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With a contract as big as the Army Modular Handgun System contract and competitors as big as SIG SAUER, GLOCK, and Smith & Wesson it was natural that someone would be very disappointed when the results were handed down. The contract isn’t just about the large purchase the U.S. Army will be making, but for the knock-on effect from other government agencies, law enforcement, and private citizens who’d also be purchasing the handgun for themselves simply because it’s the one that the Army uses.

With all that potential revenue on the table GLOCK is taking a poke at getting the Army’s decision reversed.

According to the Government Accounting Office GLOCK has filed an official protest of the MHS contract decision. It’s a smart move as far as GLOCK is concerned — given how much money and time they probably have invested into the project already. (Actually, how much money could they have spent engraving an “M” on existing GLOCK 17’s?)

The added cost of pursuing a protest is but a drop in the proverbial bucket. If they lose the appeal, it’s just another sliver of business development cost that will be passed on to the average GLOCK buyer. But if they win, it will mean a huge boost to the bottom line. Which would not be passed on to the average GLOCK buyer.

Will they succeed? Probably not. SIG SAUER hit it out of the park with the P320, not only meeting the written requirements of the contract, but also fulfilling the concept the Army was looking for. The GLOCK might meet the literal requirements but it isn’t in the same league in terms of modularity as the SIG.

In the meantime a XM17 P320 is scheduled to arrive at TTAG HQ in the near future. Stay tuned for a full review.

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      • Not at all alike in thought, concept, creativity or reality. It might take a “creative interpretation” of legal precedents to be a law-dog, but certainly that effort is NOT in the same class as someone (an engineer or designer) who actually CREATES something!
        Also, the legal-beagles (Woof!) appear to most persons to be sneaky, underhanded, overpriced and self-serving to an extent that no self-respecting Engineer would even consider becoming.
        The only thing worse (lower?) would be a career-politician—and most of them are lawyers or ex-lawyers.

  1. i dont understand what is so special about modular systems. plus the soldiers and veterans i know prefer 1911s over m9s so im pretty sure most would rather stick with 1911

    • Simple. One gun can be a subcompact for conceal carry, a compact/carry for a duty weapon, and a full size for combat. It can have a small grip for people with smaller hands, such as women, or a large grip for people with monster hands. You can switch between 9mm, .40, .45, and .357 Sig. You can make these conversions in a matter of minutes in the field. I suspect that qualification and training requirements for these many different configurations will be substantially less. Since you can field strip the pistol down to the trigger assembly, it is much easier to service in the field and clean. The angle of the grip is similar to the 1911 and Beretta so point shooting is more natural, acquiring a flash sight picture is faster, and it is angled more toward what our military members are accustomed. I could go on. I agree with the writer of the article: Sig Sauer hit this one out of the park. The Sig P320 has set the standard for pistols for probably the next decade, and every manufacturer is going to emulate this concept for many decades to follow. Although I like Glock, Glock lost this one fair and square. Capitalism really sucks for those who do not innovate and keep up with what the customer wants today and tomorrow. But don’t worry, there is nothing like a company losing their spot as king-of-the-hill to convince them that they cannot ride on their past achievements forever. I expect to see some really cool stuff come out of Glock in the upcoming years.

        • Just remember that .45 caliber is always a foolish choice, and always go straight to 9MM instead. Do that and you’ll be just fine from here on out, you can thank me in your head for all the grief and buyers remorse I just spared you from here forward.

      • All the interchangeability you talk about is true, but it wouldn’t be that big of a thing except that guns are the magical creations of evil, in the minds of the statists, and the law dictates what it a firearm and what is not. In this case, wig made the firearm a little cartridge that is easily removed from the frame and the frames can be made in so many different size and configurations because they’re just regular manufactured items, not guns, so the regulation and storage of them are easier than a glock where the frame is the firearm.

