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  1. Nashville police are asking residents to lock their doors and stay alert after a seminude gunman killed four people at an area Waffle House. ‘Keep your doors locked, keep your eyes open. If you see this individual — if you see a nude guy walking around this morning — call the police department immediately.'”

Police have identified the suspect based on his truck’s license plate.

Why he opened fire isn’t yet known.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department says the gunman was a white man with short hair who was wearing only black pants and a coat. A customer at the restaurant took the gun from the shooter, who then took off his coat and fled the area.

What is known is the the firearm he used.

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  1. Great…. Another drugged-out f@#$ing Millennial shooting up people with an AR15….

    Gun grabbers will be all over it like stink on shit…

      • “Millennial” is the pejorative term that many members of the “X-Generation” (my generation) use to describe those coming of age at present. It is nothing new… happens every generation…..the older generation has disdain for the younger generation(s). Although, some use it just to describe the group of Americans that were born 1982-1985 or later.

        • It appears the term was likely coined by baby boomers not members of Gen X. Perhaps Neil Howe and William Strauss. I have seen no evidence Gen X uses the term more than other generations or uses it more pejoratively.

        • I’m aware of what people mean when they use the term. I wanted to get his definition. It’s been my experience that self-entitled boomers use the phrase to try to pass their social and moral failings onto the generation of their children.

          Millenial (n.) : any young person I don’t like

          Every time I hear or see the phrase, I just imagine the user is some fat, blue-haired slob increasingly uneasy with the fact that they are reaping the complacency that they sowed and being quickly outpaced by technology. If I had it my way, I’d kill Social Security and Disability insurance right now so I wouldn’t have to support these ingrates.

          Last I checked the average age of Congress is 57 and the average age of the Senate is 61. So please tell this constitutionalist 32 year old how all that ails us is the fault of people under 35.

        • ORCON – You are presenting a strawman there. Few people blame Millennials for the current bad conditions but rather identify them as a symptom of what is what is wrong. Even most of those folks don’t say all Millennials are such, but rather just more than their share. Every generation has pitched in for all that is good and bad with today. Your’s may take the brunt of the fallout from government overspending and over reach of the last 90 decades, but yours may also be the first generation not to die of old age, so I wouldn’t complain too much. It all works out in the end, sort of;-)

        • Gen Xer here. We definitely use “millennial” in the pejorative sense. I probably use it that way every other day. I sometimes use it while cursing for no reason. Like if if I stub my toe I might yell out “ effing millennials!”

        • No strawman here, friend, just one mans subjective experience. I’m not above taking any lumps owed to me but if you want to critique any generation you’d better do it smartly and not take the lazy way out.

          My generation is undoubtely the most privilaged group of humans to ever live on this earth. All the money in circulation in 1910 couldn’t buy even a small fraction of the luxuries we enjoy today. My 4 year old daughter eats better than the most powerful and wealthy nobility 3 generations ago could even imagine. I complain little and am thankful for being born when I was.

        • Speaking as a millenial, my generation is a bunch of self-absorbed morons capable of unheard-of stupidity. Short attention span, obsession with fame, and a general disdain for self-reliance. Many of us are pretty damn awful. That isn’t to say the other “generations” are not without faults, as we are, after all, products of our parenting. I just feel that my generation is particularly contemptible from what I’ve seen first hand. Don’t dismiss us all out of hand, however. Judge us as individuals, please.

      • Well, “Orkin Man”… Since your age demographic is responsible for NEARLY ALL of murders and violent crime in this country; I’ll denigrate you all I effing want….. If you “under 35 males” stop shooting people, violent crime in this country would drop by 99%…

        Also… I’m not constantly consumed with the latest technology; Twats, Re-Twats, Instahams, Facebored (ad nauseum), to the detriment of every other driver in my immediate vicinity…

        Signed OWG who will probably outlive you; since I’m in better physical shape than I was in my 20s (as a tail-end “boomer”). Get your ass to work, and pay for the Ponzi scheme that was sold to the taxpayers 80 years ago….

