Grey Man Tactical Introduces the #203 Vehicle Rifle Rack with Muzzle Cup Kit and Rubber Clamp RMP Package

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From Grey Man Tactical . . .

Grey Man Tactical introduces the feature-rich #203 Rifle Rack package with the brand-new RMP Muzzle Cup Kit. Safely secure your rifle, muzzle-down, housed in the Muzzle Cup Kit for a solid mounting solution for most muzzle devices. The rubber-coated steel cup kit not only secures the muzzle but also protects it from unnecessary wear and tear for ultimate protection.

The #203 package was created for customers who wanted a better way to store and transport a rifle muzzle down and still have access to magazines and gear. The QuickFist clamp complements the rifle mount, which securely holds the buffer tube of any AR15. Two AR15 mag pouches and a large utility pouch complete the package, providing additional storage for magazines and gear.

The #203 Vehicle Rifle Rack – Muzzle Cup Kit + Rubber Clamp – 15.25 X 25 RMP Package contents include:

QTY 1 – 15.25 X 25 RMP
QTY 1 – Buckle Loop-Around + D-Ring Strap RMP Strap Black [Headrest]
QTY 1 – Buckle Loop-Around RMP Strap Black [Seat Bottom]
QTY 1 – QuickFist Go-Between Clamp – Enlarged [Handguard] + RMP Backer Plates
QTY 1 – RMP Muzzle Cup Kit – Standard or XL Cup
QTY 1 – RMP Buttstock – 6″ Extension – Black Anodized
QTY 2 – G-Code Soft Shell Scorpion Mag Carrier [Rifle] – Black
QTY 1 – Large Utility Pouch

MSRP $419.99

For more information on the #203 – Vehicle Rifle Rack – Muzzle Cup Kit + Rubber Clamp – 15.25 X 25 RMP Package, visit

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  1. Just sayin’…

    If I deck my ride with one of these and load up frosty here in SoCal, Imma gonna have a heckuva time conversing with Officer Friendly if I ever get pulled over.

    • Plus as soon as you park your car somewhere and go in I am thinking the guns and gear would get swiped through your now broken window. This might be great on patrol along the border or in some third world country but I can’t really think of a use case for myself. I could see having a “truck gun” but it would need to be both concealed and secured.

    • Get out of SoCal and come up here to the northern part of the state.
      Why would I want my barrel facing down? Maybe to keep rocks out of the barrel? And the gat behind me to boot. Some ergonomics to do the reach-around, no? Doesn’t make sense to me.
      Anywho, I use a Big Sky rack, been in 2 trucks now going on 30 years.

      • “Why would I want my barrel facing down? Maybe to keep rocks out of the barrel?”

        To keep *anything* out of contaminating the barrel, perhaps?

        To keep a round that somehow gets fired while stored on that rack going through the floor and not the roof of your ride, maybe?

        “Doesn’t make sense to me.”

        I’m not in the tiniest bit surprised by that…

    • A gray man wouldn’t have a huge sheet of molle strapped to the seat in plain view every time he opened the door or turned on the dome light. He’d use a beat up golf bag or guitar case, or just lay the rifle on the floor and toss a blanket over it.

  2. Hmmm…just dropped by my favorite pawnshop. This gray man rack costs more than my M&P Sport(never fired) with nifty carrying case thrown in. They had a Sport II in the case for $600. And a Daniel Defense for a lot. What’s Grayman about this???

  3. Ken, I do. I remembered picking up a hitchhiker on U.S. 90 just west of Tallahassee. West bound. Early 80s. Tallahassee is a university town. Nothing unusual. He was carrying a backpack. Threw it in the back of the truck and jumped in. He was from somewhere in Europe. He couldn’t believe that I had a loaded Remington 30-06 and 12 gauge shotgun in the window of the truck. I gave him a ride for about 30 miles and pointed him toward the beach. It was December. Anyway, yes. I remember rifle racks. The world is a lesser place without them.

