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“Gov. Chris Christie said he would consider revisiting New Jersey’s strict gun laws if he had a Republican-led legislature,” reports. “In response to a question about his support for the Second Amendment [at a town hall meeting], the potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate said that New Jersey’s Democrat-led Legislature has sent him only bills that further restrict these rights, many of which he has vetoed.” The WSJ notes that Christie previously vowed to “strictly enforce” all of the Garden State’s gun laws, regardless of their Constitutionality. Here’s his new promise on gun rights . . .

“Send me a Republican legislature. And with a Republican legislature you’ll have a governor who will respect, appropriately, the rights of law-abiding citizens to be able to protect ourselves.”

Otherwise? Fuhgeddaboutit. Note: that this the same Chris Christie who proposed a new gun control law in January which would require FFL dealers and firearms manufacturers (!) to make gun records available for State Police inspection.

According to nj,com, that law would also put rules in place requiring ‘dealers to immediately notify state and local police if their security systems fail.” And if, by chance, the security system cannot be repaired within 24 hours, the dealer could be allowed to ‘move the guns to another licensed location with approval of the State Police.'”

It didn’t happen, but still. Anyway, Chris Christie the (presumed) presidential candidate now says “No rights are given to you by government. All are rights are given to you by God.” And no tenure in the White House is given by God either, Just sayin’.

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  1. Christie is nothing but a pompous blow-hard. He’s proven himself to be untrustworthy with respect to both our cherished Second Amendment rights and our national security. For several years now, he’s been carrying water for the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.

    • NJ Guy,

      It is hard to tell your stance on Christie’s level of honesty when your post is so wishy washy. You need to be more concise and focused.

      On another note just because he was dealt lemons doesn’t mean he couldn’t have tried to move the cause forward with lemonade. But then a polticians got to be a politician and this one wont get my vote

      • When life gives you lemons, hire an engineer to turn the lemons into explosives, then burn Life’s house down for daring to give you lemons!

  2. who will respect, appropriately, the rights of law-abiding citizens to be able to protect ourselves.”

    His tyrant is showing. May as well said common sense.

  3. Chris Christie will find little support among conservatives, gun-owning or not. In particular except perhaps for parts of Florida and South Carolina, I can’t imagine a RINO leaning New Jersey governor having much relevance to many voters in the southern and western parts of the US. For obvious reasons, he is not popular with conservatives and—note to Republicans—you can’t win without us. A visit to Texas by Christie might provide some comic relief, but not much else. The guy is so yesterday.

  4. NJ – along with every other state that denies its citizens the RKBA – should be the focus of every citizen that holds dear our Constitutional Rights. If you enjoy the RKBA in YOUR state don’t sit by and continue to allow these rogue states to deny your fellow countrymen these same rights guaranteed by the Constitution. What you see in NJ, NY, CA, DC, etc., may someday gain political legitimacy in your state…. assuredly sooner if we don’t confront it decidedly within these states.

    • I fully endorse ckirk’s call-to-arms. Here are the two great threats:

      First, the Won’t-Issue States are the urban high-population States. Up to this point, gun-rights States have potential – if not actual – control of Congress and the Judiciary IF-and-ONLY-if they exert their political will via the Senate. Gun-rights States’ voters can stop anti-gun legislation and anti-gun judges. HOWEVER, we can’t rely on the Senate; we must also control the House. It is the HIGH POPULATION Congressional districts that will control the House. The population is located in the urban anti-gun States and in many urban districts in pro-gun States.

      We MUST advance causes – such as National Reciprocity – that will help to inoculate the voters in Won’t-Issue States against hoplophobia. Failing to so advance our cause into urban Congressional districts will condemn the RKBA to inevitable population growth among the hoplophobes.

      Second, the Won’t-Issue States are largely failing-states; possibly MD excepted. Voters in these States emigrate for jobs in Shall-Issue/Constitutional-Carry States.
      Who emigrates? Do Pro-Gun and Anti-Gun voters emigrate proportionately? Or, do Pro-Gun people remain where they have businesses/jobs/families? To Anti-Gun voters emigrate in search of a job where they can earn a living? I don’t have the data; however, I fear that the emigrants are disproportionately hoplophobes. Their votes will tend to tip the balance Anti in States that were – heretofore – Pro-Gun States. Isn’t this what happened in Colorado?

      If we don’t inoculate the voters while they are still living in Won’t-Issue States we will have them voting against us after they emigrate to what were once solidly Pro-Gun States.

  5. The Bellman is back !!!

    “Just the place for a Snark! I have said it twice:
    That alone should encourage the crew.
    Just the place for a Snark! I have said it thrice:
    What I tell you three times is true.”

  6. If your security systems somehow “fail”, wouldn’t you want a law that forces the police to RESPOND when you call on them to help secure your $2-300,000 inventory? They sure wouldn’t need to force me to ask for help. WTF was he thinking? He is far too far left too be called a RINO.

  7. Christie is a NJ version of Teddy Kennedy and they both have the same chances of becoming President.

  8. Too little too late o’ chunky one. Maybe he could grow a pair(and not man-boobs either)…

    • But aren’t the majority of them RINOs? I mean, not very many so-called “Republicans” seem to care a whole lot about the Republic.

  9. when are the people of this country going to learn the worst thing to ever happen to this country is a career politician. that in essence means they have a career lying and flip flopping for personal gain.

