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It’s hard to top a spokesperson like R. Lee Ermey. Unfortunately, Gunny’s tour of duty came to an end almost exactly a year ago. Now, in a stroke of marketing genius perfection, GLOCK has signed on none other than Chuck Norris — yes, that Chuck Norris — as their new spokesperson. If you’ll be at the NRAAM, prepare to wait in line to say hi.

Here’s their press release . . .

SMYRNA, GA—April 8, 2019—GLOCK, Inc., a leading innovator and global manufacturer of firearms, today announced legendary world champion martial artist, actor, producer, philanthropist and entrepreneur Chuck Norris as the company Spokesperson.

As a company driven by a commitment to perfection, relentless innovation and disciplined precision, GLOCK was seeking a spokesperson that exemplifies the same characteristics and principles. The parallels between GLOCK and Norris deliver an authentic, fun and legendary alignment of brands.

“Chuck Norris revolutionized and ushered martial arts into the American mainstream just like GLOCK revolutionized firearms by inventing and commercializing polymer-based pistols and the SAFE ACTION® System” said Josh Dorsey, Vice President of GLOCK, Inc. “Having him represent the GLOCK brand brings two iconic names together that are mutually committed to perfection and their fan base. We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership.”

The collaboration will include traditional, digital and social campaigns as well as public appearances, the first being at the NRA Annual Conference in Indianapolis April 26-27, 2019.

“I’m honored to partner with this world-renowned brand,” said Norris. “The values that I have built my life and brand on—tough, real, constant and powerful—are echoed in everything that GLOCK does and creates. Let me put it this way, if I ever decided to go into firearms, there would be no point—I would just be recreating what GLOCK has already built. The only thing that would change is the name.”

For more information about the partnership, or GLOCK, Inc. and our products, visit”

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  1. Norris actually died about ten years ago but death hasn’t worked up the nerve to tell him that yet.

    • Wow! glock? Shows even Chuck Norris can make a mistake…

      Really glad the Army didn’t make that mistake..

      • Both R. Lee Ermey and Chuck Norris are admirable men in their fields of endeavor. Surely do admire and respect them for all they have done. G.Sgt. Ermey the more so, considering his war experiences.

        But hell, any American being a spokesman for Austrian marketing, at the expense of MADE IN USA products (that means GUNS!), is a disappointment.

        • I believe the ‘war experience’ for the Gunny consisted in being a rear echelon supply sergeant in Vietnam.

        • Yeah, I know. Thing is, if you go where the military services send you and do the job you are assigned, I figure that’s a step above the respect due someone who is only an actor. Military could’ve assigned Ermey to wherever they figured they needed him, just like anybody else.

          Nothing against Norris, just that Ermey scores a tad higher in my estimation.

          Still, “Glock”? That’s just kind of sad.

        • Most Glocks are made in the USA 4 the US Market ….now put ur head back in the sand!

          Have u ever saw a real gun in person outside of ur gaming? Yeah!

        • Norris also served his country. And like the Gunny he went were he was told and served honorably.

          Nothing to take away from either man on that score.

        • Norris spent several honorable years in the Air Force in Korea. By your own admission, he was available to go wherever the military decided to send him.

        • As did all service people, Gunny signed a blank check made out to the United States of America for an amount up and including his life. United States just didn’t fill in the blank for an assignment that required his life. More honor is due him than an actor.

        • Chuck Norris served in the Air Force. As an SP (Security Police), if I remember right. So technically he’d have more “combat” experience than a supply sergeant.

        • That’s really a shame too. Should make the average guy wonder what is GLOCK cutting back on to pull off a low ball price.

      • Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy Glocks says: Really glad the Army didn’t make that mistake..

        The US Army did make a mistake and picked the Sig Sauer, from Germany. And they’ve already had problems with the gun.

