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By Lee Williams

About every six months or so the British tabloid media forgets that no one on this side of the pond gives a damn about what they think of America, our guns, or our Second Amendment. We haven’t since 1791. In fact, were it not for armed Americans, these British hacks would be writing their anti-gun stories in High German, with lots of umlauts. 

The latest example of this – from the same country that has given us Harry and Meghan, the Spice Girls and Spotted Dick – is a thinly veiled hit piece on the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which the British media seemingly just discovered, even though NSSF has been around for more than 60 years. 

The story: “‘Even more insidious than the NRA’: US gun lobby group gains in power,” was published Tuesday by The Guardian. It’s biased junk starting with the headline. 

Insidious? Really? 

To be clear, the NSSF is the trade association of the firearms industry, and as such they do a commendable job. If they’re guilty of anything, they don’t publicize their hard work and frequent successes as much as they should. But that didn’t stop The Guardian from targeting them with their insidious lies and innuendo. 

This story is pure trash – about as subtle as a naked Hunter Biden with a snootful of Bolivian marching powder and a bed full of hookers.

The author, Peter Stone, doesn’t even pretend to be fair or balanced in his “reporting.” To whom does Stone turn for comment about the NSSF? You can probably guess: The Violence Policy Center, Everytown for Gun Safety and of course, Giffords. That’s the journalistic equivalent of asking the Joker to opine about Batman and the Boy Wonder. 

“Meet the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the gun industry’s conservative and aggressive lobbying group,” the story states. “Its range of activities is broad but always geared to zealously and single-mindedly preserving and extending the power of the gun industry.” 

Isn’t zealously and single-mindedly preserving and extending the power of the gun industry exactly what the gun industry’s trade association was created to do? Maybe the Brits would prefer an organization that would roll over and support whatever infringement the Biden-Harris administration wants next.

We already have one of those. It’s called Congress. 

NSSF National Shooting Sports Foundation SHOT Show
Exploiting fear a the NSSF’s SHOT Show (Courtesy NSSF)

“Other gun-control advocates say the NSSF, like the NRA, has often exploited fears of gun owners and pushed conspiracy theories about ‘big government’ efforts to undermine the second amendment (sic), in order to rally opposition to gun-control measures,” the story states.

Let’s take a look at some recent “conspiracy theories about big government efforts to undermine the Second Amendment,” shall we? 

Here’s a partial list: 

  • Joe Biden’s war on gun dealers
  • Joe Biden’s unconstitutional executive orders 
  • Joe Biden’s 304 lies about guns and the Second Amendment
  • Joe Biden’s use of false data to gaslight Americans about mass shootings 
  • Joe Biden’s use of false data to gaslight Americans about homemade firearms
  • Joe Biden’s use of false data to gaslight Americans about law-abiding gun dealers 
  • Joe Biden’s collusion with the financial industry 
  • Joe Biden’s collusion with the shipping industry 
  • Joe Biden’s collusion with the legacy media 
  • ATF’s criminalization of pistol-brace owners
  • ATF’s criminalization of after-market trigger owners
  • ATF’s criminalization of solvent trap owners
  • ATF’s unconstitutional “knock and talk” home inspections
  • ATF’s SWAT team raids on law-abiding gun dealers
  • ATF’s illegal gun registry
  • ATF/IRS SWAT team raids on gun dealers
  • IRS over-militarization 

Today, thanks to the Biden-Harris administration, what The Guardian calls conspiracy theories have become documented facts. And federal agents most certainly are coming for our guns. This reality may not have matriculated across the Atlantic yet, where you need written permission to purchase a kitchen knife. 

Not necessarily Guardian reporter Peter Stone (Shutterstock)

At the end of the day, this British hit piece is a big nothingburger. And it’s no surprise that the Gun Ban Industry is at odds with the NSSF. The NSSF is effective at stymieing their foolishness, which is exactly what we want. 

Besides, the NSSF doesn’t need to use “paranoia” to drive gun sales, as the author alleged. Once Americans saw for themselves the kind of country Joe Biden has been creating, they’ve decided on their own that they need to buy a gun. 


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This story is part of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project and is published here with their permission.

