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“D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier said she would not be opposed to the opening of a gun store in the city,” reports. “If there was a regulated way for people to purchase in the District, I wouldn’t have an issue with it.” Translation: I’m all for firearms freedom as long as I can regulate the sh*t out of it. To the point where it doesn’t exist. To wit: the Chief’s post-Heller record of issuing concealed carry permits to D.C. residents. Considering the enormous hurdles put in the way of applicants, guess how many concealed carry permits she’s approved and how many she’s denied . . .

More recently, a decision by a federal judge struck down the city’s ban on the carrying of handguns in public. City lawmakers developed a licensing scheme by which gun owners could apply for a concealed carry permit.

Chief Lanier oversees the issuance of the permits, which gun-rights advocates have argued is too restrictive.

Chief Lanier said Friday that of approximately 86 applicants, she’s issued 21 concealed carry permits and denied 24.

“I’m very comfortable with the concealed carry permits that I’ve issued,” she said.

As long as police chiefs who break their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution are comfortable in their jobs, the fight for Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms continues. And maybe even then.

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  1. I would like to see a law for WashDC that prohibits police officers, including particularly their chief, from carrying any firearm except while on duty – and requiring them to leave their duty forearm in a locked safe at the PD when they go off duty. To protect the children, of course.

    • Pete,

      What you are suggestion was basically what the Heller case was about. An off duty cop wasn’t allowed to keep a firearm at home.

      • Heller was a licensed private security guard. In DC “Special Police” are private security.

        DC police, and all federal law enforcement, pre heller already had full rights to have a handgun at home, for their self protection and able to be carried off duty.

    • Had a friend who was a senior detective with one of the police department in a contiguous county to DC in one of the neighboring states.

      Because he wasn’t a DC copy he couldn’t carry concealed off-duty (that may have changed with the LEO reciprocity change…haven’t talked to him in a few years).

      At any rate, his solution was simple. He wouldn’t go into DC

  2. Rules for a D.C. gun shop: not within a mile of school, park, daycare, federally-funded institution, park, politician’s home, major highway, intersection, or paved road.

    • Yeah… but, the criminals don’t know WHICH 21 people in DC are licensed! Gotta keep’em guessing! So, they best be on their toes, eh? See how that works? 😀

      • I meant 21 total because it is physically impossible to walk around with a gun without holding a permit, right?

    • As someone who lives next to a few may issue states and in a shall/may state, they won’t flat out deny everyone. They know a steady amount of denials will lead to lawsuits. So they’ll put impossible hurdles in the way or huge fees or training reqs and then never process or mark the app as “unable to process.”

      It’s more like death by bureaucracy than flat out denials.

  3. What would be interesting~ the grounds for denials. Lack of connections or “bona fide ” *exceptions?

    *-anything chief sees as valid.

  4. So…she’s approved or denied 45 out of 86 applications…what happened to the other 41 applications?

    • The process takes several weeks. The remaining permits that haven’t been denied yet are probably still shuffling through the Central Bureaucracy.

      • Chief Chatty Cathy probably sticks them in her desk for 3 months before even looking at them. This Chief should be scrutinized closely including drug tests.

      • Exactly *what* takes several weeks? What are they doing for several weeks? We have the NICS check, driver’s records, tax records, that took a morning. What takes weeks, other than “I don’t give a shit”? Such applications should be “automatically approved” if not denied in ONE week. If an applicant’s record does not scream “NO!” within a week, what are you waiting for?

  5. One thing to keep in mind, the people that make up the rules for permitting are having issues finalizing the process. Most of the people that have a dc ccl have not gone through the training that the law requires. The people have promised to come back for training.

    The chief has some issues that you can blame them for, but not all of them is the chiefs making. Also it took 90 days to approve and deny about half the applications…sad really. What happens when the work load doubles.

    • If the ATF can give me a yay or a nay on buying a gun, in 10 minutes, at the LGS counter, I think anything more than 10 days to give someone a permit is absolutely ridiculous.

      *cough* constitutional carry *cough cough*

  6. This is a good thing, if you don’t spend time in D.C.

    I want there to be places where concealed carry is not permitted,and crime is high, as a point of reference to compare to where I am, far,far away.

    • Not only that, but D.C. being essentially a “Gun Free Zone”, attracts criminals from the surrounding areas where it’s becoming too dangerous for them to operate.
      Best stay out of D.C.

  7. AS long as she gets a gun it’s cool with her…honestly what is the upside of living in D.C.? Unless you have a cushy gubmint gig you are totally and completely screwed…

  8. The city I used to live in up in MA was about as bad as DC.
    MA is ‘may issue’ and in most towns that mean no issue. Gun owners use a traffic light scale to rate towns from red light, (virtually no issue) Yellow light (issues but with such severe restrictions as to be useless for self defense) and Green (Chief takes a Shall Issue approach).
    The city I used to live in is bright red. Only police officers, elected officials, and verifiable victims of certain violent crimes are the only people that can get an LTC.
    As a result, criminals know the city is a safe place to work. Just like DC.

