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The Huffington Post never met a gun control article it didn’t like. As home for Josh Sugarmann of The Violence Policy Center and Paul Helmke of the The Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence, you’d think the Post would have the whole anti-gun thing covered. But no, publishing gun control rants just comes natural (like the first breath of a baby). So, to mark Good Friday, the HuffPo presented a piece by Shane Claiborne: Death Be Not Proud: The Easter Gospel of Non-Violence. The headline’s taunt sets the tone for a strange blend of traditional Christian proselytizing and a major mea culpa-–which clears the deck for more sanctimonious lecturing. The editorial was designed to explain the Easter protests outside Lockheed Martin and Philadelphia’s Shooter Shop gun store [defended by the flag waivers above]. And so it does, in its own special way. First, the gospel . . .

“Some of us come in the anguish of death asking with Jesus, “My God My God why have you forsaken me”? Some of us come today with the hope of resurrection. But we also remember that before Jesus died, he wept over Jerusalem because “it did not know the things that would bring peace”. And today we weep with Jesus over Philadelphia where a life is lost nearly every 48 hours to gun violence.

As you may know, the American left views Christianity with more than a hint of suspicion. In fact, they tend to portray fundamentalist Christians as a bunch of intellectually-challenged, racially-intolerant, right wing gun nuts destined to morph into anti-government militia. You know; the “clinging to their gun and religion”thing. Perhaps that why Claiborne felt obliged to prostrate himself in front of the HuffPo’s areligious readers.

I realize the non-violence of the Gospel has not always characterized Christianity. Christians have often been the biggest obstacle to God. Forgive us — for blessing bombs, for the crusades and “holy” wars, for creating an apologetic for torture, for holding signs that say “God hates fags”, starting apocalyptic militias, and blowing up abortion clinics. These things are not the Christianity of Christ. If they are Christianity, it is a Christianity that has grown sick, sick beyond recognition. It does not look like Jesus.

Smells like teen spirit to me. Just kidding. Anyway, Claiborne links to a photographer who captured the Shooter Shop protest. The pictures are most excellent; and not as clearly pro-anti-gun as you might imagine. Worth a visit onĀ  Easter Sunday, when we should all try to cut each other a bit of slack.

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  1. I would like to bring to everyones attention, what Shane Claiborne likes to leave out of his articles. "Papito" AKA Fransisco Rodriequez/Lopez. was shot during an altercation. In the alleged homicide, the firearm in question was never found nor have there been any arrests made. Why is it that, if Shane and his followers wanted justice, they would not ask, if anyone has any information to please call the police. I will tell you why, because at a ripe young age of 19, "Papito" has racked up over 7 arrests and was pending another court date for drug charges. Seems like Papito was part of the problem they are trying to fix.


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