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The National African American Gun Association has announced a new partnership with Atlanta-based GLOCK. That apparently means financial support for NAAGA, which has over 20,000 members and growing.

Industry support like this for NAAGA and other groups that promote wider gun ownership and Second Amendment support beyond the what is seen as the typical old fat white guy demographic is a step in the right direction. More gun owners and gun rights supports mean anti-gun forces will have a tougher job on their hands convincing legislators and the public that civilian ownership of firearms should be restricted or eliminated.

Here’s NAAGA’s announcement:

Glock and NAAGA begin Official Partnership !

The National African American Gun Association and Austrian firearm manufacturer have announced “Glock as the Official Handgun of NAAGA”.

National President Philip Smith stated, “We are extremely pleased and excited to have Glock as an official partner. They are a Global leader in producing one of the best pistols in the Industry.

Our partnership with Glock will help us continue to build a safe and effective training environment for those in our community to learn about Firearms using a world-class semi-automatic handgun platform. Glock understands the big picture for our community and the 2nd Amendment.”

In addition to Glock becoming the official handgun of the National Organization, GLOCK will also be donating to the NAAGA College Scholarship Program created to assist deserving students who are in need of financial assistance to pursue and reach their educational goals

The National African American Gun Association is the largest Black Firearms Organization ​​​​​​​in the USA with over 20,000+ members.

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  1. Trying to think of any other brands that might be a better fit – Remington? Nah. Ruger? Mmm… Not really. Sig Sauer? Not quite. Hi-point? (snort!) Don’t go there! Smith&Wesson? Still not quite there…
    The only other brand I can think that might have been an appropriate fit could have been Taurus but I’m having a hard time articulating why… so we’ll stick with Glock.

  2. “anti-gun forces will have a tougher job on their hands convincing legislators and the public that civilian ownership of firearms should be restricted or eliminated.”

    More likely, the mere thought of legally-armed black people will drive the racist progs right out of their minds.

    • Don’t knock ’em until you have tried one. These handguns are a great gun for someone that doesn’t hit the range. You can have one in a drawer for 7 years and it will function just fine if you need it. The perfect protection weapon for people that can not afford better. They are accurate for the price and go bang when it matters. Poor people are the easiest victims, they are local to the hood rats and need a protection firearms just as much as anyone else(black, white, green, or whatever).

      • For barely more than a hi point (under $300) a person could find a plethora of superior and reliable firearms. Sccy cpx, Ruger security 9 or LCP, walther creed, and more.

    • Paul’s right.
      A few years back I had to reeducate myself on Hi-point and why they are significant to the People of the Gun… whatever race they may be:
      They work. They are affordable. They may be all that person can afford… am I to look down my nose at them and say to that customer “What? You can’t afford better ergonomics or superior balance and handling? Then you’re too poor to exercise your Civil Right of Self-defense.”
      Nope. We may disparage Hi-point but that is probably because we each already own better and see no value in buying a lesser weapon… but we all had to start somewhere and for many folks their first and perhaps only gun needs to be cheap enough to not keep them from paying the rent that month.

  3. I dream of a world in which we can transcend differences of faith, race, and political philosophy and save our collective hatred for those we disagree with in terms Glock fanboy status.

  4. Smart business really. A demographic that is currently discovering concealed carry due to living largely in areas previously forbodden from doing such. I mean imagine having glock going around doing cc workshops. Probably move some product. Also possibly flipping a few votes as a bonus.

    • They definitely go by NAAG according to their emblem; not sure why the author insisted on adding a “A” to the end

      • Probably because their name is National African American Gun Association, not National African American Gun. Also their website is Furthermore, the bottom of their web page states, in big, bold letters, “Official Hand Gun of NAAGA.”

        So yeah, it looks like they go by NAAGA.

    • A black group called NAAGA? You’ve got to be kidding me.
      Yeah, really what I was thinking.

    • Good to see GLOCK to support minorities. But they should go further and actively engage other minority groups, creating more associations like NAAGA, but eith the company name included. Like for example “National Indian Glock Gun Association”.

    • I’m sure they are well aware of the irony. There is a growing backlash against the whole black victim status bullshit thank God. I see this as their way of saying get over your blackness and get on with your life.

  5. Such racist comments about a gun group simply because they represent a different color and race. Way to go 2nd Amenders! Continue to shoot yourself in the foot. A chance for more pro-gun people to get involved – NOT. Ultimate FAIL.

    • It’s “butt-hurt-ism” at its finest. Tribalism is in our core, we begin community with those that we share characteristics with. Community expands from there. I joined NAAGA expecting it to grow well beyond black people, eventually they will partner with one of the other less identity founded 2nd amendment groups. Gove it a chance, black people really don’t feel very comfortable joining orgs that have a history(fake) of not supporting minorities. I am also a member of the NRA. NAAGA will be absorbed and become important to many Americans if they can survive off of the plantation, which they seem to be doing in part…takes timo. So calm down white people.