    • I had one, too, also had a rack on the side window of my old ’78 Bronco. Now it’s all extended cabs, racks in the rear window make less sense.
      I love my F250 diesel, but wish I still had that Bronco for play. It was big and solid steel, black with white and orange stripes, before they cut ’em down to get better mileage. Lifted, big tires, before that was popular. I blew the engine and our local legend mechanic put a Lincoln 429 engine in it. 8 miles to the gallon but would pull a house down the road. No AC, holes in the floor, but would go anywhere with those lock-in/-out hubs. My Dad worked for Ford, bought it new on the A plan, I inherited after high school.
      It’s sitting in some barn right now, rusting away. Rust never sleeps.

      • either that 250 is not a ’12/ ’13 or you’ve had the def nonsense deleted.
        how did you pop a 302 four bolt?

  4. I prefer overhead racks that keep it outta sight. You don’t even see it from outside and its legal and what my state wants if it’s in the passenger compartment. It also keeps the little ones booger pickers away from them. We carry mag in/tube loaded not chambered

  5. I cannot think of any use-cases for prominently displaying my rifle as I drive and park. Even without the refle, it announces “Gun Owner, here!!! Gun Owner!! Come take a look!!”.

    Ok, maybe hunting. But even then, it is an announcement. Once those animals see that rig in your car, the word will get out and those critters will become plenty scarce.
    Yup. Plenty scarce.

    Good turn of a phrase, eh?

  6. Or a perforated rubber mat and some Velcro straps for like $40.

    If you really want to put your Grey Man status on full display without breaking the bank.

  7. For $420, I’ll hire an illegal to sit in the back seat, hold the AR, and hand it to me……Safari gun bearer style. Better yet, teach the illegal to drive….I’ll sit in the back, hold the AR, shoot out the window……da hood style.

      • “Better yet, get a trunk monkey.”

        You have to feed and water them, and they p!ss and sh!t everywhere.

        Who wants the hassle of hosing out your ride every day? 🙁

  8. Is there no cover on this goober one can zip up so that every felony-inclined person can’t look at it through the window and immediately break in ? If I was naming this product, I’d call it, “Steal Me Please !!!”.

  9. I’d go for a pulldown case installed in the headliner. Inconspicuous and quick to access. Could even have an armored layer in the bottom for those incoming windshield shots.

  10. All geared up for war then are we? Because that’s what it looks like . The very notion scares the shite out of most Americans but then again maybe that’s exactly the point. Socially inept nobodies, loners, no-hopers and sexual inadequates gettingt their rocks off Ther mere fact that they want to be tooled up in this way means to me that they are so mentally unstable that they should never ever in their entire lives be allowed anywhere near a real firearm. The ONLY possible and logical use for this kind of weaponry is to kill as many people as quickly as possible there is NO other logical use for them. Every single Semi-Automatic Rifle is a MILITARY SPEC Rifle. ONly Americans a nd a certain type of MIddle Easterner need bloody foirearms to boost their small egos’ and compensate for an inferiority complex.
    Believe me as an Ex- Sergeant Smallarms Instructor in the UK Royal Air Force of some standing, and a member of the UK Army Infantry Reserves, I am very well acquainted with the type. Generally speaking they DO NOT make good soldiers simply because they often cannot accept the training and discipline that goes with becoming a PROFESSIONAL firerarms handler.

    • Many years ago, when I was in high school, I worked at a full service gas station. I pumped gas, checked oil and cleaned windshields. I used to tell my friends I was in “Petroleum Distribution” and ” Oil Marketing and Sales”. The point here is that I can own that I made that stuff up. You, on the other hand, keep repeating the same drivel about being a small arms instructor in the’s just not even a good lie. No one believes you. Not one bit. Please make up something that is at least interesting. Maybe tell us that you were bodyguard for the Queen, or even just a food taster for her. Either would be better than the bill of goods you keep pimping.

      • He was a small arms instructor. Taught ballet to T-Rex’s.
        Never mind the fact they are extinct in his mind he had them doing perfect Plié ‘s.