      • or u could simple get a smaller 1911 that has a grip designed for smaller hands thats cheaper then sig. i have yet to find a sig that had something wrong with it. to me sig is like h&k except u get better quality out of an h&k.

        • I have a number of 1911s, an H&K P30, and 3 P320s. I disagree with your assessment. I will grant you that the P30 is accurate, but the plastic rails are wearing out after 1000 rounds. I have over 10,000 rounds through one of my P320s, and other than replacing a worn spring, it shows little wear. Short barreled 1911s are usually expensive and they are not as reliable as I prefer.

        • Bob, the P30 rails are steel. The plastic rails are leftover bits from the molding process. Rest assured the P30 rails will hold up for tens of thousands of rounds.

        • Just stop with your 1911 nonsense. Nobody wants to go into combat with a 7 round mag. That 100 y/o technology needs to just stay in the past.

        • “Nobody wants to go into combat with a 7 round mag.”

          If you are going into combat with a handgun, you must have been a dumbass and forgot where you put your rifle down at. Your DI is now spinning in his Smokey Hat.

        • “If you are going into combat with a handgun, you must have been a dumbass and forgot where you put your rifle down at. Your DI is now spinning in his Smokey Hat.”

          Until very recently, the T/O weapon for staff NCOs and Officers was a handgun.

        • Concealability is important to some units… to conventional forces, not so much. But if you need it, it would be nice to be able to choose.

        • “Given that Glock recently won the FBI contract, I’d say they are pretty up with what the customer wants.”
          Hookers and blow?

      • Jumped in the USMC gun club in 2010, never saw a 1911, they dropped iron sights from boot a about eight months afterward.

        Supposedly there an M60 in every armory for training purposes, never saw that either. 🙁

  2. Go ahead and cry like a bunch of snowflake democrats at a Hillary cry in, still stomping their feet over being Trumped. I guess protesting is just the thing to do these days when you don’t get your way. I didn’t win the army’s contract either so maybe I’ll protest too. Sig won fair and square because it’s a superior gun that out performs every glock ever made. Sig is smarter than you, Sig works harder than you, Sig is faster than you, Sig is better than you.

    • I am happy that glock lost, one very over rated gun. ‘glock perfection’ is a fat joke. they absolutely did not deserve that contract.

      • I compare Glock to a general purpose tool, or a get it done war weapon. It doesn’t shine at much of anything except being able to change out every possible part on it. Its also a low price point and goes bang every time. I have no gripes. Its also as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be.

        Also, Beretta M9 service pistols suck, suck suck suck suck SUCK! Especially the old warped ones that couldn’t hit anywhere on the target paper!

        • I hear you, and respect your opinion, but both Glocks and Berettas are excellent, reliable guns that go bang every time you pull the trigger no matter how dirty they are or what kind of ammo you are feeding them. I’ve carried both in Iraq and my wife and I carry them now as EDCs.

        • Agree on the glocks… the Beretta, not so much. I carried a M9 every time I deployed (4 x) but always found a way to get my hands on a long gun. the pistol is a weapon for the FOB or last resort. If I had to bet my life on a pistol, I’d bet on Sig or Glock over the Beretta any day (and twice on Sunday). For the military, I can see why they chose the Sig P320. I have owned several Sigs, but would never spend my own money on a Beretta.

    • Basically every company protests the loss of military contracts. Sig protested Beretta in the past and they will likely protest Glock in the future once they eventually lose this contract.

    • I’m seeing new videos coming out every week about P320 issues. And these are from Sig fans not Glock fanboys. And before I get accused of being a Glocktard because I carry a Glock 19, I just forked out $1,100 for a Sig P229 Stainles Elite for my son’s 21st Birthday.

      • A G 19 took half of my right index finger with it when it decided to go into KABOM. Never again. This was factory ammo. I also know two local cops who bought their own pistols after many in the dept had issues with 40 cal Glocks.

