, pounding coffee and chain-smoking, trying to come up with a new angle they can use to keep the simps donating, the money flowing, and themselves gainfully employed.

Lax US gun policy has caused an international public health and safety crisis, and blatantly violates human rights laws. The Constitution does not dictate this policy, not even under the Supreme Court’s recent erroneous, gun-friendly Second Amendment rulings. As Justice Robert Jackson famously said in 1949, the Constitution is not a “suicide pact”; the court has consistently constrained the exercise of all other rights when public safety is threatened. It’s high time to constrain gun rights the same way.

They’ve beavered away for over a year, but it seems they’ve finally come up with a new approach. The ploy here is that there’s an even higher court than the U.S. Supreme Court they can appeal to. The American gun control industry — and Jonathan Lowy in particular — has been exploring more international efforts recently such as the failed attempt by Mexico to sue U.S. gun makers.

That sounds credible (allegedly) because there really are international courts and they really can compel national governments to do things. There’s the International Criminal Court, the International Court of Justice (aka the “World Court”), and a Permanent Court of Arbitration. These courts have put people in prison, told individual countries what to do inside their own borders, and more. There are also regional courts, like the European Court of Human Rights.

Some of these courts are even run by organizations that the United States is a part of. The Boston Globe article describes an effort to get the Inter-American Court of Human Rights to declare a lack of gun control a violation of the human right to live. This court is part of the Organization of American States (OAS), and the U.S. is a member of the OAS, so it’s a slam dunk, right?

Like other international courts, this one isn’t controlled by United States law, isn’t limited by the restrictions of our Constitution, and isn’t accountable to American voters, even indirectly. So, it’s the perfect place to force America to enact the gun control laws the civilian disarmament types have failed to achieve through the legislative process.

Why This is Utter BS

There’s just one thing standing in their way: the fact that none of these international courts have any jurisdiction at all over domestic laws in the United States.

Yes, the United States is a member of the UN, the OAS, and other international bodies that run some of these courts, but for the courts to exercise any power in a particular country, that country has to sign and ratify a treaty giving each court that kind of power.

Looking specifically at the OAS, it started as an anti-communist league of countries in the Americas. In those days, South American and Caribbean countries largely aligned with the United States against the Soviet Union, and received certain assurances from the U.S in return. But, the U.S. never agreed to give the OAS the power to dictate US domestic law, because American leadership wisely foresaw that the OAS could one day be used against us in cases very much like this.

UN blue helmets

So no, the court in question can’t force gun control restrictions on us and then send in the blue helmets in to enforce it.

What Really Frightens These Anti-Gun Groups

I totally get it. Telling these people online that we’ll shoot anyone they send in to take our guns is fun. Some of the memes are pretty hilarious. And, yes, there are those who really would love to shoot at invaders like it’s ‘Red Dawn.’ But, that’s not really what scares the kind of people who dream up these fantasies. They know the blue helmets aren’t coming.

What really frightens the anti-gun groups is that their members and donors might find out that it’s all just a scam. If that happens, it could affect their funding and — GASP — their jobs. So, be sure to spend at least part of your online time cluing them in. Let the people cheering this nonsense on know that it’s all just a steaming pile of BS, and that there’s no international court anywhere that can impose the kind of gun control they’ve fought so long and failed so hard for.



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    • These communists can’t do what they want to do to us as long as we are armed.
      They LOVE as much gun violence as possible to scare the stupid into giving
      up their 2nd Amendment rights. The real problem is that the vast majority of gun murder
      is committed by a certain unmentionable demographic. if one removes
      that demographic from the statistics, America has the same gun violence as Norway.
      i.e. almost none. We don’t have a gun problem, we have a demographic problem.

      • Da commies are not the threat anymore. Its that certain “pseudoreligious organisation of peace”.

        Of course, their definition of the word “peace” clashes rather violently with my definition of that word.

    • Of course not. If they cared, they would move into Shitcago, in force, to disarm gangbangers and real criminals. I lost a good friend and shipmate to gang violence there.

    • It’s really an overwhelmingly single sub-group of “urban” demographics that are killing each other. What would the actual count of “gun deaths” be if you took away gang and criminal uses of firearms by far too young black and Hispanic men it urban areas. Some want to call it the elephant in the room. I call it a stark reality that all good men, (of any skin color), should and MUST be willing and able to discuss – openly and freely, without fear of retaliation. Until that happens all the gun laws in the universe don’t mean squadouche!

