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The latest in dozens of potential, if not likely mass shootings averted by normal citizens legally carrying a concealed pistol (see here, here, here) happened last Sunday, the 26th of June in Lyman, South Carolina. One Jody Ray Thompson got into an argument outside “Playoffz” nightclub and began firing indiscriminately into a crowd of people. From The Washington Times:

“His rounds struck three victims, and almost struck a fourth victim, who in self-defense, pulled his own weapon and fired, striking Thompson in the leg,” Lt. Kevin Bobo said.

Thankfully South Carolina passed a law just two years ago allowing concealed carry permit holders to remain armed even if they’re in an establishment that serves alcohol. It may have just saved a lot of lives. Armed resistance and a hit to the leg was sufficient to immediately cease Thompson’s attack.

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  1. How ’bout that? No tax dollars required, and much more satisfactory results than waiting for public sector employees to show up.

    • He didn’t kill him, so the taxpayers in S.Carolina get to pay for ride to the hospital, then room and board at the county lockup, trial…

      Would have been nice if he had killed him…

      • Have to agree with you there on several levels. Most importantly, one less psycho in an already psychotic society.

      • He didn’t kill him, so the civilian disarmament complex will claim it wasn’t a DGU. Nobody died, so it wasn’t a mass shooting. Since it wasn’t a mass shooting, his non-DGU didn’t prevent the non-mass shooting. So nothing actually happened here.

        • “Nobody died, so it wasn’t a mass shooting.”

          Oh, they count injured people for the purposes of creating mass shootings stats. They even count victims of pellet gun shootings.

  2. White House press conference regarding the value of responsible carry and the lives protected in this incident tonight at…never. Let’s blame the NRA! Oh, damn, we can’t do that either.

    Best to keep quiet on this one. It’s only a matter of time before another “Gun Free” school, military base, theatre, nightclub or office building gets shot up. And that’s a narrative we can work with. That’s definitely the NRA’s fault.

    -The Establishment.

      • I do believe that Obama is qualified to speak on things that defy common sense. He has been doing it for 8 years nearly.

  3. Was the good guy with a gun cut down in a hail of police gunfire, as responding officers were unable to distinguish the good guy from the bad guy?

    • They arrived and found no threats. No charges were filed against the CCW holder. Clear-cut self defense.

      Mentions of this in the mainstream media other than my link to the Washington Times? ZERO. You’ll find it elsewhere online nearly only on conservative blogs.

    • No. He and the rest of the patrons were all gunned down by one another’s cross fire because none of them could tell who the bad guy was. It was the inevitable and only logical course of events.

      • Naturally. As the media, the left, and the anti-gun crowd in general loves to assert, these sorts of situations can only be made worse by the addition of another gun(s) into the mix. Other than the police officers’ guns, of course, but for some reason they don’t count as “good guys with guns” so therefore shootings are never stopped by “good guys with guns” except for when they are, like in this case, except it’ll still be completely ignored as usual.

        • Of course it’s worse. Now everybody in that bar is going to die in a bunch of freak incidents, Final Destination style. All because some busy body permit holder couldn’t mind his own business, and had to cheat death like that.

          Thanks for nothing, buddy.

  4. I happen to drive by this place on they way to and from work every day. I saw the horde of Spartanburg County deputies on Sunday morning and assumed that someone had been shot. This type of thing isn’t really common this far out of town, but I’ve never heard good words spoken about the venue. Not at all related, the best burgers in the area can be had across the street.

    • Something about the “Eat Here – Not At Home” message in the window rubs me the wrong way.

  5. I really am not in favor of calling this a mass shooting. The guy was shooting at a specific person, just apparently a terrible shot. From what I have read, sorry don’t have the link as it was a few days ago, they got an in argument and he pulled the gun and shot at the single other person in the argument. Not that this citizen didn’t stop a bad situation but we should be telling the Truth here.

    • While that makes the most sense, all of the narratives of all of the news sources say pretty clearly that he was “shooting at the crowd.” Also that he shot three people and then specifically turned and aimed at the fourth, who was the CCW carrier that returned fire and was not the person with which the shooter was arguing. In general, I think it’s a mistake to assume that criminals, crazies, and terrorists are rational actors making rational choices. I see no reason not to believe that he got pissed off and decided to shoot everyone there. Or, scaling it back from that level of malice, to think that there’s any reason at all to believe he wouldn’t have continued shooting after firing at the CCW holder and still wanting to eventually hit his “intended” target, wounding more and more people along the way.

      …and I called it a potential, if not likely mass shooting. Which I’d say is enough of a hedge to say it’s definitely the Truth. The thing about averted mass shootings is that they’re averted. There’s no way to know if they would or would not have been “real” mass shootings unless the perp lives through it and admits his real intentions. This is one big reason the anti-gun crowd has been able to claim that no CCW holder has averted a mass shooting, because it wasn’t a mass shooting if it was averted. It’s like proving a negative.

      • The one I read made it seem clear he was not shooting randomly, just at the one guy and missed. But as with all news stories who knows what is true.

        I agree that about the mass shooting being stopped claims, just saying I feel we are jumping to this one a bit too quickly. but it is on my Facebook feed, so it’s still good to see.

    • Flip side of the same logic. The Austin attack by two jihadists that resulted in one security guard injured and two dead jihadists officially doesn’t qualify as a mass shooting either and gets intentionally ignored by the antis even though it was obviously their intent to kill as many random people as possible.

      Single intended target or not, he obviously was happy to take as much life as possible to get to that one. Enough so that he actually did shoot 3 people. Wait for swat 3 hours and they all dead that is the modern definition of a mass shooting. Those jihadists only shot 1. Wait three hours for swat to react and he dies . . . that does not meet that modern definition of a mass shooting. Intent doesn’t factor in. Whether it should or not is a discussion worth having, but the way things are tallied now intent has nothing to do with it.

      • The difference here is that it was clear intent to hurt multiple people. Doesn’t make it better or worse, but we can easily claim a mass killing/shooting was stopped.

  6. this story has everything. “PLAYOFFZ” sign and a police Lt. named kevin bobo. i am smiling.

  7. Republicans now need to stage a sit-in to push legislation for national reciprocity of CCW. Or national Constitutional carry.

  8. Ya’ know this type of thing happens in Chiraq. Just a normal Saturday night… “shooting into a crowd”=spray and prey”.

  9. Poor Jody Ray Thompson was just turning his leg around, and BOOM!

    I blame the NRA. And white privilege for the microaggressions that caused global warming and made him leave his safe space for a free-speech zone with rape culture.

  10. So, the CC’er who was not endangered shot a ND’er…. Does not sound like stopping a mass shooting

  11. Sorry, did not here about this “MASS SHOOTING” on the liberal news. So did not happen. No good guy with a gun story can EVER be printed.

  12. Still an very restrictive state for public carry together white florida.
    It turns here florida ban”s bar carry, sc not but sc banns public transportation for poors still white ccw and florida not ^^

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