  3. It will be a massive sea change for the Army to shift to just a de-cocker. But with no manual, external safety, than no Glock. No matter what else Glock brings to the protest table, I cannot see the Army leadership, as an institution, jumping onboard Team Block without that safety, either slide or frame mounted.

    • Actually, the P320 only has passive safeties. It is striker fired, so it does not have a hammer to decock. The only “manual safety” is the holster and the finger. With decent, rigid retention holsters, and training focused on keeping the finger off the trigger, they should be fine.

      • Try playing “find the thumb safety….” with the picture above in front of you…….

        The 320 has provisions for both thumb and triggertab safeties. Not sure if either one is offered through retail channels. But either, or perhaps even both, can be included, if it’s deemed advantageous, in a departmental bid.

      • The Beretta APX is striker fired, and yet it has a “decocker”, pen or wire operated, to avoid the need to press the trigger before disassembly. Of course, it cannot be used as a conventional decocker in normal operation. I quite like it, being Italian designed, but everyone else thinks it’s ugly, a day late and a dollar short. We’ll see.

        • You don’t have to pull the trigger to disassemble a p320

          The overall comments sure indicate a lack of understanding around the p320

        • Ain’t that the truth!

          HK and Beretta, while not as badly afflicted as Colt, aren’t exactly approaching the civilian market as if their life depended on it, either.

          I’m hoping Sig will be different, though. Whatever else one can say about Ron Cohen, he at least is very much aware of the differences in margins between a DOD contract gun, and a “Legion” one sold through civvy channels. The latter sold in no small part due to the cachet gained by the former.

        • Gold star to the person who used the word “cachet” correctly. You are in the minority, but you give me hope.

  4. Beretta: “Whaahh! You don’t want our gun cuz it’s too bulky, heavy, complicated, expensive, awkward, etc. so you want something else! We’re gonna protest!”
    Glock: “Whaahh! We failed to submit a design that met a clearly stated requirement and you chose someone else! We’re gonna protest!”
    Beretta: “Whaahh! We finally released a design that meets the new requirements and you won’t consider it because you announced the winner months before! We’re gonna protest!”

  5. Nothing new here in that competing vendors complained about the ‘unfair’ testing of the last pistol trials in the 80’s when they moved to replace John Moses Browning’s masterpiece (which 30 years later is still the choice of many SPEC OPS be it LE/MIL). However, I can see today’s appeal process much more messy than back in the day due to the proliferation of litigation…I hate lawyers (yes, even when I’ve had to hire them)…I remember a joke that’s not too funny (much more after several rounds mind you); What do you call an attorney at the bottom of the Sea? A good start!

  6. I’m not anti-Glock; I own a Model 21 and a Model 27 with barrels for 9mm, .40S&W and .357 Sig. I own quite a few Sig’s including 2 P320’s, a Carry in 357 Sig and a full size RX in 9mm.

    Having said all that, I don’t carry a Glock but rely instead on one of my P320’s, usually the Carry model. Everyone has their own criteria for a carry piece, mine being reliability, inherent accuracy, good terminal ballistics, and ergonomics. While malfunctions with the Glock’s are uncommon, my Sig’s have never malfunctioned in any manner. Never. And–for me–the Sig’s are more comfortable to carry and more comfortable to shoot.

    I can see some real advantages to the modularity of the P320 series. I was a weapons instructor for a few years of my Army career, and my “students” were exclusively from Latin America. Some had very small hands, others more normal. The 1911 and Beretta were really too large for the majority, so we had to rummage through our motley assortment of non-USA handguns to find a fit. What a nightmare!

    Anyway, my .02 cents worth is that the P320 will prove to be a worthy handgun for the military.

    • Uhh… given that the 1911 is a single stack, I’m pretty sure that anyone whose hands are too small for it will also have hands that are too small for literally anything else, except MAYBE a 9mm XD-S.