    • Spare us your British Socialist Bullshit. We kicked your asses once with superior rifles in the hands of untrained woodsman and farmers. You needed the US to save your sorry asses from Adolph, and still do as your military has decayed to third world status. You see Yanks have an inherent distrust of government, based on our experience under King George. That is why we are armed to the teeth and will never be disarmed without a fight. The Japs knew this. The NAZIS knew this. I think Joe Biden knows this also.

    • It’s still stolen valor even if it’s the British military you steal from. Be careful.

    • “……Believe me as an……” 🤣🤣🤣

      Sez the inadequate and impotent troll/loser from mommies basement in Ohio. 🤣🤣🤣

      That just may be your most pathetic post to date.

  11. Who is this marketed to? I mean sure if you leave off the rifle, the rack panel is useful for first aid items, other items. It’s space that can be utilized for organization of….stuff. I get it, I do. I have a 4Runner full of recovery gear, lifted, armored, dual batteries ect I’m always looking for better organization of all the stuff.

    Maybe if you live way up in North Dakota or other western State with small population but I would keep rifle in a more convenient manner, on the shotgun seat or right behind me on back seat.

    and $400?!! Get out of here with that! People can achieve the same thing, in the same location for less than $60 or thereabouts.

    • “Who is this marketed to?”

      The wanna-be ‘Tacti-Kewl’ neck-beard crowd, most likely…

    • “What’s the point?”

      Besides the one on the top of your head?

      (Sorry, the devil made me do it! 🙂 )

  12. I would be interested–alas my state does not allow long guns in the passenger compartment of vehicles*.

    I see a faint glimmer of hope, however, thanks to the recent U.S. Supreme Court Bruen decision.

    * My state requires that long guns be in the trunk and unloaded in both chamber and magazine. If your vehicle does not have a trunk, then long guns have to be in a fully enclosed case, unloaded in both chamber and magazine, and not readily accessible to vehicle occupants (which means in a locked case if you want to be on the safe side).

  13. Seems very… not grey. I use the back of my seats for other stuff anyway.

    For a long trip in certain areas I put a rifle muzzle down in the seat well of the passenger’s seat. Less obvious and easier to get at if you need it. Just rubber band down the sling so it doesn’t get caught on anything. Otherwise it loves to wrap around the stick or the e-brake or get jammed (how!?) between the console and the seat. If you exit and need the rifle, just pull to break the bands and your sling is ready to go.

    Other than that, I don’t do “trunk guns”. Your pistol is meant to fight your way back to your rifle which you shouldn’t have left behind in the first place. Going back and getting in a pistol vs. rifle fight against your own rifle seems like a bad idea to me. The risk is probably pretty low but the outcome is bad enough that I’m not game to take the risk.

    With regard to this thing specifically; I don’t really see how this is useful unless you have people in the back seat. And if you do have people in the back seat and you feel they might need a rifle, isn’t that basically a vehicle patrol where they should have their rifle under their control in the first place?

    I fail to see the point in this, particularly at this price point. The same basic thing can be had for far, far less and most of those kits even come with a ton of bags to attach to the thing. Roaring Fire and Smittybilt both make soft versions that are pretty good and dozens of other companies make them (though I cannot speak to the quality). Plus those all come with a variety of bags so you can kit out the seat for your particular purpose.

  14. This is one of those things that’s more ‘special purpose use’ and not ‘everyday use’. You do not want to load this up with guns then park in a parking lot to run into the store to do some shopping.

  15. “Grey Man Tactical” is a sort of ironic name for the company …. that advertising stuff publicly kind of makes the public aware its there despite the ‘grey man’ concept of moving through public unnoticed like, some would say, with ‘mystical ninja skills’

  16. I think they are in fact just rebranding some other company’s product.
    I think I saw this piece of gear on the “Red flashing light horn blowing clown-nose wearing Man Tactical” website.

  17. Practically every pickup truck used to have a gun rack and one or two guns in it. I forgot when that vanished from the face of the earth but things have deteriorated considerably since then.

  18. You “Grey Man” AF when you’re rolling with that strapped to the back of your seat. /s

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