  10. Well, actually, there is a thing he is able to do. For starter, Christie can instruct AG to clarify that self-defense satisfies “justifiable need” in application of a concealed carry license in New Jersey. Just saying …

  11. Why did he not say he would, or would have, pardoned Shaneen Allen?

    How many pieces of pro-gun legislation has he “shadow sponsored” though Republicans in the legislature? In VA, we have the opposite. Our Bloomberg-sponsored liberal governor has initiated several anti-gun bills that thankfully the legislature has shot down. He knew they didn’t have a chance, but he wants to show Sugar-Daddy Mike he’s earning his keep.

  12. What if he pardoned every (otherwise) law abiding person who carried a weapon for self defense. got arrested for gun possession with no evidence of robbing, assaulting, threatening anyone? Pardoned. Fuhgeddabout that!

  13. Well well. Chris “Krispy Creme” Christie can suck it. I’ll never vote for him – for anything.

  14. I have been told (but haven’t confirmed) that the Governor’s office in NJ is unusually powerful. So much so that the Governor COULD (if he WOULD) order the NJ AJ to make self-defense a sufficient reason to justify issuance of a carry permit.
    IF this is true then Christi COULD (theoretically) advanced the cause of gun rights by negotiating with the Democrats in the legislature. He might have told them that either they pass a compromise Shall-Issue law that he could sign or he would pull the rug out from under them by making self-defense a satisfactory justification to be issued a permit.
    In such a case, Christi is either not a genuine supporter of the 2A or he isn’t aggressive enough as a political advocate. Take your pick.

  15. Christie made his bones as a young gun-grabbing US Attorney for NJ. While he has vetoed some absolutely egregious NJ gun control legislation as Governor (give credit where credit is due), he’s no friend to the Second Amendment. Or to us. He’s a fat snake.

    But so what? Chris Christie has as much chance of being President as Michael Moore.

  16. My that is a big RINO! I am sure that Krispy Kreme will look out for my rights-NOT. Oh well, he has to get ready for the RINO primary.

  17. “Gov. Chris Christie said he would consider revisiting New Jersey’s strict gun laws if he had a Republican-led legislature.”

    So basically he’s claiming that if someone else were driving the bus, and it were already going his way, then he might hop aboard for a few blocks, otherwise he’ll just throw you and your rights under the bus?

    Got it. Screw you, Gov. Christie, and the high horse you rode in on.

  18. As for Christie, he’ll never get one of my votes.

    Neither will the NRA when it gets wishy washy. Maybe Gun Owners of America. I go with my gut.

    What do you think?

    • I’m a member and kick in some eztra funding for both. NRA is the big dog. It’s not just their advocacy, lobbying and litigating that I like. It’s also their training infrastructure and support for youth-related firearms programs; including shooting teams and Eddie Eagle.

      GOA I like for their red meat approach, their media appearances, and their direct contributions to specific candidates’ campaigns.

  19. ” If he had a republican led legislature.” And if the dog didn’t stop to shit he would have caught the rabbit. I guess he’s only a tough guy with female reporters.

  20. For a state that jails a collector of flintlock pistols, doesn’t allow hollow point ammo. Jailed a man passing through with guns in the trunk from Colorado, eh, it’s Joysey. Or as I call it Stalag New Jersey.

    As far as Christie? Let him walk down in Trenton or Hoboken without “armed security”. He talks tough only when it adds a layer of brown to his nose. Go hug Obama again!
    Dukakis in a Beetle Bailey tank helmet comes to mind. Or better yet, John Kerry, he served in Vietnam, on a windsurfer, kite board. Whatever. Just go pound sand Chris. Your part of the problem.

  21. So he needs more republicans to have more support for gun civil rights???? He is not a leader. I’m sure he and his family have lots of armed government security using weapons only the government can have. The democrats have always been anti gun for a certain population. He seems to be moving in that direction. Very sad.

    • The linked video is very powerful. In it one of the speakers quotes Chief Justice Taney in the Dred Scott case as stating that one reason a black could not be considered a full human (back then in 1857) was that if he was a full human he automatically had the right to “keep and bear arms.” Ergo the right to keep and bear arms was considered to be a natural right in 1857 and therefore one can assume was considered a natural right at the time the Constitution was adopted. Apparently even bad decisions repudiated by war and time still shed light on history.

  22. Every time Republicans nominate a Democrat, a Democrat wins the election.
    Romney was a squish R. That made him a D outside Cali and the Northeast.
    Krispy is Romney part 2.

  23. That EXPLETIVE DELETED wouldn’t know the Constitution of these United States if it handed him a Baconator and DID SOMETHING SEXUAL TO HIM.

  24. Christie is as republican as a governor can get in NJ…..and that’s not very much.

    This guy is a big-government statist RINO.

  25. “Send me a Republican legislature. And with a Republican legislature you’ll have a governor who will respect, appropriately, the rights of law-abiding citizens to be able to protect ourselves.”

    Oh, so rights are contingent on party affiliation. Bite me, Fat Boy!

  26. We do blame you and we are not voting for you….well unless it’s you or Hillibeast, then we have no viable choice.

  27. “And with a Republican legislature you’ll have a governor who will respect, appropriately, the rights of law-abiding citizens to be able to protect ourselves.”

    Wouldn’t it be better to have a governor who respected the rights of citizens all the time, not just when it’s politically easy for him to do so?

  28. With Conservatives like Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, and Rand Paul running RINOS like Jeb Bush and Chris Christie dont stand a chance!

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