        • The SIG the Air Force chose is the M18 (a slightly smaller M17) and it’s made in the US (Exeter, New Hampshire). German made SIGs haven’t been imported for a long while now

      • Yippee kyaa MF. Can’t wait to meet Mr. Norris at the Glock booth during SHOT 2020.

  2. Ohh Chuck your still in adequate shape, however I think your minds slipping. Glock Toyota. If you need to borrow some money Chuck,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  3. I gotta call on this… everybody knows ol’ Chuck inserts the bullets by hand…but I have heard a rumour that he sleeps with a pillow under his gun…more research necessary…F-K-A

    • Nope. The fastest growing demographic of new firearm buyers (under 30) have no clue who Norris is (or was). Might as well hired Seagal.

      • most of them have no idea who Seagal is. Norris, at least, they will have seen as “Walker”.

        • Yup; ‘Walker’, the show watched by ALL of the millennials. Are you THAT out of touch?

          • It would have been on TV either in first run or in syndication throughout their lives, as opposed to Seagal who briefly had a reality show but otherwise hasn’t had a successful film *since before Walker, Texas Ranger came on TV*.

      • Seagal? you mean SEAgull or in hollywood speak the lizard, because he is so low and sucky!

        I would not hire Seagal to guard a cup of warm piss

        true fact…Seagal interrupted a pair of his stunt players practicing on their own time…they knocked him out for their trouble

    • ‘Glock Perfection’ is the biggest oxymoron ever & my opinion of Chuck has taken a big hit.

  4. I hope all of you that made negative comments about my friend Chuck Norris are on the receiving end of a brutal roundhouse kick to the jaw if you ever cross paths with the legend.

    • I love Chuck Norris like a brother, same for the Sarge. Both great entertaining guys. But Glock couldn’t find someone under the age of say 50? Someone that has a shot of not dying in their sleep in the next month?

    • Making a ‘National Lampoon Vacation’ film where she is visited by the gang while she is housed in a retirement home.

  5. Damn! I don’t WANT to buy a Glock! But now I guess I have to, if I know what’s good for me!

  6. Well, now Glock has to drop the ‘glock perfection’ motto once they put a Glock and Chuck side by side they inadvertently demonstrated false advertisement.

  7. I think this is great even though I do not own a Glock. He can market his Total Gym while wearing a Glock and get an extra hit though I really want to see Christie Brinkley wearing a Glock. “Make my day!!!!!” I can’t wait for the ads to appear. Really this is a super marketing plan.

  8. Good choice because only Chuck could even attempt to follow in Gunny’s footsteps.

  9. Funny every movie and show I’ve seen Chuck in, except the Expendables (G36), he’s carried a 1911.

    Anyway Chuck doesn’t carry to protect himself the gun carries Chuck to protect itself.

  10. They should have announced it a week ago and let everyone wonder if they were serious.

    • Lots of retired Marine drill sergeants live in CA. There’s even a lot of active duty Marine drill sergeants in CA. I think there’s even this place there where they train Marines …

  11. Hrm, now I’m wondering who other gun manufacturers could hire as their spokesperson?

    Especially Hi Point.

  12. Having done this, Glock now needs to have a running contest for people to submit their “Glock, the handgun choice of Chuck Norris who can_________” saying for potential marketing materials; and if selected for use by Glock, give them a gun.

  13. I own three Glocks. I lost all my other guns in a tragic boating accident.

    At least, that’s what I’ll tell Chuck.

  14. I always remind my English students to back up what you write and say with research, a concept that is lost here. the FBI, their swat, HRT. the Navy Seals and hundreds of police departments and hundreds of militaries have adopted that awful Glock.
    shame on them for choosing stupid reliable no frills weapon design. My 4 Glocks have never malfunctioned after thousands of rounds. should I trade mine in for a 1911?

    • Then, as you do your students, I ask you to back up what you write.
      Please list the hundreds of militaries that carry the Glock.

  15. I really do not get all the anti-Glock comments here. Glock makes some truly fine handguns. I love my G-34 9mm. My son has a G19. Both of them go bang every time, no matter what ammo is used.

