Green Hornet Movie Poster: Seth Rogan Takes a Back Seat to Machine Gun Car


  1. avatar captaindigital says:

    This movie is gonna BITE. Seth Rogan has carved out a career as a one-note character, the "lovable nebbish/frat-boy/screw-up" He's adept at playing losers, whiners, and scatalogically-obsessed morons. Now let's look at the way the Green Hornet role was written, B.R. (Before Rogan): Brit Reed, the owner of the city's largest newspaper is a descendant of the Lone Ranger. Realizing the pen is NOT mighter than the gun (or the sword), he assumes a secret identity, the Green Hornet, to fight crime by pretending to be one of the bad guys. His secret identity is known only to his major domo/sidekick, Kato, the police commissioner, and his girlfriend/administrative assistant.

    I can't think of a worse idea in casting since Tony Curtis was cast as a Roman.

    Once again, Hollyweird tears down one of my cherished childhood memories, and allows another talentless hack to realize his own pre-pubescent fantasy by ruining yet again another chance for a decent movie franchise.

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