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Biden has a lengthy history of dealing with gun legislation, though his most recent effort ended in notable failure. After Newtown, Conn., Obama asked him to push through what he had hoped would be the biggest firearms restrictions in decades. But after months of meetings and limited executive actions, a bill to require expanded background checks died on the Senate floor.

The Senate is even less Democratic now, split 50-50, meaning that any bill would require at least 10 Republicans to vote with all Democrats. And, as such, grassroots groups led by young people of color who’ve survived mass shootings or live in communities battling daily gun violence want Biden to use his executive power immediately to close loopholes for gun sellers.

Some of them are urging the administration to begin disbursing money to 40 cities across the country plagued by gun violence through discretionary agency grants or by declaring a national emergency. Rather than wait for Congress to pass funding in an infrastructure or gun control bill, groups like March For Our Lives and Community Justice Action Fund say agencies can and should start allocating funds to community-based programs now. They fear that the administration’s current approach could take weeks, even months to result in progress, and note that such lengthy timelines are at odds with Biden’s vow to act on his first day in office.

“We have incidents where there’s three or four people getting shot [daily] and we don’t get the same kind of uproar and attention for those kinds of homicides and mainly because they’re Black and brown people,” said Eddie Bocanegra, senior director of the progressive Heartland Alliance’s READI Chicago chapter, who has spoken to the White House.

Earlier this month, Heartland was among the coalition of organizations representing communities of color which sent a letter to the Biden administration expressing disappointment that they were not included in a gathering the White House held with more establishment gun control groups. According to four people who were involved in recent meetings, the White House moved quickly to rectify the situation and has since held at least two virtual calls with advocates from groups across the country.

— Anita Kumar and Laura Barrón-López in Biden considers regulating ‘ghost guns,’ other executive actions to curb gun violence

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  1. Many people in this country have written off any legal or political remedies for the continuous assaults on the BoR and Constitution by various government entities, and are preparing to follow the guidance contained in the Declaration of Independence. More are waking up to that approach on a daily basis, as evidenced by the purchases of firearms and ammo over the past year, and by the several States that have relaxed/abandoned such restrictions in the past few years and more that are working towards that end.

    Whether the guidance of the Declaration is implemented by organized efforts at State and Local levels at some point in the future is yet to be determined, but will likely be in response to the actions of various government entities going forward. Governments have the opportunity at the moment to avoid future unpleasantness, if they so choose. They should choose wisely.

    • GunnyGene,

      “… the continuous assaults on the BoR and Constitution by various government entities …”

      That is actually a symptom of the root problem: many politicians and bureaucrats have ZERO regard/respect for our inherent human dignity. They do not see us as incredibly valuable people. Instead, they view us a parasites, pests, “deplorables”, and/or inhuman enemies. Once you cross that threshold, there is no reason to honor/uphold any rights — whether or not the Bill of Rights spells them out.

      What we see happening is the very same depravity which engulfed 1930s Germany and paved the way to the Holocaust. Sadly, that holocaust was not isolated to 1930s Germany: history provides countless examples of other tribes and nations doing the exact same thing.

  2. ““We have incidents where there’s three or four people getting shot [daily] and we don’t get the same kind of uproar and attention for those kinds of homicides and mainly because they’re Black and brown people,””

    There is no “uproar” because the democrat run cities refuse to address the issue of “who” is committing the crimes. They need to deal with the root of the problem and stop using race and violence as a vehicle to attack the civil rights of the peaceful people of the country.

    • Ragnar,


      And I would expand on your comment. The root of the problem is the near-complete elimination of the nuclear family and traditional values.

      When millions of single mothers — often young teenagers — produce children and fail to raise those children with love, stability, and traditional values, those children will become the very monsters that we see in our nation’s urban Hellscapes.

      Tragically, no one wants to raise awareness of that root problem nor address it.

      • A problem that can not be fixed might as well be ignored.
        20 years ago ” My babies momma” would have been very disrespectful, and now women calling fathers ” sperm donors”.

      • Mr. Eddie Blackmouth knows what the ‘real’ problem is with those black and brown deaths, but doesn’t want to address the gang problem. Because—that’s racist! “How dare you say that! Look over here at this report on institutional racism! We want to be included in WH meetings! Look at this baby!”

