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I’ve owned and used GoPro cameras in my work at TTAG ever since the HD HERO was introduced in 2010. I currently have three in my camera bag — it used to be more, but I accidentally blew a couple up. The small form factor combined with the easy-to-use interface and excellent resolution camera make it easy to film just about everything gun-related, from 3-gun competitions (the above was filmed 100% with a GoPro Hero 3) to hunting trips and everything in between. Especially with the super slow motion capability, producing gun porn has never been so easy. GoPro and guns go together like 77 grain bullets and a 1:7 twist barrel, and now it looks like they have taken a step towards supporting that relationship financially as well . . .

From a NSSF press release:

SAN  MATEO,  CALIF.,(DEC.  4,  2014)-­ GoPro, Inc.  (NASDAQ:GPRO),  enabler of  some  of  today’s  most  immersive  and  engaging  content,  has  signed  on  as  the  Official  Camera  Sponsor  of  SHOT  Show® Industry  Day  at  the  Range TM.    Industry  Day  at  the  Range  will be  held  on  Monday,  January  19,  2015,  at  the  Boulder Pistol  &  Rifle  Range,  Boulder  City,  Nevada.

The  event  will  provide  media  and  buyers  an  opportunity  to  preview  and  test  the  industry’s  exciting  new  line  of  hunting  and  shooting  products  for  2015,  displayed  by  more  than  150  exhibitors.

“The  new  HERO4  Black  and  Silver  Edition  cameras  and  recently-­introduced  Sportsman  Mount  and  Blackout  Housing,  along  with  the  more  than  fifty  other mounts  and  accessories  GoPro  offers,  deliver even  more  exciting  ways  create  incredible  content  in  the  field  and on  the  range,”  said  Paul  Crandell,  VP  of  Marketing  at  GoPro.  “Industry  Day  at  the  Range is  the  perfect  opportunity  to  guide media  and  industry  influencers  through  a  hands–on  experience  using  our  products  and  introduce  them  to  what  GoPro  can  bring  to  this  vertical.”

“We  could  not  be  more  pleased  with  the  commitment  that  GoPro  is  making  to  this  event,”  said  Cathy  Williams,  co–owner  of  Industry  Days  at  the  Range.    “This  agreement  shows  GoPro’s  commitment  to  entering  into  this  industry  and  Industry  Day  allows  them  the  opportunity  to  showcase  their  products  to  more  than  1,500  attendees.”

Industry  Day  at  the  Range  attendees  will  have  the  opportunity  to  experience  the  newest GoPro  cameras  and  gear  at  the  Browning/Winchester  shotgun  range.    Products available  for use  on  the  range will  include  the  new  GoPro  HERO4  Black  and  Silver  editions,  the  Sportsman  Mount,  Blackout  Housing,  Jaws:  FlexClamp  and  HeadStrap  +  QuickClip.

GoPro hasn’t really featured firearms very much in their marketing campaigns, focusing more on the other outdoor sports like skiing and mountain climbing. Which plays very well on TV, but isn’t targeting the right market. Gun ownership is huge in the United States, and the one thing that most gun owners have in common is disposable income. Going after gun owners is a smart move for the company.

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  1. Why are the people standing down range in that video (4 seconds in)? That seems like a ridiculous place to stand.

  2. Prefer Drift, RePlay and Contour to GoPro because they are far more flexible in their mounting options due to the lens being able to rotate, or in the case of the RePlay the whole camera. If you want to know how tuff the RePlay XD is, just check out some of the torture videos that Rob Ski did, that was with a Replay XD I sent him.

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