  2. Find him…charge him…trial…and kill him…or life in prison
    white thug…pure and simple…
    does not mention if victims are white or black…hispanic or asian…

    • Of what? Evil exists everywhere in every country. Did you even read the article just below about Venezuela? Soooo your mindset on taking guns from law abiding people doesn’t do a dang thing, and it sure doesn’t stop murders. Btw, did you see the new CDC info that was conveniently “lost” that proves guns (in the hands of humans, because it is an inanimate object and doesn’t have a life of its own) have actually done way more good than harm in our society. It is you, the liberals, that are the violent ones, the disrespectful ones, unreasonable ones, unconstitutional ones, and have the audacity to “try” to force the majority of our country to live in your very flawed communistic world. Not gonna happen so get over it. Your way has proven not to work for centuries but here you are again in Lala land spreading your seed of a false utopia. Wake up …..for the children 👶

  3. One place it says he had on black pants…another said he was nude after taking off the coat…
    RIP to the victims…great job to the guy that disarmed him…rot in hell to the shooter

    • Yeah the details are kind of all over the place here. Like there was a waffle house, maybe a coat and possible pants involved but they’re pretty quick to tweet out a pic of the fully-semi-auto with the dreaded adjustable stock and clipazine.

  4. I fully expect to see a dedicated Leftist who gets a fatal cancer diagnosis to ‘take one for the team’ and go on a shooting spree.

    And the Leftists will set up a GoFundMe account to take care of his family…

  5. White male: check
    Semi-Automatic: check
    Collapsible stock: check
    Flesh hider: check
    High capacity magazine: check

    Need I say more?

    • They are reporting it as an “assault rifle”, or “assault type rifle”. SMH. It’s coming to a point where if you are concealed carry, or are able to wrestle the weapon away, just put him out of our misery.

    • Need I say more?

      You do actually…
      As a white male with semi automatic rifles with collapsible stocks, flash hiders (I even have sound suppressors), and standard capacity magazines who has never killed people, I think you should mention the causal factors here. Was he mentally unstable? Did the system fail to prevent this, even though it had plenty of opportunities and all the laws it needed, like in Parkland? Was this some sort of gang crime over drug turf?

      More that 100 Million of us, who meet the same criteria you imply are the only ones required to be a mass murderer, did not harm or threaten anyone today, or yesterday, or the day before…
      If these were causal factors in mass murder, instead of having a dozen or so per year (out of almost 400M people), we’d have dozens per day.

    • Add it was after Midnight.
      Nothing good happens after Midnight or so my dad told me when allowed to date at age 16.
      Still serves me well to this day

    • You should apologize for your racist post. Pointing out that it’s a “white male” when something like this happens is absolutely no different than someone pointing out and linking “people of color” to many crimes so according to you colored people are all criminals based on statistics. Oh btw, just some extra facts you should add to your prejudice…..I guess you forget to add up all the crimes/shootings across the country in inner cities to dispute your idiotic reasoning that it’s always “white men”……not even close but don’t let the truth stand in your way. A shooting is a shooting so don’t even come up with some bs trying to differentiate between the murderers.

    • When something like this happens, it’s so rare and unusual that it rates mentioning on national news.
      Who of you guys heard on national news that last week 45 people got shot and 9 of them killed in Chicago? (Most likely none odf them by white guy with semi auto rifle. Never mind telescopic stock and flAsh hider)

      Do I need to say more?

  6. What if William Cooper was right about this ?

    American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the antigun lobby. This plan is well under way, and so far is working perfectly. The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd amendment.Author’s Note: I have found that these events have indeed happened all over the country. In every instance that I have investigated — the incident at the women’s school in Canada, the shopping center incident in Canada, the Stockton, California, massacre, and the murder of Rabbi Meir Kahane — the shooters were all ex-mental patients or were current mental patients who were ALL ON THE DRUG PROZAC! This drug, when taken in certain doses, increases the serotonin level in the patient, causing extreme violence.

    ( Many newer drugs work like Prozac too. CIA and Big Pharma worked on drugs & truth serums extensively , often without patient consent )

    • Prozac, one of the drugs I was forced to take in HS, is not in and of itself dangerous. For most people it does nothing more than make them a cheap date.