    • Until people who are afraid of guns realize that the gun is not the problem, nothing will change. A twelve year old is picked up for car jacking with a gun in Chicago for the third time and is finally kept in custody I see several problems and its not the gun. I see a child that should be an orphan,I see parents that need to be investigated and possibly punished, I see a system that has released a child back to the problem two times too many. I see an environmental handicapped child. We’re lucky no one is dead. Liberals and lefties can’t be too smart not to see the problem.

  3. The willingness of people to comply with other people’s bullshit seems to be at a historic low for folks on either side of any issue. I’d say good luck to them but I want them to fail horribly.

    • Shire-man,

      I live in one of those regions/states where the state just graciously allowed restaurants to re-open at 25% capacity with a contact-tracing mandate. Here is how that is actually playing out at a local restaurant which I occasionally visit:

      1) The restaurant set out a spiral bound notebook with a pen for contact tracing.
      2) Absolutely no one writes anything in that notebook.
      3) The restaurant only blocked off 50% of their seats.
      4) Absolutely no one sits around waiting for a table when the restaurant is at 25% capacity — they promptly sit down at an open table and the restaurant is frequently at 50% capacity.

      Everyone does wear a mask when entering and exiting the restaurant though.

      In other words almost everyone is almost entirely ignoring all the bull$hit and going about their business as usual with only cursory compliance — simply for appearance sake.

      And that begs a question in my mind: I wonder if all the tyrants mandating all of this garbage have any idea how completely impotent they are? Or do they sit around getting their jollies thinking that they have pervasive control of our lives when in actuality they do not?

      • I recently conducted a mask effectiveness test … both my wife and dog were sitting on the couch with me when I farted. Within 6 seconds, the dog got up and walked away , scowling at me. About 5 seconds after that, my wife got up and left, with a look on her face that put the dog to shame. So if this was through undies, jeans, and the upholstery, what does anybody think a mask is really stopping ?

        • Pb_fan59,

          We may have covered this recently:

          Basically nobody is claiming that simple/inexpensive masks stop gases.

          Rather, almost everyone is claiming that masks greatly reduce the amount of tiny moisture droplets that the wearer expels into their immediate vicinity if/when the wearer does anything that would otherwise send out a LOT of tiny moisture droplets (e.g. sneezing, coughing, yelling, singing).

          I believe that masks do greatly reduce the amount of tiny moisture droplets that wearers would otherwise expel if they coughed, sneezed, yelled, or sang without it. And that should, in theory, greatly reduce the amount of virus that the wearer would otherwise expel if he/she was infected. (Note that viruses do not simply float away from our bodies when we exhale. Rather, viruses are on/inside the tiny moisture droplets that we expel when we cough, sneeze, yell, or sing.)

          Disclaimer: I am not advocating for nor against mask mandates in public. I am simply providing facts for intelligent debate.

        • The root problem you referenced (with which I concur) is not the root problem the Dens/Libtards/Socialists/Elitists/One Worlders seek to address.

        • Pb_fan59: My take on your experiment……..your dog is just under twice as smart as your wife!?!?!?!?

          Sorry……I tried…….really I did. But, that’s where I made my money…..that’s my gift…….seeing other inter-relations/possibilities than everyone else…. 🙂 🙂 🙂
          I apologize. Seriously, I’m sure your wife is every bit as smart as your dog….just less developed sense of smell. You might try a skid marked pair of undies on a fly rod in working with her. Quail wings were very effective with my English Pointer pups. You’re welcome.

  4. “we don’t get the same kind of uproar and attention for those kinds of homicides and mainly because they’re Black and brown people”

    Or because the activists are more focused on peaceful protesting/rioting/burning cities over a handful of police shootings (police squishings?), many of which are justified, than black on black violence. And even if they look at black on black violence, they don’t hold the Democrat rulers of failed areas like Chicago who maintain the status quo. It is “racist” to suggest that inner city gangs are an issue, and racist to prosecute the violent, repeat offenders. Instead they want to work on stuff like background checks and banning 3D planning and assault weapons, while releasing actual violent offenders back into their communities.