      • Agreed. OFWG here also a proud member of NAAGA (as well as NRA, SAF, GOA, JPFO). Would love to see:
        – National British-American Gun-owners Association
        – National Chinese-American Gun-owners Association
        – National Hindu-American Gun-owners Association
        – National Hispanic-American Gun-owners Association
        – National Irish-American Gun-owners Association
        – National Native-American Gun-owners Association
        – National Muslim-American Gun-owners Association
        – National Polish-American Gun-owners Association
        – National Roman-Catholic Gun-owners Association
        – National Zoro-Astrian Gun-owners Association

        Each time a representative of one of these organizations testifies in front of Congress the members of the affinity-group (Brits, Chinese, etc.) have to question whether they are entirely convinced they are on the Anti- side.

        There are ethnohistoric grievances and fears deeply embedded in the psyche of each affinity group. As merely one example, the Revolutionary War was largely run by Scots-Irish Regular troops who hated the English for colonizing Scotland and Ireland. So, why not invoke that bitterness with Hindus? Gandhi: “Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the Act of depriving the whole nation of arms as the blackest.”

        Blacks and Hispanics are the two very largest ethnic groups. Yes, the Democrats have “captured” these voters. Nevertheless, there is a history of armed Black men before during and after the Civil Rights movement to be tapped. There is a history of the Spanish and Creole oligarchs controlling peasants in Latin America; with a history of armed campesinos fighting back. Today, peaceful Latinos are the primary targets of MS-13 and other drug traffickers.

        Outreach! Evangelism!!

    • Several reasons for the response:
      -Even white people can be assholes (shocking, I know)
      -Ethno-centric types have a nasty habit of being assholes (more shocking, still), and either staunchly Democrat (i.e. anti-gun) or neo-Nazi/KKK (but I repeat myself)
      -While there are a small minority of pro-gun blacks, efforts by them to organize by themselves in favor of gun rights are rare and tiny (largely due to their small numbers, and due to the willingness of mainstream non-ethno-centric groups like the racist NRA to include them)
      -Anti-gun actors have stood up phony pro-gun organizations in the past to create legitimacy for ‘moderate’ policy compromises. Frankly, a black-centric pro-gun group practically screams agent-provocateur in today’s world of shady interconnected charities and astroturf media

      That last point especially; I was very skeptical of these guys when they first came around, and I did a lot more investigation than I should have had to, before determining they probably were friendlies. If Glock is convinced as well, that’s another solid win in their column and I’m happy for it. We can all use more allies, and since these guys appear to be legit I hope they start getting some real mainstream backing going forward. That may or may not include the NRA for a variety of reasons (not BS racist ones), but I wish them the best regardless.

    • Even their logo omits the last “A,”, yet their site is still NAAGA. These guys need to rebrand as African American Gun Owners or something, yesterday. The resemblance to the slur is cute and all, particularly since practically no white people use it anymore, but it makes it really hard to believe this is a legitimate effort and not a troll-job.

      I do like the website, though; was far more basic when I first saw it last year, their outreach efforts appear to be developing nicely.

  6. When you point out your minority status in your group name…expect people to be wary
    There are other groups besides the NRA…like GOA…
    What if someone started a group called WGOA…white gun owners of America? racist?

    • In language and communication, there is a concept known as connotation and denotation. Rather than explaining it, look it up.

      It’s like putting on a Hitler ‘stache and trying to tell people that it’s just another mustache style that dates back hundreds of years.

    • Wary? I thought the purpose of this website and its authors was to develop relationships and alliances with the like minded so that come election time there would be a fair chance to elect the “right” people. Pun intended. Believe it or not there are people of color who vote conservative.
      Ah. But perhaps you think that you can do it on your own. Good luck. When Oprah is your president you’ll have a lot to be “wary” about.

    • Whites aren’t allowed to identify themselves other than for self-deprecation purposes. Them’s the rules.

      • Yeah, I can see how the TV show Aryanistic or Whitish would go down.
        How about the NAAWP ( National Association Advancement White People )?
        White College Fund?

    • I too dislike groups that segregate themselves based on race, sex, age etc. We’re all people and have the same rights (or should at least).

  7. As an OFWG married to a still gorgeous chocolate bunny I kinda’ went MEH. So what…when all these brown folks vote pro-gun I’ll care. They won’t-guaranteed.

    • This is kind of where I am. I know there are a number of pro-gun black folks. I know there are conservative folks. I know there aren’t enough of them in one spot to organize effectively, and I know there are no legitimate barriers to them joining mainstream inclusive groups that *are* large enough to organize effectively, so the members will still tend to be swayed by existing political machinery. Groups like NAAG(A? They don’t seem sure of their own name) seem at best redundant, at worst yet another off-message distraction or even agent-provocateur group. That said, I’ve been following these guys for a little while, they seem on the up and up, and they do seem to be developing nicely, so I won’t turn away a redundant ally.

      • My greatest fear is that the leadership of this group finds itself at odds with the NRA over something, and plays the race-card. Instant public relations media fiasco, that ‘proves’ at long last how racist the NRA is always claimed to be. That’s a huge potential liability, compared to very small potential benefit vs. these pro gun black folks working within existing mainstream organizations that are not ethnocentric.

  8. I have to say that I’m really disappointed by both the subtle and overtly racist comments here. Seriously.

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