      The issue is our understanding of when to use a drug like Prozac. An SSRI like this works and works quite well for a subset of people who have specific chemical imbalances in their brain. However many people have the same outward symptoms but without said chemical imbalances. For this latter group the drug does nothing other than make you a quick drunk. Finally there’s another, very small group, for whom taking the drug makes things markedly worse. This group also has the same outward symptoms but has a set of chemical imbalances that are negatively affected by taking an SSRI.

      Now, there are other drugs in this class that can be dangerous and, generally, patients are not warned about this. Celexa is a drug like this. Taking it is basically the same risk pool as taking Prozac but UNLIKE Prozac simply stopping Celexa is damn dangerous (ask me how I know). Getting off that drug is a time consuming process of weaning that if not done right can lead to suicidal and homicidal thoughts and actions.

      I’m not going to write a book here but this is damn complicated and comes down to this: Our understanding of the brain and neurotransmitters is, at best, infantile. We don’t really understand this stuff. As such much more work needs to be done but we have to accept that at this point we’re pretty much at the understanding level of medieval trepanning, leaches and exorcism.

        • No. I’ve never been ordered to do anything by a court. The only time I’ve seen the inside of a court room is for jury duty.

          However, what a lot of people don’t realize is this: In the 1990’s throwing drugs at children was a craze, especially Ritalin. Teachers and administrators went to weekend conferences on things like ADD/ADHD and came back “experts” on the topic. This led to political wrangling at the local school level where they could make life very, very uncomfortable for students and their families if the teacher/administrator’s “professional” (I’m an expert I went to a conference!) opinion was not followed.

          Fast forward to 1999 and this problem gets enormously worse. At this point, post Columbine, it’s no longer a fad where teachers/admins are acting smarter or better trained than they are. Now there’s a palpable fear that any child who is outside the “norm” in any way is the next school shooter. Of course, teachers and admins being less than 10% as smart as they think themselves to be, have the answer: Your kid needs drugs. Powerful, mind altering drugs.

          At the time I was just coming out of a situation involving serious abuse within my family. I was angry and depressed over it. I lived in a small town, one where “town and gown” was a huge problem and those of us with parents who were professors at the university were treated with a special type of disdain even though we were born and raised in the town. So, for me, there was no help in dealing with this situation and after Columbine no one gave a shit about things like this they only worried you might pick up a gun and shoot a bunch of people.

          This was a place where there really wasn’t a mental health system to speak of and the one guy who was a “mental health professional” was a fucking quack who threw pills at any person that came through the door. I was also, pardon me tooting my own horn here, many times smarter than most of my teachers and many, many fold smarter than any of the admins in my school system. The result of the whole situation was that I asked questions that they couldn’t answer and didn’t want to deal with. I read books that scared the shit out of the admins because they didn’t understand them. (Nitzsche for example, or history books that were not part of the assigned class reading.) I was labeled as “trouble” and, via the in-school/small town political process I was forced to see the previously mentioned quack. He threw pills at the situation and I had no choice but to take them because then, unlike now, there was no recourse for this sort of thing due to the fear that Columbine had created. On top of that, back then these things were considered “miracle” drugs by lay people (teachers and admins) which would magically take anyone who had a “problem” and fix it. Drugs were the answer and you’re damn well going to take them or there will be consequences up to and including getting courts involved over “poor parenting”. CPS can and will be called if you don’t do what “we” want. (Yeah, thanks, I could have used that when there was actual abuse but back then you didn’t give a fuck. Thanks again for your professionalism! Why don’t you run off to another conference and become an expert on something else, like I dunno, how to go fuck yourself?)

          That’s what school was like for a lot of people back in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Unless you were there or had a kid go through it you probably had no idea it was happening but this is where the Gestapo like tactics in schools, the ones we see and worry about today, really started to gain steam under the guise of “promoting public safety”. It’s also where the tried and true methods that had worked for 100+ years were discarded in favor of this new brand of stupid you see today.