  5. Jim Crow Gun Control is alive and well in the democRat Party. But never mind democRat Party domestic enemies let’s follow the lead of the pasty mouth nitwits and their thousands of chat room level posts. Let’s make bloomberg smile and join hands to mindlessly bash POTUS DJT over bump stock contraptions. Never mind the fact that if POTUS DJT did not act Congress Would have and a laundry list of items like those Binary Triggers advertised on this forum would not be here.

    It was/is the same mindset for the NRA. Let’s throw the baby out with the bath water. Yes let’s follow the lead of pantie waist twerps who are to your gun rights what a drunk farting gasbag is to fine dining.

    It comes from the same bunch of gun owning azzwipes who had a hunch the gun store perp in Louisiana was Black but held back their bigotry until the perp’s name was released. If you are stupid enough to think a bigot is limited to sizing people up over their skin color well bozo after the bigot is done sizing people up by their skin color they start sizing you up.

  6. From “Everytown’s” web page ..

    “In 2015, half of all gun homicides in the U.S. took place in just 127 cities. Together, these cities contain less than a quarter of the country’s population. Nonfatal shootings are also prevalent in cities, and these injuries can have devastating consequences for the rest of a survivor’s life.”

    Then, wouldn’t the LOGICAL thing to do be to address the small percentage of the population that is committing the most murders?? Why trample on the rights of suburban and rural folks when the mass murders are happening in urban areas?

    Unfortunately, this small percentage of the population “intersects” (Leftists love that word) with certain populations that have particular physical characteristics. Noticing that reality is is a heinous political and social faux pas.

  7. Some people are just Sheep. And they will do what ever the government tells them to do. Like waiting in line to turn in their AR15 rifles. When the state government of Connecticut told them to.

    Or when the government told people to stay home. Not go to work. Ordered small business to close and to wear a mask. But multi-billion dollar companies were allowed to stay open. And you were told to not attend your house of worship.

    Some folks, Libertarians, Liberals, Leftists, and even conservatives, are just sheep.
    Stop being a sheep.

    • I think you should take a look at the Libertarian Party before you put them in with the left. The Libertarians are more conservative than Republicans. The only thing liberal about their stance is freedom for the people against Government control. The platform does not support closing down businesses, they actually support small business from the huge corporations and the hurdles they put in small business’s way to even open.
      Big business works hand in hand with local and federal government to keep small business down. Have you ever tried to start a business? You always have some hurdle to cross (that keeps you from business). It is by design, big business doesn’t want competition. If they can keep you from opening or keep you from business with government regulation, they will.
      Just because Libertarians support decriminalization of recreational drugs(just like it was in our country the first 140 years), does not make them bad or leftists.

      • Did you watch any interview of the last “Libertarian” candidate for Pres? I watched 3 of her interactions on 3 different interviews. Her interview with Dave Rubin of the Rubin Report was the most telling to me.

        To me, she came across as “Democrat Light”. She didn’t speak as a representative of the ideals of the party as I’d understood them. Then again, I’ve never had a clearly defined explanation of the Libertarian Party from someone espousing to be one either. *That is not a knock on the party, just the people I’ve encountered*

        • I saw her interviews as well. She is an example of why I have no respect for Libertarians. Their convention put her on the ticket. And here is an example of why I say Libertarians are worthless.

          From 7 Oct 2020.
          “Why It’s OK Not To Vote – Katherine Mangu-Ward” video 59 minutes long

      • to rt66paul
        “Just because Libertarians support decriminalization of recreational drugs(just like it was in our country the first 140 years), does not make them bad or leftists.”

        Its not just about legalization. Its about supporting the emptying of the jails. Its also about not supporting private property ownership. And I will restate history of the dismal record of Libertarian’s on that subject if necessary.
        And lastly most of the three L’s don’t support the 1st amendment.

        Your first mistake was to claim that the “Libertarian Party” was the solution. Most Libertarians on TTAG have walked away from the LP. Amazing that you are still with them???

        At least those that have walked away from the LP are starting to understand they have a much deeper problem.

  8. …” HELP, we’re drowning, send more water “… maybe instead of more of the same liberally applied bullshit as has been done in the past, the people in those 40 problem (democrat-run) cities could admit to the cause of the problem and address it. Yep, you’re a gazillion times more likely to be killed by another gang banger than in a school shooting, so where should you be looking for solutions? How about in a mirror… now there’s an “equity plan ” I could agree to. Raise your own fucking kids to grow up respectful , quit pumping them out like a welfare check factory, and don’t count on someone else to fix your problems for you.