  9. It’s the 86 number than really surprised me. They have been issuing permits for six months now. Their law is modeled on neighboring, restrictive issue MD’s law. I know this is not a rigorous statistical comparison, but just a rough thumbnail: In that same time frame, MD got over 1,000 applications. DC’s population is roughly 11% of MD’s, so one would expect DC would get about 110 requests every six months normally, but I would expect even more because it is new and because DC is so uniformly high-crime. So do DC residents just not care as much about CC? I wish DC residents had flooded the MPD with requests, just to make a point.

    • Actually, you’d think that DC would have had a LOT more applications, since there is decades of pent up demand, at least in theory.

    • “.It’s the 86 number than really surprised me.. …”

      I was thinking the same thing. DC has a population over 650K. That’s a rather small (and frankly disappointing) number.

    • I did not apply for CCL for 5 years after it was passed, for 2 reasons. 1) I did not trust the government to be on the level, and 2) lack of a permit had not prevented me from carrying during the preceding 25 years, in TX or elsewhere. Just sayin’. Look again in a year or 2, but if jillions apply and none are approved, applications will peter out.

  10. Here’s a better idea, someone explain to me what the hell D.C. is. Somehow it’s apart of Maryland but really it’s part of it’s own state that doesn’t quite exist but per the president and all government officials exists. Seriously is it a city or a state, because it can’t be both.

  11. “I’m very comfortable with the concealed carry permits that I’ve issued,” said Lanier.

    Translation: pols, rich people and the favored few gun permits. Black people? Don’t make me laugh.

  12. I’m very comfortable with the 30,000+ permits issued by my sheriff. (About 1 in 10 adults). I’d be even more comfortable if it were a higher number.

  13. This leftist COP is a disgrace. I am sure she voted for Obama and will vote for Hillary.

    If she regulates the hell out of permits and restricts their issuance, then her personal carry permit should be restricted as should all her protection detail.

  14. Phew. I’ll bet she is a bee-otch of the highest order. How could you not be and do that job.

    Thought for sure I knew the answer to the question; “1! Emily Miller!”

  15. This little tyrant need to be charged with criminal stupidity as she is not intelligent enough to understand “shall NOT be infringed”.

  16. I can’t help but think of the scene in “Tombstone” where Virgil Earp said “Nobody said you can’t own a gun. We’re not even saying you can’t carry a gun. All we’re saying is, you can’t carry a gun in town. That’s not so bad is it?”.

    In the movie, people were crazy trigger happy, and the prohibition of carrying was probably a good thing. I have no idea if the trigger happy-ness portrayed was a hollywood creation, or if it really was that out of control back then, but regardless, modern civilization is much more…calm. Shooting a guy because he “crawfished a bet” isn’t a valid justification anymore. So I see no reason for these insane gun control laws.

    • modern civilization is much more…calm

      Meh. I don’t think that’s necessarily true or even important. Any “calmness” observed is a veneer. People are the same now as they have been since the beginning of mankind. In a society where people are “trigger happy”, sensible people would not choose to live there or band together to eliminate the problem. It’s a self limiting situation. Banning the carry of firearms in such a situation would be deadly for the good people and give the sociopaths a free hand as they would be the ones armed.

    • Let’s be careful we don’t base our arguments for less (or no) gun control on Hollywood, Spaghetti, or Bollywood movies. They were and are a lot of fun & great escape fantasy, but for the most part, just that: Fantasy.
      The one true similarity between the old “Western” (some were staged in Kansas) is the ratio of shots fired to the number of persons wounded or killed. 1,000’s to 1.
      Read this article in GUNS MAGAZINE, January 1956: “Could Gunfighters Really Shoot?”
      Great read and some interesting stat’s too.


  17. Imagine if the state of Texas required a woman to submit an application to some bureaucrat if she wanted an abortion, and the official could then approve or deny the application based on totally arbitrary reasoning. Yet we allow the same to happen with gun rights, rights which are actually mentioned in the constitution unlike abortion rights which come from penumbras and emanations.

    • Good point. There are a lot of people in government who think their own transitory opinions are MUCH more important than some 200-year-old piece of paper written by somebody else. And we, the people, keep empowering those boobs.