    Glock and Norris together? That is a very good thing in my mind!

  16. Almost every major European Arms Manufacturer has plants here in the U.S. now, there are even American made AK’s. It’s kind of a reverse of things from the late 1800’s, early 1900’s where U.S. manufacturers had Euro manufacturers contracted to build guns for them for overseas sales. Myself, I like the Springfield XD series, I just wish they would do the Mod 2 Subcompact setup for reflex sights. And this is coming from a lifelong 1911 guy.

  17. Glock and Chuck Norris, a perfect match:
    Both are famous for what the did in the 80’s and neither has done anything significant since.

    I kid, I kid. Lol! Please don’t tell Chuck!

  18. Sorry Taylor
    I stand corrected
    These are the militaries/police that use glocks:

    Country Organization Model
    Australia New South Wales Police Force[97] 22
    Austria Austrian Armed Forces[98][99] 17 (as Pistole 80)
    Azerbaijan 160 Glock pistols purchased in 2013. Used by Azerbaijani Special Military Services[100] 19
    Brazil Federal Highway Police – Polícia Rodoviária Federal (PRF)[101] 17, 17MOS, 26
    Canada Quebec Safety – Sûreté du Québec (SQ)[98] 17, 19, 26
    Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)[63] 17M
    Chile [102] 17
    Croatia [102] 17
    Czech Republic Nonstandard sidearm issued to personnel on international deployments[103] 17
    601st Special Forces Group[104] 17
    Ecuador National Police[98] 17
    Various special police units such as the GOE and GIR[98] 17
    Finland Border Guard[105] —
    Defence Forces[105] 17 (as 9.00 PIST 2008)
    Department of Corrections (Vankeinhoitolaitos)[105] —
    Primary service firearm of the police[106] —
    Estonia Police service pistol.[107] —
    France Certain naval and airborne units of the French Armed Forces:[99][108] French Army Special Forces Brigade, Commandos Marine (France), Research sections of Gendarmerie Nationale, National Gendarmerie Intervention Group, Recherche Assistance Intervention Dissuasion, Groupes d’Intervention de la Police Nationale, Service de Protection des Hautes Personnalités, Brigade de recherche et d’intervention, Groupe de sécurité de la présidence de la République 17, 19, 26, 34
    Georgia Mainly used by GSOF and some MIA units.[98][99] 17, 21, 26
    Germany GSG 9 of the German Federal Police German commando frogmen of the Bundeswehr under the designation P9[109] 17
    Hong Kong Hong Kong Police Force (including special units such as SDU, CTRU, ASU and SBDIV),[98] ICAC and Hong Kong Customs 17, 19
    Iceland Iceland Crisis Response Unit (ICRU)[110][111][112] —
    Icelandic National Police[110][111][112] —
    Víkingasveitin[110][111][112] —
    India National Security Guards, MARCOS and Para Commandos[98] 17, 26
    Indonesia [102] 17
    Iraq Iraqi security forces (largest Glock user, purchased 125,163 pistols)[113] 19
    Israel Israeli Defense Forces, Israel Police, Shin Bet[99] 17, 19
    Jordan Royal Guard[98] —
    Kosovo Kosovo Police, Kosovo Security Force[114][115] 17
    Latvia Latvian Military[99] 17
    Lebanon [102] Used by Lebanese republican guards, military intelligence forces and by some members of the Lebanese Special Operations Command brigades 17
    Liberia [102] 17
    Lithuania Lithuanian Armed Forces[99][116] 17
    Lithuanian Police[117] 17, 19, 26
    Luxembourg Luxembourg Army[118] 17
    Unité Spéciale de la Police of the Grand Ducal Police[119][120] 17, 26
    Malaysia Malaysian Armed Forces[121] 17, 19, 34
    Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency[122] 19
    Royal Malaysia Police[121] 17, 18, 19, 26, 34
    Royal Malaysian Custom[123] —
    Mexico Mexican navy[98] —
    Monaco Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince[124][125] 17