      • Point taken. But my 12 year old granddaughter can shoot my P320 Carry with ease but struggles with a 1911. Just sayin’…

    • As I read through the negative comments, I noticed something. There are two groups in this blog, those who have shot the P320 before and love it, and those who have never shot it before. Just try it. But be warned…have your wife hold the credit cards and checkbook.

  7. Yesh. The army awards a contract to Sig for a gun with approximately ZERO combat experience or history. Good luck with that crap shoot. Modularity is overrated.

    Even people who hate Glocks will admit that they are very very proven and reliable. Which is what you want when you are fielding tens of thousands of them to people who aren’t terribly proficient with them and will also be maintained by 19 year olds.

    • Most stuff the military buys have zero combat experience prior to being adopted. And some of that stuff, is substantially more complicated and so far unproven than a striker fired plastic pistol. In fact, if the military needed prior combat experience to discern the suitability of a weapon, there would be something seriously lacking wrt their testing regimen.

        • +9999

          Keep your finger off the bang switch. Tbh, mine sits Condition 3 all the time when its not being carried.

        • No manual safety = defective.

          If you think it’s a good idea to carry such a gun, then your judgement is also defective and you don’t belong anywhere near a gun.,

        • Yet there are far superior and safer designs such as Springfield’s or not needing to pull the trigger to disassemble. You will never admit it because for some reason you have a bias towards a company that you don’t even own or have any investment in.

          You can argue and attempt to defend Glock all you want but the irony is the only one losing out here is you. There are tons of amazing firearms, not a single one can claim to be the best overall. Do Glocks suck? No, but they are not the best either. There is only the one that best suits your needs and that may vary depending on where you travel, the time of day, the venue and your surroundings. I doubt you will care about anything I said and will continue to prop up Glocks as being forged by the gods themselves but it doesn’t persuade anyone here, in fact it most likely turns people away from Glocks.

        • I think questioning the “modularity” of a pistol as a desirable feature isn’t an opinion that should be discounted out of hand.
          Remember the commercial for the investment broker where the kid keeps asking his dad “why”? Being new to the POTG, I am that kid, always asking why. And when the answer isn’t convincing on an elementary level, I see no purpose following that reasoning.
          That doesn’t make me part of the “GLOCK Cult”. The P320 is a fine pistol. But I am not convinced that the end user will ever swap out the frame. Guys that would tweak their firearms in this manner already have multiple firearms to choose from to suit their current need.
          I see one reason for the ability to replace a frame. When the tweaker fucks up the stippling and has to replace it. My advice is to stop tweaking. Buy the gun you like and roll with it. But don’t tell me gun A is better than gun B because of a function that I will never contemplate using.

        • Hoth, you do understand the purpose of a manual safety is to keep the firing pin or striker from firing in the event the gun has been dropped or struck. The fact that it keeps the trigger from being pressed is coincidental, since you aren’t supposed to have your finger in there to begin with until you are ready. Further, there are these things called revolvers that don’t have safeties, and they aren’t defective. They work on the principle of not putting your finger in the trigger well until you re ready to fire.

    • The same company- Sig Sauer- who just gave the Army the P320 MHS also who gave the SEALs the Mk1(P226 modified), the FBI and other alphabet agencies the 226 and 229. It has plenty of combat experience and Sig is an outstanding company with a great reputation. I personally prefer my Arex Rex Zero1- which shares many Sig characteristics- because of it’s reliability and affordability, making it a better choice for me. I love my 1911 but she’s heavy with fewer rounds. Shot placement is king, and I can place more 9mm rounds as accurately as half as many .45.

    • They are proven reliable and proven to blow apart more often than many know. I can definitely verify that. Look at the current law suits, speaks for itself.

  8. Mmmm…. I love the taste of salt Glock fanboy tears. It’s almost as if someone actually had a problem with a ‘Perfect’ handgun that takes half a different after market parts to get it perfect.

    Go pound sand Glock fanboys. Your gun just wasn’t good enough for the military, suck it up and deal.