    • Biology class in 68 taught us that conditioning flatworms, then grinding them up and feeding them to other flatworms would result similarly conditioned flatworms.

      I never fact-checked this, just saying…

        • I want it to be true, but the teach was highly capable of trolling us. In sex ed, he told the class they should not discard their boogers but should eat them, to help keep the immune system “informed”. The guys laughed, the girls were properly horrified, a good time was had by all.

        • “I want it to be true, but the teach was highly capable of trolling us.”

          It appears there’s actually something to that, believe it or not :

          “He paired a bright light with électrocution, and classically conditioned the flatworms to curl up just at the sight of the bright light (even without the électrocution).
          – Then, he ground up glatworms into powder and fed them to another bucket of flatworms. First, these new platforms had no tendancy to curl up when a bright light was shone on them, but the moment they ate the classically-conditioned flatworms, they learned the association and curled up just at a bright light.”

  1. And further …

    “…even the dumbest people will eventually figure out when they’ve come up against a dead end.”

    Umm, no — that’s what makes them dumb.

  2. “the court has consistently constrained the exercise of all other rights when public safety is threatened” – Has it? Have they restricted anyone’s 1st Amendment right to hate speech that ends up motivating unstable individuals to carry out attacks against some targeted demographic?

  3. When will one of these Gun Control clapping seals explain how being defenseless stops violence? There must be some sort of mushroom matrix where these Gun Control seals reside and see ax murderers and the like leaving defenseless people alone. Frankly it is difficult to say who is more dangerous…insane Gun Control zealots or ax murderers et al.

    • Civilian disarmament zealots are the more dangerous, by far.

      They see the Revolution of 1776 and its adherents as soon-to-be-extinct dinosaurs. Further, they are in a hurry, because they are getting old, and gonna die soon.

      • They are indeed. Because they are amongst the most rabid, anti-God, anti-traditional family, anti-ethical, anti-natural rights, and anti-Western Civilization communists to have ever dragged themselves across the earth. They need to be moved into subterranean, horizontal condos for the sake of all humanity.

    • the gun control zealots, for sure. Ax murderers don’t tend to multiply like the disarm-us-all clowns do.
      Besides, there’s not much money available to maintain the ax murderer population.

  4. Doesn’t most of their funding come from ideologically driven billionaires and tax dollars laundered through non-profits?

    So we’ll run out of money long before they do.

    • Bloomberg is 81, and he’s the wallet for the gun-control movement. Once he’s gone, a lot of these people will need to find honest work.

    • It isn’t just ideology that drives the donations. Wealthy donors are given leeway in other areas of their life when they’re seen as an ally. Recall how and why they gushed over Sam Bankman-Fried. He was the largest Democrat campaign donor.

      • and I am still laughing over his crash-and-burn act, not only toook his ugly sorry self down but cost a lot of his evil pals a pile of cash too. Brilliantly done, there, Sammie Boy.
        Seem to remember reading somewhere he was good buds with another Red Nappie boy, used to have some high position in San Francisco until he got too radical even for that forsaken hell-hole.

        what’s that old saw about apples and falling from trees, again?

  5. Wasn’t there something about Biden signing over to the WHO rights of this sort? Was that ever a thing or just misinformation?

    • That was more of a proposed agreement for us to give the rest of the world health supplies in the name of equity (even if we really needed said supplies, medications, etc. in an emergency). If other countries are dying, we have to die too. That’s equity. It also suspends patent protections in the name of equity. Companies would lose the incentive to innovate. Commies gonna commie.

      We would be allowed to manage our own health emergencies as long as our policies “do not cause damage to their peoples and other countries.” Say what? Yes, the Puppet signed that. They won’t have the support to make that an official treaty.

  6. I was looking at some of my scars, geesh I damn neart cut my thumb off once and cant remember how?
    Blue helmets taking my gunm away?
    Super glue

    • If blue helmets show up to police ‘Murica, a lot of us will be policing them right back. They’ll know they’ve been SWATTED when we finish with them. At which time, DHS had better run for deep cover, as well. Seriously, the UN isn’t coming in without DHS cooperation. #ImpeachMayorkas

      • A foreign occupation to violate our Constitution and steal our rights to self-defense will mean rivers of blood at our borders. That’s where they’ll be met and repelled at all costs.

