GrovTec G-Stop Reversible Handstop
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From GrovTec . . .

GrovTec sticks to their slogan of “We’ll carry the gun” with yet another accessory to take a load off the shooter. The G-Stop Reversible Hand Stop consumes just 2″ of rail space and can be used as a hand stop or barricade stop.

Machined from billet aluminum, then Type III black anodized, the G-Stop takes barricade duty seriously with a flat face perfect for pressing against flat surfaces such as training barricades, car door edges, and any other form of field-expedient stabilization.

Other popular designs have failed by either being too small to be effective or so large they might as well be an angled foregrip. The G-Stop splits the middle with enough material to hold on to without adding a brick of aluminum to your rifle. The G-Stop hangs 1.25″ from your rail; plenty to lean against a barricade, and enough to safely prevent over-extension of a hand onto a hot suppressor or gas block.

When positioned forward on the handguard the G-Stop can also serve as a stopping point for bench shooters to ensure they don’t slip too far forward or back on the rest.

Reverse the G-Stop to experience a contoured surface for the support hand to pull against. Positioning the G-Stop this way combines the recoil control of a mag well grip with the rise control of a more-forward hand placement. All this while weighing just under an ounce.

One simple product that with just over one MLOK slot of rail space adds a wealth of versatility and support. Mounting hardware and Allen key included.

MSRP: $44.00

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  1. Wow! Something that may be useful, isn’t another gadget for an AR, and it’s not expensive. The whole thing about pressing against a barricade appeals to me. Always use a brace if you can. And loop up. Never shoot off nothing but your hind legs unless you have to. Still, don’t you need a pair. My rifles all have two sides.

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  2. hmmm… nope. I can already do this with the polymer hand stops I have and they were ~ half the price of this.

    • Booger, I understand, but I have to ask. Who needs a forward hand stop (?) It’s only a .223
      I don’t have “forward hand stops” on the serious magnum rifles I own. The barricade thing appeals to me. Light and low profile. I remember when race pistols started showing up with barricade braces. I understood. Good idea for unlimited pistol competition. Not so much for concealed carry. I just believe In practical.

      • No one “needs” a forward hand stop for a .233/5.56. Its more of “want” and “use” for a personal “style” or “use”. I got them because my wife wanted to try them on her rifles. I personally don’t use them on the rifles I use.

        Frankly, the gun world is overflowing with stuff people don’t really need and gimmicks they can waste a lot of money on.

        • Yeah I gotta Magpul vertical thingy. Weighs nothing. Since I am in all practicality self-taught I’ll use whatever the he!! I want…

        • KSG owners along with other f!rearm classed short pump shotgunsz prolly do in fact “need” a hand stop, to keep their forward hand from pink misting from overenthusiastic stroking.

  3. Hm. Or I could buy a similar-looking piece, with integrated QD mount, from Smoke Composites for $39.

    I’m sorry, but I’m just not seeing the value proposition here given what else is already on the market.

  4. .40, you said a lot there. I’ve always found that the weapon I wanted most was the most reliable at the time. I’ll worry about the rest later.

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