    • At least Gaston can find solace in noting that the only way the others could even get as far as into the running, was by building Glocks of their own…..

      • What the hell are you even talking about? Not every single polymer framed striker fired gun is a Glock you idiot. Crap thinking like that is pretty much exactly why I hate Glock fanboys so damn much. You buy into whatever BS you hear about and run with it.

        And also in case you didn’t hear the entire Gaston family is kind of a train wreck anyway. Did you read about all the legal trouble they were in since like ’14?

        • But virtually every single currently popular striker fired polymer gun, is a Glock derivative. While HK, or someone else, may technically have “invented” many “Glock” features pre-Gaston, The Glock was such a watershed in the industry that it literally changed everything, so far forever.

          As for Fanboi, while I have some Glocks, the Sig P229 and P239 in .357 and with DAK triggers, is where it’s at as far as I’m concerned. Head and shoulders above any striker fired, recycled grocery bag. Not my fault that the rest of the gun procuring world, from the DOD on down, are clueless.

        • Yeah ‘Virtually every Striker Fired gun is a Glock derivative.’ Citation needed or GTFO fanboy.

          Again, you debunk your down damn argument. Just because YOU think it is a ‘watershed moment’ doesn’t mean it really is. If anything Glock is a a master of marketing that gives HK a run for it’s money. Notice how many police contracts Glock has? They’re not buying them because their better. They’re buying them because Glock gives them a good deal on a crap load of them. And let’s not forget how bad the ‘refit’ of all of the NYPD Glocks were. This is also why Glock is throwing a tantrum now that they can’t get THAT contract too.

          And all you BULLSH*T aside you STILL have not proven that your gun is better. You’ve proven that you’re HIGHLY Parisian and that you think that the guy’s SELLING the guns know better than the people that OPERATE them.

          Find a better argument.

        • I’m not sure where to begin…..

          If you look at the handgun market when the Glock hit the scene, there were plenty of alternatives. With different trigger systems, frame materials, manual of arms, etc. The Glock was unique in that it had a trigger “safety”,polymer frame, consciously minimized bore axis height. NO other safety, just pick it up and shoot, but still a consistent trigger pull from shot one etc….

          Now look at the market. Everyone is falling over themselves to add those very features, while largely discontinuing every gun that don’t have them. While everything is possible, it’s not so outlandish to assume this is at least partially due to how successful the Glock’s design has been on the sales floor.

          And, while the features above have endeared themselves to lots of shooters and armed professionals, perhaps the most important “feature” of the Glock, was how incredibly efficient it is to produce to a very high standard of function and reliability. Meaning, Glock could underbid all the others and still make money. That likely is as much of the reason for it’s watershed status as anything else.

          Pretty much the only “feature” of the Glock that the others haven’t bothered with, is the grip angle. And, i most recent designs, the need to press the trigger for disassembly. But other than that, even bloody CZ is betting their pistol future on a Glock derivative these days.

      • Well I’ll say one thing that Glock’s can be very reliable, sure. And I will gladly agree that reliability in a defense gun is focus number one. But we’re at the point that most common self defense guns are that reliable now with little to no work. As it should be.

        But that’s not the real problem. The Glock design ultimately isn’t so good that you can’t do better with many other options that may or may not fit your carry style and personal preference. But even so almost every simple major gun website is just full of completely Glock fanatics to the point you can’t get through a single article with out everyone trying to compare them to Glocks.

        Now sure, maybe I’m just an over sensitive prick about that. But honestly, I really really am tired of a gun that isn’t that great to begin with being the gun press enforced standard.

        • “I really really am tired of a gun that isn’t that great to begin with being the gun press enforced standard.” Sums it up; sick & tired of reading how great glocks SUPPOSSEDLY ARE. There are many other brands that work BETTER.

    • I read this the other day:

      “After your Glock friends spend the equivalent of their weapon purchase price in aftermarket parts and say…

      It shoots almost as good as your 1911…” *

      *Sig 1911 Ultra Compact for EDC OWB strong-side carry… and, usually, a Ruger LCR in a weak-side pocket.