        • WHOM are you kidding? We’ve already GOT a massive foreign invasion and there is absolutely NOTHING effective being done about it. Ib fact, New York’s High and Exalted Mayor is housing them in his city’s hotels, on the backs of his “people”.

  7. Last I heard at least 11,000 dead in 1 month and we are trying to send them more money and weapons(guns included) and that’s not even ukraine. Fix that first. The irony of banning guns being enforced by men with guns…GFY-selves.

  8. The Boston Globe is UTTER garbage. Most of these international type courts are corrupt and dangerously collectivist in orientation.

  9. Government is the largest killer of people, the world has ever known. Perhaps they should file a lawsuit against them and free all people from tyranny.

    The simple truth is that those with the guns, make the rules and break them at will.

    • Lol
      “…they know that, they are not dumb”

      As it falls somewhere between shooting themselves in the foot and being beggars to their own demise. While the union boss goes onto public broadcast tv wearing “eat the rich” t-shirts refusing Trump and heralding Biden, all these people can see is what they are so convinced the Democrat party will give them. It’s really no different from being an anti-gun Jew.

  10. LOL! This is what happens when schools stop teaching Civics.

    These morons actually believe a ruling from a foreign body is binding and on this Country and takes precedence over the US Constitution.

  11. The 2a is protection for human and civil rights. Removing it removes those protections.

    But the fascist left knows this.

    • Removing it removes those protections.

      no, definitely not.

      Our right to arms is NOT dependent upon those inkmarks on the skin of a dead sheep. Those words only describe and define ur right to arms. They do nothing to grant or give that right ti anyone. That right is ours, and nothing can take it away. Yes, we can cede it for a season….. if we are foolish enough to do so. But even when we cede it the right remains ours. It is a part of our birthright,

      • Simple fact is if you can’t say our Rights come from God then you can’t make a cogent argument that you have any Rights whatsoever. Without God man exists in nature and in nature there are no such concepts such as Rights, man isn’t birthed with a little book explaining these ‘human rights’. The most important issue with ‘human rights’ is who’s defining them, I know there are many groups of people who see genocide as a perfectly moral activity do you want them defining your ‘human rights’? The best part about God given Rights is that even if you don’t believe in God all you need to know is that other men or government is/are most certainly NOT God thus they cannot take away what is legally acknowledged as given by God.

  12. “It’s the first suit to demand that the United States uphold the human right to live, free from gun violence”

    We have that Right already. The 2A confirms we have the inherent right to self defense.

  13. Sure, you have a right to live without gunfire. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It’s actually written down somewhere, if you care to look it up. But, your rights don’t Trump my rights. I also have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Happiness can be epitomized as grasping your warm gun barrel in your cold hands, while admiring your trophy buck, before you kneel down to field dress him. So, you go ahead, live somewhere far from any gun fire, and I’ll just keep my weapons. Oh, wait, I just said a funny, didn’t I? The deeper you move into the blue cities, the more gunfire you will hear!! ROFLMAO, you’ll have to leave ‘Murica if you don’t like gunfire!! ‘Snot my problem if you don’t love America. Need help packing?

  14. I’m not sure what’s sadder? That these dimwitted fools actually believe the OAS has jurisdiction over US law, or that any AMERICAN would be totally okay with Central and South American goons being allowed to supersede our Constitution. But hey, filthy sub-human communists were never going to accept our natural and God given rights anyways. The saying holds true: the only good communist is a dead communist.

    • The Coronavirus 5.0 vaccine does work and it is available free to anyone who has never filled out a 4473 form, purchased gunm related items, 3d printers, or plastic.

      • possum, are you hanging upside down again? What you just typed is one of your dumbest posts.

  15. When will the utter madness stop. Madmen using Lake City armor piercing ammo to facilitate mass murder.

    According to the report, the gunman responsible for the Buffalo supermarket shooting that killed 10 people in May 2022 also mentioned Lake City in his manifesto. The shooter reportedly wrote that he planned to fire at security guards through a window and said the rounds made at Lake City were “the best barrier penetration ammo I can get.”

    Semiautomatic rifles such as the AR-15 are becoming the most commonly used weapon in mass shootings in the United States, according to the National Criminal Justice Association. As of May 2022, the United States had 20 million AR-style rifles in circulation. There are nearly 400 million guns owned by US civilians in total.

  16. Can we file a counter lawsuit to allow constitutional carry in all of europe because we have a human right to live and no government can always protect you everywhere?

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