  9. Executive Orders/Actions are sweeter than water in a desert; action beats reaction. The ride is the punishment. The leftist mob in Congress know this, implicitly.

  10. You government types take care of the gangbangers permanently instead of catch & release, then come talk to me about my weapons… until then 🖕🏿OFF…

  11. “Some of them are urging the administration to begin disbursing MONEY to 40 cities across the country plagued by gun violence through discretionary agency grants or by declaring a national emergency.”

    It’s easy! They can finally solve the problem! All they need is MORE MONEY. It’s just like the education system. They keep promising to make it better, if only they could secure more funding. They promise it will work this time.

    This is nothing but an excuse to funnel money to failed cities and political action groups. They need more slush funds to keep those political action groups going. How else do you expect them to keep electing democrats? Honestly debate issues that affect the working class? Honestly address the issues that have created generational poverty? Yeah right! Shut up and pay your taxes so we can keep this scheme going!

    • Get the feeling it would be cheaper and more effective to airdrop pallets of cash to the affected areas.

      Remember when Ross Perot killed his independent presidential run when he announced his fix for poverty was to just print more money? The Democrats seem to be on a similar path.

  12. “The Constitution means whatever we say it means.”
    Rep James E. Clyburn (D) South Carolina

    So, shut up you gun nuts and obey your betters…

  13. When the “gun community” restates in public what Col. Jeff Cooper said, “give inner city people guns, and they will solve their own problems”. When they start to say that, I know there will have been a real dynamic shift in thinking in this country.
    It about trust. And its about individual personal accountability.

    I look forward to a return of the days in this country, when law abiding black people, could get their machine guns delivered to their homes. And no questions asked. Because that is the way it use to be in this less, and less, free country.

    And for those that want to learn more I suggest you read “Negroes and the Gun, the black Tradition of Arms” by Nicholas Johnson. 2014.
    It was a great time in the 1950s. The black traditional family was strong. And black people got their Second Amendment rights fulfilled using mail-order catalogs. Because no white owned gun store owner would sell to them. I don’t say that to just beat up on people. That is just a historical fact of this country, that I happen to love very much.

    So it will be wonderful if we could go back to the days when blacks could purchase grenade launchers, flamethrowers, rocket launchers, artillery pieces, High explosives, etc, etc. All delivered via the US Postal Service. And we were a free and very safe country because of it.

    • Chris, it’s still legal to buy a flamethrower…and get it delivered to your door. Several options out there, but you can Google (or DuckDuckGo) it—try the XM-42 or Elon Musk’s Not-A-Flamethrower from the Boring Company. Some options are certainly more expensive than others. Caveat emptor!

      • Musk’s version is a *joke*.

        It’s a simple 50-dollar propane weed-killer in a plastic shell that looks cool and he sold it for 500 dollars. With a modest set of tools you can convert a pressurized fire extinguisher into a dandy improvised flame thrower…

        • I prefer the expedient version that James Bond used in Live and Let Die. But that’s just my $0.02 opinion.


  15. Gun # up, crime down! Any questions? Don’t want to own one? Then don’t! Call 911, oh sorry it’s been defunded! Remember it’s a RIGHT, not a please may I!!!

  16. ” We have incidents where there’s three or four people getting shot [daily] and we don’t get the same kind of uproar and attention for those kinds of homicides and mainly because they’re Black and brown people ”

    ” Those kinds of homicides” go mostly unsolved. The rate of closing cases in the worst urban centers is generally below 20%. Even though everyone knows who is doing the shooting, if you can’t roll out an actual perp, you’re not going to get “uproar and attention”. Much easier to just confiscate all the guns… as if that would work.

  17. “Heartland was among the coalition of organizations representing communities of color which sent a letter to the Biden administration expressing disappointment that they were not included in a gathering the White House held with more establishment gun control groups.”

    At least some community-based groups focus on policies that are shown to work, such as gang intervention, which address the actors rather than their tools. It reads as though they were initially excluded while the establishment groups that focus only on gun restrictions were invited.

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