        • “No. I’ve never been ordered to do anything by a court. The only time I’ve seen the inside of a court room is for jury duty.”

          *Technically*, that is a court order, subject to contempt-of-court penalties for blowing it off.

          About Ritalin making someone a ‘cheap date’, does that mean they put out easier-faster?

          If so, I sure wish we had it in the mid-70s.

          Kids in the 90s had it good – Wine coolers were new and all the rage, and that alcoholic soda-pop lubricated the hinges on the heels of many a teenage girl… 😉

          “I was also, pardon me tooting my own horn here, many times smarter than most of my teachers and many, many fold smarter than any of the admins in my school system.”

          Ordinarily, I would blow that of as the Dunning-Kruger effect. Having read you here over the past few years, you actually are sharper than the population as a whole…

        • I may not have been clear about the individual drugs. Let me clear that up.

          SSRI’s like Prozac make people a cheap date by making them more susceptible to the effects of alcohol. Ritalin is an upper. It’s effectively legal meth though slightly different chemically speaking. It will make your date anything but cheap.

          The issue of over-prescription due to dumb-ass “I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express” type teachers started with drugs like Ritalin and ADD/ADHD. It morphed into drugs like Prozac and Celexa (SSRI’s) after Columbine and was no longer a “fad” but a fear driven response to that shooting and a grasping-at-straws hope that these SSRI anti-depressants were a miracle drug that would take depressed kids who were gonna shoot up a school and “fix them” with a handful of pills. It was a shirking of duty and responsibility on a massive scale.

          I would encourage anyone who is told by a school that their kid needs drugs to research the recommended drugs VERY carefully as some of them can be dangerous, discuss this IN DETAIL with your family physician and go from there. If you’re faced with the decision my parents had, which they didn’t understand 20 years ago the way it’s understood today, I would advise that if you have the resources that you pull your kid from the school in question immediately. They don’t have you or your kid’s best interest at heart and they very likely have no fucking clue what they’re talking about medication wise. Just like the tards that tell you a diabetic can never have orange juice.

      • Main ingredient of Prozac is Sodium Fluoride…a Class III toxin (look up the MSDS for Sodium Fluoride).

        So yeah, it is that dangerous. It screws up neural chemicals (acetylcholine) and gums up the thyroid, as well as stalls out the hypothalimus.

        Any mind-altering drug is dangerous, because our chemistry-set known as the brain vastly differs in the hormone levels in each of us. Taking any mind-altering drugs (prescription ones especially) is like playing russian roulette. A certain % of those taking them are bound to flip shit in some way or another.

        Our medical system is built on treatment, not cures. Treatment is a great money-maker. Cures are not. Just look at what happened to the multi-billion dollar “treatment” industry that sprung up around polio, and once it was cured the collapse of that industry. They don’t want that to happen again.

  7. I am not a prophet but i can make a predictions: The next mass shooting will happen in the “gun free zone” and the gunman would be known to police.

  8. From

    “Federal, state and local law enforcement were already aware of Reinking, 29, ‘due to previous interactions,’ police spokesman Don Aaron said. FBI investigators were on the scene Sunday morning.”

    Relax, America. The cops are all over it, doing what they do best — ignoring warnings and applying crime scene tape.

  9. Hey – Zimmerman; you need to get a handle on this quickly. The percentage of TTAG comments that pertain to guns is diminishing while poorly composed snark is growing exponentially.

    RF bailed because he could not stand to censor idiots.

  10. Crazy nekkid white boy with an AR…sounds par for the course. Oh and RF “bailed” for $. Like the Car/knife things. I would too. The best thing about TTAG is the lack of censorship.

  11. Reports emerging that the guy who disarmed the murderer used a break while he reloaded. Cue the revitalized screams for bans on standard capacity magazines. 🙁

  12. And surprising no one Rep Jim Cooper (us house) and mayor David Briley have made the usual we need to get rid of these weapons of war statements at the 2 pm presser…Never let a tragedy go to waste

  13. Just Another Registered Democrat….Bi-polar, or schizophrenic…Problably prescribed antidepressants, or other Psychoactive drugs…


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