      • The problem is likely this:
        When you make an application, your app goes to the (there is only one) “Label Maker” clerk who places it in a file folder and types a “name” label for it. Assuming the clerk types your name correctly, all is well. If not, well . . . ?, initials the form and checks the appropriate box labeled “Label typed”. (S)he then paperclips the label to the file folder. And places it in the “Out” box.
        At the end of the day (around 3:30pm), the messenger “Runner” (a misnomer, for sure, as (s)he is about as fast as a snail) if (s)he is not on sick leave, running late because of a dental appointment, a conference with “Personnel”, a meeting with the Union Rep., getting her nails done, getting (s)her car fixed, or attending a week long conference in Hawaii on “How to Promote Efficiency in Government”, picks up the stack of files to be taken to the office of the “Label Licker” whose job it is to stick the label on the file folder.
        At approximately 10:00am the next morning, after having mandatory conferences with her co-workers, a mandated 20-minute coffee break, and a required 10 minute “Quiet Time” (designed to increase employee efficiency), the 2-hour mandatory unsupervised (to reduce stress) work period, the Label Licker begins to lick the attached labels and place them in the appropriate position on the file folder. You will note that this is a two-step process (licking & Sticking) which requires 2 sets of initials on the form, and if the process was successful, the checking of two boxes on the front of the file folder labeled respectively, “Label Licked” & “Label Sticked”. If either of the processes was NOT successful, YOUR folder is placed in the “Return” bin, a cardboard box on the floor just to the right and below the “Out” bin. (Keep in mind that the “Round” file is right next to the “Return” bin). If all is well, the Label Sticker places the folder with the newly stuck-on label in the “Out” bin, for “Runner” pickup at the end of the day. The “Label Licker” must then account for the paperclip and place it in a sealed envelope for return to the “Label Maker” clerk, as this is “Accountable Property”. At the end of each day “Label Licker” clerk must account for each paper clip used and returned. The numbers must match and any bent or deformed paperclips noted, separated out and forwarded on to the “Paperclip Straightening Department” which is charged with straightening, accounting for, and returning repaired paperclips to the appropriate clerk in the appropriate division, and noting for management the number of deficient paperclips repaired and the original forwarding department for disciplinary action.
        WE trust that the highly trained “Runner” can distinguish between the “Return” & “Out” bins and the “Round” file. However Larry, if YOU trust in this process, YOU (and others like you) are the but of jokes, and HeHaws at the Union mandated, 30-minute water cooler conferences which are held just after the 90-minute lunch breaks (12-nooon to 1:30pm. Surely you know how busy those Washington D.C. lunch counters are at lunchtime) each day.
        As an aside, Larry, the reason that the lunch counters are so busy at lunch time in Washington D.C. is because, in its infinite wisdom, the D.C. Mayor and City Council have decided that too many lunch counters and the litter they generate in the Nations’ Capitol City distract from its beauty and discourage tourists from visiting, which would reduce the tax income from businesses located in the city. I know, Larry. It’s “Liber-Logic”. But after all, this IS Washington D.C where “T”-Shirt and ball-cap sales reign supreme.

        Well Larry. Back to your application.
        Let’s see, where were we? (or should I ask: “Where is it?”). Oh, yeah.
        At the end of the day there are three possibilities for the location of your file. You know, Larry, there is a requirement that all desks must be clear of debris at the end of the day, wiped clean, with the chair placed neatly units appropriate place. This requirement is inspected at the end of each day, and many government workers spend up to a half-hour at the end of the day to accomplish this important task, polishing, wiping, vacuuming, etc.The “Out” bin MUST BE EMPTY, while the “In” bin can be minor amounts of material in it, the “Round” file can be full or overflowing. You know what happens to YOUR file if, at the end of the day it is still in the “Out” bin or it is one of the files in the overflowing “In” bin? Remember that “Round” file, Larry? The one awaiting the refuse collector?
        Yes, Larry. That’s it. YOUR file has become REFUSE! Never to be seen again.
        Well, Larry. I haven’t the time to continue this woeful explanation of what has happened to most of the Concealed Carry Permit Applications to the Washington D.C. PD. Surely there were more than the 80 or so reported. Now you know what happened to the rest of the 1,000’s of applications that the DCPD does not account for and I hope that satisfies your curiosity for now.
        This is how YOUR government works, Larry. Why the number of efficiency improvement conferences and meetings is just astounding. Think of all the efficiency we have gained in the Democratic process!
        Barak Obama in 2016! That’s what the students and esteemed professors at Yale are rooting for! And Larry. They are SMART, or they wouldn’t be at Yale, don’tcha know?


        • And THIS JUST IN !!!! FLASH ***********FLASH
          The BATF has just announced that its experts have determined that paperclips, when broken in half can be used as ammunition in rubber-band guns and will hereafter be classified as a Class “Q” munition. a new class that also incudes dried peas used in deadly, un-detectable “Soda-straw” fully-automatic, short-barreled assault weapons.
          All class “Q” munitions are required to be micro-stamped with a model number and individual serial number that conforms to CA Standards BS-689a Subsection SF 409, part 693t.
          Special Forms BATFE 2015-7089a, FDA 385.43r, and CDC Forms AIDS-33 and EBOLA 356 are required to be submitted and approved for private individuals to possess or transport Class “Q” munitions. These forms are expected to be available to the public sometime in early 2017 as they must be approved by the GSA’s GPO to be sure they conform to the “Reduction in Paperwork Act of 1995, as amended”.
          I’m sorry that I don’t have more detailed information, but I’m sure that BATFE, FDA, CDC, and GSA will have prolific amendments spewing from their agency doors, forthwith!
          To the extent allowed by the Constitution, a Presidential Emergency Directive will be issued within the week and Uncle Joe “Scattergun” Biden will fly to the island of Maui, Hawaii on a special Two week long AF-2 sortie to head a press conference on the subject. AF-2, Three KC-10 refueling aircraft in addition to two C-5B support aircraft will accompany the Vice President on his travels and will be escorted by armed F-15C fighter aircraft from the 173FW which will not only provide protection for the gaggle on its way to Hawaii, but provide overhead security during “Scattergun’s” important mission.

          Stand By:



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