    Montenegro Military of Montenegro[126] 17
    Netherlands Dutch police (about 250 Glock 17 pistols in use as a stopgap measure by the Arrestatieteam (Dutch SWAT))[127][128][129] 17
    Military of the Netherlands[99][130][131]
    The Royal Marechaussee Brigade Speciale Beveiligingsopdrachten (Special Protection Assignments Brigade) persoonsbeveiliging (PB), observatie team (OT) and sky marshals sections also use the Glock 26[132] 17, 18, 26
    New Zealand New Zealand Police[133] (an “unarmed service”, but are trained to use firearms) 17
    New Zealand Defence Force[134] 17
    Niger In use with Police and Garde Présidentielle[135] 17
    Norway Norwegian Armed Forces[98][99] 17 (as P-80, P-80NM1, and P-80NM2)
    Papua New Guinea [102] 17
    Pakistan Special Services Group[136] 17, 19
    Philippines National Bureau of Investigation[98] —
    National Intelligence Coordinating Agency[98] —
    Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency[98] —
    Philippine National Police[98] 17 Gen 4
    Presidential Security Group[98] 17
    Philippine Marine Corps Marine Special Operations Group (MARSOG)[137] 21
    Poland Border Guard[138] 19
    Military Gendarmerie[99] 17
    Polish police[139] 19
    Portugal Portuguese Marine Corps[99][140] 17
    Public Security Police[140] 19
    Republican National Guard[140] 19
    Romania Romanian Armed Forces[99] 17, 17L
    Russia Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD), special forces[141][142] 17, 19
    Federal Security Service (FSB)[143] 17
    Special Operations Forces (Russia)[144] 17, 26
    Serbia Police of Serbia[145][146] 17, 19, 21, 35
    Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Police[147] 17
    Singapore Singapore Prison Service[148] 19
    Special Task Squadron (STS) of the Police Coast Guard[149] 19
    South Korea [102] 17
    Spain Unidad Especial de Intervención (UEI) group of the Spanish Civil Guard[150] 17
    Sweden Swedish Armed Forces[99][151][152] 17 (as Pistol 88), 19 (as Pistol 88B)
    Switzerland Police (Gendarmerie) Cantonal of Geneva[153] 19
    Swiss Armed Forces: Swiss Grenadiers, ARD 10, FSK-17[154] 17, 26
    Taiwan Various criminal investigation bureau outside major cities[155] 19
    Thailand National police (2,238 pistols)[98] 19
    Timor Leste National Police of East Timor[156] 19
    Trinidad and Tobago [102] 17
    Ukraine [102] 17
    United Arab Emirates [102] 17
    United Kingdom British Armed Forces[157] 17 (as L131A1),[158] 17T (as L132A1)
    Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI)[159] 17
    Scottish Police Specialist Firearms Units[160] 17
    Specialist Firearms Command of the Metropolitan Police Service[161] 17, 26[162][163]
    United States Alaska State Troopers[164] 20, 22
    Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives[165] 22, 27
    Drug Enforcement Administration[166] 19, 22, 23, 27
    Federal Bureau of Investigation[167] 17, 19, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27
    Kentucky State Police SRT[168] 35, 27
    Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command[169] 19
    United States Navy SEALs[170] 19
    New Jersey State Police[171] 19
    New York City Police Department[172] 17, 19
    New York State University Police[173] 22, 23, 27
    Pennsylvania Game Commission[174] 31
    Port Authority Police Department[175] 19
    Uruguay Uruguayan National Army[176] 17
    Vatican City Swiss Guard[177] 19
    Gendarmerie of Vatican City[178] 17
    Venezuela Venezuelan Armed Forces[98][99] 17
    Yemen Military of Yemen[179] 19

  19. Walker Texas Ranger carried a SIG, real Texas Rangers carry SIG so I guess Glock really just wants to be SIG.

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