Gold Medal Winning Indian Shooter Stops Kidnapping: Defensive Gun Use of the Day

Ayisha Falaq is a competitive shooter in India. On the 25th of May, she used her licensed .32 ACP handgun to rescue her brother in law from kidnappers in a village, Bhopra near to the Haryana border. Ayisha is being lauded in the Indian and international media. From


  1. avatar Kyle says:

    Totally agree with everything she said….I think

    1. avatar joe3 says:

      I think she could have talked them to death.

  2. avatar BLoving says:

    Why kidnap the brother?
    Because a son is more valuable than a daughter there.
    Why kidnap him at all?
    For money, of course. His family is loaded.
    How can we know this?
    She has a gun in a country that does not recognize even basic civil rights except for the very wealthy and politically connected.

    What American states does this remind us of?

    1. avatar Jim S says:

      oh, oh…….Commiefornia!!

  3. avatar jwm says:

    It looks like a mock gun. Look at the barrel in relation to the slide. And India makes a .32 revolver based on the old Webley.

  4. avatar The Duke says:

    Fake news

    There’s no such thing as a good guy with a gun, much less a good woman. Islam and the Indian caste systems are not to be feared, they don’t threaten anyone /s

    Good job Ms Falaq, and for being an unmarried woman in such a culture makes this (and her) even more impressive

  5. avatar ZenGun says:

    That’s a .32 Deagle. Very rare.
    Just look at the shape of the slide.

    Fake news?!
    Fake gun??

  6. avatar IdahoBoy says:

    Good job Ms. Falaq. But if there is a next time, aim for something more vital than toes.

  7. avatar Kovacs Jeno says:

    Walther P22 9 mm PAK blank firing pistol is on the photo.

    1. Thanks. I think you are correct.

  8. avatar JC says:

    Muzzle control, lady!

    And toward the end she’s waving that Glock-looking pistol around with her finger on the trigger.

  9. avatar samuraichatter says:

    Not to take away from what the woman did here but she had help. A male relative drove the car to where her in-law was being robbed. It seems like the whole rescue was a family affair. Also, the cops were called but stop pursuing as the thieves/kidnappers went farther outside Delhi.

    Her brother-in-law was targeted because he is cab driver – not the safest job in the world. This does prove that even though the cops were called, hostage rescue (like many other activities) is a DIY project.

  10. avatar gargoil says:

    goddamn you guys got your priorities ALL out of whack. all you talk about is what kind of gun it is. WHO CARES!!!!!

  11. avatar derfel cadarn says:

    Very enlightening if you happen to speak Hindi. Other than that, great job !

  12. avatar adverse4 says:

    Maybe a world wide trend towards self defense and defense of others, without waiting on the government.

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