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    • The truth is shtforbrainsgeoff and hunter biden have a whole lot in common. Both are to the Second Amendment what drunk farting gasbags are to fine dining.

  1. “– about as subtle as a naked Hunter Biden with a snootful of Bolivian marching powder and a bed full of hookers.”

    Any chance we can get demented deb a visit from Hunter? She refuses to take her menopause meds… 🙂

    • oldshtheadgeoff…There you go again using you perverted imagination because it is all you’ve have to defend yourself for slandering POTUS DJT and his voters, lint licking democRats, duping the politically inept, etc.

      Your true colors have shown after you were finally cornered by me and the fact you were caught is what drives your insanity. Your insanity and desperation is displayed in your forever changing moniker.

      And after all your CNN level slander you stooped to say you voted in 16 and 20 for POTUS DJT. The evidence is against you and it stems from your documented slander and blatant lies. The more you squirm like the democRat Party lint licker you are the deeper you go.

      And when you stooped to pleasure yourself with posting thoughts about men from the past beating women and children without fear of repercussions well that was your Waterloo…Get Help, Mental Help you sick pervert.

      • What’s even scarier than ” We’re from the government and we’re here to help ?”
        Deb saying ” … after you were finally cornered by me…. ”

      • Forever changing moniker?

        Geoff PR appears in every last one of mine.

        BTW, it isn’t slander if it’s true.

        Trump will cost us the election because he refused to properly handle classified information.

        That, and brain-dead tw*ts like you.

        Further proof of your stupidity is how you speak to LKB, a licensed attorney qualified to argue in front of the SCotUS.

        And your (non-existent) qualifications are…?

        Look at what others here say about you :

        “You are alienating people who agree with you most of the time. We are all tired of hearing the racism trope. Anyone right of JFK is a racist. Just stop. Also get a thicker skin.”

  2. Their next hit piece will be entitled ” ‘Even more insidious than the Constitution’: US Supreme Court Upholds Constitution”

  3. If they wanted to talk trash about the NSSF they simply needed to mention how they support Redflag Confiscation policies and Safe-storage Laws, as well as last year’s Bi-partisan Safer Communities Act since they never held accountable any of the RINOs who negotiated its language and being rammed through the Senate and still gives them “A-grades” on their legislative report cards.

  4. Limey’s are retarded, got it. We have enough of our own haplophobic morons here, we don’t need to import anymore.

      • The problem is what we have now (federal government) is just as bad, if not worse. With even less desire/courage to remove it’s tyranny, than that which the Founding Patriots dealt with.

  5. This from the country that expects you to cut a steak with a spoon because a steak knife is a WMD!

      • Their beef is so bad all you get is boiled beef, which by the way you can eat with a spoon.

        • Or the beef gives you CJD, the human equivalent of mad cow disease.

          Feed cattle the crushed remains of of sheep that had scrapy. What could go wrong?

  6. Well, considering about 80% of the Guardian staff is people who love ‘spotted dick’ and wanted Biden to win the election

    • The one with their “knickers in a wad” perpetually is you, dearie… 😉

  7. Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and now sustaining and keeping our gun rights, 3-0 looks like the Lobste er Backs would get tired of Americans kicking their a$$es, LOL!

  8. A friend of mine notes that the Guardian was established as the Manchester Guardian back in the 19th century Given its far left wing orientation, it has earned it the nickname of the Marxchester Guardian.

  9. So some limp Limey is unhappy about our laws? Funny how the oh so civilized formerly great Empire needed our guns and soldiers to prevent their complete demise twice in the last century.
    Guess too many of them have removed their own male parts to be willing to deal with anything anymore. Must defer to Government agents to provide security and protection. Can’t even buy a bloody kitchen knife without special permit from some government agent.

  10. Illegal in the UK from the aforementioned list…

    “Blowpipe or blow gun:
    A hollow tube out of which hard pellets or darts are shot by the use of breath.”

    Gonna confiscate all the straws from the kiddies, eh?

    “Whatta maroon..”
    –Roger Rabbit

  11. The Guardian? YAWN! It’s just another Leftist rag only on the other side of the pond.

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