      • Well honestly I’m not the biggest fan of 1911s myself, not for carry anyway. But even then I’d rather carry the 1911 than the Glock for the trigger, balance, over all feel. And to be completely fair I don’t care for 1911 fanaticism either. It’s just usually 1911 operators aren’t such insufferable pricks about their choice in gun.

        And FYI I prefer my Sig 2340 to pretty much any other gun I have, so in a lot of ways the point is moot to me in the end. Maybe one day I’ll look into getting a P320, just to have one. But I’m not really looking to replace my carry gun anytime soon.

  9. Never had a lick of use for either, the 1911 or any Glock!
    But did just pick up two Sig 320s, a Carry, and a sub compact, to go along with my 229, and 224.

    I also went through the Sig 938, the “baby” 1911, and hated it as well.

    Do have a couple CZ’s and a Steyr, that also work well.

    But none of them hold a candle to the 320’s!

  10. This makes sense. Glock has not really brought anything new to the table in years. They popularized polymer and other companies have improved polymer. It seems like Glock really wanted an easy way out so they could continue to make tons of money and not be innovative. They wanted to copy colt and just sell tons of one product that never seems improvement to one big buyer (the government).

    • They didn’t have to bring anything new to the table. Their base design works like charm. They just tweak the ergonomics and the recoil system with recent generations……..We’ve reached a plateau in development. semiauto pistol technology has come as far as its gonna go for the forseeable future. These new polymer striker pistols are their company’s efforts to carve out pieces of Glock’s pie for themselves. modularity was a neat idea, but it remains to be seen how effective this idea is in the real world. Every pistol that’s said to be “glock 19 sized” is ALWAYS bigger, taller, fatter and heavier….you’d think in 30 years there would be at least one manufacturer who could build a pistol that packs the same amount of firepower as a g19 while being lighter, thinner and at least just as short in the grip, yet they keep missing that target…

  11. I work at a decently sized gun store in SW PA. There was some interest in the P320 before they won the military contract, now everyone and their brother wants one. The first one sold went back to the factory 3 times for failure to extract and the mag dropping free from the gun whenever it felt like it (usually 3-4 rounds into mag). Seems they also have a good bit of trouble getting their 1911s to run worth a shit too. But to be honest, if a new company called Shootz had won the contract with their new XPT 2500 high cap, low drag modular super gun, everyone would be clamoring for it, saying every other gun ever created is a piece of shit. I have always believed that if you like a particular gun, it shoots well for you and makes you happy, then the hell with others opinions. All of this animus towards guns you don’t personally care for seems childish.

  12. In real world use a SIG is the more stable platform. Better newbie trust because of visible hammer! Easy to carry with round in chamber is more safe touchy Trigger Glocks!

  13. I would have picked the M&Ps over the Sigs for sheer shootability.. better ergos on the Smiths. Walther PPQs are better but are not American. CZs are great guns too. The Glocks come in 5th, in my view (I carry a Glock 23).

  14. Is no one going to mention the major advantage of the Sig over the Glock?
    You do not need to pull the trigger to field strip the Sig!
    This will translate into preventing many n d’s Army wide
    You can also shoot the Sig while touching the enemy
    The Glock will go out of battery if the barrel makes contact

  15. I get the love for the Sig, but I cannot understand the utter hatred for Glock. I choose to carry a Glock 23 because 1) I shoot it well. 2) it is reasonably priced 3) it is about the thinnest gun in its size 4) parts are stupid cheap and readily available. 5) and finally because I shoot it well.

    As far as the military goes, the P320 is a solid choice. Congratulations to a good company winning a huge contract for all the right reasons.

