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Good evening and welcome to another edition of the Tuesday Evening Podcast. This week, I spend a little time discussing defensive gun uses by Texas-born musicians, the joys of taking neophytes to the range, and a bit on reloading and long range shooting.

The majority of the time is spent ranting and raving about Texas’ newly approved hog poison. I reference quite a bit of data, and I’ve copied those links below. I’ve also put together a simple calculator for understanding dosing and toxicity of the newly approved bait.

Kaput Calculator

Kaput Hog Lure

Kaput Hog Lure SDS

Thurston County Warfarin study

Proposal for Harmonised Classification and Labelling

Bioaccumulation of Warfarin – Damage to Birds

Cornell Study on Warfarin Toxicity

You can contact the Texas Department @ 512-475-0013 where you’ll be faced with a voicemail encouraging you to send an email or leave a message. I’ve left a message and will update this if I receive a call back. You can also email [email protected] or visit where you’ll be directed to this form.

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  1. Tyler this is horrible this guy’s a moron gotta prove this product. My father was an Orlando fireman for 24 and a half years and in the last 15 of those 24 and a half years he was a member of The Biohazard unit that responded to any type of chemical spills environmental hazards and so on. This stuff can be inhaled it can get on your skin and if you’re sweating which all workers especially Farmers outside in the South sweat it can absorb right through your epidermis it’s got a very long Half-Life meaning it doesn’t break down just from being washed away with water. It can be ingested through cooked meat it’s also a leading component to our snack rat poison. And if you look at the warning label 14 millimeter thick gloves are you kidding me that stuff is a severe toxin pigs are very close to human beings as far as the anatomy of each creature. This stuff is going to kill people farm animals poison watering holes just make a mess. I can’t believe that this is actually going to be used and in the amount that is needed it’s going to be all over the ground if anybody has ever baited Hogs they’re going to know that crap’s going to be everywhere. Yeah you shouldn’t even wash your clothes that you use to put this bait out in the same washing machine that you washed your families clothing in it can be transferred through the washing machine onto the clothing and if you break out in a sweat you can absorb it through your epidermis of your skin. The reason why they’re not releasing any information on toxicity is because they don’t want to scare everyone out there. I’ve used a lot of different chemicals in my life even DDT when it was still legal and none of that stuff had warnings like this stuff does. I can’t imagine putting this out on your property and expecting all the wildlife not to be sick ceptable especially yourself human beings are very susceptible to this drug.

  2. Tyler you still up? Look at the toxicity of this drug and secondary exposure rates it will scare you. The warning bottle has all kinds of warning labels on it if you’re on the warfarin prescription medication. All the way from explaining secondary exposure to your family members and your spouse. All kinds of warnings even about sexual intercourse with your spouse while on this drug. It’s some pretty nasty stuff.

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