    • My first firearm i bought was a Glock and I really liked it until I actually shot other handguns. I thought it was a cool gun but I had no loyalty and I am not bias. I could not deny how much more accurate other firearms were, or the better design, trigger etc… I have never owned another Glock since then. I never hated them, I just admitted to myself that there were better options. I think the hatred comes from reading comments from people like “J” and “Stuki Moi”. Honestly, he actually said “We’ve reached a plateau in development. semiauto pistol technology has come as far as its gonna go for the forseeable future.”

      So I guess that is it then, right? Why even bother to try to innovate? Glock is the end all be all according to him. Really think about how insane that comment is. Imagine saying that about any other product such as computers, cars, or even something as basic as light bulbs. You would be mocked for saying such a ridiculous comment, which is why you never see BS like that said, except when it comes to these Glock cult members.

  16. Just proves that Glock didn’t send enough hookers or cash-stuffed envelopes to the army, this time around. Maybe they forgot how they got successful in the first place.

    • Hookers and blow is the best explanation for Glock’s success. It sure isn’t due to their poor ergonomics or highly over-rated reliability.

  17. “SIG SAUER hit it out of the park with the P320, not only meeting the written requirements of the contract, but also fulfilling the concept the Army was looking for.”

    It’s a little suspicious that the requirements of the contract seemed to be “don’t be a glock” rather than anything else (the most obvious bit of which was the requirement that any firearm was not allowed to have a finger grove next to the trigger)

  18. Just this last weekend I participated in a two day defensive pistol class where I used my old Sig 229 40 cal. as well as my M&P standard 40 cal. and my Sig compact 320 in 9mm. We shot about 500+ rounds in total under mental pressure by various means. I can say the Sig 320 was truly effortless in terms of placing accurate shots. On the bench it is slightly more accurate than my 226 9mm and 229 40 cal. but in defensive shooting scenarios the 320 allowed me to focus on tactics because the ergonomics and accuracy were superb.

    All of them great pistols but, the 320 really shined!

  19. The whole requirement for interchangeability was retarded anyway, dreamed up by someone who doesn’t even shoot guns I’m sure.

    If I want a 9mm, I want the lightest, most compact 9mm that can be made to meet my reliability, durability and service life requirements for 9mm. Not a gun that can meet those requirements for .40S&W which has 20% more energy. If I want a subcompact gun, I want the most compact gun that meets my requirements, not a subcompact that’s compromised by the requirements of being able to convert up to a full sized gun.

    Jesus Christ the army probably pays like $300 for each of these guns while spending billions on tanks and planes that the generals don’t even want because it keeps Bubba Daughterfucker employed in some inbred congressional district. It would not be such a catastrophe to buy a second gun for a soldier who for some reason needed something different for a mission, or to have to keep track of -gasp- 3 or 4 different handgun models.

    • Yup, just throw a bunch of theories out there because it is all a big conspiracy against Glock. It is all retarded anyway, right? They could have saved thousands of hours and millions of dollars if they would have just come to Tom Moscone to begin with.

      When he isn’t working at the check out line at Wal Mart he is giving advice to the military because he is the SME in firearms.

  20. Being a curious guy I’ve read all of the TTAG material on the P320 including the “gun review,” and I have the following question. So if I want to buy a P320 myself, assuming I move out of California, I cannot get one with a manual thumb safety; but if I’m in the Army they all come with an manual safety like in the photo in this article. Is that actually correct, Nick??

    Assuming that is true, it must be true that the Army had a manual safety requirement in the spec. And if that is true, what can we learn from that? I should think that you could create a non-clickbait article on that topic.

  21. I own a M&P 9, a Glock 19 and a 320c before Sig won the contract. For me it’s the trigger. Oh god is it sweet. As for the interchangeablility I will be purchasing the Carry frame and 17 round mags for range time, but can switch back to compact for carry.

    Don’t get me wrong I still love to carry the 19 and the M&P is a fine weapon, but the Sig just has the edge and I didn’t want that to be so as I was sold on my Glock.

    Way to go Army.


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